Authors Notes: This is the tale of Gazz, if you read Hustler's for Life you know who he is if not, I suggest you read it. Though you don't have to but it will make this story have more sense if you know the plot around the first story since this start's from where Gazz was left in the last chapter of Hustler's

Name: Sean Washington

Nickname: Gazz

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Ethnic: African American

Skin Color: Dark Skinned

Hair Style: cornrows

Gazz struggled to his feet, blood was oozing from his back and he was beaten pretty badly but he had to get out of there from the looks of it Daniel was gone. He could hear shooting upstairs his homie must be giving it to them good. He forced himself up to his knees, his head was still ringing with pain from being hit earlier and his back was in searing agony. He had to get out of here, from the sounds of it Daniel was escaping, probably assumed he was fucking dead so didn't bother trying to get him out, he would have been pissed but you see someone take a bullet to the back you don't assume they get up from that shit.

He pushed himself upwards and managed to stand, his head was spinning, he felt nausea but managed to hold back the vomit, he slowly walked out of the room, stumbling here and there but managing to stay on his feet. With each step, he left a trail of blood that flowed from his back, the fact that he was even alive right now was some sort of crazy miracle. The main room above from where he had been shot was riddled with bodies, he couldn't help but be surprised, Daniel had sure showed the fucking pricks. He picked up a hand gun of one of the corpses strewn across the floor, who knows if one of the assholes managed not to fucking die.

He exited the building, Gazz had no clue where Daniel was right now had to be about himself, his homie, would be fine, anyone that can single handily that can massacre a bunch of triads should have no problem, getting somewhere safe. He moved at the fastest pace possible down an alley, he need to get to his girl, her being a nurse and all he'd be guaran-fucking-teed to get out of this in one piece.

A car stopped to a halt in front of him, he raised his gun, mustered his voice "Get the fuck out! You don't want to fucking piss me off!" The woman scurried from the car and he jumped into the Blista Compact, a piece of shit ride, but it would do to get him to his girl's place in East Holland. He pushed the gas pedal to the floor causing the car to speed forwards, he weaved in between traffic, running lights and due to his state of continual blood loss nearly wrecked the car twice, but he made it to his girl's place. He had stayed away since the incident of killing the cop, he had to it was smarter that way but he need help, he was desperate.

He parked the car by crashing it into a street lamp, clearly he need his help he was fading fast. He had just gotten in reach of his girl's door when two cops approached, him. Of course they'd be watching his known girlfriend.

The cop's hands were already reaching for their guns but he was faster, he pulled his and bang, bang, bang, he fell to the ground along with both cops who collapsed in, a sharp pain was resonating through his chest, the bullet had missed his heart, else he'd be dead.

As he started to close his eyes and fall unconscious he glimpsed Cheri's door opening, hopefully she'd save him, or at least patch him up enough to get out of their before more pigs arrived.

Authors Notes: Okay not a ton of action and a short first chapter but as you can see the next chapter will have plenty of action and with action comes more length, so stay tuned for that.