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How Much I Love You:

A Naked Brothers Fanfiction

Chapter 16: The Name

"What should we name her?" Rosalina asked looking up at her fiancé.

Yes, Rosalina eventually said yes to Nat's proposal.

What should we name her? Rosalina's question echoed in Nat's head. That's a good question. Maybe we could name her after Alex and go with Alexandra. Or after…mom. Patty.

But something else came into Nat's brain before he could think of any more names. A memory.

He was about twelve or thirteen and Rosalina was about fourteen or fifteen. He had been dressed in a bright peach dress with a ridiculously realistic looking reddish-brown wig on. Rosalina had been in a gray suit with a gray beard and mustache attached to her face.

"Well then miss. Will you allow me to buy you a turkey leg?" The young, freckled boy named Harley asked.

"Uh, no thanks," Nat answered.

"Oh come on, Nat…alie," Rosalina covered up quickly. "Let this nice young man buy you a turkey leg."

And that's when it hit him.

"I know what we should name her," Nat said after a few minutes.

Everyone looked at him expectantly.

"Well, what is it?" Alex asked for the whole group.

"Natalie. Natalie Colleen Wolff," Nat said with a smile. "Nat for short."

"I love it," Rosalina said before leaning up to kiss Nat gently on the lips.

"Won't that get confusing later on?" Alex wondered out loud.

"Maybe…but I think she likes it too," Nat said.

He smiled affectionately at his beautiful daughter who was in the arms of her equally beautiful mother. Natalie appeared to be smiling gently back up at her father.

Noticing this, Nat bent down to gently kiss Natalie's delicate forehead. The young infant smiled again. Nat and Rosalina smiled at their friends and family around them. They smiled at each other, and then finally, they smiled down at Natalie who continued to smile back.

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How Much I Love You

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