The two lovers lay in each other's embrace, neither one wishing to let the other go. They lay in the grass in a secluded place; somewhere where no one would find them. Time had gone by so quickly for both of them. Finally the male figure sat up, pulling on his tunic, with a reluctance that both felt. The moonlight glinted on his hair, which his mate reached up to stroke, smiling.

"How did it come to this?" she asked him, her voice a sweet melody. She too sat up, and her hair fell about her shoulders.

The male turned to look at her. She could not easily see his face in the darkness, but she saw his eyes. He reached up a hand and pushed her hair behind her ear, revealing a pointed lobe. "I fell in love with a moon elf," he replied. His accent was thick, for he was used to a different language than hers.

"I didn't know your people had such a word as 'love,'" she replied, though a hint of a smile escaped her lips.

"We don't," came his grim reply.

"Please, I meant no harm, Tsa'neth.."

"I know you didn't." The two sat together in silence a bit more, before finally Tsa'neth stood up, gently pulling Saedre to her feet as well. The female moon elf was beautiful- pale, milky skin that seemed to glitter in the moonlight, and dark, midnight hair. Almost the exact opposite of the male elf standing in front of her. "But whether you meant it or not… you spoke only the truth. My people have no words for love, friend, or anything of the such."

Saedre's face grew grim. "They only know how to kill." To this, Tsa'neth nodded slowly.

"I know that you have always hated us, and you have good reason to. Who doesn't? Our very name strikes fear into most of your kind, and is not looked upon with anything other than loathing. Your family was murdered, your village nearly destroyed. How is it that you ever came to love me?"

"I saw into your heart, and I saw something more," the moon elf said, laying her slender palm lightly on Tsa'neth's chest. "I know that not all of your people are evil, though most other elves, and dwarves and any of the races, would say so. Just as there is always that one dwarf who loves adventure, or the Halfling who has a brave heart, there is always that one of you who can learn to love."

"Which is why I am leaving them. But I.. cannot go just yet. There are… things I must put in order first." These words drew a gasp from Saedre.

"Where would you go, then?"

"I have heard there are places, havens, for my kind who wish to pursue a different life. There and only there could we be together, and could I live a life away from the bias and hatred of my people."

"Then take me with you," Saedre said firmly, putting a slender hand on Tsa'neth's arm. To this, he turned around, pulling her into an embrace.

"I cannot. I promise, I will come back for you, once I have found this haven." Knowing that this was the only answer she could draw from her stoic lover, Saedre nodded. "You must go back. They will be wondering where you have been." Again Saedre nodded, getting fully dressed as Tsa'neth stood guard.

Saedre was moon elf, Tsa'neth was not. Neither of them would be accepted by the other's race, and both of them knew this. Both would be killed if they were ever discovered. Such was the reason why Tsa'neth was determined to find this haven.

With much reluctance, Saedre and Tsa'neth parted. Saedre watched the night envelop him, swallow him in the darkness without a trace, before she herself started to turn back. For a moment, she stopped and turned back around. Though she did not have the infrared vision, she motioned in a silent language to the night. Farewell my heart. Then she turned to leave, and as she made her way silently through the forest where her people made their home, she did not notice the pair of glowing red eyes watching her go.

The next few days were painful for Saedre. She felt cut off and distant from the rest of her village, and no one knew why. Many friends tried visiting her, but she would see no one. Many others amounted it to her elder sister's disappearance a few months earlier.

Tonight, however, a party was to be held. It was a marriage-feast, and it was, like most festivities, to be held under the moonlight. Even Saedre was going to attend, and many hoped the celebration would help her mood. At first, it certainly seemed to work. Saedre danced and sang along with her brothers and sisters, until someone sounded the alarm.

All at once, cries of "Drow! Drow!" were heard throughout area. Events happened so fast as the black elves seemed to swarm in from nowhere, overturning tables and firing their deadly crossbows. Saedre screamed, and like all the others, turned to run. All around her was blood; several other moon elves had already been killed. The drow spread through the village like black shadows, their faces twisted in sadistic grins. The only thing Saedre could do was run, and she ran. As she was passing a tree, a black hand reached out and grabbed her arm, none too gently. Before she had the chance to scream, the other hand was clamped over her mouth, and she was pulled backwards, silently, into the woods.

When Saedre came stumbling back to the blood-soaked massacre, several surviving moon elves had already begun dressing the dead. Seven had been killed, two others, like Saedre, carried off, only to return battered and beaten. They could only guess what had happened, but they were sure their guesses were not far from the truth. Saedre, however, said nothing. She was silent, helping the others, and brushing off all offers of help for herself.

Several weeks later, it became clear to the rest of the moon elves that Saedre had not come away from the attack completely unharmed.

"I pity the child born of such an incident," many of the other elves were saying. "Let us hope the child takes on the traits of its mother, and not the barbarian who is its father." It was known that the child of two different races of elves would always take on the traits of either the mother, or the father. There could be no child with both traits. And so, Saedre endured such words with a silent dignity, and when the child came, she loved it dearly.

The child was born drow, much to the distaste of Saedre's fellow elves. There was no denying the girl's beauty, but drow she was. Her skin was black, her hair a beautiful spun silver. She was looked upon with pity, though, and not hatred. Because of the circumstances, she was allowed to go on living, with Saedre, amongst the moon elves.

She was named Nuitae'neth. Despite their hatred of the Drow, it was a fitting name, taking elements of the surface elves' language as well as marking her Drow heritage. Although Nuitae was raised, loved by her mother, she was pitied by the rest of the moon elves, and this made her distant from them. Otherwise, she was raised with all the teachings of the moon elves. All she knew of the Drow was that they were ruthless barbarians. She hated them as much as any surface elf; not just because of what they did, but for what they had done to her mother.

Saedre loved Nuitae dearly, and Nuitae loved her mother. There was no pity or sadness between them. Nuitae looked up to her mother because of what she, as a moon elf, was forced to endure, and Saedre praised Nuitae's strength of heart. Rarely was anything unsaid between them, except when it came to Nuitae's father. She neither cared, nor wanted to know, and Saedre was happy to oblige.

"Mother," Nuitae asked one day. "Did you not have a mate?" This, however, was one question that burned in Nuitae'neth's mind. When she asked, Saedre grew quiet, and for a while, it appeared as if Nuitae would not receive an answer. Finally, Saedre spoke.

"He is.. Far away. Somewhere where we cannot go just yet."

"Does he… know of me? Would he," here Nuitae paused before continuing, "accept me?"

It was Saedre's turn to be shocked. She turned to look at the girl, who was in every aspect Drow. Then she smiled sadly. "I'm sure he does know of you. And yes, beloved. He would accept you with all his heart."

Saedre had hoped to comfort her daughter with these words, but it angered her more than anything. In Nuitae's mind, if her mother's mate knew about her, and would love her, why was he not here, comforting her mother? Without a word, Nuitae left, her bow slung over one shoulder.

Saedre watched her leave, then returned to her reading. Moments later, a knock was heard at entrance to the home where they lived. Although the village had been built with the trees, there were still many individual homes. Saedre sighed, believing it to be a friend come to offer words of encouragement, and stood up to greet them. Sunlight flooded the room as she opened the door; but it was not a moon elf who greeted her.

"You!" Saedre gasped, before the stranger, hooded and cloaked, pushed his way inside. "Where is the child?" he demanded.

"She-she's not here!"

It was not until later that night, when Nuitae returned home, that anyone had noticed Saedre's disappearance. Nuitae came home to see the house in shambles- furniture overturned; drapes and curtains slashed, and her mother gone. The half-drow dropped her bow as her red eyes grew wide. "Mother…"

Nuitae ran through the house. "Mother!" she continued to call, but no one answered.