Kai Eto and Hal Kurabayashi are in their late twenties, and Hal has finally found a girl worth settling down with. He and Kai are the best of friends, but Kai still holds feelings for his partner from their earlier years together, not as just friends, or partners, but as lovers. When the wedding day comes around, Kai has to decide, either he lets his one chance at a happy life slip away by letting Hal marry this woman, or he ruins her life and tries to steal Hal back. As he sits in the church during the ceremony, he has every intention of going with his first option, and not risking both Hal's and the woman's happiness… but as they are about to say their vows, something in him snaps and he takes the greatest risk of his life… trying to get Hal back. With everyone's happiness riding on Hal's decision, this could be the end of everything for someone…

Here's my first contribution to the(far too small) fandom of Hal and Kai from [switch]! Multi-chapters! Alright, all of you, go enjoy this... though I feel it might make some cry later...


"So, is she really the one?" Kai asked as he looked at the taller man sitting across from him, his hands wrapped around the coffee mug. Kai Eto was a kind man, energetic, fun-loving, funny, he seemed the type that could walk into a room and brighten it instantly… but inside, he felt exactly opposite of his bright exterior, broken, shattered, betrayed, forgotten. The man sitting across from him used to be the one who'd hold him every night, the one who'd make him feel like his existence meant something… but now, this man had found someone else... a woman, someone who could bear children, someone who could offer him things that Kai couldn't. The other man nodded, looking out to the street and replied, "Yeah… yeah, I think she is." A small smile crept to his lips, a smile that, until a year ago, had been only for Kai, a smile only Kai had ever seen, a smile that betrayed this man's very nature, but summed it up in one moment, with a softness that melted away the icy glare in his eyes, and a kindness that was allowed to show through.

"Don't smile that way… I don't want you to smile like that for anyone but me… that's MY smile… you told me it was… just for me… Why'd you lie?"

"It's nice to see you smile, Hal… Are you going to propose to her?" His voice was shaking, not noticeably though, only he noticed it, but Kai tried to keep himself composed as the idea of Hal marrying this… woman… formed in his mind. It made him sick, the image of that woman in a pure white dress, Hal in a tux, awaiting her arrival at the altar, smiling his smile, Kai's smile. It made him want to throw up. She didn't deserve him; she didn't deserve to wear such a clean, pure color as the white dress she'd wear on the wedding day. She was a temptress, a witch; she'd stolen Hal from Kai, ugly browns and grays were the only colors she was suited to wear, or a deep red, the same color as the blood that now dripped from Kai's aching chest ever since she stole his reason for living. Hal nodded, "Want to see the ring?"

"Please… open up your eyes, Hal… I'm right here… Notice me… Please… I'm the one who truly loves you, I loved you first, I'll love you last… Just, please… open your eyes again…"

"I'd love to." He lied. Kai hated this, playing this part. The lover-turned-best-friend part wasn't his to play. It tore him apart, made him suffer so much, and Hal never noticed. Not once did he think that maybe, just maybe, Kai didn't want to do this, he didn't want to see the ring, didn't want to help with the planning, didn't want to be there for the terrible event that was to happen. He hated acting, but he knew he had to, at least for now, so he could stay close to Hal, the only one who made him happy. But lately, being close to this man made Kai ache even more, it made him hurt, seeing Hal and that woman together. The ring was gold, three beautiful diamonds were carefully placed in their proper spots, a larger one in the center that shone gorgeously and seemed to cast hundreds of rainbows scattering everywhere and a smaller one on either side. The band held engravings of a vine that wound completely around the metallic circle, it thinned in the back, but the design was just daintier there, still just as beautifully crafted. Kai sighed and handed the ring back to his friend.

"It's beautiful," he said simply, which wasn't a lie. The ring was incredible; it just shouldn't ever belong on that woman's finger. It seemed like such a waste of amazing craftsmanship on such a terrible witch. Hal closed the case and smiled, "It's just as beautiful as she is…" Kai shuddered and stared down at his coffee.

"She's not beautiful… if you could only see… what a horrible person she is… Just open your God-damned eyes and look at me… you'll see what she's done…" He was getting frustrated; his mind was yelling at him to lash out and take Hal back right now, but his heart wouldn't let him. If Hal was happy, then he'd suffer through it, he'd do anything for Hal, as long as it made him happy, Kai had no doubts about it. But this… this was asking too much, and it was beginning to take its toll. A quiet buzzing came from the other's pocket and Hal dug his phone out and flipped it open.

"Hello?... Oh, hey babe, how are you?... Hm? Alright, I'll be right there. Love you." The phone snapped shut and Hal looked at Kai, "Well, I guess I gotta go now… I'll talk to you later, okay?" Kai nodded and with a wave, the taller got up and left the small shop after quickly paying for his order. Now he was alone… again. He stared at his coffee and sighed, closing his eyes and he rested his forehead in his palm. He wanted to cry again, just wanted to break down and yell and scream at the man with the glasses, just to make him realize what was going on. With empty eyes, Kai stood from the chair and paid for his order and left.

His walk home was silent, only filled with the useless sounds of those around him. It was a fairly dismal day, gray, cloudy skies, that looked like they could let rain go any minute, even though it was in the mid sixties, there was a slightly frigid feel to the damp air. For some reason, Kai felt as though the coldness was amplified and it seeped into his body, making him feel even more miserable. He solemnly made his way home, but before he was able to even get to his street, a familiar voice called out to him. A female's voice… it wasn't Mari's, oh no, it was the one person who he had ever completely hated. At first, he wanted to just keep walking, just ignore her and keep on heading home, but he felt her arms around his right arm, pulling him back.

"Hey, Kai! How are you?" the woman said as she let go of his arm and spun on her heels to wrap her arms around the man she was with. Kai turned and put on a mask, a mask to hide the pain he was feeling right now.

"Hi guys. You found me again pretty quickly, Hal."

"She saw you and started to run after you, so I followed her," Hal said with a chuckle.

"Kai, Kai, look!" The woman held her hand up to him, showing off the gorgeous ring that he had seen only an hour before and was now around her ring-finger. Seeing that was like a knife to the heart to Kai, who hid this latest wound completely.

"Wow, congratulations!" he said with a false happiness. It wasn't long before this act began to wear him down and his mental fatigue was becoming physically noticeable. He looked unbelievably tired, and he felt it too, his body ached and he just wanted to go home and curl up in a ball to sleep.

"Kai, are you okay? You look really, really tired," the woman said as she examined his face closer. Kai nodded and replied, "Yeah, I didn't sleep very well last night, and I'm very tired, so, I think I'll be on my way home now. Sorry." He looked at Hal, "See you later," who nodded and said "Alright, I'll talk to you later, go home and get some rest." With that, the three parted ways, Kai returning on his journey home, and the other two walking off together. It didn't take him much longer to reach the apartment he lived in, and by the time he'd gotten in the door, he felt so cold and empty that he wished he had a fireplace to warm up by. As Kai placed his keys on their usual spot on his counter, he had to grasp the edge of the granite to keep himself standing. He was shaking, or shivering, which it was he couldn't tell, but it was very violent. He tried to make his way over to the pale green couch but just as he was about to steady himself on the arm of the sofa, his muscles gave out and he collapsed in a heap on the floor, laying between the glass coffee table and the celery-colored couch, tears formed in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks, crossing over the bridge of his nose to continue their way to the floor, then his vision went black… "Well… I wouldn't mind dying now… There's nothing left for me without him…" was the last thing he thought before his mind went numb and his world went black…

When Hal tried to call Kai later that evening, there was no answer.

"If he was asleep, he'd wake up and answer… I know he had no plans this evening… I'll try his cell." Thought Hal as he hung up and dialed the other's cell phone number. When there was no answer for either phone, he began to worry.

"Hey, babe," Hal said to his fiancé, "I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to go check on Kai. He's not answering either his home or cell phone." She looked back from the couch and nodded, "Alright. I'll see you later, darling." He gave her a quick kiss and then headed off. When he arrived at the apartment, a sickening feeling grew in his stomach, and as he opened the door to Kai's apartment, he realized why. There, between the couch and the small coffee table, lay Kai, motionless. Hal ran toward his unmoving friend and grabbed his shoulders, lifting his torso off the ground and shaking him slightly.

"Kai… Wake up…" No movement.

"Kai… Hey, Kai!" Still nothing.

"Kai! Damn it, Kai! Wake up!" Hal began to panic, his pulse and breathing quickened and he shook his friend's limp body again, more violently this time.

"Kai!" Still, there was no sign of a reply.

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