Chapter 41

A few days had now passed since the battle. Clark had spent what free time he could, between working, helping with the clean up. Periodically he would check in on how Donna was doing. She could wake up any time now and Diana had not returned from Thermyscria so no-one knew what Queen Hippolyta thought of all this.

Right now Clark is paying one of those visits to Donna and she did look a lot better. Colour had returned to her face. With his and Titan's DNA essentially destroyed there was nothing left to have a reaction to the kryptonite. She looked...young. When she was fighting them you didn't really notice it but now you could see the youth in her face. Now she looked like the teenage girl she physically was.

"So you are this Superman my daughter talks about."

Clark frowns at the regal sounding voice. He turns to see a tall, statuesque woman who bore a remarkable resemblance to both Diana and Donna. The crown on her head also is a big give-away...along with the fact he met her double in the other world. "Queen Hippolyta," Clark recognises her with a small bow of his head. "It is an honour to meet you."

Hippolyta eyes the powerful alien warily. Diana had not spoken of him in fond terms but her description of him was quite accurate. He was certainly handsome and the eyes stood out clearly. "How is she doing?" Hippolyta asks in reference to Donna.

"I'm not a doctor," Clark qualifies right off, "but from what I have been told she is stable and should make a full recovery. What abilities she may or may not retain is still not certain."

Hippolyta strides over to the bed and looks down at the sleeping figure. When Diana had told her of this she had been angry. Almost as angry as she felt after Heracles' betrayal. She had been violated. Perhaps not in an as terrible a fashion but it was still a violation. Part of her had been stolen. She had spent the time from then to only a short while ago in isolation and prayer as she tried to figure out what must be done. What she had to do.

Diana had told her that Superman had said he would take Donna in if she refused...but why would she refuse.

Hippolyta can see Diana has much to learn still.

A child is innocent of how they were created and from what Diana said Donna was reverting back to a child. Essentially she would have no memory. It was a gift from the Gods. A chance for Donna to start over and however she was created Donna is her child and therefore Hippolyta had decided, in the end, that if Donna was going to start her life over anywhere it would with her on Thermyscria, away from the corruptions of man. Away from the corruptions that created Donna in the first place.

Clark feels awkward standing here with the Queen. In reality he would like an excuse to leave because he doesn't know what to say to her.

Suddenly Donna starts to stir in the bed and Clark has his excuse. He informs the Queen he will find Dr Light and J'onn since it was decided that they should be here for when Donna wakes up. Clark blurs off.

Hippolyta stays and watches as Donna's eyes begin to flutter open and blink as they try and adjust to the light. Eventually the sky blue eyes, so like Diana's, focus in on Hippolyta and within their depths there is deep confusion.

"Who are you?" Donna Hippolyta's native Greek.

Hippolyta is momentarily surprised that she speaks the native tongue. When the Martian gets here she'll ask him to explain. She replies to Donna's query in the native tongue. "I am Hippolyta. I am your mother."

"Mother? I...don't remember," Donna says as she struggles to recall anything.

Hippolyta takes a hand and brushes some of Donna's hair back. She had thought upon this moment as soon as she decided she would take Donna in and has a prepared answer. "You were in an accident. You were hurt. The doctors said there might be some memory loss."

"I don't remember," Donna says and there is a quiver of fear in her voice.

Hippolyta smiles gently and places her hand against Donna's cheek. "Don't panic. All is well. I am here."

That settles Donna a little except... "Who am I?" she asks.

"Your name is Donna and you are Princess of Thermyscria."

"I can't remember any of that."

"I will remind you of everything you need to know," Hippolyta assures Donna with a small kiss to her temple.

Just then Dr Light, J'onn and Clark return along with Diana. Dr Hamilton is...well Batman was having a few more words with him at the minute as he tried to learn all he could about Cadmus.

"Donna this is your sister Diana," Hippolyta introduces her. "Diana say hello," she says sternly and she does it in this tone because Diana had been quite vocal in her objection to taking Donna in but Hippolyta had put her foot down on the issue. Despite technically Diana being Donna's other mother in a sense Hippolyta decided they would stick to calling Donna Diana's sister. It seemed to her to be the best fit.

Diana forces herself to put on a front of kindness. "Hello...sister," she says making herself say that. "How are you?"

"I can't remember anything," Donna replies with a fearful, furrowed brow.

"Yes. That was to expected after her accident yes?" Hippolyta asks Dr Light, with a knowing look.

Kimiyo catches on. "It was what we thought. I would like to run a few tests before I release her though."

"Run your tests," Hippolyta permits. She looks to J'onn. "I wish to have a word with you," she tells him.

"You're leaving?" Donna asks, her voice rising almost to a panic.

"I'll just be outside in the corridor," Hippolyta assures her daughter. "Diana will remain with you."

Uncertainty remains in Donna's eyes but she nods her agreement.

Hippolyta leaves the room with J'onn and Clark tags along so as not to be in Dr Light's way.

"She speaks Greek. How?" Hippolyta demands to know.

"I have been scanning her mind daily," J'onn reports. "She has lost almost all of her genetically inherited memories apart from a basic grasp of your native language. It seems to be the very last remnant since she still has your and Diana's DNA. Apart from that she remembers nothing. There are no personal memories of any kind. She is a blank sheet in that regard."

"She will be coming home with me," Hippolyta informs J'onn.

"You are certain this is what you want?"

"She is my daughter is she not?"

"Genetically yes."

"Were you not once a parent?"

"Once," J'onn says with deep sorrow at the loss of his family.

"Then do you really need to ask me if I am certain?"

J'onn smiles slightly in understanding and bows his head in concession.

Hippolyta turns her gaze to Superman. "Diana said you volunteered to take care of Donna."



"Because everyone deserves a chance and if no-one else was going to give her one I would."

"Perhaps Diana misjudged you. She does not have the highest opinion of you."

"We didn't get off on the best foot and, perhaps, I have not done enough to correct that," Clark will admit.

"Diana can be...unnecessarily stubborn," Hippolyta will concede one of her daughter's bigger faults.

"There's a lot of blame to go around for a lot of things as of late. Somehow we need to move past that because the fallout from all this...the media is already crucifying everyone. If we're not careful it will turn into a witch hunt and despite my issues with your daughter or anyone else I don't wish that."

"You show surprising wisdom."

"I know a few people who would disagree with you...and there the ones that like me," he jests.

Hippolyta smiles slightly. Curious man. Powerful yet seems able to poke fun at himself. She'll have time to dwell of that later. First and foremost is her new daughter and with that thought prevalent Hippolyta returns to Donna's side.

Secret Cadmus base, not the destroyed one...

"This is an unmitigated disaster!" General Sam Lane yells at the emergency meeting of 3 of the most important leaders of Cadmus.

"Calm yourself General," Maxwell Lord intervenes. "You'll give yourself an aneurysm," he advises the man to ease up.

Lane turns his harsh gaze upon the wealthy businessman. "Lord what world are you living in that this is not a disaster?" he asks incredulous at the man's blasé attitude to what has transpired.

"I did not say there weren't issues to deal with," Lord says calmly. "I was saying that yelling about it won't solve anything."

"Maxwell is correct," Amanda Waller concurs. "Calm yourself General. We're here to discuss our response."

Lane glares at her now. "Where's the weapon?" he asks in reference to Donna.

"In the hands of the Justice League."

"I assume the same is true for Hamilton."

"So our man on the inside confirms but he is reporting Hamilton's mental state has somewhat suffered."

"I knew I should have had him removed the second he started referring to that thing as a person," Lane slightly berates himself for that moment of indecisiveness in regards to Hamilton.

"How much have we lost?" Lord wants clarified.

"That facility was the main genetic laboratory. All primary genetic samples were there for the creation of the Project."

"Primary samples?" Lord questions that as in if there is a primary site there must be a second site.

"Project Donna was the primary weapon. There are others in development at other locations but they are nowhere near that level of power. Donna was suppose to be the leader of a team."

"So we still have our team only no leader?"

"The team are still in the embryonic stage."

"More genetic mistakes. Brilliant!" Lane mutters sarcastically.

Lord rolls his eyes. Such a narrow vision these military men have. "This is not beyond salvaging General. Yes the government we all serve will have its reputation severely battered thanks to the appearance of the Justice Lords. It simply means we have to lay low and quiet for a spell but this should make it only more of a priority to go ahead with my project."

"Your superpowered team?" Lane queries.

"Absolutely," Lord enthuses. "More than ever the public will demand these heroes are brought under control. I even heard a few Senators are proposing a superhuman registration act so that superpowered individuals either register with the government or are arrested. They will either work for us or retire their activities and return to living a normal life."

"Still leaves the issue with Luthor," Waller points out a loose end.

"Oh yes Lex," Maxwell says as if he is just recalling that. "There is only one answer I'm afraid. We bring him in to the group."

"What!" Lane thunders.

"Better here where we can keep an eye on him than out there running loose General. We all know he'll betray us eventually but it's risk we might just have to undertake. At the very least with him here it gives us access to the Injustice League and brings them under at least our partial control."

Lane grumbles openly about stupid rich boys.

"Come now General. It's a good idea isn't it."

"It's a good idea...I suppose," Lane says reluctantly before his face screws up in confusion at what he just said.

Lord smiles and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a tissue. He wipes a drop of blood from his nose. "Childhood weakness that never left me," he explains away the nose bleed.

Waller smiles sympathetically. "I think what Maxwell is saying that for now we just have to take the hits that will come from this but the underlying cause remains the same. Maxwell you spoke of Superman as leader for the team?"

Lord smiles with a hint of danger in that look. "Oh yes. After all I saw some footage. Most natural the way he brought the Justice League together to defeat our little weapon. Very inspiring with his words and deeds. Everything a good leader needs."

"We need to discuss how to approach him," Waller concludes.

Maxwell smiles even bigger than before as he agrees with that. He dabs some more blood away from his nose. He always likes it so much more when everyone thinks the way he does.

The Watchtower...

A week after Donna's attack the big 6 had been called to a meeting of the entire roster of the Justice League. For a week, in-between the clean up in Metropolis, the other members had been talking about what to do about being lied to by their leaders. They had even gotten their own ringleader; Dinah.

Although for the life of her Dinah can't figure out how she ended up roped into this. She wasn't even technically a member...ok so she was still technically on 'extended' leave but she had all but quit.

Anyway the other Leaguers, via Dinah, had called this meeting so their leaders could be held to account for their decisions and actions.

Dinah steps up to make the views of those standing behind her clear. "This organisation was set up so that together we could accomplish tasks none of us alone can do. It was built on ideals that transcend any of us. Members come and go. The ideals are meant to last. I admit my failure to live up to those when I helped cover up the existence of the Justice Lords. Now it is time for you to admit your failure."

Batman's eyes narrow. "I admit nothing. We did what needed to be done."

"That's not true and you know it Bats," Flash argues. "Look did I mess up? Probably."

"We all mess up," Hal concedes.

"Absolutely," Flash agrees.

"Flash does at least twice a day."

"Yeah I...Hey!"

There is snickering from all around the room at that.

"The point is," Dinah interrupts, "that our reputation has taken a severe battering and if this organisation is to survive and continue than the present leadership must step down," she informs them of what the others have decided.

"And who takes over?" Diana asks. "You," she looks pointedly at Dinah. You can tell Diana is not happy about any of this. Hera, she is still trying to cope with the fact her mother took Donna in.

Dinah shakes her head. "No. I can't. I know that." She takes a breath. "No-one is asking any of you to leave the League. You're all too powerful and too vastly experienced for that but you can't lead it any more."

"And, for arguments sake, we refuse to go?" Diana wonders.

Dinah hoped no-one would ask that. "Then the League is finished because everyone behind me has agreed they'll quit," she gives the grave warning about the perilous state the League is in.

"That's right!" a few voices speak up in unison.

Dinah looks at Diana pleadingly. "Diana...please. When I joined this League originally I believed it stood for something greater than all of us. I don't want to see its end but I would rather do that than to see it carry on as it is. It is slipping down the wrong path. To be blunt it's falling apart at the seams and if we are going to save it radical alterations are required...and when the hell did I slip into using tailoring metaphors?"

"Well I thought they would be natural for you," Flash says absently.

"Excuse me?" Dinah says, her voice rising.

"Didn't you sew your costume?"

"Why would I? Because I'm a woman?"


Diana gives Flash the glare she saves for when she has to battle Cheetah. The really, really severe 'I'm going to kill you' look.

Dinah's eye twitches. "Someone hit him for me before I come up there and ring his neck!" she threatens.

Hal obliges Dinah's request and smack Flash across the back of the head.

"Thank you Hal."

"Sure no problem. Always a good day when I get to hit him," he says cheerfully.

Flash glares at Hal as he rubs his head.

Dinah rubs her head. Where was she? Oh yeah. End of the Justice League as they know it. "Arthur. J'onn. You've been awful quiet," Dinah had noticed. "Nothing to say."

Aquaman had spent the last several days home in Atlantis recovering. He had been giving many things some thought. "I was going to announce this eventually but since you are forcing the issue Canary I'll announce it here. I'm stepping down."

"What?" Diana asks, flabbergasted. "Why Arthur?"

"Because this last week I realised I have spent more time here than at home. I am Atlantis' King. I have been neglecting my people and my duties. While this organisation has been important, and I hope it will remain so, I must redirect my primary focus to my people."

Dinah actually didn't expect that either.

J'onn has a deeply reflective expression. "Superman spoke similar words to me. I believe what we did was necessary at the time. What is necessary at this time may be for new leadership to take over. This organisation is more important than any single one of us so I too shall step down," he decides.

Flash can see which way the wind is blowing. He only stayed to help counter Batman's and Aquaman's influence. Otherwise he would have quit. With Aquaman gone he sees no reason to stay on any longer. "I step down as well."

"As do I," Hal joins in the exodus. It was the only way to save the Justice League now. Perhaps once they're gone others who quit previously can be persuaded back. Hawkman and Hawkgirl would make great natural leaders. Maybe he can propose that.

They all turn their attention to the 2 left. Batman and Wonder Woman.

Batman stands to his feet. "I quit," he announces and then strides out, black cape swirling behind him as he marches out of the room.

"Well that was short and sweet," Flash remarks.

Down to Diana. This...none of this is what she wanted. Superman accused her of becoming like her double. Was she? She needs answers. Diana stands to her feet. "I need to reflect on what has happened. I do not desire to quit the League completely but a leave of absence may be best. I also have a new...sister I need to get to know," she adds because she will go home. She needs to rediscover her core and that core comes from Thermyscria so that is where she will spend her time off.

J'onn stands. "We will remain in charge until you choose new leaders," he announces to them. "Is this acceptable?"

There is a general consensus from those present that it is.

Dinah takes a deep breathe to steady herself. She didn't want to do this to people she calls friends. Heck she isn't sure what she wants right now except to go home, go to bed...and wish Clark was there beside her.


A few days later Dinah, dressed in sweats and her hair in a ponytail, is in her apartment sorting through her laundry which she has just finished washing. "The glamorous life of a superhero," she grumbles in complaint. She bets normal people don't imagine their heroes doing stuff like this...although how many of them still thought they were heroes was a completely different issue.

They were still being crucified in the press. Dinah heard some mention of a registration act of some kind. That had been touted before years ago but it never came to anything. This time might be different. Dinah hoped not.

She can remember the pros and cons made before but the bottom line is that the only protection people like her have is the secret identity.

Dinah sighs as she lays out her washing into different piles deciding which she has to iron first. God she hates that.

As she stands there she finds her thoughts keep drifting back to one thing that has been replaying over and over in her head for days.

"I love Clark," she whispers to no-one.

It had been a momentary thought an instant before they jumped through the portal to the other world but she hadn't been able to forget it.

It seemed sort of crazy to her that she had it. They had had a huge fight which they have still not talked about. Yeah she could put in the excuse about how busy they both have been...which is true but if something is really important you make the time.

Dinah was afraid to. She had been burned by Ollie's betrayal and told herself she wouldn't let herself do this all over again at least until she was certain what she was getting into.

With Clark she isn't sure of those things. She can't be because he refuses to pull down those last few walls hence the big huge fight.

"Stupid heart," she grouses at its inability to follow the plan.

"You know I'm certain someone said talking to yourself is the first sign of madness."

Dinah's eyes widen with surprise as she spins round to find Clark standing there in the doorway to her apartment, bunch of different coloured roses in hand. " are you doing here?" she asks, praying he didn't hear the bit where she declared her love for him because she isn't ready for that. "And how did you get in?"

"You gave me a key," Clark reminds her.

"Oh yeah. So I did," Dinah says with a nervous laugh.

"And I'm here to apologise," he says with a full on pouty, puppy-eyed expression.

"And you thought flowers would cut it?" she says, a little more coldly than she intended.

Clark holds up his other hand which is holding a white plastic bag. "I also brought food," he says with that boyish goofy grin of his.

Dinah eyes him for a few minutes and the smell wafts over to her and makes her mouth water. It did smell good she had to admit and her dinner had been a barely cooked...uh something or other she stuck in the microwave. Dinah wasn't sure what it was. She had grabbed it on sale and never bothered to read the box. "Ok," she decides and she can see the visible relief on Clark's face. 'Serves him right that he was nervous,' she can't help the mean thought.

Clark closes the door behind him and Dinah makes a space on her cluttered couch for him to sit down next to her. He grabs a tinfoil carton from his bag and hands it over. Dinah recognises this. Clark brought it on their first date. Thai food all the way from Thailand. 'Still a cheap date,' she dryly jokes in her head about what Clark use to say about himself.

Dinah remembers for one date he took her to the restaurant he gets it from and how he was on first name terms with the owner and his family. It was really nice actually. She still wishes to try and get them back to that place where they can do that sort of thing if it is possible. Dinah tucks in to her food.

"Dinah...I'm sorry," Clark says genuinely. "I know they're only words but I really am."

"They are only words Clark unless you know what you did and I'm not going to tell you this time. I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen to me!" she says a little irate still.

Clark cringes a little. "I know. I am sorry and I get it. I disrespected your mother and for that I am sorrier than I can find the worlds for. I don't know if you can forgive me. I hope you can but still I would understand if you couldn't."

"Would you? That's the question Clark."

"It was in the middle of the fight with Donna."

"What was?"

"That I realised what I did. The other Wonder Woman grabbed a hold of my hand and was telling me how she did it all for me...him...the other me from their world and I told her how if it was me I would have found what she did an insult, not an honour as she claimed it, and it struck me I had basically done the same thing to you. I insulted you and your mother and for that I can't apologise enough."

"Ok so you realised what you did wrong," Dinah accepts. "That still leaves what you do now Clark. If we're going to continue then the last few walls will have to come down. I was willing. You will have to choose to do the same."

Clark looks down at his feet. "I don't know how to explain what I feel. I''s so lonely. You can't imagine, Dinah, how lonely it is to know you are all alone in the universe. It's almost unbearable and the only way I came up with to cope was to tell myself that it didn't hurt because they were dead and it didn't really matter."

Dinah looks at him with sadness. His whole demeanour, his expression, it's so stark the pain and loneliness. She had never seen that look on his face before. This is the mask taken away she figures out. He looks up at her with those breathtaking eyes moisture laden and her heart breaks for him. She takes his hand into hers.

"Do you want to know something?"

"W-what?" she asks, fighting through a sudden lump in her throat.

"It doesn't hurt as much when I'm with you," he confesses his true feeling.

Dinah must admit to having never been in this situation with any of her previous boyfriends but then again none of them were the last of their species in the whole universe.

"I can't promise to open up just like that," he cautions her.

"I understand," she says softly. Truthfully she wasn't expecting it but if he was willing just to pull a brick or two down on his emotional walls that would be progress.

"However I can make a start. You free this weekend?"

Dinah thinks quickly. "Um...think so. Why?"

"Because I have something to show you."


Clark's lips curl up into a small smile. "That would ruin the surprise," he teases lightly.

Dinah's eyes narrow a little but she smiles with him.

"So is that a yes to the weekend?" Clark asks.

"Yes," Dinah says to this weekend.

Clark sits back and tucks into his Thai takeaway for a few moments. "Thank you," he says. He knows he hasn't quite made it up to her yet but at least he is on the way there.

"You're welcome," Dinah replies as she reaches over and takes the bunch of flowers. She brings them to her nose and inhales the scent. They were nice flowers. She puts them back down and tucks into her dinner.

"Dinah about that other Zatanna," Clark starts to raise that issue. The fact she kissed him.

"Forget it," she tells him.

"I'm sorry," he still feels he should say.

"Don't be. I don't blame you. You were chained up and Zee's double took advantage. She is a bit of a skank so just forget it."

"If you're sure?" Clark asks cautiously about whether Dinah just wants to forget it.

"Yes. I'm sure...although if she ever comes near you again I will scream in her ear," Dinah promises with a little malicious grin.

"You're scary sometimes."

"I try."

Clark and Dinah share a small laugh and you can almost feel some of the tension between them lift. They continue to eat their dinner and indulge in a little pleasant small talk. For now that's enough. Even after dinner they end up talking more than they have for days. Clark even offers to stay and help her finish her laundry.

"You really want to help with my laundry?" Dinah asks a little bemused. She would rather be doing something else.

"Where else would I want to be?" he asks back rhetorically.

Dinah can't help but smile widely at that one.

When Clark came to pick her up first thing Saturday morning Dinah wasn't sure what to expect or have any clue what it is was he was wanting to show her. She did enjoy the feel of being in his arms again. It had been almost 2 weeks since she enjoyed that pleasure and more. She silently chuckles to herself. God does she have it bad when she can't even stand a couple of weeks without having Clark in bed with her...but she was remaining firm on not taking this any further until he at least proves he is starting letting her in. She was waiting to see what all this was about. Her heart was too bruised from Ollie to risk it all again without proof.

The familiar site of the Kansas countryside comes into view soon enough and Dinah can work out they're heading for the farm. It's not the first time Clark has taken her here after all.

Clark could go faster but he was enjoying the feel of Dinah in his arms again. It had far too long since he had the privilege but that was his fault and he accepted that.

As for what he was about to do today he was nervous. When he talked to Lana about it the surprise on her face was immense which he can't blame her for. He had snapped her head off too many times when she pushed over this area as well. Perhaps that contributed to their break-up all those years ago.

Oh well. No point on dwelling on what ifs. Lana had Jimmy and, as far as Clark could see, they were happy.

The farm comes into view and Clark gracefully descends from the sky and lands gently. He places Dinah down and takes a moment to summon up his courage. He was nervous. In fact he thinks he is not far from a panic attack.

"Clark. Your heat is pounding," Dinah remarks as she has her right hand on his chest over his heart.

"Yeah. Kind of nervous."

Dinah looks up into his face and can see that he is. She reaches out and takes one of his hands. "Whatever it is Clark I'm here for you."

Clark smiles down at her. "That means a lot," he says sincerely. "Come on. This way," he says as he leads her towards the storm cellar. Clark yanks the door opens and leads Dinah down the steps and to the far end of the cellar.

Clark releases her hand, bends down and pulls the cunningly hidden sheet up.

Dinah gasps at the silvery metallic...ship? "Clark. What's this?"

"This is the ship I came to Earth in."

"It's so...small."

Clark chuckles at that. "I was a baby Dinah." he gestures for here to come near. "Come here. This is what I wanted you to see."

Dinah steps near and kneels down on the floor next to him and takes his hand back into her interlocking their fingers. "Can I touch it?" she asks.

"Sure. It's perfectly safe."

Dinah reaches out and glides her hand over the smooth metal until her hand comes to rest on the strange looking S inside a diamond. "What's this?"

"If I understand correctly it is suppose to be a family crest. The mark of the House of El."

"How do you know that?"

Clark reaches forward and touches the shield with his hand and it starts to glow. "When I first touched it an energy beam of some kind struck me and afterwards I just knew what it was."

"Like a download?" Dinah queries at what the energy beam might have beam.

Clark nods. "My whole native language in fact. I had weird symbols floating around inside my brain for weeks."

The hologram begins and Jor-El appears. "My father, Jor-El," Clark explains to Dinah who it is.

Dinah is caught by the resemblance. "You look just like him."

The hologram speaks in a language Dinah can't understand. Must be Clark's native language.

The image flickers to a blond woman with Clark's blue eyes.

"My mother, Lara," Clark explains. The image flickers back to Jor-El and Clark explains the summary about the message. About Krypton's destruction and Clark being saved by being sent here.

"Apart from my parents I've never shown this to anyone," he confesses.

"No-one?" Dinah queries in surprise.

Clark shakes his head.

Dinah then realises what a big deal this must be for him and he's showing it to her to prove he wants to move their relationship on. Dinah bites her lower lip and squeezes the hand she has never let go of. She leans her head on his shoulder and can feel him shake just slightly under the burden of emotion. Dinah moves her head over and kisses him gently below his ear. "Thank you," she says in a quiet voice.

"I'm not done yet," he tells her as he reaches over and slides the hatch of the ship open. He opens the hidden compartment and pulls out the blue data crystal as his father called it.

Dinah's eyes are mesmerized by the beautiful, almost glowing, blue diamond as she sees it. "What's that?" she asks.

"Honestly don't know for sure but when I hold it in my hand I always have this urge to take it north."

"To where?"

"Don't know." He turns his head to look at her. "Want to find out?"


"It's like we were talking about. About dishonouring people. I've been dishonouring my parents by not doing the one thing they asked me to. The urge I feel must be something they did I can only assume. This crystal is suppose to hold all of Krypton's knowledge. By not using it I've been dishonouring their memory too."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"No," he says with a barely audible voice. "But I have to."

Dinah's heart reaches out to him. "I'll come with you. That's what a good girlfriend does. Supports her man."

Clark turns his head and kisses her quickly on the lips. "Best. Girlfriend. Ever."

Dinah grins widely. "Tell me something I don't know," she jokingly boasts.

'I love you,' Clark says in his head but not out-loud. Not yet. Need to let the hurt he caused heal a bit first he feels is wiser.

Dinah and Clark make their way out of the storm cellar back outside. For the life of her Dinah couldn't imagine her life reaching this place it is now but Clark's warm, gentle, laid-back, earthy manner has been something she has really enjoyed having in her life. The fact he looks like a Greek God isn't a bad thing either.

She loves him. She hasn't told him that yet but she does. Clark's...she can rely on Clark not to break her heart and what he is doing here only cements that belief. Is she ready to declare her love to him yet?


Is there stuff they still need to talk about?

Yes...and they will in time. For now she is ready to embark on whatever new beginning this journey is about to take and for now she is happy with that.

Clark picks Dinah up once more and takes off into the air heading north. How far north he doesn't know yet. Many aspects of his life are up in the air at the moment. Heroes are not getting a good press. The Justice League is trying to reorganise itself and Clark is still trying to find his place.

Donna had been right up to a point. He was still that little lost boy in many ways but that had to change. He had to change for Dinah because he loved her. This last 2 weeks without her had been hellish and that is when he had concluded that was because he loved her and couldn't bear to be without her.

When he stepped on that bus, bound for Metropolis, after losing his mother Clark never imagined his life would end up where it is now. Definitely not this superheroing business and certainly never in a million years did he imagine finding someone as beautiful and special as Dinah.

He looks down at Dinah in his arms and his heart swells powerfully.

This is a new beginning for him, a new journey, like when he stepped on that bus.

This is a new beginning for him and Dinah because while there are many uncertainties about what they are about to do but one certainty he has is that he wants Dinah to be with him on this journey.

Her with him gives him hope for the future and he will try and make that future as good for them as it can be.

The End.

Author's Note: I'm going to end this right here and I know it leaves it very open ended but this is as far as I am willing to take this story. I came very close to abandoning this story but I decided I had written too much not to bring it to a conclusion even if it is an open ended one but as the title of the story says this is about a beginning only, where it ends I leave to your imagination. Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews.

AN1: I did write an epilogue before I decided to leave it here and what I'll do is post it as a separate story.