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Title: Not Alone, Never Alone
Author: The Original Horcrux
Pairing: Neville/Luna
Rating: T (for violence and coarse language)
Date: 21/04/12
Words: 2,914

Special Shout out to Superpig909 who guessed the amount of children that Luna had :)

Epilogue Part 2
15 Years Later...

"Come on Abi" I called up the stairs, as Neville brought her trunk down, dropping it on his foot in the process. We winced collectively as I juggled my nine year old son, Frank's toy broomstick and my eleven year old daughter, Ella's trunk. There was still no sign of Abi. "Abigail Longbottom, get down here right now!" I called "We're going to be late!"

"Chill Mum" Alice said, coming out of her room, dragging her trunk behind her. A gleaming Prefect badge placed on her lose fitting, long sleeved collared shirt. "She'll be down in a second"

Just as Alice said that, Abi and our dog, Sam, came bolting down the stairs. Abi hadn't even bothered to clean the mud off her pants from playing with Sam this morning.

"Abi" I groaned, pulling her close to me and rubbing at a spot of dirt on her face.

"I cleaned up as best I could! Honest" she said, slightly scared.

"It doesn't matter, get in the car with your sisters, and tell Frank to get out of the tree!" I said, stroking her dirty blonde hair which she had inherited from me. She scurried off to our sunshine yellow Holden, yelling for Frank to come out of the treehouse where he practically lived nowadays. She threw herself into the car which sat in the yard, containing Ella and Alice shouting for us to hurry up.

"Give me that" said Neville, taking Ella's trunk as I adjusted my hold on the broom, I knew Frank wouldn't let me leave without it, he would want to show Lily and Hugo. Neville and I took one last look at the house, knowing that we would probably only return fleetingly in the next few weeks. We spent that much time at the Potters and Weasleys already, but it was tradition that after a child went off to Hogwarts, we would all gather together and have a party. I slid into the passenger seat beside Neville as Frank clambered into the back via the boot.

"Got everything?" I asked the three older girls at large.

"Yes" they chorused back. This was the third time I would have to see one of my children go off to Hogwarts, first it had been Alice, that was five years ago. Now she was a chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and a brand new prefect. Alice was much like me, with a few of Neville's father's characteristics mixed in, from what members of the Order had told us.

A year prior to this, it had been Abi, named after my dear best friend Abi Rowe, who had been killed by a death eater on the anniversary of the war, when we were all in Hogsmeade having a memorial service. My daughter Abi had inherited much of Neville's personality and forgetfulness, but my looks. Abi lived up to her namesake at Hogwarts, standing up to older students and putting the younger ones in their place, she was a force to be reckoned with in the Gryffindor common room. She even went as far as to speak in an American accent after I had told her the story of Abi and my short friendship during our seventh year at Hogwarts.

This year it would be Ella, sweet, quiet Ella, who didn't seem to have either Neville or my personality or looks. She had soft wavy brown hair, which matched her grandmother Alice's exactly, from what people in the Order had told us, she had her Grandmother's caring and sweet disposition as well. Ella often shied away from her older sisters and kept her head down, preferring to impress us with good grades rather than skill at Quidditch. She was the one I was most worried about, she was so shy that it would probably be a task for her making friends. I was lucky that Rose, Ron and Hermione's daughter, and Albus, Harry and Ginny's son, would be starting this year to keep Ella Company. But through Ella's calm disposition, I could see the excitement mounting as we drew nearer and nearer to kings cross. Alice was slumped in her seat, cleaning her fingernails, and Abi had her nose pressed to the window, hoping for a glimpse of her best buddy and partner in crime, James Potter. Ella was stuck in the middle, unable to get a look out of either window, she was acting nonchalant, but I could see her glancing around furtively as we pulled into a parking spot.

Alice and Neville pulled the trunks out of the boot of the car, which had been magically enlarged to fit the three of them, plus Owls. Neville loaded the three trunks and owls onto trolleys and we made our way towards the barrier.

Alice, Abi, Frank and Neville strolled through without a second glance, but Ella held back, I could see she was apprehensive about the situation that lay before her. I wordlessly walked over to Ella and placed a hand on her shoulder, she looked up at me with a small smile.

"Together" I said. She nodded and we pushed her trunk through the barrier.

"I won't, I won't be in Slytherin" I heard an insistent familiar voice arguing from somewhere in front of us.

"James give it a rest" I heard the voice of Ginny Potter say, I whirled around and sure enough, there she was, with Harry and her youngest daughter, and my goddaughter, Lily. She hadn't seen Ella and I yet.

"I only said he might be" I heard James' sly voice reply, followed by a loud giggle, which I knew too well, Abi had found James.

"Hi Lily" I said softly in Lily's ear, she jumped and turned around, her face cracking into a wide smile as she did so.

"Hi Auntie Luna" she said into my shoulder. I greeted the rest of the Potters, Ella was clearly glad to have found someone to talk to as she and Albus had an animated discussion about what house they would be sorted into when they reached Hogwarts.

"I'm not sure, seeing as Alice is in Ravenclaw and Abi is a Gryffindor, I suppose it doesn't matter, Mum and Dad weren't in the same house" Ella said quickly from behind us as Abi and James strolled up ahead to put their trunks on the train.

"D'you reckon they'll end up going out?" Ginny asked, staring after her oldest son. I laughed, It was a funny thought, the Potter's son and the Longbottom's daughter getting together.

"Maybe" I said, but was cut off by a squeal from Ella.

"Mum! Look over there, it's Rose and Hugo!" she said, tearing off towards the flaming red hair of the Weasleys, Albus in tow.

"I guess we've found them then" I said to Ginny, as Lily ran off after her older brother and godsister towards her cousins.

As we made our way towards Ron and Hermione, I spotted a certain blonde haired man that I wasn't likely to forget in a hurry. Draco Malfoy, and his son.

"Hi Luna" said Hermione, leaning over to give me a hug. I hugged back as Ella and Albus grilled Rose about what house she wanted to be in.

"Hi Hermione" I replied, as Neville appeared at my side with Frank, who snatched the broomstick from my hands and went to show it off to Hugo and Lilly. Neville walked off to farewell Alice and Abi, who I spotted a few feet away, getting onto the train.

I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes and turned around, thinking Neville had doubled around to surprise me. I gasped at the sight of the person who stood before me.

"Hi Luna" she said with a smile.

"Aline!" I gasped, hugging my old friend "I feel like I haven't seen you since Alice was born" I said and Aline laughed.

"You haven't. I moved to Australia the year after Alice was born, but we came back when Phoebe turned ten because she has to go to Hogwarts next year" Aline smiled before quickly changing the topic. "You and Neville still together then" she said, gesturing to Frank, who was chattering away to Lily about his broom.

"You can tell he's yours" she whispered

"Oh yeah, Introductions" I said, still flustered "Well, that's Frank, he's nine" Frank continued to talk, oblivious to the fact that I was trying to introduce him to someone. "That's Ella over there, she's starting this year" I said pointing to my youngest daughter, who was chattering nonstop to Rose and Albus. "That's Alice, the new Ravenclaw prefect" I pointed out my eldest daughter to Aline "and that's Abi, little miss get-in-trouble-to-annoy-my-parents"

"Abi?" said Aline softly "named after..."

"Yeah" I cut her off, feeling a lump rising in my throat. It had been eighteen years, but I could still remember finding Abi dead as though it was yesterday.

"Well, this is Phoebe and Iris" she said, stepping aside to reveal her children. "They're not starting this year, but Phoebe wanted to see her cousins off" I was just about to ask about her husband when Phoebe started squealing.

"Mum!" she said, tugging on Aline's arm "Look there they are!"

"Well, gotta go" said Aline, allowing herself to be dragged away by her daughters. "We should catch up..." her statement was lost in the crowds.

Hugo, Lily and Frank were trying to intrude on their older sibling's conversation as I hastily rushed off to say goodbye to my daughters. Alice was waiting, with Dominique, her best friend since birth, dutifully by the entrance where I always said goodbye to her before she went to join her friends on the train.

"Bye Alice" I said, pulling her into a one armed hug. It was difficult, seeing as she was about a foot taller than me. "Be good, don't die playing quidditch, you gave your father and I a shock when you fell off in the final last year"

"Yeah well" she mumbled "that was Parkinson's fault" I laughed and hugged her again.

"I'll miss you, take care of your sisters, make sure Abi and James don't get into too much strife and make sure Ella doesn't get teased by any Slytherins"

"Always do mum" she replied with a laugh, stepping onto the train and waving goodbye. I waved back before moving along the train to where Abi stood, hugging Neville goodbye. As I walked over towards him and Abi, I saw someone that made my heart freeze, Hannah Abbot, standing with her husband and children, a boy and two girls, just a few feet away from Abi and Neville. She had seen me, I could tell because she was glowering in my direction. It seemed like our whole conversation in chamber off the hall before the Hogsmeade service all those years ago had meant nothing to her. I genuinely forgave her, but I couldn't forget what had happened.

"Be good this year alright Abigail" I said sternly, It was a speech I gave her last year, but to no avail, I'd got about ten letters from McGonagall saying that Abi had been in some sort of toilet related incident, or that she'd been caught dropping dungbombs in the corridors.

"Who says I'm not good?" Abi said indignantly, before hugging Frank, who had bounded up to say goodbye. "Bye Frankenstein" she said, using her affectionate name for her younger brother, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"I'm serious Abi; I don't want any letters this year about dungbombs or stink pellets"

"I'll refrain from doing so" Abi smiled, giving both Neville and I a hug before tearing off after James, who had rushed onto the train to get a compartment.

The train had started to billow steam now as Neville and I tore back towards where we'd left The Potter-Weasley clan with Ella, she was looking quite lost as Rose said goodbye to her parents and Hugo, and Albus said goodbye to his parents and Lily. Glancing over, I saw Hannah giving her two children a hug and sending them onto the train. They were already in their robes, with no tie... they were first years, With Ella.

"Ella" I said, grabbing her in a hug "those girls over there, the ones in their robes"

"Yeah what about them?" she said, hugging me tightly back.

"stay away from them, they're trouble" I said and my youngest daughter nodded. We walked briskly over to the train and I started to give Ella my pre- going to Hogwarts talk. "Be good, don't duel anyone till you've learned how, keep Abi out of trouble if you can, stick around your family, remember to make friends and get good grades" Ella nodded as she processed all of this information. I bent down and gave her another hug "I'm counting on you Eleanor Phoebe Longbottom"

"Mum" she groaned at the use of her full name and I smiled

"Have fun Ella" I called as she jumped on the train after Albus and Rose.

"Bye Mum" she yelled back out of the window as she sat down in a nearby carriage. I felt Neville's arm slip around my waist as the train started to chug out of the station. I saw Rose, Albus and Ella waving out of the window. I waved back as tears clouded my vision and I pulled Frank towards me. I waved until the train rounded the bend and was out of sight. I hated seeing my girls go off to Hogwarts, I didn't like the feeling of knowing I couldn't hug Ella if she had a nightmare, I couldn't comfort Alice if the Slytherin's gave her a hard time, and I couldn't scold Abi for playing in the mud.

"They'll be fine" Neville whispered "I know they'll be"

"I know" I said, wiping my eyes. Well, I guess I had to look on the bright side, there was still another two years until we had to see Frank go.

It was hard to believe, here I was, a grown woman, married to a man that I had first met when I was fourteen, a man who had kissed me the morning after the battle, The man who has and would love me forever.

All was well.

The End

Well, that's the end of Neville and Luna's story. I hope all of you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed writing it. It's so hard to believe that I started writing this story the day after DH2 came out. I remember the exact moment that I went "ding" I'm writing a fanfic about this. Now, before anyone asks, there will be no sequel. The closest thing to a sequel that I will be writing is my Scorrose fic Light of Day which will feature Ella Longbottom as Rose's best friend. The story will mostly revolve around Scorpius and Rose, but Ella will have her fair share of time in the story, one of my minor plots revolves around her actually.

Now! After writing this, I have officially become addicted to the Neville/Luna pairing, and have already started writing a story set in fifth year from Neville's perspective called Her Name is Luna and it will be uploaded once it is finished. As I learned my lesson with this that people don't like to be kept waiting for the next chapter. While you're waiting for that to come out, you could fill in the time by reading Light of Day and Kiss. Which have become my new priority fics.

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Anyway, enough of my rambling I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

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