Scared, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Best Night Ever or any of its characters.

I've been scared

for so long

scared and scarred and my heart, well, can't almost take it

sometimes I think it must have been indelibly charred

but tonight, my eyes push themselves open

to tell me I was wrong

to tell me to keep strong

and keep on


believing in


love, above all

love will come to my door

quite unannounced

and save me from it all

from the whole bloody ordeal:

I often thought this too tall

an order

but that was before

I dreamed


I knew you were real

really real

living, breathing, real

that was before I knew

you only wanted the same things I did


above all:

now I know

you'll be there to catch me, should I fall

and me, I'll be there for you, too

because I think I do

I think I love you so

my heart screams it so

so that I can only nod

and go

into your open, waiting arms

and surrender to all your charms

of which you have many

of which I want more than just plenty

but them all.