Chapter 1
The Aftermath of the Battle

"Luna" Neville's voice rang out across the courtyard where I was standing. Looking at the ruins of what used to be my old dorm. One of the beds was hanging through the roof and I could hear someone crying from the upper floor. I turned

"Neville, are you alright?" I asked, worried, he was in a bad way. Blood ran freely from a gash on his head and all his clothes were ripped and tattered. I winced as he limped over to me, the sword of Godric Gryffindor clutched tightly in his grimy hand. Neville must've seen my discomfort at the blood flowing from his head.

"What, this?" He said, raising a hand to feel the sticky blood "Doesn't hurt too much now" We stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds. The words he had spoken to me before surfaced to the front of my mind. I had barely heard them over all the noise. The bangs of spells, the screaming of frightened children, the sobs of those who had lost loved ones. I myself had shed tears. Fred Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin had been great friends to me, it was sad to see them go, especially since Tonks and Lupin had just had a baby. "Luna, there's something I have to say to you. I yelled it out before but I'm not sure you heard me" Then I realised that what I'd thought he'd said had been true. He was shaking, his mouth opened to say it again. I placed a finger to his lips.

"I heard you" I whispered softly.

"And...y-you, feel th-the" He stammered. I silenced him again and nodded. Suddenly I was being kissed like never before. It was a great feeling. I always knew that I'd felt something for Neville, this boy that was so unco, so bad at magic, yet so funny and adorable. But I'd never known what it was until now. Love, It was love, ever since the day that we'd escaped the department of mysteries together we'd been exceptionally close. Neville, Ginny and I.

"Bloody Hell" Came a voice from our right. I looked up to see Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger staring at us from the doorway, holding hands. Neville and I broke up. I wiped my lips and tried to act like nothing had happened.

"Ronald" Hermione scolded, hitting Ron on the arm. I rolled my eyes pointedly at him.

"What?" Ron whispered "Neville and Luna, bloody hell Hermione, most unlikely couple in the world"

"Shut up Ronald" She hissed at him before turning to walk away. "Continue" she said, before pulling Ron away. We waited until they were out of sight. Neville seized my shoulders and kissed me passionately again. I had to stand on my toes to reach his lips, he'd gotten so tall in the past few years. It seemed an age before we finally broke up.

"I love you Luna" He said.

"I love you too Neville" I took his hand and we walked back down to the great hall. The dead must be buried and an extra few pairs of hands would be a great help to everyone. Ron seemed relatively happy, even though he'd just lost his brother. At that exact moment Neville voiced what I'd been thinking.

"D'you think that Ron and Hermione are together?" He asked. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Yes, I do. How'd you know I was thinking that?"

"I was a bit obvious" he said

"Yeah, It was" I laughed but sobered up immediately as we reached the great hall. I could see a patch of red hair crowded around a body which I knew to be Fred. Hermione was comforting Ron, who it seemed to have finally hit that his brother had died. Harry held Ginny in a tight embrace, she too was crying, but silently, tears ran down her grimy face. We made our way over to them. I hugged Ginny tightly; she'd been a great friend to me since we started Hogwarts together.

"I'm sorry" I whispered into her ear. Mrs. Weasley stood beside her husband. Her face glittered with tears yet she was not crying. She seemed to be beyond tears. Bill, Charlie and Percy stood, looking down at their brother with stony faces tears glinted in each one's eyes. George was kneeling at his twins side, tears streaming down his face, sobbing uncontrollably. Fred's mouth was turned up at the edges, he'd been laughing when he died. A good way to go for the joker. Ron left Hermione's arms and placed a hand on George's shoulder.

"George?" He said quietly, George extended an arm up towards Ron. Ron bent down and George hugged him. Percy knelt down and put his arms around George too. Bill and Charlie followed soon after. All the Weasley boys knelt by their dead brother's side, comforting the brother that he had meant the most to. Ginny left my arms and went to join in the hug. Neville put an arm around me as I began to cry. I felt awkward standing there.

"C'mon" I said to Neville "Let's leave them" He nodded and we walked across to where Lupin and Tonks lay. Their eyes were open and glassy, staring at the ceiling that they could not see. Order members walked past and shot some sparks into the air to acknowledge their colleagues deaths. No one lingered. I bent down and closed their eyes. They looked like they could be sleeping. I stood up and put my arm around Neville, he put his around me in turn. I felt Harry and Hermione join us.

"Sad Isn't it" I found myself saying.

"What? Fred?" Harry asked. He and Hermione had their arms around each other in comfort.

"Everything, everyone" I replied. Harry seized handfuls of his hair and sat down on the ground.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed, bending down next to him "What happened, is it your scar?"

"No" he said

"Then what?"

"It's all my fault. My fault that George lost his twin, my fault that Teddy Lupin will never know his parents, my fault that everyone here died. They needn't have" Harry said.

"Harry, you've got to understand, whatever this is, it wasn't your fault" Hermione reassured him.

"Yeah Harry, It's not your fault" Neville agreed.

"Just out of interest, are you two together now?" Harry asked, smiling at Neville and I. I looked up at Neville and he looked down at me.