Obviously, Death the Kid liked Maka for very obvious reasons. She was symmetrical. Well, almost.

Everyone could tell what Kid's favorite aspects of her were. Her perfectly-placed pigtails, the way the lines on the hem of her skirt seemed to stay in place for whatever reason, and how she was apparently bereft of any curve, be it on her chest or her hips. That wasn't so surprising; people already knew that was what attracted Kid to things... or people.

Well, that was what they knew.

Kid saw things differently. He saw the little things. The way her lips curved just a little bit to the left whenever she smiled, how the number of lines at the sides of Maka's eyes varied from each other (her left had four, the right had three) whenever she did a slight grin, or the way she tilted her head to the side whenever she was confused—and cutely at that.

Kid knew. It wasn't just the symmetry. It was never about the symmetry.

"Hey, Kid."

And there she found him at the rooftop, aimlessly wondering to himself why and how in the world did he ever come to like her. Everyone else was just as asymmetrical, just as imperfect, and yet here he found himself, trying to understand one of the world's complexities. It was all a huge contradiction until—

"Still figuring out how to make things symmetrical, huh?" she laughed, and there it was. Her lopsided smile. "Hope you don't take too long though, Soul and Black Star are waiting for you downstairs, they're about to have a showdown, but they need you to watch it. Well, I'll be going back now, to make sure those idiots don't get hurt," she waved him goodbye, the sides of her eyes crinkling ever so slightly into a silent smile.

Yeah, more than symmetry, he liked her perfectly lopsided smile more.

Author's Notes: My first Soul Eater fanfic. I've only been a recent convert to this fandom, thanks to a special someone. I ship Soul/Maka too, but everyone knows they're canon anyway, and besides this pairing doesn't get too much love. Also, I have a love-hate relationship with tearjerkers, so I can't bear to read Soul/Maka/Kid for whatever reason, nor will I ever write a "Kid loves Maka, but Maka loves Soul" fic. It will only depress me. TAT