Riza Hawkeye watched her commander quietly, she knew something was up. She guessed he was in a relationship again, one of those distractions of his. However, maybe it was not really a distraction; he seemed to be in a serious condition. That is how she looked at love. A condition, a disease that humans fell prey to. It was her way of tricking herself into ignoring her own feelings for Roy.

"Colonel, have you been getting enough sleep?" She asked.

"Of course, why do you ask?" Roy replied hastily slightly unsettled by her question. She knew she had caught him off guard. No, he was not sleeping at night, at least not enough. He was however, getting lots of sleep at his desk ignoring paperwork.

Roy stood up, stretched, yawned, and walked out the door without another word. He closed the door silently behind him. Riza ignored her immediate inclination to follow him. She had her own work to do, and besides she was clearly not Roy's woman. It was not her business to worry about the man's private life.

Still something yearned for her to force him out in the open, make him spill the info he was so carefully hiding. It was a streak of jealousy she hated. Riza was in no position to assume the Colonel would ever make a move on her, but when he started a new relationship, she could not help but envy their position. One she would probably never have and always want. With a self-annoyed scoff, she went back to her work.

Roy walked down the hall to the cafeteria. He stopped short and opened a door on his left. He stepped inside into a dim room. "You want me to light the whole room off?" He asked into the shadows.

"Of course not," Lust's voice slipped out of the shadows. "I rather prefer the dark. You know that,"

"Yes I do. Now what was worrying you last night? I noticed you were a little tense."

Lust laughed lightly, "You never miss a thing," she stood up and walked closer to him. Her heels clacked on the cement floor echoing off the walls. "Envy is getting ready to strike again. He is going to kill you unless I do it first. I have one more chance."

Her words hung in the air like the scent of meat gone rotten. They both were sullen for several minutes. Then Roy broke the dark hovering trouble and grabbed her in his arms. He held her to his chest placing his face in her hair.

He inhaled deeply her scent calming him. "We'll make it through this. You and I can survive anything if we play our cards right. For now, we will watch and wait. When he strikes again, we'll be ready."

She slowly reacted and finally returned his embrace. She still was unaccustomed to such intimate and affectionate behavior. She was tempted to do more than just hug him, but he had work to do and she could not distract him like that. "We can only last so long," she whispered vanquishing both of their physical awareness's.

He pulled back, "Lt. Hawkeye will get angry if I'm gone any longer." He turned for the door without another word. He turned the knob and pulled the door an inch. She reached out and grabbed his arm.

"Tomorrow night, East Street Café," she whispered. "Ten pm."

He nodded and she released his arm.

Roy returned to his office and Riza caught him with a guilty gleam in his obsidian eyes. She ignored the flash of anger sprouting up and decided it was none of her business.

She did monitor his behavior though, and she saw all the signs of a man in something much deeper than a distraction. She began to worry. Perhaps she had denied her emotions for too long. Could it be that she had lost him to another woman? She feared it was so.

First, he had left the room and come back his demeanor tainted with apparent guilt, the way he jumped at sudden noises, his sleep deprived behavior, and his harsh replies on such topics. He also seemed to be apologizing; the gleam was there in his eyes. Most women would have missed it, but she knew him too well.

Riza's heart sank as she accepted the idea that Roy was in a serious relationship with a woman. And, that he was not going to disclose any information to her just yet. Why should he, when he knew how much she cared about him? It would probably do her greater damage to hear him talk about his lover than for her to silently accept the truth.

She did not think she could bear to have him explain everything to her, talk about her, because that would change their relationship completely. Right now, she was not really quite angry with Roy, just herself. She had plenty of times to take the first step, but she had always given Roy that right. Now she wished she had said to heck with the rules of love and military service.

She left the office more solemn and quiet than usual. Roy watched the door close behind her. And he knew that after tomorrow night's date he would have to tell Riza. However, Lust needed to know he was going to tell a third party. Even if he trusted her not to say anything, she would probably shoot at his head wildly.

Honestly, what business did he have going with a homunculus? They were his enemy for quite some time now. She was probably going to kill him if forced, or felt no more desire for him.

Roy hoped she would choose to let him live, if they did not kill her first.

The next night at dinner, he could not keep from asking the one thing on his mind, "When are we going to end our deadly game? How far can we stand at stalemate before one of us finds the finishing move? Is the pain and suffering afterwards worth these past few weeks of romantic stupor? Ultimately our desires and emotions will destroy at least one of us for good."

"We'll have to wait and see what happens. Nevertheless, you and I are safe for the moment. When the time comes, we both know what we have to do. Until then let's have some fun," Lust replied lifting her glass of wine. "A toast, to our deadly game," He brought his own glass to hers and they took a long drink.

The silence afterwards only made Roy grow more tense. He was going to have to tell Riza something soon, or she would ask him. Then he would be in a jam, because Riza Hawkeye always knew when he was lying.

Lust turned down his offer to go home with Roy; she said she had important business. Roy noticed how tense she was as he left her outside the café. Her demeanor was not her usual fearless confidence. He worried that the day when one of them would have to make the final move was coming soon.

In a way, he thought to himself, our relationship is a game of chess. I have the white set, and I am trying to keep her from killing me. In such behavior, have I tricked myself into loving her, just to keep her on that little square in front of me where I can see her? In addition, what am I doing, I cannot honestly just be waiting. No, I have not told Hawkeye about her, Hawkeye is my white queen. She will find out at the end, when we must fight until the death. Riza will come and try to help me. I have set up the trump card without realizing it. Lust will not have that, Father will leave her to her own devices. I just may get out of this mess alive, but at what emotional costs?

He would have to wait and see.