"Azarath Metrion Zinthos…." Raven meditated, calming her mind. Normally, she didn't need to meditate these days. But she'd rather do this than facing Beastboy alone. That's right, alone. Starfire had gone to the mall to do some 'personal' shopping-which Raven had refused to when Starfire came and asked for her to come along. Cyborg was out of town; paying a visit to his girlfriend and the titans east and Raven tried so hard not to ask but rebelled against it. This was some serious Cyborg/Bumblebee time. Terra was going on a little date with her high-school friends…nothing to add here. And who knows where Robin went? In fact he might still be in the tower in some serious study. 'Serious study' meant that no one, NO ONE ever goes into his room.

Sighing, Raven made her way to the door.

I can't just lock myself inside my room for the whole day…

"Damn right Ravie." Brave growled impatiently. Raven ignored her, not even adding an eye-roll. From the sounds coming from the common room, Beastboy was probably on the game station again. She quickly remembered her position, grabbed the book and fled. Whatever to get Beastboy out of her mind.

Raven groaned. Making herself not think about Beastboy made herself think about Beastboy. She shook her head and travelled her thoughts to the book. She opened it eagerly and scanned her eyes through it while walking to the scene. As soon as she entered, Raven assumed correctly. Beastboy was playing game station.

She sat down at her usual spot, so quietly that Beastboy almost didn't notice. ALMOST.

"Raven." Beastboy grinned, pausing his game with one touch of a finger. Raven made an inaudible sigh, so quiet that Beastboy almost didn't hear it. ALMOST.

"Hey." Raven said in her usual bored voice, not even making eye contact to the green-skinned teenager.

"I'm bored…"


"So bored."


"Extremely bored."


Beastboy didn't know whether to be pissed or amused. Raven still hasn't looked up from her book. It made Beastboy feel like an ignorant little boy again. Maybe he still was.



"Play one game with me?"


Beastboy smirked. That seemed to get her attention. He never intended to get annoying at this point, but at how Raven was acting, He really couldn't help it.

"Then…can we just talk?"

Raven tried to think on what to do. She then finally surrendered and lowered her book to only be greeted with one friendly green face.



Beastboy's grin dropped only to be placed by embarrassment. There were a few minutes of awkward silence. Beastboy looked down onto the floor nervously. Raven bit her lip and turned her head to the side to face the screen. Raven looked down at her hands, they were slightly trembling.

Beastboy was embarrassed but he wasn't fuming, not yet anyway. He opened his mouth, trying to choose his words as he went. Sadly, he was unsuccessful and closed his mouth. He then opened it again and did it a few times. But then looked away to face the screen.

This was torture. Raven thought. He's going to not talk with me now. Think of something, quick!

They both looked at each other at the same time but jerked their heads away when they noticed the other once doing it. A faint shade if pink travelled across Beastboy's face, but none on her poker face.

Beastboy then only noticed her hair. Beautiful. One quick glance at her head wanted him to see more. Gathering up all the courage he had inside him, he swallowed and looked at Raven full on.

Her eyes. They weren't looking at him but…they were so pretty. The color, shape. Her body was cloaked but she was wearing clear white shorts that only reached her three quarters of her thighs. Not short enough, Beastboy thought, disappointingly. Beastboy examined her legs. Long, shaped at just the right places…sexy. Beastboy's face fumed when he thought that. And that was when Beastboy finally noticed that he was checking her out. He snapped his gaze away from her and onto a small crack on the wall. Raven didn't seem to notice.

"Raven…the games still on…if you want?" Beastboy almost begged. Raven eyed him for a while and bit her inner cheeks until her mind came into a conclusion. "I…okay, fine." Raven sighed, uncrossing her legs and making her way next to Beastboy. He smiled almost affectionately. Then grabbed his controller to fiddle with some buttons. Raven stared at him for a while admiring the little finger movement he made to the console. Beastboy finally stopped and turned his head to look at her directly in the eyes. None of them backed down. Forcing to stay strong.

"Uh…" Beastboy turned away thinking of what to say. "Um, you're controller is right…" Beastboy turned his head around searching for the missing console. Raven took note of the situation and spotted it beside him.

"Here" They said at in perfect unison and reached for it at the same time. They didn't exactly grab it at the same time, Raven having the upper hand to point it out first, landed her hand on it then grabbed it, then came Beastboy's hand placing on top of Raven's. Beastboy jerked his hand away quickly, and so did Raven with the console.

Raven felt embarrassed and if possible a little guilty. But when the scene happened she felt a small tingling sensation she never felt before. The tingling-was so jumpy and so longing. If possible, reached out from her hands, to her arms, to her stomach then everywhere. It made the corners of her mouth perk up a bit but she didn't allow it. Sadly, the tingling went and Raven tried to savor it. She wondered if that was what Beastboy felt, but shook it off and tried to keep a straight face.

She eyed the remote carefully and tried to take a mental image of all the buttons. It was confusing. She held it upright with one hand. Beastboy turned to her and smiled.

"Here, hold it like this." Beastboy dropped his controller on his lap and reached out for Raven. He placed both of his hands on Raven's and pulled them to wrap around the controller. Raven didn't see it coming and to her disappointment, he pulled away before she could feel it. Raven examined her grip on the controller and adjusted.

"Comfy…" She replied.

Beastboy just grinned and pressed another button on the controller. "That one's to move…and that ones to block…and"

Beastboy seemed to be explaining how to play, but really, Raven wasn't listening at all. She tuned out on 'Move' because Beastboy's face was so close to hers. And God, he smelled so good up close. He smelled like boy. Like sweet, sexy, cute. So darn good. She wanted more. But she was afraid that that was too much to ask…way too much. Beastboy landed his gaze on Raven's but she looked away alarmingly before they could catch each other's eyes again and started fiddling with the analog stick.

"Right…I think I've…got it…" She said in a confused voice but Beastboy just chuckled. "You'll get used to it." Beastboy reached out to place a hand on Raven's again and confirmed the grip correctly. "Trust me."

"Sparky!" A voice behind him squealed. Cyborg turned at just the right time to take a glimpse of black and yellow and brace himself. The pair of arms wrapped tightly around him and he did not hesitate to hug back with the same force.

"How you doing?" Cyborg teased and they pulled back at the same time. "Great. Now, great." Bumblebee grinned.

"How is Raven? Is she alone in the tower?" Bumblebee asked, slightly crossed.

"Nah, course not girl. She got BB at her side." Cyborg grinned.

"Whoa, hold up. There ain't no way you would do that to Raven."

"I would and I did." Cyborg chuckled. He was quite curios himself of what's happening right now in the titans tower. Raven, five years ago couldn't have lasted five minutes with Beastboy before bickering madly.

Bumblebee was more in fear than anger. Raven was strong, she concluded, but not strong enough to last a whole day with Beastboy….right? No, she has changed. She has me on her side, she'll get through this. Bumblebee thought, mentally cheering her on. So then why was she feeling so guilty? So responsible when Cyborg was the one to ditch them alone?

Maybe because you're the only one she's told. Maybe she IS your responsibility. Maybe she was relying on you the whole time and you aren't there to save her.

Bumblebee shook her head, disagreeing with the inner voice. Sure, she felt responsible for Raven, but she knew that Raven had known that Bumblebee wasn't going to be there every second of the day. Bumblebee pressed a palm on the bench hardly.

Cyborg saw her face darken. "Bee, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Bumblebee said a little too quickly and the result sounding like –Nthn. Cyborg couldn't help but grin.

"That usually means something" Cyborg stated but almost got cut off by Bumblebee's forced laugh.

"No Sparky, that usually means the opposite as something."

"Not in your case"

"And my case is?" Bumblebee said in an irritated voice, her arms already crossed and her chin up high so she could clearly look at Cyborg in the eyes. Cyborg didn't need to answer; instead he pouted and nudged the girl.

"No," She growled and nudged him right back, but Cyborg in seconds was back in his earlier position and nudged her again, harder this time. Bumblebee almost toppled over but gained new balance and crossed her arms over her chest again, glaring directly at him.

"Damn it Cy, I promised her not to tell anyone." As soon as her words came out, she regretted it and looked away uneasily.

"Her?" Cyborg clicked her tongue. "You mean lil 'ol Raven?" He smirked.

When she didn't answer immediately, his grin-if possible grew wider.

"Oh no, shut up y'all, she did not fall in love with BB." Cyborg put his hands to his face and opened his mouth to look shocked but soon turned into a smirk as Bumblebee shifted fidgeted with her thumbs.

"How did….you know?" Her eyes widened. She bit her lip, feeling guilty as she turned away. Her stomach burned and a feeling of anger swelled through her.

Cyborg shook his head. "Ain't your fault. I knew it since the day she left."

Bumblebee's head shot up and gave him a full-on glare. "Tell me everything you know, mister."

"How…" Beastboy grunted, teeth gripping onto each other. "Are you doing this?" The sound of buttons clicking and the swooshes of analog sticks filled the air, apart from Beastboy's grunts. Raven didn't look weary now, her eyes were fully opened and there was a bit of a smile on her face. Probably amusement from Raven beating Beastboy.

"I don't know," Raven smirked. "I'm just trying every button on the controller."

"There ain't that much damned buttons on the controller." Beastboy squeaked, leaning to the side, trying to quicken his button-pressing but his eyes were still fixated on the screen.

Raven stifled in a chuckle. This game wasn't bad. But not fun either. She concluded seven years ago that video games weren't fun. Fun is moving around. This was just…pressing buttons. Raven tried to stifle another fit but failed and disguised it as a cough.

"Damn, I almost…gah-" Beastboy groaned and dropped his controller down in defeat.

"Game over. Player two wins." The robotic woman said from inside the game station.

Beastboy just sat there –mouth open, and motionless. "Well…that was entertaining…" Raven said with a roll of her eyes. She placed the console next to her lap.

"Beginners luck," Beastboy said jokingly, he spread his arms out wide on the sofa.

Raven did her best to glare at him but she had to admit, she was impressed. Beastboy actually learned how to control his temper! She remembered one day, Cyborg finally managed to beat Beastboy's high score and Beastboy threw one hot tantrum. Even throwing a lamp at him when Cyborg pressed him further to rub it in his face.

Raven rubbed her eyes and looked at anywhere besides the screen.

"H-holy fuck!" Beastboy jumped up, his eyes on the screen.

"What?" Raven turned to him.

Beastboy mumbled something which Raven noticed, wasn't supposed to be heard and pointed at the screen.

"Fuck…." Beastboy repeated, breathless. "You beat Cyborg's high score…" Beastboy lowered down his controller in defeat and suddenly burst out laughing, raking hand through his matty hair.

"You…out of all people" He said through fits. "Cyborg would be so mad." He exaggerated the 'o' in so. Raven smiled and just stared at him while he was laughing. She could say, it was a very pretty sight to see. The way his eyes creased when he was laughing, and just, the way that he laughed, sounded so angelic to Raven's ears.

Raven couldn't help but smile at the sound and sight of this Beastboy. Again, it wasn't the childish one she wanted to hear, but this sound was just as good. Raven pulled her gaze away from him, but still smiling to herself.

"You really…changed you know?"

Beastboy said once he finally calmed down. Raven frowned and muttered something among the lines of "You're one to say." Beastboy heard it but grinned.

"Oh yeah, how have I changed?" He flashed his sparkly white teeth.

"You're looks for one, but that wouldn't count that, let's see," Raven tapped her long fingers on the side of the couch. "Your temper. Your attitude. Your way to handle things." From the looks of Raven, she could have continued this all day.

"So basically, I'm just more mature?" Beastboy smirked, following her words. His back was slanted and pushed back into the couch. Raven turned to face him and nodded slowly.

"Then that only counts as one thing." Beastboy grinned.

"I said something about your looks…"

"Two things."


Beastboy just grinned again at her silence. "Want to know how you changed?" He said at once causing another nod of Raven's head. Her eyes never left his face. She wouldn't say she was hypnotized like those cheesy romantic novels. She was just…observing.

"One, your looks." Beastboy stated.

"That doesn't count,"

"Yes it does, I counted it in for you." Beastboy pouted, not even hiding any of the cheekiness there. Raven eye-rolled at that comment and let Beastboy continue.

"The way you talk." Beastboy smiled, no cheekiness this time. Raven raised an eyebrow.

"And by that you mean?"

"I don't…really know. It's just that before, whenever you talked, you always sounded like you were trapped. You just seem…I don't know, happier," He added quickly and smiled. When Raven didn't answer, he continued.

"So that's two things. Your style," Beastboy stated, pointing at her clothes. "You're wearing white; it looks good on you,"

"Thanks…" Raven blushed, but Beastboy didn't seem to notice. "The color represents freedom."

"I think I heard that from somewhere before," Beastboy tapped his fingers on the couch. "Don't know. Does that have anything to do with the white flag? How people use it to say 'surrender'? Maybe white means freedom from other people? No, that doesn't make sense."

Raven didn't interrupt him but when there was a slight pause she spoke up. "Your imagination. It hasn't changed." She mused, saying it to herself more than Beastboy.

"Says the girl who still reads books,"

"I told you, it's still my hobby. Like how you play the game station."

"Hey, I'm not that stupid."

Raven stifled a chuckle and held in a smile. "No, course not. Not anymore. That's another thing that has changed about you." Beastboy smiled and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of the rays of the sun soak his body.

"You're nicer Raven…I like that," He mumbled and when Raven didn't reply, he looked up to see her day-dreaming. The sun was shining on her skin, making it glow. It was a pretty sight.

"Raven…are you in love with someone?"


The reply came out to fast and Raven knew it. His pearly white teeth guessing correctly, mocking her. "You love someone…" Beastboy whispered, sending chills down Raven's spine. She hadn't realized that she moved closer to Beastboy on the couch, their thighs almost touching. She could feel the heat radiating out of Beastboy.

Beastboy's smile disappeared, he tipped his head back and closed his eyes. Raven didn't know what to do, so instead she popped up from the couch and disappeared through the corridor.

Beastboy jerked his head upwards and felt the couch sink under his weight. He rolled to the side and lifted his legs up onto the couch where he felt something. Sighing, he sat upright and grabbed a hold on the solid form.

"She forgot her book…" Beastboy sighed and rolled to his side, closing his eyes tightly and hugging Raven's book.

You love someone…

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