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How Much I Love You:

A Naked Brothers Fanfiction

Chapter 1: Are you kidding?

*Ring, ring* Nat Wolff's cell phone rang, but he didn't hear it because he was in the kitchen. His little brother Alex Wolff heard it though. "NAT!" Alex called. "YOU'RE PHONE IS RING-ING!"

Alex shook his head with a dramatic sigh. "I guess I have to get it for him again," He said to himself.

But when he reached for it he heard this.*Beep* "Hey N-Nat it's me… look we need t-to t-talk so c-call me when you g-get th-this… (sigh) I l-love you (sob, sniffle) bye… *Beep, beep*

"NAT!" Alex called as he ran down the stairs to his brother.

"Alex, what's the matter? You look really upset," Nat said as he put down the soda he'd been carrying. He walked over to his brother who appeared to be unable to talk.

All of a sudden Alex shook himself out of his worried trance. This startled Nat so he backed up a little bit. Alex grabbed Nat's shoulders, looked straight into his eyes, and whispered. "There is an issue."

Nat chuckled a little with relief, thinking it was just Alex being dramatic as usual. "Okay, what's the 'issue'?" He said laughing a little more with a smile.

"Nat! This is serious!" Alex yelled but Nat continued to laugh until he heard this. "SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH ROSALINA!"

"What! How do you know?" Nat asked, all of his laughing ceased.

"Sh-she—" Alex stuttered his eyes wide like he was in a trance.

"Spit it out, Alex!" Nat screamed.

"Okay, okay," Alex began rapidly. "Your phone was ringing, so I was going to bring it to you—like usual—"

"Yeah, so…"

"So, it was Rosalina. And she was sniffling and sobbing and sighing and stuttering… a lot." Alex continued.

"Well, what did she say?"

"She said you needed to talk and to call her back," Then, he made a thoughtful expression as he remembered something. "...OH! She also said that she loved you."

Nat grabbed his hair in worried frustration. "I need to go find her," He replied grabbing his car keys. "Tell dad I left, okay?"

"Okay. But you have to tell me what's up with her," Alex said seriously as he looked at Nat.

"I promise, I will," Nat said quickly as he sprinted out the Wolff family's apartment he nearly knocked over his friends: Cooper Pillot, Thomas Batuello, David Levi, and Qaasim Middleton.

"Nat, what's your hurry?" Thomas asked.

"Something's wrong with Rosalina," He called as he hurried past them, which made them all stare after him.

"Like what?" David called back.

"I don't know yet," Nat called.

"You'll run into something if you don't slow down, Nat," Cooper called.

"Thanks Coop, but I'm—" Nat began to say before he bumped into a wall, and temporarily, passed out.

"Ooooo," Thomas and Qaasim chorused.

"That must've hurt," David said as he started heading towards Nat, the rest of his friends close behind.

"What was that big bang?" Alex asked as he peeked out into the hallway.

"Nat ran into a wall," Thomas said holding back laughter.

"NAT! NO! DON'T DIE ON ME NOW! NO!" Alex screamed dramatically as he ran towards Nat. When he got there he kneeled beside his brother.


"Don't remind me," David said with a frown as he thought about their school plans that would follow after summer.

"Yeah," Thomas groaned in agreement.


"Mmmm," Nat moaned.

"Nat? NAT! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE! Oh thank you, thank you," Alex said excitedly as he hugged Nat tightly.

"Alex, quit it," Nat mumbled as he tried wriggling out of his brother's grasp. It had become harder and harder for him to do so that year. Alex was almost as built as Nat by then, even though he was only 16 while Nat was 19.

"I have to go see, Rosalina," Nat said before letting out a small moan.

"No way, your head is bleeding," Alex said with a frown.

"Seriously?" Nat asked.

"It does look pretty bad," Qaasim said as he leaned towards Nat to look at his cut.

"Yeah, but that was totally hilarious! One minute you're all 'I'm going to see Rosalina' and the next BAM! Into the wall," Thomas said as he started to laugh again.

"Thank you for that recap, Thomas," Nat said before he rolled his eyes.

"No prob," Thomas answered still laughing.

"Thomas, I'm pretty sure Nat was being sarcastic," David said.

"I, uh, I knew that I was being sarcastic too!" Thomas insisted.

"Sure you were," Alex added sarcastically, also rolling his eyes.

"You guys, I really need to go check on Rosalina, she was…" Nat started to say.

"She was what, Nat?" Cooper asked

"Shush, I hear something," Nat whispered.

"Bossy," Qaasim said under his breath.

All of a sudden they could all hear faint crying coming from another hallway. "Rosalina, is that you?" Nat called out cautiously recognizing his girlfriend's cry.

"Hey Nat," Rosalina said trying to sound happy. There were dried tears on her face and her eyes were red. She began to walk towards Nat, and he walked towards her.

"Rosalina, what's wrong?" Nat questioned as he pulled her into him to hug her.

"I'm…" Rosalina began before she burst into a full flood of tears.

"You think we should go?" David asked as he glanced at Nat and Rosalina, and back to his other friends.

"Probably…" Cooper said.

"Want to go eavesdrop on them?" Thomas asked with a smile.

"Yes," David, Qaasim, and Alex said. At the exact same time Cooper said 'no'.

"Come on, Cooper. Don't you wanna know what's going on?" Thomas asked him skeptically.

"Yeah, but… fine," Cooper said giving in.

"Yes," They all said under their breath.

"But if Nat and Rosalina tell us to leave, we leave," Cooper said sternly.

"We can just spy from inside then," Alex mumbled into Thomas' ear.

"Huh?" Thomas asked confused.

Alex sighed heavily. "We can just spy from inside then," Alex whispered with a small smile, as he raised his eyebrows up and down.

"What?" David asked, also confused.

"WE CAN JUST SPY FROM INSIDE!" Alex whisper yelled at them.

"Oh, I get it," Qaasim said.

"Yeah, now come on," Alex said with a shake of his head.

"Thomas, get off of me," David grumbled.

"I'm not on you," Thomas said as he glared at David.

"I knew this was a bad idea," Cooper mumbled.

"Will you guys shut up? I want to hear what they're saying," Qaasim complained.

"Shush!" Alex said as he swiftly turned to look back at them, then back at Nat and Rosalina.

During the time the guys were arguing Rosalina confided in Nat:

"It's going to be okay, Rosalina. You don't have to tell me until you're ready, okay?"

"Okay," Rosalina said through sniffles. Her crying slowed down slightly. She inhaled and exhaled deeply into Nat's shirt, while he rubbed her back.

"Nat, remember when we talked about having a baby?" Rosalina said, muffled because of her face being in Nat's shirt.

"Yeah, what about it?" Nat asked.

"I-I'm g-going to-to," Rosalina stuttered out.

"You're going to what?" Nat asked as he released Rosalina, so he could look into her eyes.

"…I'm p-pregnant," Rosalina said looking at the carpet.

"Are you kidding?" Nat suddenly screamed at Rosalina.

"Great! Now I don't even know what happened!" Alex exclaimed as he shook his head in distress.

"You cheated on me? Again? How could you, Rosalina? Why?" Nat yelled angrily.

"Nat, that's not wh-what I-I m-meant," Rosalina said going into full stutter mode.

"Then, what did you mean?"

"It's yours!" Rosalina yelled back looking hurt, determined not to stutter on this.


"It's yours! Okay?"

"What's his?" David asked confused.

"Maybe, if you guys weren't making so much noise I would be able to tell you," Alex whisper screamed at him.

"It sounds like, Rosalina cheated on Nat to me," Thomas said with a shrug.

"Well... uh... why are you so freaked out then?" Nat asked as he attempted to pull Rosalina towards him again.

"Oh, I-I d-don't know, Nat. M-maybe I didn't expect to h-have... this t-to happen when I w-was 21."

"Rosalina, I'm so sorry I screamed at you I just..."

"Never mind, Nat," Rosalina said as she pushed him away from her.

"Rosalina, I'm—"

"Don't! I-I'm scared but I th-thought that at-at least it would be with s-someone I l-loved who l-loved me to," Rosalina said as she started to cry even harder than before.

"Rosie," Nat said as he brushed the oncoming tears off her face. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions I just..."

"You just, what?" Rosalina said sniffling.

"I just thought that... I don't know maybe you'd be less... less freaked because it would be my baby too."

"But I am," Rosalina said barely being able to see Nat through her tears. "I just told you I was."

"I know, I know," Nat said as he pulled her towards him once again. She cried into his chest and held around his waist. He held her head towards his chest and stroked her hair to calm her down. "It's okay. It's going to be okay."