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So, this my second drabble and second Victorious fic, hope you guys like it :)

The Nile (Denial) is not just a river in Egypt

"No one likes you!"

As much as she'll like to deny it, she knew deep inside that that was the true. Why would anyone like her anyway? Next to Tori, beautiful and talented Tori. Don't get her wrong, she loved her sister to bits, but she would never compare to someone like her, which was the reason she lived in denial, I mean who would ever want to accept that their baby sister is 100 times more talented than they are. Not her. Not ever.

But, she would always keep trying, no matters how many people tell her how untalented she is (she already learned a long time ago to drown out those kinds of comments) and how she should just give up and shut up. Though, is not like she's that bad, either (that's what she kept telling herself, anyway) I mean there was a reason why she got accepted into Hollywood Arts (and, no her parents didn't bribe them into accepting her) believe it or not she's an exceptional dancer, she can dance every song, every style, and she would love every minute of it.

So, why doesn't she stick to dancing if she's really that good? Well, first of all Hollywood Arts does requires their students to do a bit of everything. But, that's not the whole reason why, the real reason is that, even though it may sound awful, she can't accept the fact that Tori might be better at something than she is. Tori is her little sister from crying out loud, she should be worshipping the ground Trina walked on, not beating her in something that was supposed to be her thing. Trina was supposed to be the talented sister not Tori.

Therefore, until the moment comes when she finally learns to accept reality, The Nile (Denial) won't be just a river in Egypt for Trina Vega.

Stupid ending, I know, but it's 4:30 a.m. where I'm from and I really just wanted to post this

So, this drabble is Trina-centric because I always kinda felt bad her (which was a bit hard for me since she's always so annoying), but I guess I sympathize with her a bit, and this is my take on what goes down on her head. I think is pretty accurate, but it may be just my ego going wild

I truly do believe Trina is a great dancer (I mean she had to get into HA somehow, and in some episodes is shown she's pretty flexible)

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