"Shhhhh, its ok my love," was whispered into the Dark Lord's ear. "It'll be all over soon." The shaking body slowly settled down into tremors and the piercing screams became whimpers, as the soothing strong hand never stopped it's comforting movements. It wasn't every night that your soul is pieced back together.

Looking down at the sleeping youthful looking Dark Lord, the man holding him raised his hand, a hand that had words etched deep into the skin, gently run his fingers through the chocolate hair. His love was still slightly shivering, so he reached for the comforter that had been kicked down to the end of the bed, and pulled it up and tucked it securely around the man that he loved. The stranger hoped that his precious never had to endure that type of pain again. He never wanted to hear those piercing cries, or the agonizing screams. Nor did he want to see tears of pain, fear, hopeless to ever grace his beautiful brown eyes again. The man made a vow right then and there that no matter he would always be there to protect and guard his Dark Lord. "My precious love, I vow to always protect and guard you from danger. I cannot lose you. For if I did, there will be no world, and those you that caused or will cause you harm, no matter if it was/is mentally or physically will perish." He lightly kissed pink chapped lips. He very careful and very gently slid away from the Dark Lord and stood up from the bed. One last glance to the sleeping figure, pure emerald eyes close as the shadows wrapped around him and disappeared from the dark room.

AN- so first time, so anything helps. I'm just tired of no dominate Harry and submissive Voldemort. So yeah. Just to let you know, just because he will be submissive, does not mean he will be weak! thanks for reading!