The tension between us wasn't as thick as I'd expected it to be. Athrun grabbed one of the chairs and twirled it around before taking a seat on the cushioned part.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I thought 'oh no, here comes the myriad of questions'.

I pushed myself up so that I was eye level with Athrun. "I'm fine, oki doki, fine." I said a firm finality in my voice, but he didn't stop.

"Are you sure? You don't need any pain killers, water?" Athrun's voice sounded weak, as if he wanted to tell me something but instead all these questions came out.

"Athrun, I was kidnapped not nearly killed." I pointed out and he dragged out a long exasperated breath.

"I'm sorry." He muttered leaning back into the chair.

We fell into a blissful silence the only thing being heard was the beating of the clock and a heart monitor set up some were in the room. I glanced at the chairs that crowded my bed in confusion, how many people had been here recently.

"I'm sorry" A small voice whispered and I looked up to see Athrun eyes fixated on me. "I'm so sorry." He looked as if he was on the verge of tears.

"Athrun its o-

"Not only for leaving you and reenlisting with ZAFT, but for hurting you." He took a shaky breath. "If I hadn't been so foolish I could have stopped the marriage between you and Yuna." He rolled his head back. "I could have stopped the war from escalating and saved many lives."

I didn't even realise what I was doing until I did it. My hand was elevated of the bed and it whisked past me in a quick motion. In a snap the palm of my right hand collided with the side of Athrun's face, leaving a red mark across his cheek.

"Stop. " I ordered. "Stop blaming yourself. Your one person Athrun, it takes more than a single person to start a war." In the back of my head I knew faintly that it was a lie, it really only took less than five people to start a war.

He stopped dead, his eyes shaking as he held a hand hesitantly to his cheek, before looking down into his lap. "Your right, but I can't forgive myself." I blinked. "I still hurt you, and that's something I can't forgive myself for."

He rose from his chair and I felt myself reaching out to stop him. "But I hope you can forgive me anyways." Athrun said, I looked up my eyes tearing and before either of us had the chance to speak there was the blare of red lights in the room.

I saw Athrun run out of the room and I faintly heard the call for all the pilots to stand clear in their appropriated mobiles.

The click of many heels running down the hallways worried me and I steady myself on the headrest of the bed pulling myself up. I slowly made my way to the door using the wall as support.

Steeping into my shoes and grabbing the coat of my uniform, I made my way slowly to the deck still using the wall as support. I clung on tighter as the crew from both the Minerva and Archangel ran by me to their sectors.

The doors swished open and as I stood on the deck looking out through the window what I saw was hell. It seemed as if all ZAFT boats were deployed and they were standing at the head of Orbs boarders

"Cagalli." And ordering voice barked, and I looked down to see Murrue staring at me her eyes filled with worry. "Why aren't you in your room?"

I looked around the deck, Captain Gladys, Shinn, Arthur, Luna and Rey were there along with the people who were deployed in this section. Miriallia was looking at me her eyes coated with an emotion I couldn't understand.

Murrue turned in her seat. "Lacus could please escort her back to her room."

Lacus who was standing beside Mwu turned around and held her arms out for me to take the lead. But I didn't move my eyes were fixated on one of the empty seats by the front. Lacus noticed this two and she sighed dropping her arms helplessly and stepping back.

I smiled shyly at Lacus before taking a seat in the last chair. "Cagalli." Murrue called my name and I twisted in the seat. "If you so much as get a tiny bit dizzy." I nodded my head, understanding what she wanted me to do.

"let me get this straight." Mwu said. "If orb doesn't hand over Djibril... the ZAFT forces will attack." Mwu clarified shaking his head in disappointment. "How can we even be sure he took harbour her."

"I wouldn't doubt that he's here for a second." Heads turned my way. "When I was in power, a lot of the ambassadors were a go for the Atlantic Federation treaties."

"So what do we do, check all of them?" Yzak asked from inside his cockpit.

"No, not all of them ... just one; The Serians."

I heard Miriallia's voice in the back of my head as she told... no ordered the teams deployed to search the Serians residences. There was in an itch in my mind and I felt as if we had missed something, like we were to late.

"This isn't going to end well." Dearka muttered the words running through everyone's minds.

Everyone lapsed into a comfortable silence, the reports from four groups on the field being echoed through the deck. My eyes were glued to the ZAFT forces waiting on the waters waiting for orders to attack. My eyes then glazed over Kira, Athrun, Dearka and Yzak who were hovering in front of us.

It was funny. Funny how the simple speech, of one man, could throw the world into war. Fighting against each other for the same goal. It was like a family feud, all of use a different individual connected by this universe.

I gripped the back of my chair, pulling myself out of the seat. Murrue took one look at me and nodded her head, content that I was keeping true to my promise.

Mwu stared at me in shock, shocked that I wasn't being stubborn and had actually complied to somebody's orders. I left the room walking steady with each foot until I reached the changing room.

I silent thanked god for it being empty and I slipped of my clothes changing into the peach colour suit in my locker. I stared at my hand were a band with a single red jewel was embedded into it.

I forgave you a long time ago.

"What are you doing?" Yzak barked as I flew passed him to the strike rouge's launch spot. I only sent him a smile as I climbed into the cockpit.

A few seconds later Yzak's face popped up in front of me. "Kira will have my ass if I let you go out in that condition."

A smug smile tugged at my lips. "Thought you weren't scared of Kira, didn't you want too ...what was it, kick his ass?" And when all I heard in response was a growl, I knew I had one.

I flipped a few switches watching the writing G.U.N.D.A.M scrawl across the strike rouges screen and just as I was prepaid to leave I was looking at another face. One I knew I'd face sooner or later, but I was thinking the later.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Lacus voiced chimed throughout my cockpit.

I looked up meeting her dead in the eyes; I shook my head sharply once. The Serians had to be stopped, they were power crazy and they had no idea that they were about to throw the world into a war. I know I could stop this, and I was going to go with my gut feeling.

"Very well." She said her face showing a bit of pride. "Be careful Cagalli."

I debated with myself whether to finish it of here, or keep going. But then I thought if I finish it here the mext chapter will be more eventful