Welcome To The Vampire Dollhouse

{disclaimer : I am not nor will ever be as brilliant as Stephenie Meyer or Joss Wheadon the characters and stories that im manipulating are there work, im just using my own what if's so please enjoy and please do not steal my work, I wouldn't steal yours thanks xo Amy}



"where are my good dress shoes boy I think I asked for the good ones not this crap" I threw the shoes across the room at him, how was I suppose to look my best for my guest tonight if I didn't have efficient servants running my things for me. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose, I had several seers coming tonight to look at the products I was putting up for bid. Now normally I wouldn't let my seers have a look-see ahead of time but I felt these were the cream of the crop and needed a good look over before they were to buy so, I was putting on a buyers preview 2 hours before the auction. I was excited these pieces were the ones I was refusing to let go for anything less then 300,000 they were the most gorgeous that I have collected they were worth what I had to go through to get them.

"these sir" the boy asked shakily, I swear humans were ignorant at times. Turning my head I nod

"set them down and go check to see if my things are ready to be viewed" I said coldly the boy nodded in fear and left. All my "servants" knew what I was it wasn't a surprise. You'd know I was a vampire too if you had seen me throw and expensive vase that weighed more than it looked at a human in hopes of harming them for there out of turn mouth. I am Aro Volturi, and they do fear me. I stood shoes on, suit on, facade of a business man on I was all the more cool,calm, and collected now.

Walking to the room where my displays were to be set up I made sure everything was in order before I nodded to my greeters to welcome in the many that were coming to auction tonight to see my newest collection, my most beautiful collection of vampires.