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Chapter 1: Welcome to Parenthood

Two weeks later
Humphrey's POV

Life these past two weeks has been going great, mine and Kate's pups are strong and healthy and just learning there first words. Kate had mostly stayed in my parents den taking care of the pups while I mostly ran around hunting caribou to keep the pups and Kate from going hungry. My parents had done there regular things like spend time with friends and lay around in there den helping Kate if she needed anything. Jake and River were now happily married and living in a den right next to mine and Kate's.

It was now mid afternoon and I was heading back to my parents den from a successful hunt. But today was no ordinary day, today was the first day Kate and I would take the pups outside and let them explore around the outside of the den. I walked into the den and laid the caribou that I had caught from my hunt in the middle of the den. Then I was tacked to the ground by something small and furry. I turned my head to see that it was my first born son, Polaris, He had the same eye's and fur as me, only his fur had a few streaks of tan in them.

"Hi, Daddy" He said wagging his tail

"Well Hello Polaris, I see someone's ready to go outside for the first time." I said chuckling

"You bet I am" He said smiling

I got up and walked over to Kate and my other 2 pups, River and Blaze. River was the only daughter and she looked exactly like me, and I mean 'exactly' me, she's like a miniature clone of me, the only difference was that she had Kate's personality. Blaze is my second born son and he got all his looks from Kate, the same fur and eye color as her, yet he had my Omega personality.

"Hi Kate" I greeted Kate giving he a lick on the cheek

"Hi sweetie, I see the hunt went well today." She said seeing the dead caribou behind me

"Yes it did" I said

"Mom, Dad when are we going outside?" River asked

"Yeah" Blaze and Polaris agreed

Kate and I looked at each other "How does taking them out now sound to you?" I asked her

"That's sounds great" She said

"Okay kids lets go, but remember to stay close to us and the den" Kate said as we both got up

"YAY!" They all yelled running out of the den with Kate and I close behind

"They sure are cute aren't they" I said while we both sat outside of the den watching them run around and explore the outside world.

"Yeah they sure are" Kate said leaning her head against mine watching the pups

Blaze and Polaris were chasing each other around while River was stealthily following a squirrel trying to catch it.

"Well it look's like River is going to be an Alpha" I said noticing she had great hunting moves

"Well she has my personality so it makes sense that she would be an Alpha" She said

"Yeah" I said and then saw my dad walking over on his way back from visiting some of his friends. "Hi, Dad" I said

"Hey Humphrey" He managed to say before he was tackled to the ground by our pups

"Grandpa!" The all said happy to see them

"Hehe, Hey guys I see that your all enjoying your first day out" He said getting back up

"Yep" Blaze said, before Polaris playfully pounced on him and then continuing running after each other, while River was back to exploring the world around her

"Those three sure have a lot of energy" My dad said sitting next to us causing both Kate and I to laugh

"So how was your day so far?" I asked him

"It was good, me and my friends just hung around and chatted" He said

"You weren't falling off any cliffs this time were you?" I said, remembering that just before Kate had our pups my dad and his friends were out in some thick fog and he had fallen down a cliff when he didn't see it and got badly injured, but he luckily lived through it.

He laughed "No not this time" He said

"Good to hear, anyway there's a fresh caribou in the den from my hunt today, feel free to help yourself." I said

"Good cause I'm hungry and I'll have some now" He said getting up and walking into the den

Kate and I both sat with her leaning her head against mine as we watched our pups explore the outside world.

After about a hour of letting them run around we brought them back into the den to have dinner, my mom was now home and was eating he dinner which was a caribou leg. Kate ripped off a caribou leg and gave it to the pups while I ripped the other leg off for Kate and I to split. We both sat down next to our pups who were already eating their caribou leg.

"So how was your first day outside guys" Kate asked them as we all ate

"It was awesome" Blaze said

"Yeah it's so big out there" Polaris said

"I liked it but I didn't catch anything" River said sounding slightly disappointed

"That's alright, you don't catch something every time you go out, and maybe one day I'll teach you to hunt if you want" Kate said

River's eyes lit up "Really?" she said wagging her tail

"Yeah in fact I can teach you all how to hunt if you all want to" Kate said

"That's a good idea" I said realizing that it would be good if they all knew how to hunt if they ever end up leaving and starting a new pack some place else.

Well all finished our dinner and the pups fell asleep all curled up together in a corner of the den, Kate and I laid there and talked to each other since my parents had gone to bed early.

"Well today went well" I said

"Yeah the pups sure enjoyed exploring outside" Kate said

"They sure did and they mush of had a lot of fun sense they all fell asleep earlier that usual." I said

"I don't know about you but I'm tired from my hunt today so I'm going to call it a night" I said

"Yeah I'm tired too, Goodnight" She said

"Goodnight sweetie, I love you" I said

"I love you too" She said before we both fell asleep.

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