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Warnings: buttsex, language, Wally's vulgarity, Superman sexing a minor

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That first morning after was... awkward, to say the least. Wally woke first and, in a effort to make sure Superman wouldn't regret last night, decided to be a little sexyfun and wake him up with a blowjob. Except it didn't quite work out that way. For one, he could only fit about half of it in his mouth, even while deep-throating, because not only was Superdick long, it was particularly thick as well. Still, Wally sucked and licked away and wrapped his hands around the rest and starting humming his favorite songs to create those amazing vibrations.

Then he'd had a thought.

Wally had never had sex with any heroes (because if any of them found out about his secret life, well, firstly Batman would kill him, and then he would tell his beloved Uncle, who would then phoenix down his ass and kill him again), so he'd always had to hold himself back. Plenty of times he'd caught himself moving too fast or starting to vibrate and had to reign himself in.

But now...

So Wally started super vibrating. Clark came instantly, popping upright on the bed. The awkward part? He came for six motherfuggin' minutes straight, and Wally can only swallow so much, so he ended up looking like a total inexperienced idiot coughing up Superjizz. Which, wow, fail much, Wally? That's the exact opposite of what you wanted. But seriously, what the HELL, man! He understood that Superman wasn't anatomically identical to humans, but six minutes? DUDE!

They ended up just awkwardly staring at each other, Wally still drooling semen, before Clark broke down and explained that they were going to have to go about this whole... business very carefully. He'd meant what he'd said that night- about doing what he wanted for once. He wasn't going to give Wally up, he'd told him (OMFGWTFBBQ! Wally's totally NOT foaming at the mouth or anything). He said they were going to have to keep it a secret because duh, and Wally totally understood- wasn't necessarily happy about it, but he understood it. So as Clark got up and began cooking breakfast (he can COOK? Oh, Wally is SO all over this guy) they discussed how it all would go down.

They basically decided that would continue doing what they were doing- meeting up (Well, Clark called it going out. Wally called it sneaking around) whenever they could, in places none of their people would catch them. It was a lot less labyrinthine than Wally expected it to be. They'd already been sort of doing that, so it wasn't much of a change. They continued on like this and we were well on their way to week three and nothing bad had happened yet (Oh shit, did he just jinx himself?), but, yeah, totally the same as before. Except, well, you know, Wally had his speedster recovery and Clark had stamina like a motherfucker, so... yeah.

They had tons and tons and tons of sex.

Which is exactly how they ended up here- on the couch in the middle of the day with a movie playing in the background, Wally naked on his back, the soft material of Clark's blanket caressing his bare skin, shirt thrown on top of a lamp somewhere, and pants hanging off one leg. Clark's massive body lay over his, completely dwarfing him save for his head and the legs wrapped around his waist. Clark's shirt was on the floor, and his pants hung low on his hips, just enough to free him to be one with Wally. Wally had his arms around the alien's neck, and Clark's arms hooked under his, tangling them together as he slowly, gently rocked into him.

"Clark," Wally breathed, "You're too big- aaahhhuunnn!" Clack continued to roll his hips, only pulling out halfway before sliding back into Wally's already cum-slicked hole, his large cock keeping him full, so beautifully, wonderfully full, his ass stretched as far as it could and Wally was loving it, crying out over the Kryptonian's shoulder as the Boy Scout bit and licked at his neck.

"You feel amazing," Clark whispered against his ear. He always said such nice things when he was inside Wally. Wally groaned, feeling Clark slide home again and his own erection sliding between the hard, developed muscles of Clark's sweaty stomach. He could feel the muscles in the alien's back move with every roll of his hips and had a vague thought of wishing he had an aerial view of the scene, just to watch Clark's beautiful body work. He'd have to convince him to make a video one day.

"Oh fuck, Clark," Wally moaned, feeling the superhero smirk against his skin at the lewd sound. Clark loved his noises, he'd said. Clark's thick arm unwound from his and snaked through the small space between them to wrap around his ache, oversensitive from the many, many (so many) previous orgasms. "Huuunhh!" Wally whined, eyes closed tight against the heat and pressure and fuck the pumping and sliding. Clark was always so good to him- always made sure he came first (never once had it only been.. well, once), always made sure he wasn't hurting him (something Wally was going to correct soon. Really, he was!). So Wally was going to be nice back. Shakily smirking, he began vibrating around Clark, who tensed and stopped thrusting.

"Wally," he groaned and Wally could tell he was fighting not to come, wanted this to last. "Th-that's not- nnghh! -fair." Oh, stop your complaining. He's trying to be good for you, you jerk. Appreciate.

"Who," Wally panted, "said I was, ha, fair?" But Clark only response was to stiffen even further and release, groaning as his seed spilled into the living vibrator and then dripped out of him. His orgasm only lasted for a minute or two (they'd been at it for a good two hours), before, in an impressive show of strength and speed, he flipped Wally on top of him, using solely the muscles in his legs. Still inside him, Clark placed one hand on his hip, almost completely aligning with the already fading bruises. The other hand reached around to wrap around his erection once more, gripping him hard and stroking him fast, just like Wally liked. Wally cried out and gripped the blanket that Clark had laid out under them (jizz was hard to get out of stuff, ya know). He came moments later, panting and gasping Clark's name. They lay there for a minute or two, trying to catch their breath. Wally was wondering whether or not he could go for another round when Clark began shuffling around. "Don't get out!" Wally demanded, voice a little cracked from all the screaming. Clark stilled and kissed his cheek.

"I don't to want hurt you," he said all concerned because he was kinda amazing like that. Wally grinned.

"Dude, HA healing, remember? Why else do you think I'm always so tight? And don't say anything because I know you noticed." Wally didn't even have to turn around to tell Clark was blushing.

"So that's why," he mumbled and Wally laughed out loud. He didn't think he'd actually admit to it, but he HAD to have noticed. For Wally to be taking that giant thing up the ass numerous times on a damn near daily basis? Well... yeah.

"Dude, your dick is, like, waaaaay too big," Wally grinned. "Not that I'm complaining because I'm totally not. I LOVE your huge dong, babe." Clark's arms wrapped around his torso and Wally put his hands on top of the bulging muscles (Clark was sooo strong).

"Do you have to be so vulgar?" Clark questioned him. Wally grinned.

"Whatever, dude. You love it." Clark didn't answer, only humming softly and tightening his grip on Wally. Wally sighed. Everything was so amazing right now. He was a real hero now, not a sidekick. He got to run around and save everyone just like he'd always dreamed. He got to hang out with his bestiebro Robin all the time. Laying here, feeling warm breath ghost over his shoulder,Clark still inside him, everything was perfect.

Wally was living in a perfect, perfect world.

"Clark," Wally broke the silence. Clark hummed. "I love you," he said. He could feel Clark freeze. The alien slowly, carefully pulled out of him (making the sweetest, most disgusting noise) and rolled Wally over so he laying chest to chest on Clark. This... this was the first time Wally had told Clark he loved him. He was scared to, ya know? He'd never... before Clark, love was something he'd never experienced, either as the giver or recipient, and he wasn't sure if he could risk saying it. Clark had already held his heart, but telling him that would mean giving Clark the power to hurt him. He was scared.

But as Clark's bright blue eyes bore into his, Wally knew he would never regret it.

"I love you, too," Clark smiled, so sweet that Wally's heart ached in his chest. This was the power Clark held over him now, the power to make him or break him and it was wonderful. Freeing, in an odd, scary way. To be able to let someone have that kind of power over you and be able to trust them with it. Wally smiled. It was amazing. Clark was amazing.

So maybe they didn't have the perfect relationship. Maybe they would never get to hold hands in public, or go see a movie and make out, or meet each other's families as a couple. And maybe Wally would never get Clark to do the things to him that he wanted to. Maybe Wally would never have another deep bite mark on his shoulder or rope burns on his wrists, but right now, feeling Clark nose into the skin of his neck, the heavy weight of his arms across Wally's waist, he kinda thought maybe he wouldn't need it.

And he couldn't really find it in him to care.

"I love you," Wally said again and Clark smiled at him.

"I know. I love you, too."

Maybe that's all he needed.

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