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Summary: Kid Flash: secret sexual deviant and super slut extraordinaire. Superman: innocent farmboy, strongest man (well... whatever) alive, and about to be chewed up and spit out by Wally's aggressive sexual affections. Wally knows he can give him what he wants, but only the readers will know if he can give him what he NEEDS.

It was nothing serious. I mean, he wasn't in love with him or anything. The thought somewhat repulsed him. Love? Ew. Just no. It wasn't hero worship, either. It wasn't a crush; it wasn't anything deeper than the thing he'd been fantasizing about constantly since he'd first seen the manthing in person.

He simply wanted Superman to fuck him.

There was something so tantalizing, something so agonizingly delicious about just the thought of the world's most powerful being bending him over a table, a desk, any hard surface imaginable and just fucking him senselessly, shamelessly, and just yeeeessss, sliding into him, stretching him with a burn just a bit more than bearable- FUCK, he was hard just thinking about it. It's not like it was just Superman, either. He wanted Wonder Woman to fuck him, too, and there was no doubt that that was what it would be: Wonder Woman fucking him. Tying him up, riding him, and 'You come when I say you come.''Yes, ma'am'. He was also absolutely sure that sexy piece of ass Batman could show him a thing or two. He seemed like the kinky type. The tie-me-up-and-gag-me, ohfuckyeah-make-me-your-bitch-Batman type.

Man, he was seriously fucked up.

This was usually about the time that, a couple years ago, he would have begun to feel ashamed of himself, begun to despise himself, but he'd been living with his own depravity for a touch too long to continue hating himself for it. He couldn't say when they had started. He hadn't had any traumatic sexual experiences, and never been hurt when he hadn't wanted to be, but for some reason, he'd always had these thoughts, these...urges. They disgusted him at first. What freak would want to be hurt and controlled the way he did? He wasn't- he didn't! But he did. So he'd cut himself for a little bit (what with his not-so-typical teen angsty self-esteem issues), except it turned out to be less of a punishment and more not-so-safe play time. And it was nice, but it didn't get him, really get him, unless someone else was hurting him. And, oh yeah, Superman could definitely hurt him in all the right ways. Wanted him to, so much, and God, just- so, one day, he just decided that... whatever, and just... you know, whatever, because he wasn't going to castigate himself over this forever.

Wally was now something of a super slut extraordinaire, so it could probably go without saying that he'd fucked around quite a bit after he'd given into himself, but he was a meta, and none of those dudes and dolls (hot as they were) could give him what he really needed. It wasn't about the dirty words, the handcuffs, the pain; it was about control. He didn't want it. He wanted to give it to someone else- wanted someone else to take it-. He wanted to lay underneath someone and know that there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

It wasn't like this quiet, hidden part of him affected his personality. He was still Wally- Kid Flash, dorky collector, need for speed, and connoisseur of crappy jokes- West. He was just fucked up, so fucked up when it came to sex. Heh. Came. Gigglesnort. Moving on. He'd managed to keep this part of him a secret for so long (shocker), since he was thirteen and lost his virginity to Mark and Ashley in the bed of her truck after school. LOL. Man, those were good times. He didn't know how Uncle Barry, or Iris, or his parents, or even Robin didn't notice the unaccounted for absences at dinners and scheduled hangouts, but hey, he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, and thank God for hyper-accelerated healing. He didn't know how the people he cared about would react to Wally- goofy, freckled, adorable, innocent(Kch.) Wally- littered with friction burns and bruises from being tied up (not always his hands and feet, if you get the drift) and actively fucked so hard, for so long that he could barely breath, him loving it so much that he always went back for seconds and, more often than not, thirds.

But it wasn't enough anymore. He needed more. He needed it harder, meaner, nastier.

So how to go about seducing Superman?

"Jesus, Wally West," a grinning ginger whispered to himself in the kitchen of Mount Justice, innocently taking a bite into his sandwich. "You're all kinds of fucked up."

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