To Be Finally Seen

A/N: Dedicated to all RukaAkatsuki pair supporters out there. They DEFINITELY deserve a happy ending!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Matsuri Hino. Let us all live with it.

How long have I longed for this time to come?

How long have I been waiting for her eyes to look at me, and to really see me?

I pursed my lips to a thin line. I wasnt really sure of how I should react or if I should even do.

I had already accepted that...this day, this moment, this time would never come. I knew that it was just me and my little fantasy that was keeping this flame alight. Years had come and gone and yet, all she had been seeing, hearing, knowing, trusting and, most of all, loving was him.

And now, she's here standing before me, her eyes wide with a different kind of light that I have never seen in all those years of observing her from a distance. It was somehow frustrating and demotivating knowing that I would never be her happiness, that I would never be able to fill all those holes in her heart. I knew that what I was doing was something that can be called sweet, heartwarming, stupid and suicidal at the same time.

Loving someone who would never even look at your way.

Always from a distance, that was how I was loving her. I'm betting my immortality that she doesnt even have the tiniest bit of idea of the intensity of my feelings for her. Sometimes, it was the only thing that kept me together, despite the fact that it was the same thing that was crushing my heart to shards. Sometimes, it was the thief that steals my lethargy and keeps me awake at night, wondering if a day should ever come when she would at least look my way.

And talk about having an angel's tongue.

"What is this?" I asked as I looked at a little red box in her hand. Her dark chocolate eyes melted me with her gazes, no matter what emotion it held. It always had that enchanting effect on me. Ever since.

"You know exactly what this is. Dont play dumb." she hissed.

"Isnt this...supposed to be for him?"

She looked away and I cursed myself for saying something so stupid. "He wouldnt eat them, anyway." she muttered.

"Thank you." I simply said and took the little box. She whipped her head back and I saw a glint of relief and happiness in her eyes. She smiled at me and I couldnt help but do the same.

As long as she is happy, then, too, I am happy. Whatever makes her happy, then, too, shall be my reason.

"I expect something in return one month from now, then, Akatsuki." she said with a smirk and walked down the hallways, with the soft morning rays of the day lighting her in an ethereal way.