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5.11: Ostrogoth

Junior could not believe that Shego had the balls to charge his Citadel, even if it was grounded. But, he knew why she was coming in. Little did she know, but he would kill every slave in his realm before he allowed her to free them and he would do worse than that to her precious brothers. He smiled.

"I'll give her some help in that department. A family reunion will do her some good," Junior decided. First, he would give her the family reunion and then he would have his way with her until he grew bored with the sport. "Give Shego just what she wants!" Junior ordered.


"Stay together!" Shego warned her troops as they made their way into the Citadel through the massive hole made by their rockets. The inside was as massive as the outside led them to believe. "Shit, this is like being onboard the Death Star," she muttered.

"Can you have your geek moment when we're not being shot at?" Betty commented.

"And when might that be?" Shego remarked before they broke apart, going in opposite directions.

Thanks to Hench, they had a vague idea of the layout of the Citadel. He had really come in handy and Shego could only wonder why he chose to flee instead of joining them fully. Shego was on the hunt for Junior while Doctor Director was going to try shut the Citadel down with Wade, the Possible twins, Trin, and Shin. Shego had Shadow Hand and his top ninjas with her as well as Hyperion.

Most of the forces that they had to go through were Bebes, which showed signs of being infected with the virus. Many of them fought for a few seconds and then dropped to the floor in a heap. It seemed like they would have a clear path to Junior's office, but that all came crashing down when they turned a corner. Shego gasped.

"Bros?" Shego's voice trembled against that simple word.

But, it was clear something was wrong with Team Go. Their eyes were cold and blank. They were dressed in jet black instead of their team uniforms. There were thick, electronic collars around their necks that made Shego's stomach drop into her feet.

"We got this, Shego. Don't worry about it," Shadow Hand told her.

"Don't hurt them if you can help it," Shego pled.

"Don't worry, Auntie. We'd never purposely harm your brothers," Ryujin assured her.

"Just get going!" Shadow Eyes ordered the western leader.

Team Go charged the group with the Wegos making dozens of clones, filling the corridor. Shego flared her powers and bowled through the copies like a wrecking ball. Hego turned to follow his sister, but Shadow Hand appeared in between them.

"Dance with me, big guy. We can see whose blue glow is stronger." Shadow Hand was quickly covered in a sky blue aura, which he flared.

Hego growled like a wild animal, flaring his own glow slightly and charging at Shadow Hand. He took a wild swing at the ninja, who dodged. The large man's fists went clean through the metal wall and he pulled it back, clearly unfazed. He turned right back to Shadow Hand, still growling.

"Don't hurt him too much," Shadow Eyes reminded their leader.

"I haven't even touched him," Shadow Hand replied, ducking another punch directed at his head. Hego was powerful, but slow. The master ninja assumed that he could dodge the larger man all day.

While Shadow Hand ducked and avoided Hego, his sister, son, and Hyperion handled the other brothers. The Wego twins continued to make copies of themselves, which made movement almost impossible in the now tightly packed corridor. The ninjas and Hyperion were almost pinned.

"If we hurt the copies, does that hurt the originals?" Hyperion asked.

"I remember Aunt Shego telling me that hitting the copies hurts them, but it won't kill them," Ryujin explained.

"Okay. Then, I'll take care of the copies, you two take down the originals," Hyperion said.

"Do your worst and don't worry about us," Shadow Eyes replied as she and her nephew leaped into action.

The pair sported similar glows like Shadow Hand and they went right for the original Wegos. Hyperion flared his flames, engulfing much of the hall in fire. The fire devoured the copies of the Wegos. But, just as those were gone more showed up, fighting off the ninjas with a style that was rather familiar to them.

"They fight like Shego, but much slower and kind of awkward," Shadow Eyes noted while ducking several Wego punches and sweeping them off of their feet.

"They didn't get to evolve like Aunt Shego and they probably haven't fought since they disappeared," Ryujin replied. "Shouldn't there be another one?"

As soon as that question left the blond's mouth, he found out that there was another one. Mego came up behind him and wrapped up his arms. Tons of Wegos piled onto the teenage warrior.

"Ryujin!" Shadow Hand growled, but he could not say much beyond that because Hego showed that he was faster than the ninja first assumed.

The former hero's fist slammed into the side of Shadow Hand's head. He barely could register the fact that he was hit. It was like being punched by a high-speed train. He went flying down the hall and through several walls. Showing how fast he was, Hego was on the ninja in a flash, wrapping his hands Shadow Hand's throat. The shinobi was in danger of having his head popped clean off of his shoulders.

"Get off!" Shadow Hand roared as his aura exploded around them, bringing down the walls surrounding them and blowing the larger man off of him.

Hego was embedded in the ceiling briefly, but righted himself as he was falling. Shadow Hand was on him before he knew it, though. A black booted foot connected with Hego's squared jaw, knocking him off balance. Hego did not go down, though, swinging at the master ninja.

Shadow Hand caught his fist and pushed him back. The shinobi attacked with several well-placed punches to the chest and he finished it off with a harsh punch to the chin. A tooth flew out of Hego's mouth when the punch landed, but Hego did not flinch. In fact, he stepped forward, showing no signs of being hurt.

"Of course, he's not going to show signs of being hurt. He's being controlled. Junior probably has him programmed to go until he dies, if only to get as much out of Hego and hurt Shego at the same time," Shadow Hand realized.

Ducking a punch, Shadow Hand wondered how he could stop Hego short of killing him. The former hero was stronger than any tank and obviously would not give up. Glancing up, he remembered that Hego was wearing a strange collar. He would go for that first and hope to hell something good happened when he broke the damned thing. If that did not work, he would probably have to knock Hego unconscious, if that were even possible.

Shadow Hand blocked several punches from the hulking man. The strength behind those blows began to make Shadow Hand's arms throb and he was certain that if he were not careful, the former hero would break his arm just from defending, even with his mystical monkey powers. Cosmic powers seemed to trump mystical powers as far as raw strength seemed to go.

Hego switched tactics and stomped hard, causing a small earthquake. The floor flew out from Shadow Hand and Hego. They plummeted to the floor beneath them and both landed on their feet. Hego came at the ninja like a truck, barely pausing to get his feet under him. Shadow Hand weaved the punch and pushed the outreached arm out of the way. He lunged, hitting Hego in the throat with hand.

The former hero gagged while the collar around his neck shattered. The pieces sprinkled to the damaged floor. Hego's eyes rolled back into his head and he fell backward. Shadow Hand fell to his side to check his pulse and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Shego would have had his head if there were no heartbeat.

"Now to see about the others," Shadow Hand muttered.

He figured that Hego should be all right on his own since he was supposedly almost indestructible. Besides, the hall that they were in was empty and he doubted Hego would regain consciousness soon anyway. Finding his way back to the original fight, he found Shadow Eyes and Ryujin both bathed in blue auras, but drowning in a sea of red.

"Is the no limit on how many copies they can make?" Shadow Eyes huffed as her back hit the ceiling just from the pushed up by the numbers.

"That's it!" Ryujin growled as he flung several Wegos off of him. He barreled toward the twins.

"Break the collar!" Shadow Hand called to the teen as he held off some of the clones.

"I'm on it!" Ryujin's aura flared higher, forming something that looked like a screeching monkey.

He dived at one of the twins, who actually surprised the boy by dodging. Ryujin recovered by spinning into a kick move that the Wego blocked. His aura flared again as he moved into another attack, coming at the Wego with a palm strike that was blocked, but he expected that.

Ryujin went into a series of rapid moves, drawing his opponent in. As soon as he had the Wego locked in, he flared his aura again, breeching the Wego's defense and engulfing his red glow. The Wego grabbed his arm with both hands, but Ryujin had the collar. The blond ninja growled and gave a powerful yank.

The collar came off, shattering in Ryujin iron grip, and the Wego's hands dropped. The Wego then dropped as his eyes rolled up into the back of his head. Half of the copies instantly vanished and Ryujin turned his attention to the rest of them. The last Wego was up to Shadow Eyes and she was all over that task.

Shadow Eyes was in the other Wego's face with her foot in his throat. She growled as she backed off of that attack because it had not broken the collar. As the Wego lunged for her, she ducked and grabbed his shirt. Flipping him over her head, she slammed him into the ground only to have him kick her in the head. As she backed away, he spun to his feet.

"You got some bite to you, huh? I shouldn't expect anything less from Shego's baby bro," Shadow Eyes commented.

The Wego did not respond, not that she expected a response from a zombie. Going in again, she looked for an opening while attacking with rapid punches to keep his attention. She dodged a few counters before knocking his hands down and coming at him with roundhouse kick to the neck.

The power behind the blow flung the Wego several yards away, only stopping when he hit a steel beam. The collar snapped off of his neck and he fell to the floor in a heap. Ryujin turned to his aunt.

"What happened to not killing them!" the blond teen shouted in disbelief.

"That didn't kill him … I don't think," she replied in a sheepish tone and she went to check on his pulse to make sure.

"What happened to the other one?" Ryujin asked curiously, looking around.

"I froze his collar a while ago," Hyperion replied as if it was so simple. He nodded to where Mego was laid out, unconscious with a bare neck.

"Then, I guess the rest is up to Shego," Shadow Hand said, looking ahead or them. Junior was the last man standing.


Shego found her way to Junior's office simply by asking slaves, who were hanging all of their hope on her killing him. Hell, even some of his soldiers and bodyguards lowered their weapons, allowing her to pass. Before she went to the point of no return, she silently vowed not to let them down.

Shego entered the room with a confident smirk on her face. "Been waiting long?" she asked in her usual smart-aleck tone. "Your receptionist didn't want to move my appointment early," she remarked as she noticed that he was sitting at his desk and was cool as could be. The office itself looked horrid, which was to be expected from the crash. She could only wonder if he had actually forced people to right his desk afterwards.

Junior had the nerve to look her in the eye and smile. She smiled back. He could not rattle her, not when she was so certain that she had his number. Doctor Porter had given her and the rest of the military the run down on the thing that made Junior think he was immortal – his armor.

Vivian had designed the armor especially for him and modified it several times over the years, even though he did not fight his own battles anymore. He had used it in battle many times before crowning himself emperor of the world and killed many people with it. It had helped him survive countless situations that would have left others as little more than dust. Supposedly, it could withstand being hit by a comet. Shego would put that theory to the ultimate test today.

"You made it here. I'm surprised. I guess you wanted me bad enough to actually kill your own brothers," Junior commented.

Emerald eyes rolled and she scoffed. "So, you gonna get up and dance or cry at your desk all day about your fallen empire? Bet your dad is proud." She knew that would get a rise out of him quite literally.

Junior snarled like a crazed animal as a wild look overtook his eyes. "Don't you dare say anything against my father, you heartless, worthless bitch! I'll destroy you and claim the world for him!"

For the second time, Junior flung his desk away, launching it across the room with ease, as if it was a flimsy book. Shego expected the super strength supplied by the armor. Now, she had to find out if he could do something with it beyond throw his weight around.

Junior charged her, showing off super speed also. His fist connected with her jaw, forcing her into the wall. She was surprised, but only briefly. The power drew blood from her lip, but she ignored it. As he came at her for another hit, she ducked his punch and clawed his belly, just wanting to see she could cut through the armor. As she expected, her nails just slid across the armor.

"Pathetic," Junior hissed, looking down at her with contempt and burning hatred tearing through his entire visage.

"Just what I was thinking," she remarked, blasting him in the face with her plasma.

Junior screamed in pain just from the flash of light. Shego's powers bounced off of a shield provided by the armor. So far, everything that Vivian told her about the armor was accurate, which meant that she had to cut the power tubes running through out the suit. Which means I have to knock the shield out to get to the power tubes. Fucking Porter just couldn't be incompetent like Drakken, huh?

"I'll kill you! You're so fucking dead!" Junior roared, his face flushed and his eyes wide with madness.

Grabbing Shego, he shoved her through the wall. She merely grunted, which seemed to piss him off. Picking her up by the throat, he flung her with all of his might, sending her flying for almost a mile through the massive fortress. She landed at Doctor Director's feet.

"What the hell happened to you?" Betty inquired.

"Remind me to slap your girlfriend when we get back home," Shego grumbled, speech slurred.

Betty could not figure out what the western ruler was talking about before Junior was in the room and in her face. He did not ask questions of her presence, just attacked with the ferocity of a crazed lion. Even with her cybernetic implants, Betty could hardly keep up with Junior, blocking attacks from him. Shego jumped up to come to her aid, but Junior seemed to only want to play with Shego.

Junior used energy from the armor to blow Betty far away from the fight, hitting her with a pulsing orb of blue energy. The cyborg was sent through several walls and the force took out her shield, allowing the energy beam to tear into her chest cavity. Betty would not get up again.

"You dead?" Shego screamed to the downed warrior. The response was groan, which Shego could only hope was not a death rattle.

The western ruler blazed her hands high and tried to cut threw the tube on Junior's shoulder. He turned and caught her wrist, throwing her again. Shego wondered if she would see the whole Citadel in this manner. She turned herself in the air and flared her whole body, gaining control of herself. She pushed off the next wall that she hit, meeting Junior head on with her body bursting bright emerald.

The two powerhouses clashed and caused an actual explosion that blew the Citadel apart. Shego was flung outside of the collapsing part of the fortress and she skidded across the dry, rocky desert floor. She did not move.

"Shego!" Kim screamed as she noticed the western ruler rolling across the desert.

The Paladin pilots had left the safety of their suits because the Paladins had run out of power in the Demigod Mode. They were merely returning fire to anyone in the Citadel and continuing to cover for their military. Kim left her cover from behind the Toltec and stones.

"Kim!" the others called.

"I have to get to Shego!" the redhead replied.

Kim took off for her lover only to be intercepted by a furious Junior. His face was severe and his eyes streaking with hatred. Even his hair seemed to be standing on it end, raging like the locks of Medusa. Kim did not care.

"Stay away from her!" the Legend screamed, pulling her staff out for up close combat.

Junior turned and his eyes widened, as if they were going to leap from his skull. "Kim Possible!" The way he said her name would have sent most other people running in the opposite direction in fear. He bellowed it, like blood-thirsty dragon.

Kim went to crack him with her staff, but he caught it with ease. Not to be deterred, Kim growled and spun into a kick. He caught her foot with his other hand. He was clearly not the Junior that she remembered.

"Let her go!" Bonnie ordered as she aimed a gun at her husband.

"Bonnie? You were with Shego all this time?" he demanded.

"It doesn't matter where I was. Let her go!" Bonnie ordered with a steady hand on her gun.

"Or you'll shoot? You'll hit her then," Junior pointed out as he pulled Kim closer, holding her upside down. Tossing the redhead up, he grabbed her by the throat and squeezed before Bonnie had a chance to even react. "I'll have popped her head off and killed you before you even pull the trigger, not that you have the courage to do that." He offered his wife a condescending and demonic smile.

"Don't tempt me."

Junior growled and moved, suddenly in front of Bonnie. She gasped, falling back into the dust. Kim was gagging and clawing at his hand, trying to escape. He glared menacingly at Bonnie briefly before a powerful blast to the back caused him to tumble forward. Snarling, he turned to see Shego standing, bathed in a halo of emerald and black to the point that it was making her hair dance wildly with her glow. Her powers seemed to even come out of her eyes.

"Leave them alone and let Kim go," Shego commanded in a deadly calm.

Junior chuckled and squeezed harder. Kim's eyes bugged out and then she went slack, struggling over. Shego moved so quickly that Junior did not notice anything beyond the jade flames trailing from the space that she had occupied. She planted her hand in the center of his chest, squeezing his armor like a wrinkled shirt.

"Monster!" Shego roared with her plasma even coming out of her mouth as she grabbed the arm that he held Kim with and crushed it with surprising ease.

Junior hollered as his bone snapped, his hand automatically releasing Kim. The redhead hit ground, unmoving. Seeing Kim on the ground made Shego howl in pain, her glow spiraling around and pushing upward like a green burning tornado.

Shego snapped on Junior like a ravenous lioness. Twirling, she brought her fiery foot across his face. He brought his arm up too late to block. Trying to push her away, he blasted her in the face with an energy beam. Her glow actually devoured his attack and seemed to mock him right after with swishing noises that sounded like laughter to his ears. He twisted his body, intent on stopping the laughter, but she did not give him a chance. Shego reached out with a flaming hand and ripped the glowing, teal tube from his shoulder. Her other hand grabbed onto his chest plate and savagely tore it off of his body.

"AHH!" Junior screamed as if Hell itself was pulling him under.

"You took my parents from me! Kidnapped and used my brothers! Set my brothers in a war against me! And now you've taken the love of my life and mother of my children! No more!" Shego raged and her glow consumed them both before drawing back in, imploding.

A blinding flash of jade light erupted from the pair before pulsing outward. A soft moan escaped Shego as she collapsed while Junior's armor shattered. He fell to the ground with a pained groan. Blood painted the dreary landscape beneath them, turning the dust almost black.


Shego woke up on a cot in the medical tent. Groaning, she made sure to keep down the urge to throw up, which was difficult considering her whole body throbbed. What the hell happened? Feels like a house landed on me. Just letting those thoughts go through her head caused her temples to pound. Her eyebrows even hurt. Glancing around, she saw Kim slumped in a chair next to her cot and their twins were asleep on a cot across from her.

The beautiful sight gave her hope and strength. Shego managed to sit up, causing blood to rush to her head and she suddenly recalled what happened. "I'm lucky I didn't kill myself using my powers that recklessly, not that I knew I could even do that. At least Kim is okay." With great strength, she reached out, caressing Kim's knee.

Pulling herself up to stand, she needed to find out what was going on and she needed food. The movement proved too much for her and she vomited once she was standing. Thankfully, it did not wake Kim or their adorably sleeping babies. Oddly enough, she felt better getting that out of the way. She continued on with her plan to see what was happening now. As soon as she stepped out of the tent, the whole camp exploded into cheers. There were applauds, whistling, and banging on things.

"Glad to see you up and awake. It's been two days," Trin commented as she came over.

"Just tell me Junior's dead and there's food," Shego replied.

"No and yes, but Junior isn't going to be able to hurt anyone else. You broke his arm in several places, gave him burns all over, broke most of his ribs, I can't even begin to describe his left leg, and gave him an assortment of other injuries. It's better that he lives. Let's him live with the knowledge that he failed," Trin stated.

"It's gotta be tearing him up inside," Bonnie commented with a chuckle.

Shego nodded. "Good. We'll need to figure out what to do with him, though. Him and his croonies that stuck by him. Did my brothers make it?"

"They're fine. Weak a bit and disorientated. They were being used to power the Flying Citadel. Apparently, somebody figured out how to harness the comet glows into batteries that never need to be recharged. It'll be a while before they're back to normal," Trin informed the western ruler.

A small smile worked its way onto Shego's face. "They're alive. That's good enough for me. What happened with Kim? Is she all right?"

The blond doctor waved it off. "Kim's fine. Some bruises around the neck, but nothing serious. I've already treated her."

"I figured as much. Thanks for that."

Trin nodded. "Yeah, just doing my job, both as a doctor and sister. Now, I'll have someone bring you some food. Don't leave Kim's sight. She freaked and thought you died when she regained consciousness. We're ready to move out at your command."

Shego nodded and went back into the tent. She met open olive eyes and smiled. Kim smiled back. Shego wordlessly went to her cot and lay down with her arms open. Kim took the hint and eased down into those loving arms. The pale woman kissed Kim's forehead.

"I thought I lost you," Shego muttered, holding Kim tightly.

"I know how you feel. I was so scared you weren't going to make it. You practically burned yourself out. Your skin was torn and split. Blood was coming from everywhere. It was awful, so awful," Kim replied, curling into Shego as close as she could.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm healed and I'm here. You're here and we don't have to worry about Junior anymore. We have our family and a future." The western ruler kissed Kim again. The redhead pushed herself up and gave Shego a proper kiss. A moan echoed through the tent, but they were not sure whom it was from. They were interrupted by Shego's stomach growling. They broke apart and chuckled.


The army returned to Kimber as celebrated heroes. They marched through villages, letting everyone see that Junior was caged. Shego allowed people to pelt him with garbage and rocks. As long as no one tried to kill him, she was fine with it. He was gagged, so he could not even scream as it happened.

People gave gifts to the passing soldiers. They gave food and quarter if the group stopped. When they came to Isabella, it was like the whole city was having a massive festival. The army was exhausted, so most of the warriors just went home. The Elect wanted to do the same, but Shego called a meeting before she and Kim even had a chance to take their twin daughters home.

"We need to do something about Junior ASAP. I don't want to have that hanging over us," Shego stated.

"Amy has cages," Wade pointed out.

"Sounds good. All prisoners should be stripped, searched, and held in animal cages. Meeting over!" Shego announced. They wasted no time getting out of the room and going home.


"Mom! Momma!" Shin cheered as the front door opened. She was standing in front of her mothers as soon as they entered the apartment. Her brow wrinkled when she saw that they were each holding small bundles.

"Shin, we have a surprise for you," Kim said with a smile.

"You beat the evil Emperor!" Shin proclaimed with a certainty because her mothers did not lose.

"Yeah, we did. Kicked his butt just for you, Peewee!" Shego declared, grinning.

Shin cheered while her mothers went to sit down with their bundles. They smiled at Jessie, who was on the couch with a book in her lap. Kim waved her over.

"Shin, Jessie, meet our twins," Kim said as she removed the blanket from the redheaded baby. "This is Kasy Ann."

Shego did the same for the dark-haired child. "And, this is Sheki."

"Oh, my god. They are so cute," Jessie cooed and then she grabbed her charge by the shoulders, hugging the girl. "Shin, you're a big sister."

"Big sister?" Shin echoed, scratching the side of her head.

"Yes, baby. You're a big sister. You have to love and protect them. You have to look out for them. When they get bigger, you can show them how to have fun," Kim explained with a bright smile.

Shin nodded, but her brow was still furrowed. "Will they love me?"

"They will adore you," Shego promised with a smile. "We're a family."

Shin smiled, too. "Then I'll be the best big sister ever!"

Kim laughed while Shego rubbed the little girl's head. Olive eyes then went to Jessie. She smiled at the teen.

"You'll help her, right?" Kim requested.

"Of course, and you know I'm here when you need a babysitter," Jessie replied.

"You're the first person we'll think of. Now, you go and handle your affairs," Shego said.

Jessie took a deep breath and nodded. She gave Shin another hug and looked at the parents again, smiling at them. She then left the now family of five. She had to talk with Ryujin. She called him and told him to meet her in a park. He eagerly agreed.

They hugged as soon as they saw each other and sat down on a bench. Ryujin, feeling bold, leaned in for a kiss. Jessie stopped him, putting her index finger to his puckered lips. He yelped in surprise and blushed.

"Forgive me! I don't know what came over me!" he apologized.

"That's not it, Ryujin. I have something really important to tell you. Once I tell you, you can kiss me if you want to. In fact, I hope you want to. All right?"

He nodded and took a deep breath. "All right."

Jessie took a deep breath. "Ryu, I'm sure you've heard, but ignored that Doctor Vivian Porter is my mother. She is my mother. She built me."

His face scrunched up. "Built you?"

She sniffled. "I'm a Bebe."

"A Bebe?" he sounded even more confused than before.

She nodded. "My mom made me as a Bebe. I'm alive, though. I was her greatest challenge, but her greatest success. She made me as a little kid and raised me and taught me. I'm not a mindless robot. I like to think I have a soul …"

He nodded and stared off into the night. "You're a Bebe? But, you look normal …"

"I am normal," she squeaked, straightening up to the point of being stiff. "Ryu, I am normal. You've been around me more then anybody else here. I am normal."

He looked at her sharply. "Wait, why were you even here? You lied about your family dying in an attack?"

She could only nod for that question. She had take a deep breath and exhale slowly before she could trust her voice. "I was spying for Junior at first."

"What?" he shouted and shot to his feet. "So, all of was a lie? Everything?! You lied about everything?"

She reached out for him, needing the contact, but he stepped away. He glared at her, almost as if he thought that she was the enemy. Tears gathered in her eyes.

"It wasn't a lie! Just listen, please! I started out wanting to help my mother! The only person on Earth that loved me, but the more time I spent here with you, your family, and friends, I changed! I stopped helping Junior, even when he threatened to kill me! I stopped! My mother disowned me for betraying him and siding with you and none of our time together was a lie! I love you, Ryujin! I love you!" she wept.

Inhaling deeply, Ryujin looked to the sky. "I need time to think on this."

And with that said, he walked off into the cool night air, shoulders slumped. The first night that they did not have to worry about Junior, the first night that they did not have to worry about dying in a battle, the first night that they were truly free, and he felt like the world had collapsed in on him. Every sob from Jessie was a knife to his heart, shredding his soul and tearing at his insides. They were the war's last casualties.


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