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6.3: Tomorrow

Five years had passed since the fall of Junior. It was hard to believe, but the world kept spinning and time continued to march forward. Shin was a teenager; they celebrated her birthday as the day that she regained consciousness from when Kim knocked her out of the sky. Of course, they did not talk about that, even though Shin had made it through the trauma. She barely remembered what happened before she had two loving mothers and most of the stuff just came in the form of random nightmares. Now, it was Shego trying to make it through the trauma and nightmares – the trauma of their eldest daughter dating.

Kim smiled as she thought about Shego ranting and raving about having to meet "some punk kid" – any punk kid – that thought they were worthy of her daughter. Of course, Kim liked to point out that Shin had yet to show a romantic interest in anyone. She liked filling her time with sparring with her cousins, going on adventures in the woods or other wild areas with her few friends, and babysitting her sisters as well as the latest addition to the Possible clan.

"Mom, you have to see Ann's little dress!" Shin said with a wide grin, bursting into the room with the small toddler in hand, causing Kim to turn away from the full-body mirror that she was staring into. Five year old Kasy Ann and Sheki followed behind their big sister, as they had a tendency to do. The sisters were all wearing dresses, as was Kim. Kim hoped that Kasy Ann's dress lasted the day.

Kim's dressed was white with pink accents. The pink was slashed across the sweetheart neckline in tiny dots and three button-sized rose designs. Across her waist line and coming up in the middle were more pink dots that connected to form thin waves. Roses shined at the top of each wave. Down the gown, dividing it into sections, there were more rosy dots making wave patterns and a fine band of pink waves down each section. The gown almost touched the floor, but did not quite make it there.

Around her neck, there was a tight, glittering piece of jewelry covered in diamonds, except at the heart-shaped center. The heart had emeralds around it and in the middle of it there were four special gems that made up a diamond shape. The top gem in the diamond was pure, but pale green. The one on the bottom was swirled with red and black. The two gems on the side, one was swirled with red and the other was swirled with black.

Kasy Ann and Sheki had matching dresses. They had white gowns that were above their ankles to avoid any tripping and to show off their little white shoes. Sashes around their waists were mixed with emerald and scarlet, which were tied into bows at their sides.

Shin's dress was a little more sophisticated than her sisters, even though she was not much to be trusted in a gown either. Thin straps held up her white dress and Kim hoped the baby did not yank on one because they looked like they could be torn. A black sash went around her waist with a red rose swirled with green inside of it was set just to the left a bit. She and her sisters also wore small emerald and ruby tiaras because they were little princesses to their mothers.

Kim smiled at her eldest daughter. "Do your aunts know you've kidnapped their daughter?"

"Little Heckle and Jeckle might've acted as distractions as I absconded with baby Ann," Shin declared while the twins smiled proudly, clearly thinking they had done something right.

Kim gave the teenager a stern look, which might have had worked better if only she was not smiling. She really could only smile right now. It did not help that she thought it was cute when Shin used nicknames for the twins like Shego did. She reached out and caressed Ann's styled ebony hair. The barely two-year-old grinned at her with shining ice blue eyes.

"Make sure she goes back to Trin or Tatsu before the ceremony starts and don't let her pull anything, including your hair," Kim ordered. Shin's short hair was done with her bangs sweeping to the right side with a slight wave to it. The rest of her hair was done down with the same wave.

"I'll return her to her moms in one piece and make sure I stay as perfect as I am," Shin vowed.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" Kasy Ann jumped up and down while waving to get her mother's attention. Kim now had less and less faith that the dress would last the day. Kasy Ann's wild mop of fiery red hair was already starting to fall and her tiara was crooked.

"Yes, baby?" Kim asked patiently. She reached down and caressed the little girl's cheek. She made sure to fix the tiara and patted down the little firecracker's hair. The long curls had fallen, but thankfully her hair still looked good.

"You look pretty!" Kasy Ann proclaimed, touching her mother's hair, too. Kim's hair was done up with thick strands framing her face.

"Momma looks pretty, too," Sheki added in, speaking at a much more civilized volume. Her eyes sparkled as she delivered the news. "You should see her." Kim was thankful that Sheki's hair seemed to be staying just right, despite her habit of following after Kasy Ann.

"I'll see her soon. I'm sure she looks incredible." Kim could only imagine what Shego looked like and she wanted to see her as soon as possible.

"Not only that, but she's ready whenever you are," Trin said as she stepped into the room. She was dressed in a pink gown that she had pretended offended her, but she was probably the only one totally happy with Kim's choice in bridesmaids' dresses. She had actually had one made for Ann that was identical to the dress that she was wearing. "And give me my baby back," she said to Shin.

"Mommy!" Ann put her hands out for the blond. Shin handed her over without a fuss for once.

Trin practically grinned with her daughter in her arms. "Hello, baby." She kissed the dark-haired child's forehead. Ann giggled and her light blue eyes twinkled.

Shin reached out and tickled the baby's chin. "When are you going to have another one? Is Aunt Tatsu going to carry the next one?"

Trin laughed and shook her head. "Not likely. We have made another appointment with Amy to start the process and I suppose I should prepare myself for another bout of morning sickness when we're done with that. But, for now, let's worry about getting your mom out to your momma." She turned her attention to Kim. "Where's your veil?"

"Yeah, Mom, you gotta put on the veil," Shin pointed out as she scanned the vanity in front of Kim. It was hard to miss the coronet that the veil was connected to. The coronet had similar design to the necklace that Kim was wearing. Shin picked it up, but Trin put it on her sister.

Tears formed in Kim's eyes as she looked at herself in the full body mirror. She had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from sobbing. Shin appeared alarmed.

"Mom, what's wrong?" the teen implored.

"I wish your grandmother was here right now," Kim sniffled and Trin put her hand on Kim's shoulder.

"She is here. She's with you right now. She'd be so proud of you. Her and Dad would be so proud. Now, go out there and show them one of the things that they more than likely had planned for you the moment Dad freaked out and realized you were grown," Trin commented with a smile. Kim sniffled again and nodded.

"C'mon, Mom, we'll take you to Momma." Sheki took Kim by the hand to lead her outside. Kasy Ann took her other hand, tugging much harder than her ebony-haired twin.

"Yeah, c'mon!" Kasy Ann shouted.

"Time to get married!" Shin cheered, throwing her hands up. Of course, her sisters copied her. And then baby Ann did the same.

"For some odd reason, this makes me just a little less enthused about having another one," Trin remarked dryly as she followed behind Kim's clan.


Shego had to fight the urge to fidget as she stood before the altar, waiting for Kim to arrive. The main thing keeping her still was that she did not want to mess up any inch of her wonderful white, strapless gown. Green and black thread laced over the bodice of the dress, making a flower and leaf design. Down one side of the dress, just over her leg, the pattern was repeated in line. There were four large flowers on each outline.

Around her neck, she wore a diamond necklace with a flat flower dangling in the center. The flower had a deep ruby in the center and three other gems that formed a triangle around the ruby. Those gems were green with the top one was swirled with red and black. The two gems on the side, just below the ruby, one was swirled with red and the other was swirled with black.

She had on white gloves that hugged her forearms. Her hair was done up with a band that matched her necklace wrapped around it. Her veil hung from the back of the band. She had to remind herself to breathe every now and then because she did not want to move too much and risk her hair falling out of the complicated high wrap that it was in … or at least that was what she told herself. She was not nervous or anything, she had insisted through out the day.

"Relax," both Wegoes told her, leaning over to tap her on the shoulder. She almost jumped at their touch, but she caught herself.

Her brothers were standing on her side while Kim's brothers were on the opposite side. They were all dressed to the nines in tuxes for the wedding. Joss was also standing with her cousins, frowning over her bridesmaid dress. It had not helped that Hana teased her the whole day about the damned thing. Trin had been there until she walked off to retrieve Kim.

"It's about time you made an honest woman out of my sister," Tim ribbed the green-skinned woman.

"Don't blame this on me. Your sister's the one that's always too busy. I've been trying to get her to walk down the aisle for four years," Shego scoffed.

"Oh, please, like you could leave the office long enough to get married," Wen teased her. She had just recently been voted back into office as Chief Executive and Kim was serving her second term in the General Assembly as prime minister. Others in their group had also been voted back into office, but only if they did not already have positions in the executive branch of government.

Shego frowned. "I'm here now, aren't I?"

"Calm down. You don't want Kim to see you scowling. She'll think you don't want to marry her," Jim pointed out with a taunting grin.

Shego made a face at him, but she did wipe the frown away. Over the years, she and the Possible twins had reached a truce. She got along much better with Tim, mostly because he truly liked Shego. Jim tolerated her for Kim's sake and for the girls, but that was all. She did not mind; he was the one hurting himself by refusing to deal with reality. As long as he was good to her princesses, and he was, Shego had no issue with him.

As Trin rushed back in with her daughter in her arms, Shego knew that she would not have to wait long for something that she had dreamed about for what felt like a lifetime. Her heart pounded in her chest as she watched Trin pass Ann over to Tatsu, who was sitting in the front row with everyone else that was close to Kim and Shego. The blond then made her way to Shego.

"She's coming. The girls are eager to give her away," Trin whispered to her.

Shego smiled at that. As soon as Trin got into place, music began playing. It was not the traditional bridal march. Kim was not interested in that, especially since she knew the twins would not keep pace with it. In fact, Kasy Ann was yanking her mother and sisters down the aisle. Poor Sheki complained the whole way that her twin was going too fast. Shego chuckled softly as they stood before her.

"Here ya go, Momma!" the tiny redhead declared, swinging her mom's hand as they halted.

"Thank you, baby," Shego smiled and leaned down to kiss Kasy Ann's cheek. The little girl literally puffed out her chest with pride.

Sheki pouted. "I helped-ed."

"And what a good job you did, sweetheart," Shego said, giving Sheki a kiss, too. She blushed cutely while Shego turned to their big girl with a devilish smirk on her face.

Shin narrowed her gaze at Shego, looking remarkably like her. "Don't you dare. Any kisses you have left better be directed that way." She pointed at Kim, who was staring at Shego with such love and devotion that the older woman had to pay attention to her.

Shego smiled and took Kim's hand while their daughters stepped to the side. Shin stood behind Kim while the twins huddled in front of Shego. The wedding of the decade got underway with a judge pronouncing Shego and Kim spouses. The ceremony took under twenty minutes because the twins could not be trusted to stand still any longer than that. The pair cringed when their moms kissed to make everything official.

"Yes, finally!" Shin cheered.

Sheki's little forehead wrinkled. "They do kisses all the time," she pointed out.

"It's gross!" Kasy Ann made a face.

"Gross!" baby Ann echoed from her mother's arms.

"Quiet down from the peanut gallery. And we're not naming anyone else Ann if this is what's to be expected," Shego joked as she put her arm around Kim's waist. Everyone laughed, but it was more than likely from the joy of seeing The Couple finally united.


The reception seemed to go on forever with everyone giving a speech about Shego or Kim or both. The best one was Shin's speech, even though she barely made it through it. Shin cried the whole time and so did her parents. The poor twins ended up crying, too, confused as to why the strongest people they knew were weeping. Kim and Shego grabbed a twin and hugged them as Shin came over to complete the family.

"You guys are so cute!" Hana teased as she stood before the family.

"Why don't you go annoy the Possible that'll punch you in the face," Shego suggested, shooing the ninja away.

Hana snorted. "She took the dress off, so it's no fun teasing Joss now. Maybe I'll go bug my bro." She turned her attention to Kasy Ann and Sheki. "Wanna go bother your Uncle Ron?"

Wide, emerald eyes shined with delight and the twins ran off with Hana. They practically tackled Ron, who was going by his name again during off hours. He had stopped wearing his mask completely and most believed it was because the mask scared the little twins. He hugged both girls before they proceeded to climb all over him. Hana laughed.

"You never used to let me get away with stuff like this. They're your favorites, aren't they?" Hana feigned a pout.

Ron snorted. "Could you blame me if they were? They're twice as cute as you," he remarked. The twins cuddled against him and smiled smugly at Hana.

"I'm glad they make you happy, bro."

The white-haired ninja smiled. Hana went off in search of Joss to probably drive her insane while Ron sat with the girls. The girls talked his ear off about the ceremony and their pretty dresses, but he did not seem to mind, smiling and nodding. He even chimed in when they gave him a chance. Kim came over and sat with him after a few minutes.

"Congratulations," Ron said with a small, almost tender smile.

Kim smiled. "Thanks. Your speech was amazing. I'm glad you accept me and feel like I'm home." She was mostly glad that he was beginning to show glimpses of the boy she used to know. She was aware that her Ron would never come back, but it was good that he was still in there, still in the ninja's heart, and now he was allowed to show up every now and then.

He nodded and shifted Sheki on his knee to move his hand enough to touch Kim. "It's been that way for a while. I just didn't know how to tell you."

"I know. That's not your style. How are you feeling lately? I've been so wrapped up with work and my kids that I haven't had a chance to really sit down with you. I always thought we'd just go back to how we used to be."

"We're not the same, though. I don't expect us to go back to that, but I have to work on myself before we can do anything. I'm getting there." He patted each of the twin's heads, but his gaze went out to Ryujin.

Ron had definitely been trying with his son and doing a very good job. Ryujin was one of the reasons Ron was so close to the twins. The tan blond often babysat the two little whirlwinds, along with Jessie. Even in their early twenties, the young couple enjoyed watching the kids. Ryujin was pulling Jessie toward the dance floor and away from Wade and Amy.

"I bet she was asking when they were gonna have a baby again," Kim laughed.

Ron only shook his head. Jessie liked bothering people about having babies. Those that knew Jessie well and were aware of her "uniqueness" assumed she pestered others about children because she could not have any. She had a way with kids and would make an excellent mother if only she were a flesh and blood entity. Vivian did offer to … build one, but Jessie declined. She had explained to Shego, and then to her mother once she was certain it made sense, that she thought it would be asking too much of Ryujin to love both her, a Bebe, and a little Bebe, even if they were sentient. Amy was working on a solution and would love to find one just to get Jessie to leave her alone about having a baby.

Amy had taken a look into combining DNA to make children for couples that could not have their own. She thought along the lines of, "if a crazy guy like Drakken can do it, then I can do it, only a million times better." Trin and Tatsu had been her first couple. Trin had carried Ann for the appropriate forty weeks after the procedure. Ann was born a whopping eight pounds and completely healthy. Other couples had begun to come in after meeting Ann.

"How are Ryujin and Jessie?" Kim asked curiously. She knew most details from Jessie herself, but she wanted to make sure the couple was on the same page.

Ron nodded. "They're fine. I actually gave him Yori's r-i-n-g." He spelled the item out because of the two blabbermouths on his lap. They had a habit of reporting everything about Ryujin to Jessie, much like they did with their mothers. Shego was certain that she would never get away with anything again thanks to the twins, but then again, Kim probably never would get away with anything ever again either.

"That's so sweet. You don't mind?"

"No, she's a great girl. I've moved past most of that stuff. She is what she says she is. I just hope she appreciates it … if he ever has the nerve to actually ask her, anyway. He really wants it to be special."

"You raised a sweet boy there." Kim smiled.

"He mostly raised himself. I'm guessing he at least got good genes from Yori."

"I'm pretty sure a few of your good genes snuck in there, too. Not to mention, you set a good example for him, even if you don't think you did." Kim continued to smile. She scanned the room to find him again and was surprised to see him sitting with Vivian and Betty.

Ryujin, constantly proving that he was a sweet boy, made it a point to check in with Jessie's mothers. They had all grown on each other, all of them making sure to try for Jessie's sake, which Kim thought was excellent. Ryujin occasionally even asked the couple about dating advice when it came to Jessie to make sure he did something in a manner that would let Jessie know how special she was.

Betty and Vivian as a couple was also a great example for Jessie and Ryujin, which surprised a lot of people. The two women clearly cared for each other. Betty made many romantic gestures toward Vivian and always defended Vivian if someone got in her face, even though no one got in her face for the right reasons. No one outside their circle knew who Vivian once was. They made sure that Junior was unaware that she still existed, so he could not mention it to the Wegoes, who had the bad habit of gossiping.

As far as their being involved in rebuilding the world, Vivian was lucky that she was a Bebe or she would have worked herself to death already. When she was not babysitting, Jessie often assisted her mother, trying to make sure that Vivian did not work around the clock. She had created dozens of robots and helpful technology to put the world on a good path. She was actually one of the main reasons that the city of Isabella looked like what they knew a modern city should look like. She did her best to make sure her technology was safe for the environment, too, because if it was not, Amy would bother her about it.

Betty was mostly involved in government. The woman had a gift with management and paperwork. She mostly ran the home security section of the government, which was basically the public safety department, which included the police. She was a little resentful of the fact that her job had basically been given to her by Shego, as it was part of the executive branch of the government, but she had gotten over it after the first year.

Will Du was by Betty's side at work as always. He had not been fully cured, as he looked at it, but he was able to power down enough to put on a suit and not burn everything he touched. Surprisingly enough, he was not sitting at Betty's table, but actually trying to mingle with the other wedding guests. Believing that he had an unheard of third chance at life, he had loosened up somewhat. He even made small talk with Kim when they ran into each other.

Kim's thoughts were distracted as Monique suddenly flopped down next to them. They all shared smiles between each other, including Ron. None of them thought anything of his expression as he had taken to smiling more in the last couple of years.

"And the band is back together," Monique declared. She had lost her limp thanks to Trin and Amy working out a method to grow limbs back. It had taken almost a year of rehab for her to learn to walk on the new leg. Through her rehab, she had continued working as a member of the General Assembly and discovered that she was rather good at representing a town that she had only passed through once in her life.

"Rufus and Felix are missing," Kim pointed out sadly. The war had taken both of them decades ago.

"They're here in spirit. In fact, let's toast to them, to your happiness, and to a bright future." Monique quickly grabbed wine glasses and handed one to Kim and the other to Ron, who had a hard time juggling it and the two crawling critters in his lap.

"Gimme one of them," Monique requested, reaching for Sheki because she was the closest. Sheki cuddled into Monique.

"Hi, Auntie!" both twins grinned. The girls were very much like Shin in the sense that they loved their family wholeheartedly. Unlike Shin, they were also pretty friendly with strangers, Kasy Ann more so than Sheki, who was polite but cautious. Of course, that somewhat freaked their mothers would, who worried that one day the twins would be lured off with candy and they would have to kill a bunch of people to get the duo back.

"Hey, my girls!" Monique leaned down to kiss twin chubby cheeks. The twins giggled.

Kasy Ann and Sheki did not stick around for long after that because the adults were not paying much attention to them. Kim chatted with her friends while watching her babies run off. She smiled, hoping they would get to grow up in a time with no war, like now. She hoped the peace lasted at least one lifetime.


The twins charged over to their Uncle Wegoes. The older set of twins stuffed the girls with cake and other sweets littering the hall. Of course, this automatically made the super-powered pair the second best Uncles; Ron would always be number one for same reason the girls refused to disclose, but their mothers guessed it was ninja-related.

The Wegoes still acted as guards for Junior for the most part. He mostly talked to his dead father, which they ignored. He had lost his mind years ago, seemingly thinking that his father was alive and soon would come rescue him. Every now and then, he clawed at the stone walls, trying to escape, but it never did anything, except draw blood from his fingers. They did not care what he did, especially when he was hurting himself. They actually wished he did that more often.

They did not have a big role in government and they preferred things that way. They always made it known that they were not very responsible and they really had no desire to be. Watching Junior was an easy job, especially when they had ten clones each going almost 'round the clock. Politics and engineering, they would leave those things to their older siblings.

"Hey, Unce Wen, do the clone," Sheki requested as she bit into another chocolate cupcake. She had a chocolate ring around her mouth.

"Yeah, Unce Wes, do it, too!" Kasy Ann chimed in. The dress that Kim worried about now had strawberry frosting on it.

Another reason the girls liked them so much was their ability to make copies of themselves. The girls did not totally understand it and considered it like having a dozen new uncles. Of course, they were troubled when the dozen new uncles went away because they did not know where the copies went. Wes and Wen had taken to explaining that their "other thems" went to a cosmic lounge and got to chill out all day. The girls not only accepted that answer, but wanted to know how to go to the cosmic lounge. Of course, the Wegoes being themselves, left Shego and Kim to deal with that explanation.

"You want us to do this?" The uncles grinned as they made several replicas.

"Yay!" the girls cheered as the copies surrounded them.

"Do you really think you should be spoiling them with cake and tricks?" Hego inquired as he came over, looming over his brothers and nieces.

"They're fine. They're having fun and celebrating this national, spectacular event," Wen pointed out while making a face at his older brother. Wes did the same thing and the girls did the same.

"Look at what you're teaching them," Hego huffed, motioning to the girls' faces. "You do know if you keep making those faces, they'll stay that way."

The girls gasped and their eyes went wide. The Wegoes glared at their older brother and they clutched each twin close, as if to protect the girls. "What the hell is wrong with you, Hego? You're scaring them!"

"Don't listen to your thick-headed uncle. We always make faces and they haven't gotten stuck yet," Wes assured the tiny pair.

"You sure?" Sheki asked in a trembling voice.

"Positive. Now, let's go get more food," Wen declared and the twins all left Hego alone.

Hego had slowly but surely mostly reverted back to his old self. It was really the only way that he knew how to be. Yes, he accepted that Shego and Kim were in charge for the most part, but he spoke his mind to annoying degree and argued much of the time over some of the newer developments in the world. Without Junior as a constant threat, he thought that some of the things Shego and Kim wanted to do were beyond their job descriptions, but most felt that he failed to understand that the world was far from back to normal and everyone needed Kim and Shego to go beyond their job descriptions.

They also seemed to notice that Hego did not realize the reason he had a job in the Assembly was due to the simple fact that he was Shego's brother. Yes, he helped in rebuilding and helped in connecting Kimber to Sheshone, which was the new name for Junior's former territory, but everyone knew that did not mean he had leadership abilities. He seemed to think that people believed he was some kind of great leader, a man to be in charge. Most people voted for him because his last name was Go.

Mego had been elected into the Assembly for similar reasons, but he at least recognized that. He seemed to only be involved to have something to do and it got him the attention that he continued to crave. He mostly voted with whatever Shego wanted or Kim wanted. The Wegoes felt like their brother was searching for his identity in this new world. They hoped that he found whatever it was he was looking for since they had a second chance.

"Hey, let's get some soda," Wes suggested to Sheki, who grinned and nodded.

"Soda!" Kasy Ann cheered from Wen's arms.

"Soda it is," Wen agreed.

"I'm pretty sure you're giving them too much sugar," Bonnie commented as she came up behind the twins.

"We know what we're doing," Wes declared with confidence.

"Feed them tons of junk and then give them back to Shego when they start whining?" Bonnie guessed.

"Are we so transparent?" Wen wondered aloud with a laugh. That was definitely their MO.

"Maybe more of us would cut out the transparency," Wes remarked and they made replicas of themselves. Bonnie sucked her teeth while the girls cheered, as expected.

"You two are by far the world's worst babysitters," Bonnie admonished them.

"But, the best uncles," both Wegoes proclaimed and their nieces concurred. High fives were slapped all around.

Bonnie sighed and shook her head again. She kissed each girl on the cheek and then went about her business. Kasy Ann and Sheki waved at her as she went back to Tara, carrying two plates of food. She placed one in front of the blonde.

Tara had a talent for healing people broken by the war and Bonnie was no different. But, Bonnie also helped heal Tara. They were a cute couple, everyone agreed, especially Monique, who had been the one to bring the two together. All they ladies continued to work with war orphans and other people damaged by the war. Their home operated right inside Isabella, which was now the capital of the world. Everyone was willing to bet that Tara and Bonnie would be the next to get married.

While it was never said, most assumed that Bonnie wanted to be properly married. When she was "married" to Junior, it was only because he decreed that they were married. She had no say in it, no say in anything. She had been exercising a lot more independence and had pulled Kim along not too long ago to find a ring for Tara. Kim was keeping it a secret, but people just knew.

"What should we do now?" Wen asked the girls.

"Ice cream!" Kasy Ann requested, licking her fingers.

"More cake," Sheki entreated.

"Yeah!" Wes cheered.

Of course, after a few more minutes of their delighted gluttony, the girls begin moaning. Tiny hands went around little bellies and they curled into their uncles. The Wegoes grimaced.

"I wan' Momma," Sheki groaned and her redheaded counterpart nodded.

The Wegoes were not surprised when the girls pushed out of their arms. They stumbled close to the food tables, but were not on their own for long. Shin came and scooped up Kasy Ann while Jessie picked up Sheki. The girls made pained noises.

"I wan' Mom," Kasy Ann mumbled.

"We're taking you to them," Shin promised.

Kim and Shego actually intercepted them. Shego took Kasy Ann while Kim took Sheki. They went back to their seats to soothe the girls. They also gave Shin a look that told her to continue enjoying the party. Shin jumped right on that by staying with Jessie.

"I can be a bridesmaid at your wedding, right?" Shin asked the blond with a huge grin on her face.

Jessie smiled. "Of course, you can. I look forward to it."

"Do you think your mom or your ma will give you away?" Shin wondered aloud. Her eyes wandered over to the couple, who were slow dancing to the soft music.

"Both probably, although Ryu might have to fight them both to have me. I never thought Mom could be so overprotective and Ma is actually worse. Ma is trying to make up for missing my life by spending every waking moment with me and trying to scare Ryu into doing right by me."

Shin laughed. "That's gonna be Momma for me. I just know it."

Jessie nodded. "You're lucky you haven't shown a remote interest in dating yet. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to need strength." She glanced over at Kim and Shego, who were still trying to comfort the twins. "And they'll probably need to make an ally in Kim."

"Yeah." Shin looked at her sisters, who certainly appeared greener than usual. She was not surprised when her mothers informed everyone that they were leaving early to put the girls to bed.

"You sure you don't want someone to watch them? It's not like you two have time for a honeymoon," Bonnie offered the newly married couple.

"No," Kasy Ann groaned, curly into her momma's chest while wrapping her arms tightly around Shego's neck.

"Mom," Sheki croaked, holding Kim tightly.

"I think we'll handle this," Shego replied.

"Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us. Please, don't stop enjoying the party because of this," Kim said.

The couple left with their ill children, but the party did continue. The next couple to leave was Trin and Tatsu with their sleeping toddler. Wade and Amy followed them.

"You're not going to stay? Not like you have a baby to tend to," Trin teased the other couple.

"It's going to stay that way, too." Amy draped her hands around Wade's neck. "I'm going to enjoy my man for a while longer. We finally have free time to spend together."

"I'm surprised you two didn't want that," Wade said to the ladies. Their schedules were rather similar, after all.

"We get plenty of time together and time with our daughter. We make sure to eat all meals together when possible, we watch movies together, and plenty of other things I'm not going to explain to you," Trin replied as she reached over to brush back Ann's hair. Ann was in Tatsu's arms and the mechanic smiled as Trin caressed their daughter. Trin could not be happier that their daughter looked like a mini version of her wife.

Wade chuckled. "Well, don't wear Tatsu out. We're working on the Paladins tomorrow and she needs all her wits about her."

Tatsu rolled her eyes. "We're just updating their hardware. It's just about taking their chassis off and replacing them with new ones."

The Paladins had been put to work in the police force, mostly patrolling from the air and scanning the wilderness to make sure there were not threats outside of the city and towns and also making sure people did not need help in the wild. Their bodies had been reduced in size to seven feet, so they were still imposing, but were not threats to toppling any of the new buildings. The Toltec often expressed that it missed Kim, but all of the Paladins seemed happy with their places in society. Wade and Tatsu had built more Paladins to patrol the towns, which they all hoped would someday soon become cities.

Isabella was still the only true city on Earth. It was kept very clean thanks to robots built by Wade, the Possible twins, and Vivian. Those four tended to come up with engineering feats that helped re-modernize the world. They were responsible for improving communications between everyone on Earth, which was very important for towns in Sheshone, which was named after Shego, whose real name was Sheshona. Those areas sometimes felt like they were cut off from the rest of the world, even though half of the Mountains had been torn down as a show of uniting the world. They all agreed that they had much more to do; everyone felt that way with all of their jobs.

"What are you up to tomorrow?" Wade asked Trin.

"Just working in the lab with crazy, non-cute Shin. He blew the place up last time he was in there unsupervised," she answered with a sigh. "I hope he doesn't wreck the hall."

"That is what he does," Amy pointed out. No one could argue that. "Ron will keep him in line at the hall and maybe someone will get him passed out drunk and make your day better because he won't be able to go to the lab tomorrow."

"That is promising. One day of peace and quiet," the blond commented.

Trin and Shin worked on plenty of things in their lab, from medicines to food. Trin tried not to allow Shin to go in without her as he did have a habit of blowing things up. Thankfully, when he was actually working, Shin was brilliant. They all just hoped that he did not destroy them all in his off hours.

"Well, hopefully, you both get something done if he does show up and Shin doesn't kill you. Ann would be pissed if he did," Wade remarked.

"I'd make him regret it," Tatsu said quite seriously.

"Of course, you would," Amy said. They were both quite serious.


The Possible-Go family returned home. They still lived in Shego's apartment, but it had been moved to an open street in the city and was now a house really. There was an Executive Mansion, which was where Shego worked from, but she refused to live there. Everyone in the family agreed because they did not want to move, especially since Shego made it clear that she was not going to serve another term, even though people were already pushing for it. She insisted on sticking to the constitution, so she had her two terms and then she was done.

Kim and Shego managed to get Kasy Ann and Sheki to sleep after giving them some ginger ale to settle their stomachs and reading them their favorite stories. Shin called them to let them know that she would be staying with Bonnie for the night, which they knew was supposed to inspire them to have a romantic night as soon as they would. The couple prepared for bed once they knew Shin was fine.

"Let's take a bath," Kim suggested with a smile.

"I like how you think," Shego replied.

A hot bath was run in the large tub. Bubbles and other goodies were added. They both practically dived in with Shego settling against the edge and Kim settling on her. They shared burning hot, passionate kisses and long deep caresses as they tried to do as often as time allowed.

There would be no honeymoon. There was work tomorrow as always. There probably would always be work, but that did not mean they could not pause to show their love for each other, for their family, and for their friends. They had to look out for each other just as they looked out for the world. So far, they were doing great on both ends.

"Thank you for coming back to me, saving me, healing me," Shego said in between loving, fervent kisses.

"Thank you for never giving up on me, saving me, putting up with me even now," Kim replied, caressing her wife's bare sides.

"Always. I love you," Shego declared.

"I love you, too."

Shego smiled. She was happy and she hoped others felt the same way with Junior defeated. She also hoped that her parents and the doctors Possible could see from wherever they were. Well, she hoped that they could not see everything because she was about to do some rather x-rated things to her wife. Before she got to that, she sent a silent prayer to them, wanting them to be proud of everyone, including the world for moving on from the terror that was Junior.

"What are you thinking about?" Kim asked, resting her forehead against Shego's.

"How I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our girls," Shego answered. "I want to love you all for the rest of my days. I love you so much, Princess."

Kim smiled before leaning into Shego, pressing their bare torsos together. Shego moaned as Kim captured her lips and moved against her. She decided that the moment was perfect and she burned it into her memory. While people still referred to her as the Savior, Kim was the Savior to her. Her savior. Kim saved her as much as they saved the world. Now, it was time to enjoy it and live.


The end.

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