I was struggling with writers block on The Misters Anderson-Hummel, so I decided to switch it up a bit. Inspired by the tumblr Dalton Reform sex riot.

Blaine stubbed out his cigarette with the toe of his boot and he watched a very fine piece of ass walk by. The boy was walking with a sway of the hips usually reserved for girls attempting to catch a boys eye. Blaine had never seen the appeal in this particular hip sway, though he reasoned that probably had more to do with the fact that it was exclusively a female trait. Until now.

Blaine jogged to catch up to the boy who was now walking up the stairs that led into the front doors of McKinley High. Blaine relished in this new angle, checking out that ass one more time, before leveling with the boy.

'Well hello there,'

Kurt took one look at the black leather jacket, the tight jeans, tousled hair and the distinct smell of smoke before making his judgment.

'Hmm I'm not sure if you are aware but this bad boy look you are attempting is extremely clich├ęd and I would prefer not to have to deal with the attitude that accompanies it. So if you will excuse me,' He quickened his pace leaving Blaine behind.

Blaine faltered. No one ever spoke to him that way. Despite his stature Blaine had always found himself quite intimidating, especially on his first day of school. Blaine had been transferred between five different high schools. Most of these transfers had not been his choice but rather that of the school board.

But here was this slight boy, with a whole lot of attitude, who stood up to Blaine. He didn't even seem a little bit concerned. Blaine smiled; he did enjoy a challenge.

Blaine once again jogged to catch up with the boy. His legs were quite a bit longer than Blaine's.

'Well no, I can't excuse you. You see, you have a very fine ass and I was just wondering if there was a name attached to it?'

Kurt didn't even look at the shorter boy, however Blaine noticed his face harden as though he was trying very hard not to react.

'No, I don't name my ass. And as I said I'm not in the mood to deal with attitude this morning so please, just go away.'

'Fine then,' Blaine was getting annoyed. 'Before I leave His Majesty alone can you at least point me in the direction of the French classroom?'

Kurt rolled his eyes and muttered 'figures' under his breath before turning to Blaine, 'Follow me,' before starting off at a pace that had Blaine jogging once more.

Kurt led him down the hallway before entering a classroom and sitting down at a desk. Blaine sauntered in behind him.

'Ah Bonjour! You must be Blaine,' the teacher grinned enthusiastically.

Blaine looked him up and down with a disgusted look. He hated enthusiasm.


'Very good, sit down,'

Blaine scanned the room, noticing a seat available directly behind his new friend. Perfect.

Blaine leaned over the desk, stretching close enough to whisper in the boy's ear, 'I'm Blaine by the way,'

'Charmed,' Kurt drawled sarcastically.

'And you are?'

'Not interested,'


Blaine was getting sick of this kid. He may be one of the finest boys Blaine had ever laid eyes on but he was not interested in an attitude that was large enough to match his own.

Blaine spent the rest of the lesson not listening to the teacher. Instead he admired the back of Kurt's head. Just because he wasn't interested in the personality didn't mean Blaine couldn't look. And anyway he was quite enjoying the view.

When classed ended Blaine got up quickly hoping to get out of class soon enough to have a quick smoke before his next hour of torture. As he passed Kurt he gave him a cheeky wink. So maybe he couldn't help but be a little interested.

Blaine was on his way to his last period of the day: Glee Club. Despite Blaine's attitude the one thing he loved above all else was singing. Blaine was looking over his class schedule, double-checking he was in the right place, when he ran into something solid.

'Not you again,' Kurt gave him a disgusted look.

'Why hello there beautiful. Couldn't stay away huh?'

'Oh my god just shut up!'

'What is your problem?'

Kurt took a step towards Blaine, looking down on him. 'You. And people like you. You're a bully,'

'I have been nothing but nice. I have complemented you several times today, something I don't do often,'

'No you are a bully! You intimidate people. You push and push until you get what you want,' Kurt was yelling now, 'I know who you are. I know your parents are loaded. You are nothing but a spoiled little brat who had to rebel in some way. So you walk around like you fucking own the place. You harass people into doing what you want just because you can!'

Blaine stepped closer to Kurt, making him back up. Blaine kept coming forward until Kurt had his back against the lockers. He put his hand against the metal next to Kurt's head, rising on his toes slightly so they were nose to nose. Kurt could feel Blaine's breath on his face.

Blaine showed his teeth in an expression Kurt could only describe as a snarl.

'You know nothing about me,' Blaine hissed, barely audible.

He slammed his palm into the lockers, making Kurt jump. He then turned away and walked out of the school without so much as a second glance.