He loves me, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own The Ride or any of its characters.

I believed that I was safe

That though you could be unkind

That you would protect me from all that bruised and chafed:

How could I know I'd only ever been blind?

And then I came to see

The truth behind the myth

You would never be

What I needed

You would only ever pull me apart, piece by little piece

And watch, a look of sly satisfaction on your face, as I bleeded

I should have heeded their warning

I should have run, turning

From your cold, cruel embrace

Now my eyes are burning

And it time to face

The truth:

You were the one

Who opened up the rift

Inside me

Not a wondrous myth

But a man

A man who made me doubt

Everything about

Who I was

What I was

And who I would be, could be

But now I see.

I'm over you now

I've broken through your spell

I have not bowed;

I've gone through Hell

And back

I've taken all your flack

And now I know

I'll have the strength to tell you just exactly where to go

And then step right

Into the arms of Mr. Right.

I thought I was doing the right thing

By loving you

But I just kept on sinking

And you kept on pushing me down

But I'm not a clown

And now you'll be the one who's blue

Because I'm not with you

I'm with him

And he's with me

And he loves me.