Burning Passion

Chapter 1

"Hurry up! Put on your best robes this instant, I'll be waiting outside the door,"

Itachi frowned slightly at his mother when she left the room. He was eighteen. He knew what was expected of him. Today was his day, where he would announce Naruto as his wife. Itachi was very anxious, though he would never admit it. There was one problem though…

Naruto loved his brother, Sasuke.

Normally, Itachi, being the selfless person he is, would let Sasuke have Naruto right away. It was not that simple though, the Uchiha and Senju kingdoms have been rivals for so long, this was finally a time where they can merge together. No matter the hard and cold exterior Itachi put on, Itachi would do anything for world peace and his brother Sasuke. That, again, of course he would never admit. Once he marries Naruto he will be the head of the Kingdom and from then he can work on creating more alliances. Itachi wasn't in love with Naruto per se, but once Naruto married him, he didn't want him to be with Sasuke anymore. If he couldn't control his own "wife" there would be no way, no neighboring kingdoms would even dream of making an alliance with him. As shallow as it may sound, he needed his reputation.

Itachi made soft steps to the door and opened, "Mother, I'm finished," His voice was deep and void of emotion.

Mikoto smiled and clapped her hands together, "splendid".

Itachi and Mikoto walked down the halls silently, heading toward the royal courtroom.

The room was silent and everyone stood up once Itachi and his mother entered the room. Itachi took a seat and it was after he sat, so did everyone else.

Itachi started, breaking the silence, "So it has been rumored—"

Itachi's red eyes quickly darted to the corner of the room; Naruto and Sasuke were sitting next to each other. He gritted his teeth together, not knowing why he was slightly annoyed over something so trivial.

"That I am getting married. It is true. The heir of the Senju Kingdom is to be my bride. Court dismissed." Itachi kept it plain and simple, to the point.

It may seem pointless to keep a three sentence court meeting, but it wasn't necessarily for the dukes to hear, but it for the representatives, for the news to get out. Once it is official and documented that Itachi Uchiha, heir of the Uchiha Kingdom, is getting married…everyone will know he is going to be king this year. He wanted the news to reach to the other Kingdoms because his father, let's just say wasn't favored by most. One of the two most powerful Kingdoms in all of Europe are uniting and not only will he be more favored, but feared too. He was already feared to a certain extent. But this time he will have something to back it up.

"That I am getting married. It is true. The heir of the Senju Kingdom is to be my bride. Court dismissed."

Naruto's eyes widened, his hand reached out to Sasuke's. Why wasn't he notified of this, he did have a say didn't he…?

"It'll be O.K.," Sasuke reassured, he kissed Naruto's hand delicately. "I won't let anyone take you away from me. I promise,"

Naruto pulled away and turned his head, "Don't make promises you can't keep,"

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulders to turn him around. "Naruto…look at me…I promise."

"I have to talk to my parents Sasuke; this whole thing is a mistake,"

"I know, just let me talk to my brother now and sort things out"

Naruto sighed, turned around and started to walk away. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand, holding Naruto back, giving a quick peck and a gentle smile. Naruto smiled back and walked down the long lonesome halls.

Upon entering his carriage, Naruto opened the letter that was sitting on his seat. In neat cursive it wrote:

Addressed to: Naruto Uzumaki Senju

I am already assuming that Itachi Uchiha has announced his bride and you are very shocked. This was not on accident, but as your position as prince, you are to abide by our rules. I want what is best for you Naruto and I will explain to you more once I see you tonight. There has been a new bridge built and so it will no longer take a whole night to get to the Senju kingdom. One last thing, I know about your "affair" with Sasuke Uchiha. It must end.

Your Mother

Now Naruto loved his mom with all his heart. She was the one to encourage him to do things he didn't think he was capable of. She was the one that always had his back and supported him no matter what, those words coming from her just stung.

Naruto's blue glossy eyes looked down, lost in thought the whole ride; he jumped when the carriage came to a stop.

Naruto did a curt nod when he stepped out of the carriage, "Thank You,"

Once inside the palace, Naruto took quick steps towards his parent's wing. Not even bothering to knock, Naruto pushed himself in.

"Is this some kind of sick joke?"

His mom looked up from drinking her tea while reading a boutique magazine.

"No," her soft and gentle voice came out.

Naruto looked around anxiously. "Where is he?"

"Where is who?"


Kushina shrugged, "How should I know, you know he is always running out and about. He is a busy man you know"

"Why did you not tell me about this before you arranged this marriage?"

Kushina sighed, putting her cup of tea down, "Come sit Naruto" patting her hand on the red cushioned chair beside her.

Naruto begrudgingly sat down. Kushina started again, "I didn't arrange the marriage. Itachi did. His reasons behind this marriage, concerning you two never talk…I don't know to be honest. Itachi came to your father, Minato, in person and requested this marriage. Itachi's dowry is hefty and I think that might be a reason why your father accepted, but the answer is still unknown"

"Can't you talk to father? Convince him that this is bad idea?"

"But it's not"

To see the hurt expression on Naruto's face pained her, it really did. But this is the sacrifice that the royal family made, the Kingdom comes first. It comes before love, family, marriage, and all the things that townspeople got to enjoy.

"I love Sasuke!"

"Don't say that word!" Kushina snapped. "It is that word that will be the downfall of our kingdom. You don't love Sasuke and even if you did, it is impossible to be with him now"

"But mom, Sasuke is an Uchiha too, right. What is the difference?"

"Sasuke is the second son. Whatever Sasuke can offer, Itachi can offer more. While Sasuke is still a royal, Itachi is going to be the King of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world."

"Mom, I don't even talk to Itachi. I never see him, the only time I see him is when I go to the court meetings and that is only because I'm forced to go by Sasuke. He looks so cold, distant, untouchable…" Naruto shivered at his last word because they were true. While yes, Itachi was very attractive, probably the most handsome man he has ever laid eyes upon. Itachi has this aura about him that makes you tremble and want to stay five feet away. He has this kind of power about him that emits out of him that you could just smell it through your nostrils.

"Naruto," his mom's voice going softer "You need to be cared for. Your still very childlike and wouldn't know how to run a Kingdom. Which is why after me and your father pass this world, we know we have Itachi and it will be in safe hands,"

"You don't think I can take care of a kingdom?"

"No, and I don't want you to carry that burden on your shoulders. Itachi will provide you with safety, money, and a higher position, just let him take care of you"

Naruto started screaming. "But I don't want him to take care of me! Why do you think I am so incapable! I don't want to grow up useless, drinking tea and reading damn boutique magazines!" He shoved his mother's magazines off her mini glass table and stormed out.

He had hurt his mother pretty bad and his mother was all he really had besides Sasuke, if he'll even have Sasuke anymore. His world was crumbling.

Sasuke walked to Itachi's side of the palace.

Nodding to one of the guards, "I request to see my brother's presence please"

The two guards stepped aside to let Sasuke through. Sasuke hoped Itachi was not in his bedroom because then he would have to wait till dinner to talk to him. Sasuke wanted to talk to Itachi now. And no one, no one, was allowed in Itachi's room; not Sasuke, not his parents, nobody, not even Itachi's occasional lovers/concubines, call them what you will. That didn't surprise Sasuke though, Itachi never really cared for the people he slept with.

"Can I help you with anything, brother?"

Sasuke turned around swiftly, not noticing his brother coming from behind him.

"Yes, actually you can," Sasuke replied calmly, despite how not calm he really was on the inside. It wasn't smart to show any emotion in front of Itachi, he took it as a lack of self-control. Anybody that has no self-control doesn't gain Itachi's respect at all, and whatever you want from him, he won't grant it.


"Call off you and Naruto's engagement"

"I can't"

"Why the hell not, did father put you up to this?"

Getting tired of Sasuke, Itachi responded, "Who arranged this is none of your concern Sasuke. It is my marriage, not yours,"

"It concerns me when you involve Naruto" Sasuke said, trying to keep his voice leveled.

"Who is Naruto to you, dear brother? Yes, while I am fully aware that you and him seem to have an interest for each other, but whether you or Naruto like it or not, I am not changing this. Besides Naruto is my fiancé…and to you…well, to the public your nothing but a friend."

"Don't walk away from me Itachi,"

Itachi continued to walk, mumbling to himself, "I have the power Sasuke, not you."

Seeing two trusted guards run down the main hallway of the palace, Itachi stopped.

"Sir! Sir! Prince Itachi," one of them bowed. "I have important news,"

Itachi continued to gaze at him, giving him the cue to continue.

"Your father is dying."

A/N: I am so glad to be back and I promise to finish this story. Sorry is this is really short; I typed this last minute and wanted to get it out today. I will try and make the next story at least 7 pages next. Thank you for reading