Hyperdimensional Infinite Neptunia

A Hyperdimension Neptunia x Infinite Stratos-ish fic

Chapter 1 – Setting Out

"Who…are you…?"

'Not this again…'

"You…feel familiar…yet I do not know you…"

'This is the third time this is happening… Look just leave me alone already!'

"I am sorry. It is not my intention to be disturbing your sleep. To be honest, I do not know why this is happening…"

'…I swear, if this is some mind control thing that's happening, I am gonna rip you a new one when I find you!'

"…You sure are rude, aren't you? I said that I am sorry for intruding upon your sleep. However, I can't seem to disconnect the connection…"

'…Hmm, now that I think about it, this is the first time that we've actually been able to talk. Just who are you?'

"I am Histoire, a tome that has been sealed away somewhere. What is your name mister?"

'…I see, I'm talking to a book. All the stress from the monster hunting missions must be getting to me if a book is talking to me in my sleep. Anyway, I'm Soren Fujou.'

"Soren Fujou…? That sounds like a name from the surface world… I take it that you're from the surface?"


"…Is something the matter?"

'You're not gonna say anything about me being a surface human?'

"Why should I? I do not see a problem with you being a surface human. There is no difference between a surface human and a landmass human, right?"

'Huh, you're the only person apart from Sis that's said that to me. Unless, you don't know what the general opinion of the people that live on the four landmasses have on humans that live on the Earth's surface below?'

"Unfortunately, I do. Please rest assured that I do not think little of humans that live on the surface. I honestly don't see what the difference is anyway."

'Okay… Now that that's out of the way, why have you been, uh, contacting me for the past few nights? I swear, this has something to do with the increased monster activity going on.'

"I am not sure, but all I know is that you feel…familiar somehow. I wish I could find out, but I cannot do much in my sealed state."

'…Are you trying to ask me to save you?'

"…Pretty much…ah, the connection is getting weaker. I will talk to you later…"

'What…? Hey, wait!'

Day 1

Planeptune – Soren's House

"Hold on! Huh…another dream. Well, might as well put it aside for now *yawn*."

Planeptune, one of the four 'planet' landmasses floating above the Earth's surface. It's also one of the more technologically advanced ones compared to the other landmasses. Though most people live in the cities, there are a few that live on the outskirts, where monsters sometimes prowl. Soren's one of those people, who lives in a two story house that in a forest close to the main city. Unfortunately for him, his day always seems to start off with a monster or two showing up at his doorstep.

"Better get myself ready…"

After Soren finished his morning routine, he looked out the window, and sure enough, there were monsters already waiting outside. If you want to be more specific, a group of slimes that seems to be fighting with each other for first dibs on attacking the house.

"Now that's something I've never seen before. Other than that, it's business as usual… Better get dressed and grab Yukihira."

Soren got into his usual clothes, which consisted of black jeans, a white dress shirt, and a red tie. It's a look his sister ingrained into him to make him look more sophisticated in public while keeping things practical.

When Soren was ready to head out, he looked around until he spotted his blade, Yukihira Type 3, sitting on a sword rack in the living room. That futuristic looking blade was the only thing he had from the surface prior to being brought up to Planeptune eight years ago. Shaped like a katana, one of the notable things about it is the four diamond indents at the bottom of the hilt, though Soren figured it was a design thing and left it alone. Yukihira Type 3 itself looked cool enough already so the little details tend to be skipped over.

Grabbing the green survival vest that Soren kept by the entrance, he checked the pockets for everything before putting it on. "Hmm, a couple of healing potions, a few antidotes…yup, everything's all here."

Kicking the door open he shouted, "Alright you babies, who's first!-?"

The slimes stopped fighting each other the moment they heard Soren's voice and rounded onto him. "Tch, figures that they come after me first. You'd think they'd learn by now…"

The battle was short and sweet, with Soren toying with the slimes for a bit before he got bored. Soon enough, there was one left and it looked like it was starting to panic as Soren gave a grin that showed his teeth. "Congratulations, you've been chosen for my routine Boot to the Head exercise!"

The slime tried to run away, but Soren was too fast and in one fast kick, the slime went flying upwards in the direction of the nearby pond. "Going, going, and cha-ching! Right into the water for 100 points!"

Soren chuckled to himself as he put on a pair of sunglasses from his pocket. "Well, might as well go see Torres if he has any new jobs for me…"

Planeptune – Torres' Shop

"Hey Torres, are you in?"

"Soren, looks like the monsters didn't eat you today either!"

"Oi, the only monsters running around my place are just low-level ones and besides, the barrier Sis bought a year ago works fine. I have no troubles sleeping at night." Then Soren added mentally, 'At least until a few nights ago…'

Torres gave a healthy laugh as he nodded. "That's true. Amazoo dot nep does sell good stuff. I even use it to buy some raw materials. Anyway, take off those shades. No one's here today to give you weird looks."

Soren took off his shades, revealing his brown eyes to Torres. "Aw, I didn't know you wanted to see my pretty eyes so much Torres. I wonder what Sis would say."

"She'd say to make you a man, and not the old fashion way either. Damn yaoi freak…"

Both guys shivered at the thought before Soren asked, "So, what jobs do you have today?"

"A whole bunch of them again," Torres couldn't help but frown as he took out a couple of papers. "Your job as a monster hunter has gotten real busy ever since more monsters started showing up. You know most of the jobs from the Basilicom come to me in order to be offered to you when it comes to monsters, and four of them are from them."

"They still believe in those surface human myths huh…" Soren shook his head as he looked at each of the papers. "If I didn't have a reputation as a decent monster hunter along with Sis, I'm sure they'd treat me as if I didn't exist."

"Ain't that the truth…" Torres shook his head as he checked his wares, "Either the people are wary or they just plain ignore you. Still, it could've been worse."

"I'm sure it would've, if Sis didn't have a reputation of being a kick ass fighter that didn't bow down to people. The Sanctuary people are still a bit pissed at her for not worshipping Lady Purple Heart as much as a regular citizen."

"That's an understatement. The only reason they don't try to do anything against her is that she's one of the strongest fighters in Planeptune, and she hasn't actually broken any laws either." Soren gave four of the five papers back to Torres as he waved the one he was holding. "I'll take this one, it should be easy."

"Oh? A simple search quest?"

"It's a good warm up. Some girl named Compa lost her cell phone running away from a monster when she went to study an herb or something. Looks like it's in the Cabrage Patch Field, it shouldn't take long."

"Well, it's your choice." Soren put on his shades again as Torres got his store ready. "Come back here when you find the phone. The girl was told to come here after it was found."


Planeptune – Cabrage Patch Field

"Jeez, I didn't expect there to be this many monsters here…"

Soren sliced through another monster that tried to attack him from behind before looking at the field before him. Cabrage Patch Field was a place in Planeptune where a lot of medicinal herbs tend to grow, and an abundance of a plant grew here that was an essential part for Detoxin potions.

There were also rumors of strange kids living in the fields, but that has mostly been unfounded, though people have claimed to have heard giggling coming from the bushes…

"As if kids live here…"

A bush started shaking and Soren stabbed it with Yukihira, causing a monster to jump out in pain, and before it could retaliate, Soren finished it off. "Kids? More like gremlins…

"Anyway, what was that herb that girl was studying?" Taking out the paper with the quest on it, Soren took a quick look. "Ah, that herb… I better find it and start looking.

A number of monster encounters later, Soren found the bush that was specified in the job and started searching around. Sure enough, he found the pink cell phone in the grass and picked it up, looking it over. "Looks like it isn't broken, that's good. Wouldn't want to come all this way just to tell the client that her phone broke."

Pocketing the phone, Soren was about to leave when a loud roar echoed through the field. "What the hell…!-?"

Noticing that there were sounds of monsters running away, Soren quickly took out Yukihira and got into a defensive stance as he looked around in alarm. Soon enough a big monster appeared and it was something that the monster hunter had never seen in his life. The monster looked like a cross between a spider and an armored knight, with the knight half actually being on top of the spider's head and it was wielding two short swords. Being a pale red, Soren heard the monster growling like an angry dog.

"Okay, now that's something new…scanning…a Rabid Vermin huh…?"

Soren had little time to react as the monster charged forward, swords raised, and brought both of them down on him. Using Yukihira to defend, Soren was shocked to find how strong this monster was, as he felt himself being pushed back and on the defensive.

Reaching into his pocket, Soren took out a black sphere and slammed it into the ground, creating a smokescreen. It made the Rabid Vermin screech as Soren quickly flanked it and sliced off two of it's left legs, causing it to become unbalanced.

Despite the sudden decapitation, the Rabid Vermin just got angrier and it threw one of it's swords at him. Soren deflected it, but was surprised when the monster slammed it's spider back into him, sending him flying off his feet and into a bush. A mad hiss came from the Rabid Vermin as Soren quickly got out of the bush. "Grr…need to get in that one strike… Maybe that would work…"

The smokescreen fading, the Rabid Vermin turned to face Soren, though he noticed that the monster was leaning on it's right legs in order to compensate it's weight. Taking out a small pistol, Soren started firing rounds at the monster as he started to work his way to flank it.

A lucky shot to one of it's eyes caused it to thrash around, giving Soren the opening to leap on the Rabid Vermin's back and stab Yukihira right through the monster's back on both parts, knight first then spider second. The two stabs killed the monster as it went limp and collapsed, making Soren jump off. "Well, that went better than I thought."

Checking for any injuries that he might have missed, Soren took out a potion and drank it when he saw the monster's chest glow purple, and something small that was glowing purple fell out and hit the ground. "Hmm, what the heck is that?"

Going over and picking up what the monster dropped, the item happened to be a…purple crystal? "Weird, looks more like a fragment of something. Oh well, if I don't know what it is, I can always sell it."

Planeptune – Torres' Shop

"Welcome-, whoa man, what happened to you?"

"Ran into a boss monster. It was one I've never seen before on Planeptune."

Torres' eyes narrowed hearing that. "You know, people have been reporting sights of monsters never seen before on Planeptune, shortly after the monster activities started to increase. If this grows any worse, then we'll have to call upon Lady Purple Heart for assistance. Maybe you'll get to meet the goddess yourself and gain her favour."

"Whatever, I really don't care about that Torres." Soren took out the cell phone and put it on the counter. "Here's the client's phone. Hand me the next job, any one of them can do."

"Sure you don't want to stick around to meet the client? I heard she's a real cutie."

"Nah, I'm sure she'll freak out that I'm a surface human and a monster hunter to boot."

"Shame, at this rate, you're never gonna find a girlfriend. Sure you want to wait long?"

"I really haven't thought about it really. Even Sis doesn't have a boyfriend; you know how the monster hunter job works. People don't want to have a relationship with someone that might suddenly die on the job due to monsters."

"Ha, it's not like you'll die easily."

"Don't care, I'll think about it when I retire." Soren adjusted his shades before folding his arms. "Anyway, any word from Sis? It's been over two months already and I'm starting to get worried."

"Sorry man, no word from her. I wouldn't worry about it. Heck, for all we know, she's probably clubbing in Leanbox or Lastation. You know she tends to do that after she finishes a bunch of jobs on the other landmasses."

A sigh escaped Soren's lips as Torres took out a piece of paper and handed it to the monster hunter. "Here Soren, better get started on your next job."

"Thanks Torres, I'll see you later." Soren walked over to the exit and opened it, only to bump into someone. "Ow, sorry about that."

"It's okay, it's my fault." A female voice replied. All Soren did was nod and left the shop, but not before hearing, "Excuse me, I'm here about my phone?"

Planeptune – Soren's house

At the end of the day, Soren got back to his house with his bounty money on hand, about 5000 credits. When he got home, he thought he heard a rustling in the bushes again and drew out Yukihira. A couple of slimes came out and Soren got ready to attack, when all of a sudden, one of the slimes made a noise, "Nyaah…"

"…The heck…!-?"

That's when both slimes went back into the bushes and Soren heard the rustling getting farther from where he was standing. Sheathing Yukihira, all Soren could do was stare as he commented, "Now that was random…"

Shaking his head, Soren went over to his house and entered after he checked that there were no other monsters around the perimeter. Putting Yukihira back on it's rack along with the survival vest, Soren let himself relax on the couch. "Aaah, man today was exhausting…"

Taking out the purple crystal, Soren held it up above him and examined it more closely. "Hmm, it's not glowing anymore, and it looks like a piece of something. Probably a quarter fragment of a crystal…"

Putting the crystal down on the table, Soren got up and licked his lips. "Forget that, it's time for some food and games!"

And that's all Soren did for the rest of the day before turning in for the night. However, as he was sleeping, both the crystal fragment and Yukihira glowed for a second before the light from the crystal fragment faded, though Yukihira continued to glow a dull white as a computerized female voice suddenly came from it in a low tone.

[Yukihira online, standby. Fragmentation and corruption over ninety percent. Recovery and reformatting commencing.]

With that, Yukihira stopped glowing and returned to it's previous state, with Soren none the wiser. Not like he would've known what was happening anyway.

Planeptune - ?

"Fufufu…it's time to implement my plan, isn't that right Histoire?"

"…You won't get away with this."

"And who's going to stop me? The four goddesses? Ha, they're too busy engaging in their petty Console War… Hmm, maybe after they're finished fighting, I'll take that chance to strike…ahahaha!"

With footsteps walking away, all Histoire could do in her sealed state is think to herself. 'Who can I get to help…? …Soren…?'

Notes: Okay, now this is a story that's probably a bit off from the norm considering the two elements in this story. Now I know this is a crossover-type story, but it will only use the concept of Infinite Stratos (the exoskeleton), so there won't be any apperances of Ichika and the others since they, and the story itself, don't exist in this fic. There's an alternate history here, which will be revealed in later chapters. Since it barely uses elements from Infinite Stratos, I'd rather put this story in the regular section instead of the crossover section, as well as show that the Hyperdimension Neptunia section exists. Next chapter will introduce Neptune and Compa to the story...and this sounds like that other Hyperdimension Neptunia fic I've noticed.