Title: Jealous of the Moon
Author: musiclover48
Rating: PG-13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Blaine/Kurt, ensemble
Warning(s): Sexual references/situations, foul language, angst (only in the beginning; the story eventually turns fluffy), & AU
Spoiler(s): None
Disclaimer: I. Own. Nothing.
*A/N: Based off of a prompt by 4leaf_clovers on the kurt_blaine LiveJournal prompt post. Yes, this will be a story that focuses on the whole "name of soulmate written on a person's palm" theme. While the beginning chapters will be a bit angsty, since Kurt and Blaine have not found each other yet, it will eventually turn more toward the fluffy side and there will indeed be a happy ending.
Summary: All around Kurt and Blaine, their friends are finding their soulmates, while the two wait around in hopes of finding their own mates someday. They have yet to meet, and are only guided by their names written on each others palms. However, when fate decides to intervene, they might just finally find what they've been looking for: a soulmate.

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You're staring down the stars
Jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly
But you're staying where you are
There's nothing you can do
If you're too scared to try

Blaine Anderson.

Kurt tore his gaze away from his right hand, looking down at his left.

Blaine Anderson.

The same name was etched onto both hands, but Kurt had nothing – no clues, no details, no person – to put together with the name.

To him, it was just a reminder of how alone he was in the world.

It hurt, sometimes, to look down at his hands and see the name just lying there. He thought of all of his friends, who had already found their soulmates, and how happy they were. Due to soulmates spending most of their time together during the earlier years of their relationship, he often spent countless weekends and school nights alone while his friends were off spending time with their mates.

"You'll find him someday," his friend Mercedes had reassured one day upon seeing him looking at his palms. "You just have to have faith. Remember, that name's there for a reason, boo."

Easy for you to say, Kurt had thought bitterly, especially since you've already found your soulmate.

Kurt didn't hold it against his friends, though, or anyone really. It wasn't their fault that he couldn't find his mate, or that they had found their mates sooner than he had. Actually, he was just glad they didn't have to go through the inner turmoil he did every day, the stress he was under whenever he thought about the possibility of never finding his mate. When that happened, the person's hand eventually was wiped clean of the name, a sign to others that the person was a lost soul. It had happened to others before – even to one of the teachers at their high school. Sue Sylvester, the school's Cheerio coach, had stopped searching for her mate long ago, opting to wear gloves constantly in order to not have to see the emptiness of her palms.

Kurt shivered at the thought.

He was young, just a teenager in high school. There was still a possibility that he would meet his mate when he flew off to college, or took his next vacation with his family or even during his next trip to the grocery store. There was always more time.

At least, he hoped so.

"You okay, Kurt?" Burt asked his son as the teen appeared in the dining room one morning. "You've seemed pretty out of it lately."

Kurt didn't think his dad would understand his situation. Although Kurt's mother had died when Kurt was merely eight-years old and Burt had sworn to never love another woman as much as he did Kurt's mother, Burt had eventually found another mate. Ironically, his new mate had been Carole Hudson, the mother of one of Kurt's fellow glee clubbers, Finn. They had gotten married soon after finding each other, and now all four of them lived happily together in the Hummel home. Thinking about this, Kurt knew his dad wouldn't quite get just how much Kurt was suffering and decided against telling him. Besides, he didn't want to worry his dad too much.

"I'm fine," Kurt lied as he sat down to eat the toast Carole had made. "I'm just a little stressed about a big test I have today."

Burt eyed him suspiciously, but decided not to push the subject. Both Hummel men went back to eating their breakfast as Finn tromped into the room, a goofy smile on his face.

"Morning, guys." Finn hummed as he reached across Kurt in order to grab a slice of toast.

"You're in a good mood today," Kurt commented thoughtfully, narrowing his eyes as he glared at Finn. "Did Rachel spend the night here?"

Rachel, another member of the glee club, was Finn's soulmate and could constantly be found popping in and out of the house at all hours of the day and night. Burt and Carole didn't particularly mind that much, though.

"No," Finn laughed and looked at Kurt confusedly. "Wait, you don't know?"

"Don't know what?" Burt spoke up. He was now staring at Finn the same way Kurt was – suspicious and waiting for Finn's explanation for his oddly cheery mood.

"Rachel text me last night about our competition for regionals," Finn explained as he excitedly glanced at Kurt. "We so have it in the bag – none of the other groups have anything on us."

"Oh," Kurt muttered. "Crap, I completely forgot about glee club."

It was true. In all of his worry, Kurt nearly forgot about New Directions, the high school's glee club that Kurt, Finn, and most of their friends were part of. They were preparing for the upcoming regionals competition, but it had apparently slipped Kurt's mind.

"But you never forget about glee," Finn said with a frown. "You're almost as excited as Rachel is about competition."

"I guess I've just been so caught up in schoolwork," Kurt blurted out quickly. "Dear god, I have to get busy on making the costumes – lord knows what awful catastrophe Rachel will make us wear if I let her take charge of our outfits."

"Dude, she doesn't dress that bad." Finn sighed, clearly forgetting that Kurt had only now remembered about the competition. "I mean, she actually dresses nice if you kind of think about it."

"That's coming from you, sweetie." Carole giggled as she entered the dining room carrying a platter of bacon, sausage, and other breakfast delights. "You still need my help with picking out your clothes sometimes, just to make sure you don't leave the house looking like a confused little puppy."

"Mom!" Finn cried as he blushed fiercely, clearly embarrassed.

"It's not like I didn't already know," Kurt laughed and stuffed the remainder of his toast in his mouth. As Carole comforted Finn, Kurt swept his bag up from the back of his chair and swayed around the table in order to place a kiss on the top of Burt's head. "See you later, Dad. Love you."

"Love you too, kid." Burt replied and ruffled Kurt's hair, much to his son's horror. "Now get going – don't want you to be late to school."

"When have I ever been known to be late?" Kurt scoffed and tried to put his hair back to its original state. "Bye Carole, see you later. And Finn, please try not to be horribly late today, okay?"

Leaving his amused parents and an upset Finn behind him, Kurt braced himself for another excruciatingly lonely day at school.

"How was your weekend, Kurt?" Mercedes asked as they strolled into their third period class. "You seem like something is on your mind."

"I'm fine, honestly." Kurt sighed as he linked arms with her. "How did it go for you?"

Kurt almost felt resentment toward his best friend as her face lit up with a smile, but he quickly bit back the emotion, opting to smile along with her instead. He was happy for her, of course, but it still stung a little whenever she went on and on about how amazing each day with her soulmate was.

"Sam took me out to dinner and a movie yesterday," Mercedes said with a dreamy sigh. "I swear, he's the most romantic guy I know."

"Quinn said that about Artie last week," Kurt snorted as they turned a corner to get to their class. "But what movie did you guys see? Because the genre is key to how he feels about – oof!"

Kurt was abruptly cut off when he was elbowed against a row of lockers, struggling to catch his breath as Mercedes started to yell at his aggressor.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Karofsky?" Mercedes snapped, the jock glaring at her as she did so. "He wasn't even doing anything to you – ooh, just wait until my man and the rest of the guys hear about this one-"

"I'm pissing my pants just thinking about it," Karofsky sneered sarcastically, and eyed Kurt up and down suggestively. "Maybe you should watch where you're going next time, Hummel."

As the brutish jock stormed away, Kurt closed his eyes in frustration and tightened his grip on the books in his arms. The bullying, especially by Karofsky, had gotten much worse than it had once been. The large jock would purposely shove him against the lockers while walking down the halls, his hands sometimes roaming to places Kurt would rather not think about. After insulting Kurt, he would even go so far as to whisper things in Kurt's ears that made Kurt shiver in fear; he would usually walk away with a wink, only causing a knot of fear to build up in Kurt's gut. Although Karofsky had already found his soulmate – his right-hand man Azimio, ironically – there was something about Kurt that intrigued him. Thus, Kurt was left to deal with the jock's interest in him, with no soulmate to protect him from such harassment – he might as well have had a target stuck on his back.

"That guy gives me the creeps," Mercedes sniffed haughtily, glaring at him one last time before turning to Kurt with a worried frown. "You okay, sweetie?"

"It looked worse than it actually was," Kurt reassured. Mercedes didn't look all that convinced, so Kurt linked arms with her and flashed her a (fake) smile. "Now, where were we? Oh, yes, you were telling me about your date with Sam, weren't you?"

Mercedes grinned and began to gush about the previous day she had spent, not bothering to notice how Kurt's face fell once she did so.

"Attention, glee club!" Rachel announced during that day's glee club rehearsal. Kurt, rolling his eyes, predicted that Rachel would yet again suggest a duet between her and Finn as their opening number for Sectionals, opting to tune out the remainder of what she said. "Seeing that Regionals are only a few weeks away, I am proud to announce that I have discovered which glee clubs they have deemed our 'competition'."

"Um, isn't that against the rules?" Mike spoke up with a confused frown.

"No. Not really. Well, maybe." Rachel said with a sigh. "Okay, it is, but that's besides the point, guys – with this new information, we could very well have the opportunity to have an advantage over these teams if we use the element of espionage for our own purpose-"

"Do you ever speak like the rest of us normal people do?" Santana snapped, scowling. "Say it in English, Berry."

"We need to send spies in to the rival schools," Rachel explained quickly, "although we only really need a spy at Dalton Academy to keep tabs on the Warblers, since we're already quite familiar with Aural Intensity."

"Warblers?" Puck snorted. "Isn't that a type of bird?"

"Moving on," Rachel continued, pointedly ignoring Puck's comment. "I believe we should send one of our boys for this task, just for a day-"

"Why us?" Sam questioned, which caused Mike to nod in agreement beside him. "I mean, can't one of you girls go and do it?"

"Dalton Academy is an all-boys school, Sam. Any one of us girls would be easily spotted within a few minutes of entering the school grounds," Rachel explained with a roll of her eyes.

"You could probably pass off as a guy," Santana muttered under her breath, earning giggles from Mercedes and Tina. Rachel merely glared daggers at her.

"Well in that case," Brittany said with an innocent smile, "we should send Kurt to do the job. He likes boys, doesn't he?"

Upon hearing his name, Kurt's eyes went wide in recognition and he looked up at Rachel. "Wait, what?"

"Perfect!" Rachel squealed in excitement. "With your female-looking physique and angelic voice, you'll be sure to woo at least one of them into telling you their secrets!"

Kurt opened his mouth to protest and snap at her for her rude comment, but was cut off by Artie clearing his throat quite loudly, getting the attention from everyone in the room.

"Do you have something to say, Artie?" Rachel asked expectantly, crossing her arms.

"I don't think Kurt's up to spying on the Warblers," Artie began, "and I've always kind of wanted to go all James Bond at one point or another, so I could...y'know, go spy at Dalton if you want."

"Artie," Quinn spoke up softly, "I love you – you know that – but I don't think a boy in a wheelchair will go unnoticed at Dalton."

"Well I could pose as a new student," Artie explained eagerly. "And I could show interest in joining their glee club, which would probably get me at least some info on what's going on right now with the group."

As the rest of the glee club agreed that it was a pretty decent idea – and after Kurt mouthed a heartfelt 'thank you' in Artie's direction – the group decided that Artie would spend a day at Dalton Academy to see what the Warblers were up to, or even get a sneak peek at just how good they were.