Finding the Future

Chapter 1

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Time passed too slowly for Makoto Konno. Ten years had passed since she last said good-bye to Chiaki Mamiya. She was twenty-seven now and was almost ready to give up hope. During the last ten years Makoto started working at the art museum alongside her Auntie Witch. She helped restore paintings and give tours of the museum. The painting that Makoto promised to protect for Chiaki was already finished, perfectly restored. When the painting wasn't on display Makoto made sure it was kept in a thick, steel vault with bullet-proof glass. It was a little over the top, but when Makoto Konno promised something she went all out.

When Makoto wasn't working at the art museum, she spent her time keeping up with friends and trying to act nonchalant. Even so, she suspected they already knew about her yearning heart. They tried giving her space, but she sometimes caught them giving her pitying glances. It made her blood boil. It was as if they thought Chiaki wasn't ever coming back. He will come back. I know he will.

Over the years, Makoto never seriously dated anyone. She went out on dates, but that was pretty much it. Not once had she let any of them kiss her passionately on the mouth. Whenever a guy came close to she'd turn her head to the side for a quick peck on the cheek. She was saving herself for Chiaki. The time-traveling troublemaker she'd lost her heart to. She was wondering what he was doing right now. She caught herself doing that regularly throughout the years.

Makoto was just working on restoring a painting when she heard a knock from the doorway of her art studio. She set her paintbrush down and smiled at her friend Yuri. "Give me a minute to pack up and I'll be right there," Makoto said. Yuri nodded, shifted her six-month-old son Kouki in her arms and headed back toward the lobby. When Yuri was out of sight Makoto sighed and pressed her hands to her temples. I can't believe I forgot about lunch. I keep getting distracted.

A few moments later, Makoto made her way toward the lobby. Yuri looked at her with concern. "Makoto, are you all right?" she asked, cradling her baby.

"As good as can be expected," Makoto answered. Yuri nodded sadly. She knew full well about Makoto's strong feelings toward Chiaki. They both had had feelings for Chiaki during their senior year. Yet, while Yuri moved on and got married after a couple years out of high school, Makoto had resigned herself to a life full of loneliness and fading memories. Makoto knew this was probably a bad thing, but she couldn't think of living without Chiaki even if it was just the memory of him.

Little Kouki was trying to squirm out of his mother's arm and reaching toward Makoto. Makoto smiled and held her arms out toward him. "Here, let me take him," she said, chuckling softly. Without hesitance Yuri handed over her son. She knew that Makoto had terrific instincts when it came to children and Kouki loved her to death. Yuri smiled, thinking about how great a mother Makoto would make someday.

Makoto laughed and cooed at the baby in her arms. She'd been there when this little one first came into this world. It made her happy that her godson was so healthy and full of life. Someday she wanted to have children of her own and those children would have orange hair and hazel eyes. Chiaki's child, it was what she yearned for. The possibility of that happening though was fading with time along with her memories. With each passing day the prospect of seeing Chiaki again was becoming less and less possible.

Makoto pushed those negative thoughts from her mind and looked at Yuri. "Let's go. I know a really fantastic noodle shop not far away from here. My treat," Makoto said, hoping her voice didn't betray her inner sadness. Makoto kissed little Kouki on the head and tickled his chin. Then she led them outside into the beautiful summer day that stretched out before them. Chiaki, I miss you.

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