Title: Vongola's Student Council!

Rating: T+

Pairing: So far...still thinking about it. But right now it's suppose to be All27

Disclaimer: I don't own! All characters belong to Amano Akira

Summary: Giotto, President of the Vongola's student council has a problem. The news of his half baby brother, cute little Tsunayoshi, coming to the prestigious all boys school has leaked all over campus and now his innocence is at stake. His helpful, yet dangerous, squad members sweared to protect Tsunayoshi from harm...until they realised just how cute Tsunayoshi really was and now they want to keep him for themselves!

A/N: I honestly...don't know where this came from. Anyways welcome to my new account! I mean different name but also deleted a few stories...so I feel as though in order to feel all brand new lets start it out with a whole new story. This story is not gonna be taken seriously as my other one but I just have this feeling...that it's gonna grow on me to the point where I'm gonna update it a lot.

Also here are some facts about the story:

Giotto will be known as Primo by of course everybody who works below him.

Tsuna will be known as Chibi-Primo. (Because calling him Juudaime would have made no sense whats so ever, Also I find it freaking ADORABLE!)

The acrobaleno are all in their adult forms.

Like I said before it's suppose to be All27 but am not sure so if I get more chapters out I'll put a poll up on my profile.

Although it's a all boys school Chrome and MAYBE Uni will be there...the rest of the girls will make brief appearances.

And last, but not least, remember this is a YAOI FANFIC so if you do not enjoy boys flirting with other boys please press the back button and go back.

As for the rest of you, Please enjoy what my sleepy mind has created at 4:15 in the morning.^^


''WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT LEAKED!'' G bowed his head in shame while Alaude just yawned, having to be interrupted from his nap because of Giotto's sudden urgent call. G yanked his head up and tried to explain the situation to Giotto in one quick breath. ''Well you see...Lambo and Lampo were kinda arguing in the cafeteria about some stupid nonsense again and I was trying to quiet them down but then Gokudera came and put his two sense in it and THEN Ryohei and Knuckles came strolling along trying to bug me and Gokudera, and it just started to escalate and-''

''Whoa! G calm down and just get to the point already!'' Giotto said, rubbing his temple a little.

''Well, the thing is...I kinda told them that your little brother wouldn't think this was...a suitable..place..and people sort of...overhead.'' G said, his voice getting quieter and quieter. Giotto face palmed and Alaude scoffed at G's explanation. ''Overheard? The whole school heard you and your dumb brother shouting at everybody.''

G scowled at Alaude and turned back to Giotto to see him banging his head against his desk. ''Tsunayoshi is doomed. I only get away from these perverts here because I'm pretty strong but Tsuna...Tsuna's always been frail from a young age. They'll eat him alive at this point.'' G looked at Primo with sympathy and regret in his eyes. He knew how much Giotto cared for his younger brother and it pained him to see that he caused this with no way of fixing it.

Alaude looked back and forth between Giotto and G, seeing how they're having little pity party for themselves and sighed. ''If that's the case why don't you just have the council look after him? He is living in the same dorms with us isn't he?'' Giotto mood suddenly lit up only to be brought right back down. ''I don't want to trouble everybody with this. I mean you guys already work hard enough so why put more on the work load.''

''Nonsense Primo! We can handle it so don't worry!'' G shouted ecstatically. Giotto looked at Alaude and saw him give a small nod. Giotto sighed at knowing how stubborn his two vice-presidents can be and waved them off. '' Fine, I leave it all to you. He gets here around 7 so please make sure dinners ready and everybody attends. That means EVERYBODY Alaude.'' Alaude made a small mumble underneath his breath knowing who he was talking about. ''Okay, I'll see you guys around 7:00.''

G and Alaude walked out the office and went their separate ways. Alaude heading towards the Covert wing, and G heading towards the Assault/Disciplinary wing.


''I am such an idiot...I spilled Primo's precious secret that he's been hiding all summer and I fucking ruined it in a total of 15 minutes.'' Gokudera sulked in the corner of the lounge area for the Assault squad in self pity.

''Stupidera! That's what you get for always making bonehead mistakes!'' Lambo laughed as Gokudera quickly ignited his dynamite. '' You damn cow! You started this whole mess in the first place!'' He threw the dynamite at Lambo's head but G's hand quickly caught it, putting out the flame with a flick of his wrist.

''Gokudera I already told you to stop throwing these things! If something else catches fire it's on your ass! And get out your suppose to be with your squad so move it'' Gokudera groaned and left. ''The rest of you bring your asses out here! That includes you too Hibari!''

Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Knuckle made their way out of there rooms and sat on the couch with Lambo. G waited another 5 minutes for Hibari to come down until he saw a fluffy yellow bird come in through the window with a note tied around its leg. ''Loud herbivore #1, loud herbivore #1'' G yanked the letter from Hibird's leg and read it. ''Hibird will listen to you mundane announcement and recite it for me. I refuse to crowd with you useless herbivore.'' G scowled before throwing the letter on the floor and turning towards the assault squad.

''Listen up and listen good! As you know Primo's younger brother will be coming to our school and starting his first year of high school here. We were suppose to keep his brothers real identity a secret but...as you know we kinda failed on that one.''

''Dumb herbivore, dumb herbivore.''

''SHUT IT YOU DAMN BIRD! Anyway what we have now been assigned to do is make sure Primo's little brother is put out of harms way and safe from any perverts, harassers, and pineapples.'' Lambo sighed and laid his head on the arm rest. ''This seems like such a hassle. I mean if you and Stupidera didn't spill the beans about Primo's kid brother we wouldn't be in this mess.''

G grabbed a lamp and threw it at Lambo's head, missing by inches. ''That could've killed me you jerk! '' G scoffed and ignored Lambo as he started to yell and argue with him. Yamamoto laughed at their daily arguments as usual while Knuckle and Ryohei continued to challenge each other to a thumb war contest.


''Well they're louder than usual today aren't they?'' Asari said with a smile. Alaude sighed and continued on with his announcement before the assault squad started making a ruckus. ''As I was saying, since Gokudera and his brother wanted to be big mouths and spill Primo's secret we now have to make sure the little brat is safe.''

'' Kufufufu. I knew the dog had a big mouth but you would think his owner trained him how to keep it shut.'' Mukuro shook his head in disappointment. Gokudera wanted to retaliate but kept his mouth shut knowing Mukuro was partially right. ''Oya? Cat caught your tongue dog-san?''

''MUKURO I AM GOING TO SHOVE MY DYNAMITE DOWN YOUR EAR ONE DAY! JUST WATCH!'' Alaude sighed. Why did he get the most troublesome people in the world was beyond him. Daemon just watched his brother and chuckled. ''Poor little Primo's lapdog having to come to his every bidding AND babysit? Poor, poor Alaude what have you come to?'' Alaude smirked and stared Daemon down. ''Oh I'm not the one babysitting him. You idiots are since am just far too busy.'' Lampo woke from his daydream hearing something associated with him having to work. '' W-what do you mean us? That's not fair!''

''Sorry, Primo's consent. Also get ready to have dinner, and please dress accordingly instead of like a bunch of savages.'' And with that Alaude went to his peaceful, soundproof office. Asari looked around to see a gloomy tension set upon the room. '' Now now, am pretty sure you guys could make it.'' He followed Alaude inside his office, being the only one actually allowed in there besides himself.

The atmosphere seems to have gotten worse.