Random Inuyasha & Sango story

By: CSI-Panther-Skull

Summary: For the last few monthes Kagome asks Sango to take her place beside Inuyasha at night.

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha.

Chapter 1

' Why am I doing this again? ' Sango thought as she stared up at the ceiling of the large hut.

Beside her, her companion turned over in his sleep and placed his arm over her stomach and pulled her to him. He buried his nosed in her hair and inhaled.

Sango's eyes widen when she felt him inhale her scent and really hoped that the perfume that Kagome used on her would fool the half-demon beside he didn't wake up, she breathed a small sigh of relief.

' Oh yeah, now I remember. Kagome asked me to. But she never did tell me why though. ' Sango continued to think as she felt Inuyasha relax again.

Sango was down by the river, fishing for their dinner when Kagome came running down a hill towards her.

" Sango! " She shouted as she came to a stop at the river bank.

Sango looked up and replied, " Hi Kagome! " while getting out of the river.

" Sango. I need a really big favor. " Kagome said quickly, giving her friend her puppy eyes look.

" Sure. What is it? " Sango asked.

" I need you to take my place beside Inuyasha at night? " Kagome asked.

For a moment Sango was quiet, not sure if she had heard her friend right. Then asked,

" You need me to what? "

" I need you to take my place beside Inuyasha when we go to sleep. " Kagome further explained.

" For how long? " Sango asked.

" For a few monthes. " Kagome answered.

" A few monthes! How do you expect Inuyasha to go that long without noticing my scent? " Sango exclaimed.

" I'll give you my perfume. It'll mask yours and he'll think it's me. I wear this all the time so if I get lost, he'll find me more easily. " Kagome answered, showing her friend her perfume. It had a picture of a red rose and a white gardenia on the front.

Sango looked at it for a moment and asked again, " How will you do this? Inuyasha's a light sleeper. He'll know when you leave. "

" That's easy. I'll tell him I have to go to the bathroom and that's when we make the switch. " Kagome answered with a smile.

Before Sango could fully agree to this little plan of Kagome's, she needed to know the reason for all of this.

" Last question. Why are you doing this? " She asked.

But Kagome didn't answer, she was already half-way up the hill that she had ran down from and replied,

" Thanks Sango! "

And so for the last three monthes now, whenever Kagome would say the words ' I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back. ' Sango would get up from her place outside of the hut and Kagome would spray her perfume on her and she would wait a moment before heading into the hut and took Kagome's place beside Inuyasha, not knowing where Kagome had gone off to.

Chapter 2

The next night, Kagome's plan fell apart.

Sango waited for Kagome to say their code words. When she did and met up with Kagome, she didn't spray her with her perfume, saying that she had ran out and would need to get more. But assured her that Inuyasha wouldn't smell the differance and she went on in and took Kagome's place again.

Sango had fallen asleep, after staying awake for the last three monthes, waiting for Kagome to return, had taken it's toll on her.

Inuyasha turned over in his sleep and wrapped his arm around, who he thought was Kagome. He pulled her close and inhaled her scent, he noticed that she was finally asleep. He had noticed that she would always stay awake when she came back from the bathroom and thought that she just couldn't get back to sleep after waking up like she did. So he would pull her close, hoping that that would get her to sleep quicker, but it didn't.

But during the day, he noticed that Sango had bags under eyes and that Kagome was up and about as if she hadn't been up all night. And he had noticed that Sango would start falling asleep as she walked and more then once had he stopped the group and put her on Kilala, Miroku had been kicked out of the group by Sango the year before when she had caught him red-handed with another woman.

That day Inuyasha was glad that Sango got to the monk before he did, otherwise there would no Miroku around anymore.

' Damn monk. Sango's been through enough shit and you go and do that! You desevered the beating you got. ' Inuyasha thought as he smirked and inhaled ' Kagome's ' scent again. But this time, he caught something else.

He could smell her perfume that she liked to use. But it was fading away and it was the other scent that he caught. It smelled like rain and fresh cut pine.

' That's not Kagome's scent! ' Inuyasha thought as he opened his eyes and saw that it was Sango laying beside him.

He quickly shot out of the bed, but he didn't wake Sango. Then everything clicked in his mind, Sango being so tired, Kagome going to the bathroom at night and staying awake,

' It wasn't Kagome staying awake. It was Sango. ' ' Why isn't Kagome here? Why is Sango here instead? Where is Kagome? ' He thought. He sat back down in the bed and leaned over to look at Sango. She looked so tired, it was no wonder that she fell asleep.

' Whatever Kagome's been doing these last few monthes had better be important. ' Inuyasha thought as he laid back down, but kept a small distance between them.

' I'll speak with her tomorrow. ' Inuyasha thought as he stayed away, waiting for day break and Kagome to return, but he wouldn't be speaking to Kagome, it was Sango that he was going to talk to.

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