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A purple headed Juliette and a green Romeo forced apart.

The Other Side of Perfection

Chapter 1: Why don't you see?

Beastboy, oh Beastboy Why don't you see?

Unlucky lives, meeting each other in unique ways are what the teen titans were and that was the best thing they ever experienced. They gained new friends, new family and maybe new strings of love. But that's when everything starts to go wrong for one little Azarathian. Love. How she hated that word.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos" I sighed, shifting again regaining my posture for the lotus position. I wriggled my toes inside my wooly socks. Finally I gave in. I screamed in anger, I couldn't find my centre. "Whoa. Seriously Rae, Re-lax. Mann, I bet those prissy neighbors heard that scream." I sighed

"Brave, what's wrong with me?"

"Hey, you're talking to the wroooong emotion. Yeah, Earth to Raven, I'm Brave not Knowledge."

"Then shut up and get me Knowledge!"

"Ditch me now?" Brave laughed and fled off to get someone rather yellow.

Once again, I sighed. I tried imagining them here. The titans. My friends, my family. I rubbed my temples when I recalled something in the past. ~Entering flashback~

2 years ago

"Yeah…sometimes she can get a little out of control, one thing that would take you a while to get used to" The challenging whispered into Terra's ear. She giggled and whispered something back. I was sure of it now, they were talking about me.

"Stop it. Please stop. You're making it worse already" She thought. Her eyes became teary but Raven was a good hider, she slid on her hood with her powers and landed on the floor. This time, her meditation didn't distract her from those two.

She picked up her book with her powers deciding to attempt in distracting herself again. She found a spot in the corner and her body eased, relaxed and started chomping in on the book. On the couch in front of her Cyborg sighed. "BB play please? It ain't fun when there's no one to beat" He taunted.

To everyone's surprise, he refused and turned back to his 'girlfriend'. Cyborg's eyes shot daggers but no one noticed except for Raven, she IS an empath after all. Raven couldn't help but grin. Looks like she's not the only one jealous. Yep she was jealous. VERY jealous. The thought of Beastboy and Terra made her crack and now that they were she was losing it. Her emotions screamed and tortured her for a few days now and in just two days, two more emotions popped up, jealousy and hate.

She frowned furiously but returned into the real world and let out a saddened sigh of two things. 1. She wasn't with Beastboy, couldn't help but feel sorry for the depressed Cyborg sitting alone. Cyborg had always treated her with respect and just the right amount of 'tease' that made her like a little sister. She had a soft spot for him and treated him like a 'big brother'.

Robin felt this too and tried playing Cyborg but for some reason, Cyborg felt not right.

Starfire started cooking up an 'uh oh' while humming along to her new 'earthly tunes'. Uh oh.

Again she sighed and returned her gaze to the lovebirds. She rested her face on her knees and continued staring at them—emotions filling up her head. Love, jealousy, hate, anger. She couldn't help it. Tears started forming up. Too much to hide.

~End Flashback~

"What is it Raven?" Knowledge groaned shifting her glasses treating her link like an idiot.

Raven growled starting one of her mood swings again. "You KNOW what it is Knowledge you're acting damn on my nerves. You're supposed to be Knowledge not IDIOT."

Knowledge raised an eyebrow. Knowledge –being the smart one- answered back flatly.

"It's been two years Raven. You need to go back soon, you promised."

Raven grimaced but eased up remembering 'the day'

~Entering Flashback~

"Friend Raven!" Starfire squealed and abandoned her dish but no one noticed, instead, they noticed me. I squirmed in my position trying to take back the tears but obviously couldn't. Starfire hugged me, making sure she didn't kill, thankfully she learned that lesson over the years when she almost killed Terra

Cyborg stormed over to me and Robin followed.

"Raven what's wrong?" judging by Robin's facial expression, you can tell he was concerned. Everyone was shocked that the 'fearless' Ice queen was crying.

"Was it a guy? Tell me his name and I'll kill him." Cyborg's face turned dark already taking place of my big brother.

I bit my lip and some more tears began to leak down and I let them flow silently. Beastboy suddenly looked up from HER and run over to my side. Terra followed but her expression didn't change. "God. You're the one who HAS Beastboy you should at least act like you care" I thought, my heart burning.

"Rae!" I jerked my head up to see BB. Starfire stopped the hug and instead squeezed my hand. "We're your friends! Tell us!"

My heart stopped. For the first time in a week, he noticed me but got a little angry.

"You can't be my friends anymore," I turned my head looking at some random spot on the wall, the tears had stopped but the sorrow was still there.

Starfire Gasped and when I looked up, each one of them looked hurt…except one (and we all know who). Starfire looked like she was going to cry.

"What do you mean?" Robin asked, trying to keep a straight face and stumbled on his words a little.

"I need to leave. Azar has summoned me and I cannot disobey the queen's orders," My voice broke a little but enough for the others to hear. You may have thought that it was a lie but it was true, the queen herself has asked for me to live in Azarath once again for at least a year. I was relieved and both sad at the same time. Relieved- Beastboy wasn't there in Azarath. Sad- Beastboy wasn't there IN Azarath. Is there a difference? Yes. The second one says IN.

I explained to them. The trip of course, not my love life. No one interrupted me. Starfire's and Beastboy's eyes were filled with tears and Cyborg and Robin were on the edge too. I pulled out my communicator out from my cloak and made it sit there on my hand. All of us were looking at it and it wasn't awkward.

I finally let it fall down and make a sound when it dropped onto the floor 'thud' .For all of us, it went slow motion. I bit my lip as Starfire Hugged me again, tears streaming down on four faces. I returned the hug and cried. Cried with them. I cared for them, a lot, I did. So the least I could and them do was cry, cry together. Like one forced apart family.

Beastboy, oh Beastboy, why don't you see?