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That Time of the Month

"I need you to obtain another sample from your wife at your convenience. Perhaps some results will be yielded then. It's a shame what her father did to her."

The drive back home was one filled with tension. College graduate Kim Possible looked over warily at her ex-villainous wife Shego. The pair had just left Dr. Shelly Lawrence's office upon completion of their respective physicals. Naturally, Kim excelled at her physical. All those years of saving the world from villains would all be for naught if her senses weren't in tip top shape. Her green-skinned wife on the other hand, had a more difficult time completing her physical.

Half an hour earlier at the doctor's office

"All right Shego, I'll just need a sample from that unique body of yours and you'll be all set." The doctor handed the plasma-wielder a long and cylindrical plastic container that had measurement tick marks along its side.

"Okay..." The ex-villain turned her head in an attempt to hide herself from the world.

"Shego you okay? You seem a bit reluctant to produce this sample. If you're not up to it, I completely understand." Shelly seemed rather genuine towards Shego's predicament and it wasn't as if she didn't know about her past with her father. Of course as luck would have it, Kim was walking towards the two, immediately sensing that something was wrong.

"Hon, you seem upset. Everything okay?" The redhead wrapped her arms around her wife. Not only was it a means to calm down Shego but it also served as a semi-selfish reason for Kim to never be without any sort of intimate contact from the older woman.

"I'm fine. I'll be right back."Without so much as returning the gesture, Shego sulkily walked towards the bathroom, plastic container held tightly in her hand.

Twenty minutes later both the doctor and Kim were anxiously waiting by the bathroom door. They hadn't heard anything from Shego except frustrated groans and curses.

"Doc, I can't take it anymore. I know this is your profession as a health care provider but damnit that's my wife in there and I'm not going to let her overwork herself for some measly sample if I can just as easily obtain one at home!"

"Mrs. Possible I completely agree with your declaration and I will not take it personally if Shego actually ends up leaving without producing anything. However, I think I may have a hypothesis for why your wife has not reappeared as of yet."

Kim's eyebrows raised at such a bold statement from Dr. Lawnrence and her eyes narrowed slightly. "Mind telling me what you know, Shelly?"

Shelly raised her hands in surrender. "Ah! Pardon me if that sounded a bit too cryptic Mrs. Possible. I am simply offering an explanation for Shego's delay."

Kim couldn't help it; being a world-saving heroine a few years ago had sharpened her reflexes beyond any martial art could ever hope to produce. If family or friends were ever on the line, Kim would be right there to protect them. Of course Shayne Godaire was a whole different level of protect in Kim's opinion.

"Sorry Shelly, habit. I didn't mean to come off as a bitch. Shego can be a bit stony when it comes to touchy subjects about her past and I would appreciate any help in solving the enigma that is my wife." The two women chuckled at the last bit believing that it described the ebony-haired woman completely.

"No harm no foul Mrs. Possible Sheg—"

"'Kim' is fine. Mrs. Possible is my mother. Well Dr. Mrs. Possible if you're Ron but I'm getting off topic. What about Shego?" Dr. Shelly laughed at the redhead's embarrassed blushing face.

"Hahaha you amuse me Kim. This may be a stupid question considering you are her wife and all but please bear with me. You know of her added male appendage, correct?"

The former globetrotter immediately blushed. "Absolutely."

"And have you had any penetrative sex with her yet?"

"No she's still pretty shy about that. Mutual masturbation and oral sex usually does the trick for either of us. How does this all relate to Shego again?"

"Forgive me Kim for it is not my place; I will leave Shego to fill in the blanks. To put it simply, Shego is capable of achieving orgasm but is afraid to and therefore cannot ejaculate. At least not on command."

"Well that explains why she prefers to make sure I'm taken care of during sex. I always figured Shayne could be more intimate. And here I was thinking I was pushing her too far."

"Nonsense Kim. I'm sure Shego will tell you in time. The only information I will share with you is that her relationship with her father isn't exactly picture perfect and is the reason for her traumatized state of mind." A whimper from the bathroom followed by a curse temporarily interrupted their conversation.

"K-Kim…c-could you…ah…come here…please?" came the desperate plea from the bathroom. Kim decided it was best to end the conversation with Shelly and go check on her wife.

"Thanks Shelly. I honestly appreciate your help. If you'll excuse me I'm going to go check on Shego." Shelly nodded her head in understanding while Kim ran to the entrance of the bathroom.

"Babe it's me. I'm coming in." What Kim saw was almost heart-breaking. Shego was seated on the seat of the toilet, the zipper on her jeans down, while she furiously pumped the tube previously given to her by Dr. Lawrence over her cock. The only problem was Shego didn't seem to be enjoying the pseudo blowjob.

"Uhhh…Kim! Ah!" At this point a few scant tears began to run down the ex-villain's face, an action that made Kim's world crumble. She slowed the frantic jerking of the tube on Shego's appendage in an attempt to calm her nerves.

"Shhh, talk to me babe. What's wrong? You've got yourself hot and bothered," Kim took this opportunity to completely remove the offending cylinder away from her wife's groin and gently place it in the sink. Shego's cock was saluting proudly to Kim. "And very hard might I add. Yet you don't seem to be happy about it. Why?"

"Kim…you see…well I-I mean…when I was…"

"Hey, no need to rush, take your time, I'm not going anywhere." The redhead noticed her wife's erection began to flag and soften, most likely due to the pressures of trying to ejaculate in a timely fashion. "And neither is Junior. You seem a little stressed out. But don't worry, your Princess is here to help you relax while you tell me what's going on in that brain of yours. Sound like a plan?"

Kim's voice dropped to a more seductive octave and she knelt down beside her wife while her hand took the place of her faux counterpart. Shego stiffened at the contact from her wife's soft hands but then immediately relaxed upon the impromptu handjob she was receiving. Hell, she almost forgot she was currently engaged in a conversation. What with some of her blood being diverted to a certain part of her anatomy, the older woman could hardly call it her fault.

"W-what were you saying hon? S-sorry, your hand's not helping me stay f-focused very much." As if on cue a spike of pleasure ran up the plasma-wielder's spine and she instinctively thrusted her hips forward. Shego blushed at her brief loss of control while her free-spirited wife softly chuckled.

"It's okay, Shego. You're hot for me and I am for you. It flatters me to know we have a healthy sexual appetite for one another. So don't try to hide your desires from me. It's what I'm here for. So, mind telling me what's got you all tensed up?" At this point, Kim slightly increased the speed of her pumping hand but only enough to keep Shego hard and throbbing but not break her concentration.

"Ah! Kim…your hand is…so soft!" Precum began to dribble from the head of her cock and Shego took a deep breath to further steady herself. "I don't want you to think less of me—"


"—but I can't ejaculate. I can reach orgasm—ah fuck, Kimmie!—but I can't produce any physical proof of reaching sexual climax." Satisfied that her wife was now more focused on her rather than her sample, Kim rewarded the pale green woman by moving her hand a bit faster.

"Dr. Lawrence said that it had something to do with your father. This may not be the time or place for a thorough explanation but this isn't the first time your past has distracted you. I've noticed how over the past few months we've been married, you always make sure I'm completely spent and you politely deny any further touching when you feel your climax approaching. What exactly did your father do to you, Shego?"

"For ten years my father…ah…sexually abused me…w-without ever laying…a finger on me." Kim was surprised at this revelation. Out of all the years she had come to know Shego, she never took her for one to endure abuse. Of any kind. Poor Shego. She must've been really desperate…I hope she'll confide in me, when she feels comfortable that is.

Kim felt her wife was close to climax and began to pick up speed. The bulbous head of her cock looked ready to explode and she could see Shego's hands gripping the sides of the toilet seat in anticipation.


"Yeah babe?"

"G-get that tube…unnhhh…I'm gonna cum…"

"Seriously? You don't have to push yourself for my sake, Shego." Kim was happy to do anything for her wife but she wasn't trying to make her overexert herself in the process.

"Princess hurry…or we'll h-have a mess…to clean up." The older woman's hips violently jerked forward, searching for something to penetrate. Kim quickly stood up and had the tube ready in hand. She gently slid it over her wife's cock and was amazed to see that her bucking became even more erratic. A small plastic bag hanging at the end of the tube caught Kim's eye.

"Ah fuck! KIMMIE!"

"It's okay baby, I'm here. Just give me what you got. You're still my firefly and nothing, I mean nothing is going to change that okay? I love you." At the sound of her wife's declaration, Shego thrusted one final time into the plastic tubing, the bag at the end being partially filled with liquid. She shuddered at the feeling of finally finding release.

A single tear ran down Shego's cheek. Whether out of pain or pleasure, Kim was unsure. As the older woman's orgasm tapered off, the redhead gently lifted the tube off of her penis, now soft and limp. Kim leaned over and nuzzled Shego's cheek with her own. "I'm proud of you hon; you did great. I'm going to give this to Dr. Lawrence while you get cleaned up. Don't take too long, stud."

Kim washed her hands and exited the bathroom. She found Dr. Lawrence quietly typing away at her desk.

"Here you go, Shelly. She was a bit hesitant but I think I got through to her."

"Ah to be in love. Must be nice to have someone faithfully care and love you unconditionally."

"You have no idea. But anyway, what's the analysis on this. Shego okay?"

"Let's see." Dr. Lawrence took the small baggie and poured its contents into a small rotating machine. Technology had advanced since the start of the 21st century and so the exact contents of any DNA sample provided could be analyzed almost immediately.

"Kim, I'm afraid I have some bad news. It seems that although Shego did achieve orgasm and successfully ejaculated, its substance is comprised of mostly bodily fluids rather than semen or sperm. In other words, what she has produced here could be analogous to what men who have had a vasectomy produce." A gasp from the doorway interrupted their conversation.

Kim and Dr. Lawrence looked up to find Shego trembling in shame and disappointment. "I'm sorry I've failed both of you," she whispered. The pale-skinned woman ran from the doorway with her wife in tow.

"Shego, wait!" But the redhead's protest fell on deaf ears as the love of her life continued to run through the clinic and out into the parking lot towards their car.

"I'm so sorry Kim. I probably shouldn't have said that out loud." Shelly hung her head in guilt feeling as though she had caused a dent in their relationship. She had known both patrons for quite some time and she'd be damned if things started to get rocky between the two because she couldn't keep her mouth shut.

"No it's not; you were simply doing your job. So anything else I should know about the analysis?"

"Nothing really. Shego isn't sterile if that's what you're worried about. She's just been so traumatized by her father that she is unable to achieve full sexual completion. I'm going to give you a voucher for a piece of technology that I think will help with Shego's insecurity. Come by tomorrow to pick it up. Any other questions?"

"No Shelly. Thank you so much. I appreciate all that you've done so far. I feel guilty for not knowing everything about Shego but that's half the fun when you're in love with an ex-villain. I'll call you if I have any questions." The former hero ran out of the clinic to find her wife sulking by the car.

"Let's just go home, Kim." The lack of playful banter and nickname stung the redhead more than any combat the two had ever exchanged.

Kim felt like she had just put her soulmate on blast yet she knew it wasn't her fault. Which brings Kim to her current position of driving in awkward silence with her wife. I've gotta get Shego to open up to me about her past… Kim looked over to passenger seat to find Shego looking forlornly out the window. But how can I if she's keeping herself bottled up?

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