Tom turned away from the balcony, enraged. The time for moderation had passed. She was not going to fall for him at this rate. It had not ever seemed likely, but seeing her with someone else made it even clearer. To see her wasting her smiles and kisses on that mudblood was driving him crazy enough, but the promise she had just made drove Tom completely over the edge of sanity. The time for action had come. He had to have her. If he didnÕt he wouldnÕt be able to live with himself. Had he been someone else, he might have seen the impossibility of this and given up. However, he wasnÕt. He was Thomas Riddle, the descendant of Salazar Slytherin, and he was going to get his. Issues of morality were not a consideration. Minerva would be his, no matter whom he had to screw over, no matter whom he had to kill. He had never killed a person before, at least not outright, but that made no difference. Tom laughed, thinking about the horror Minerva would feel if she were to realize she had created a killer. It would be entirely her doing, if Ulysses died. Tom knew she wouldnÕt want that. He knew she would sacrifice herself rather than be responsible for someoneÕs death. He could use that to his advantageÉand he would.
TomÕs jade eyes seemed to grow in intensity as he contemplated his next move. Images of various scenes, all of which concluded with Minerva in his arms, flitted across his mind as he considered the feasibility of each. However he was a little too logical and realized that threats would only lead Minerva to sacrifice her body to him, and he wanted her soul as well. Slamming his books down in frustration, he noticed that he has inadvertently crushed some ants and wished Ulysses was just as easily gotten rid of.
ÒHe could beÉÓ a voice whispered from behind him.
Though startled, Tom didnÕt turn around yet, ÒWhat are you talking about Morgan?Ó he said dryly, as if she hadnÕt said anything uncanny.
ÒTom, Tom, TomÉwhy must you always be so clueless? I was talking about getting that Ravenclaw girlÉÓ
ÒSheÕs in Griffindor.Ó
ÒSame differenceÉGodric and Rowena were always excluding everyone else anyway, they just had to be alone with each other.Ó
ÒYou know if I didnÕt know any better I would think you were jealousÉÓ
ÒWhy would I be jealous of that uptight, bookwormÉÓ
ÒI was talking about Rowena, not Minerva.Ó
ÒAs was IÉthough it really doesnÕt matter what you call herÉsheÕs still the same.Ó
ÒNo she isnÕt. If she was, she would have been put in Ravenclaw.Ó Tom insisted
ÒWhy do you care anyways?Ó
ÒI just do.Ó He snapped.
ÒBecause you are so madly in love with her!Ó Morgan teased.
ÒIf you came here simply to harass me I would appreciate your leaving. I have important things to considerÓ Tom replied icily.
ÒAww TomÉ ThatÕs not very niceÓ Morgan pouted, looking up at him with her sea-water blue eyes and biting her lower lip, ÒI was just trying to help you outÉbut I guess you donÕt need any help do you. Fine thenÉÓ she turned away, ÒI guess you can just figure out how to get rid of the mudblod without making her hate you on your own.Ó
ÒGod dammit Morgan!Ó Tom exclaimed, grabbing her arm, pulling her around to face him, and placing his hands on her waist to keep her in place, ÒWhy didnÕt you just say that in the first place!Ó
ÒSay what?Ó she smiled mischeviously, her breath tickling his neck.
ÒThat you knew how to get rid of Ulysses M. McGonagallÉstop playing dumbÓ
ÒIf you are going to be mean like that IÕm leavingÓ Morgan threatened, rising into the air slightly, so that Tom had to grab a better hold on her to keep her there.
ÒCome on Morgan, you know I am just playing.Ó He repented.
Lifting her eyebrows, Morgan smirked, ÒMake it better!Ó she demanded, her face suggestively close to his.
Keeping one hand around her slender waist, Tom lifted the other to her face, drawing it towards his, and kissed her lightly, almost teasingly.
ÒNow whatÕs this plan of yours?Ó he demanded.
ÒYouÕre so serious todayÓ she remarked, ÒAll work and no playÓ
ÒCome on Morgan, stop teasing me.Ó
ÒWhy should I? Why would I want to help you, when if I do you wonÕt need me anymore? Besides you are the one teasing me.Ó
ÒMorgan, tell me what it is you want and letÕs get on with this.Ó he snapped.
ÒMake meÓ she retorted, a glint in her eyes, almost daring him.
Tom backed her against the wall, his body pressed against her, one hand wrapped in her dark curls and the other snaking around her back and his hand coming to rest lazily on her breast. ÒTell me and IÕll give you want you wantÓ he hissed.
ÒYou firstÓ she demanded, her nails digging into his back.
ÒOh so thatÕs how itÕs going to beÓ he laughed, leaning down to nip her neck.
ÒIf you know whatÕs good for you, youÕll do as I sayÓ
ÒWeÕll see about thatÓ he smiled wickedly, kissing and biting down to her collarbone and grinding subtly against her.
Morgan whimpered, and tilted her head back, sliding her hands down him slowly. Tom observed her and, deciding it was the appropriate time, suddenly released her and walked away. Morgan gasped and outraged, flew across the room, knocking Tom to the ground and used her body to pin him there.
ÒNever!Ó she grunted, ÒDo that to me againÉyou understand.Ó
ÒYou arenÕt getting anything more from me without that informationÓ He told her, pushing her small frame off of him and standing up calmly.
ÒFine then! You can die never knowing for all I care!Ó She screamed.
ÒAnd you can lurk around for all eternity unable to die, searching for someone to satisfy you, or release youÉOh wait thatÕs right. No one else can. Guess youÕll be stuck here indefinitelyÓ
Floating back up, Morgan grimaced, realizing he was right, ÒAlright, you win.Ó she admitted, ÒSwear you wonÕt go back on your word if I tell you. Swear on your mother.Ó
ÒHow dare you mention herÉÓ
ÒI have every right to say whatsoever I like about Pandora. If it werenÕt for me neither of you would even exist!Ó
ÒWhen you put it that way, this is all just so much more wrongÓ
ÒAs if that ever stopped you beforeÓ
ÒI was just commentingÉÓ
Ò So are you going to do it or are you just wasting my time.Ó
ÒFine. I swear on my mother that if you tell me how to get rid of Ulysses I will find a way to make to alive again, and I willÉ entertain you until that time.Ó