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Author's Note: As everyone knows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be coming out this Friday. I know for a fact that I will weep because not only is the series over, but us Harmonians would see the tragic epilogue acted out. So, I decided to write this little piece to help reassure myself that I will forever remain loyal to the ship and that there is still hope out there for us.


By Romantic Silence

Landon came out of the cinema with his shoulders slumped. His dark, messy hair hung over his gray eyes as he lowered his head in distress. The young man in his early twenties heaved out a heavy sigh as he placed his hands in his pockets. He stood in place as he watched children, teens, and adults exit the building with excited and happy expressions plastered on their faces. Landon lifted up his head, pushing his thick, rectangular glasses up. He observed the theatre-goers joyous faces and he couldn't help but feel absolutely disappointed that they were satisfied with what took place.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

He stared up at the name of the movie he just watched on the long list of films above the ticket booth. Ever since he was a young boy, Landon had remained faithful to the series. Now here he was, standing at what was the end of an over decade long obsession. He was overjoyed that he had grown up alongside Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. The passion he had to reading their adventures had sparked a passion in writing he never thought, at age eleven, would lead to a fledgling career of a novelist. They had given him the gift of imagination and the ability to create worlds and people of his own design. Landon was truly grateful.

The two films of the last book were phenomenal. The amazing presentation of the final chapter of Harry Potter was done brilliantly. The actors performed perfectly. The entire movie made him feel what the characters felt. Landon despaired when all hope seemed to be lost. Landon wept at the death of Severus Snape and Fred Weasley. His heart nearly stopped when Harry died at the hands of Lord Voldemort. He could not complain. The director and those involved in this piece of cinema stuck true to the book yet added things that made it even better.

But yet, Landon couldn't shake off the melancholy that surrounded his entire core.

He knew why.

Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley. Hermione Granger married Ron Weasley. Granted, Landon had read the entire seventh book the day it came out, so he knew, ahead of time that was what was going to transpire. He knew, in reality, that they were the canon coupling. They had children and were one big Weasley family. It was fairy tale ending that almost everyone hoped what would happen. But he couldn't help, even if it was irrational, that the director had somehow managed to change what was going to be the end. That maybe, just maybe, that J.K. Rowling decided to change what the end could be.

That maybe Harry and Hermione would find love in one another that they would probably never have with Ginny or Ron.

Tears streamed down his eyes before he realized it. Landon felt his nose grow stuffy and he groaned. He felt pathetic. He berated himself for crying over nothing. Sure, all his hopes and dreams of a Harmonian ending didn't happen, but they were just two fictional characters. Sure, maybe he had grown attached to them over the years. Sure, maybe he always thought that Harry and Hermione were a great team alone since the first book. But they were not real. Landon took off his glasses and began wiping the tears with his sleeves; it was a cold night in London despite it being summer.

"Are you alright?" A kind voice spoke asked him.

Landon sniffed and placed on his glasses. In front of him was a stunning older woman, no older than her early twenties, looking at him with concerned brown eyes. Not trusting him to speak with a clear voice, Landon merely nodded.

The woman smiled and pulled out a handkerchief, "Here. Use this."

He stared at the cloth she was offering and Landon shook his head, "Oh! No, I couldn't. That would be too much."

"Now now, I insist. Please use this." Her tone brokered no argument. Landon, not wanting to continue arguing, accepted the handkerchief and began dabbing her eyes. He blew his nose quietly, not resorting to the usual loud honks he would do among friends or alone.

After finishing, Landon handed the sullen cloth back to her which she placed back into her purse. Having regained his composure, Landon smiled at the woman and spoke in a clear voice, "Thank you. I guess I needed that."

The woman waved her hand dismissively, "Nonsense. Would you like to talk about what's wrong? Did your date stand you up?"

Landon's eyes widened. Her comment elicited a laugh out of him as he shook his head, "No no. I came here alone to watch a movie. I was upset because…well, it's ridiculous. Especially for a bloke."

He watched her roll her eyes, "You men and your need to showcase your bravado. I'm sure it's nothing silly if it has you this way."

"Umm…" Landon didn't know why he felt comfortable with this woman. It seemed odd for a stranger to help him out. Still, when he saw her kind smile and caring expression, Landon couldn't help but want to spill out why he had been crying, as much as he hated to admit it. He sighed, "I just came out watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I guess you can say that the ending had me upset."

"Oh, I just watched that! But I don't understand."

"Well," Landon blushed, "I have always been a big fan since I was a kid. I always thought Harry and Hermione would wind up together, but when the seventh book came out, I was really disappointed. Although I was resigned to knowing, I still held on to hope that maybe the movie will change things. But, well, you saw it."

He sighed sadly as he reminisced how excited he had been when the final book was about to be released. His entire heart was set on the series ending with Harry and Hermione being together despite the setback in sixth year. He always assumed that Rowling was showing that even couples were capable of fighting and that the climax was set to show that the Harry-Hermione dynamic would triumph in the end. Of course, Landon had been wrong.

"I've written short stories about the two of them being together; two best friends who never left one another's side ultimately finding love in each other. I have even written essays about their whole relationship, citing my sources from the book; analyzing all seven books page to page." Landon, however, soon realized that he was ranting and his red face grew redder he realized how embarrassing he was. Once more, the passion he felt regarding shipping the two characters together slipped out and now he had unabashedly revealed his eccentricities. He gazed bashfully at the woman and apologized, "Err…sorry. I tend to be…well…you saw."

A lighthearted chuckle erupted from the woman in front of him, "I can't say I don't agree with you. Dan and Emma have a real chemistry on-screen, and in the books, the characters always cared for each other immensely."

Pleasant surprise was etched onto Landon's face as her views seemingly coincided with his. However, the joy faded as he was once again pulled back by the reality of the situation, "Unfortunately, it's all over." His shoulders sagged as he slouched forward once more; taking on the same position he did when he exited the building.

The kind brunette placed her hand on his shoulder. Landon noticed a wedding ring on her finger, much to his dismay. He looked directly at the woman in front of him as she said, "Just because the series is done doesn't mean it's over. As long as there are fans, it will never be the end. So buck up, and continue spouting your thoughts and opinions, writing your stories and essays. I'm sure there are plenty of those out there that would appreciate some words of assurance."

"Hermione! Jamey is getting fussy. We should head home!"

Landon and the woman turned their heads. Five feet away was a man presumably in his late twenties. His hair was entire black and looked to be even messier than Landon's hair. He sported large, circular glasses and had the most striking green eyes Landon had ever seen. In his arms was a fussy little boy no older than three squirming, his hair was just as messy as his father's but Landon could see that his brown hair and eyes were the same shade as the woman he had been speaking to.

"Okay Harry. Jamey, be still for your father." The woman called out, she turned to back to Landon and gave him an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry. I must be going…"

"Landon." He murmured quietly.

"Well then Landon, it has been a pleasure. I hope you feel better. Remember, it's never over." With that, the woman took off in the direction of the raven-haired man and little boy.

Rising from his stupor, Landon stared at the small family and immediately gave chase after them in a brisk walking pace. "Hey! Wait!" He called out, but the sound of the other patrons talking and moving drowned out his voice. Landon tried with all his might to push through the crowd and watched as the woman, man, and child turned into an alleyway in front of him.

Landon broke off from the crowd and sprinted towards the entrance of the alley. As he turned the corner into it, Landon heard what he thought was a car backing up. Finally, the frantic man entered the passage and found no one. Confused, Landon looked around for any signs of where the family had went but saw nothing but the walls of the two buildings and two bins in the middle of the path.

Could he have…?

Landon shook his head. Whether or not he did, it didn't matter. The words that were spoken to him resonated in his mind. His lips curled into a small smile as he began walking away from the lane. Whether or not the series had ended, whether or not people made fun of all those that supported a Harry-Hermione relationship, whether or not that at the end of the day, Rowling intended for Ginny and Harry to be together, in the end, all that mattered was that he loved Harry Potter and everything that came along with it.

As he took off to head home, Landon couldn't help but sigh wistfully,

"I knew Harry and Hermione were going to be together in the end."