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G. was happy.

Why you may ask?

Well after Byakuran's little escapade two weeks ago things have finally quieted down on the Vongola school grounds. Giotto was back to his semi-normal self, the student council was FINALLY able to get some work done, the Rokudo brothers were still serving there one month long detention and grounding punishment which means they were out of everybodys hair, and overall it's just been peaceful, calm, and serene around the usually rowdy campus and G. couldn't wish for a better two weeks than this. It was actually the first few calm days that Tsunayoshi gets to experience since arriving at the school and the pink haired male was glad that the brunette can see the school in a new light.

That is, until test season snuck upon the council members. That's when the havoc resurfaced within the school once more.


"Ah! Chibi-Primo!"

"Tsuna! Good morning!" The brunette turned around in his seat to see his two friends, Gokudera and Yamamoto, entering the lounge room and walking towards him with strained smiles. It was currently their break hour and Tsuna was enjoying his lunch after the very stressful day he's had. For some reason today's lesson seemed more challenging than last weeks and Tsuna wasn't prepared for the sudden shift in the curriculum. At the moment he had his textbooks and index cards strewed around his bento to try and catch up with the new lessons. If there's one thing Tsuna didn't want to happen was for him to fall behind in school so early in the semester.

Yamamoto and Gokudera approached the table and upon looking at the scattered school work the baseball star let out a whine. He slumped into one of the seats next to Tsuna and put his head down. "No more school work!" The raven groaned out. Gokudera took a seat by Tsuna and placed his reading glasses on his face, also opening up one of his textbooks. "That's the spirit Chibi-Primo! Don't let the baseball idiots laziness get to you, its always best to get rid of your homework as soon as possible."

"Well that's easy for you to say. You're ranked number five on the list. A FIVE! Its hard to compete with that."

Tsuna looked between the two with confusion. "List? What list?" The silverette would have preferred not showing the list to Tsuna but Yamamoto was already whipping it out from inside his book bag. He handed it over to the brunette and Tsuna looked over it with a raised eyebrow. "Every semester during our midterms and finals a list is created determining where each council member stands in the academic field. Its just a ranking list to everybody outside of the student council but it reaps big rewards for us." Yamamoto grinned from ear to ear as he explained further. "The squad with the most members who crack the top five get a huge bonus in their allowance for the rest of the semester!"

"Which is saying alot since the allowance we currently get can't even get us by for two weeks at most." Gokudera said with irritation in his tone. "Our treasurer is really stingy since supposedly we break more than we deserve to earn. That's saying a lot when our treasurer is only nine years old and probably can't even spell finance!"

"That's so rude Gokudera-nii! I'll have you know I can spell two years above my grade level!" The trio turned around to see a young dirty blond child with hazel eyes standing with a huge book in one hand and his other hand holding onto Giotto's sleeve. "It's nice to see you again Takeshi-nii, and a pleasure to finally meet you Tsuna-nii!" the young boy held out his hand and Tsuna looked at it cautiously, but took it anyway and gave it a slight shake. Something about the younger boy put Tsunayoshi off a little. He shook the unsettling feeling off and directed his attention to his older brother. "So aren't you going to introduce us Giotto-nii?"

"I would prefer not to since he can be somewhat of a sneak sometimes."

"Hey!" The youngest boy shouted indignantly, giving Giotto a playful slap on the shoulder. The two took their seats around the table to continue their story. "I might as well get the pleasantries out of the way. This is Fuuta De La Stella, our cousin and ranker for the school." The brunette's eyes widened as he heard this information. "Cousin? But we've never met."

"Well you see Fuuta has a special gift that causes him to be heavily guarded by our grandfather. The poor boy is hardly allowed out of the house most times but twice a semester we get to borrow him to settle the councils...financial difficulties."

"I'm a ranker!" the younger blond piped up. "I make rankings of all kinds for the student council but the biggest ones are their academic ranking. I come during finals and midterms to rank them and see which squad deserves the grand prize of 10,000 yen per person and a 50,000 yen grand prize for their squad for the continuation of the semester!"

"That's amazing! Yamamoto I'm surprised you're not happier about this, it's a great opportunity for everybody." Tsuna said ecstatically. Gokudera let out a laugh at Tsuna's comment. "Have you seen the baseball idiots grades. The only thing he really passes is P.E.!" The raven stared at his classmate with a sheepish grin. "Maa, maa, Hayato is just jealous because he's all work and no play. Its good to slack off once in awhile."

"Once in awhile' huh?" Gokudera grabbed the paper that the raven gave Tsuna earlier and held it up for all to see. "Does last midterms ranking look like 'Once in a while' slacking to you? The only assault squad members who made it into the top five were my brother and myself, the rest of you guys didn't stand a chance!" Tsuna cringed at the blunt truth staring right at them on the paper. As the silverette said none of assault squad members did that well on their last midterm and honestly it was quite sad.

Futa De La Stella's rankings for the Best Student Council's finals

1. Giotto Iyeatsu

2. Daemon Rokudo/Alaude Hibari

3. G. Gokudera

4. Mukuro Rokudo

5. Hayato Gokudera

6. Asari Yamamoto

7. Lampo Bovino

8. Knuckle Sasagawa

9. Hibari Kyoya

10. Takeshi Yamamoto

11. Ryohei Sasagawa

12. Lambo Bovino

"This list kind of speak for itself when it comes to the assault squads attitude towards academics." Giotto says with a distressed sigh. He loved all his members, he really did, but honestly there's nothing Giotto can do about the lack of motivation surrounding the assault squad. G. was the only member of the squad who got above average marks on his midterms/final and even then he only did it to beat out Alaude, which never happened. the rest of the members are a lost cause to the president.

Lambo is way lazier than his older brother due to his obsession with sweets and video games which caused him to fail ALL the time, Knuckle and Ryohei are too busy with their boxing team to worry about their grades which is why they only kept them at 'average', just to keep their coach happy and to stay on the team, Takeshi was the type to cram the day before the test and still end up failing, plus his baseball always came first, and Kyoya never showed up for class, preferring to bite troublemakers to death. The only time someone other than G. made it to the top five from the assault squad was when Gokudera was still on their team but now the chances of the assault squad winning anything were slim to none since the silverette was transferred to the covert squad.

"Needless to say it's just a waste of time for us to try and-" Yamamoto began but Tsuna slammed his hands on the table, a look of defiance on his face as he stared at Yamamoto. "No way are you going to give up without even trying!" Everybody at the table looked at Tsuna in surprise at the sudden outburst. It wasn't often that you see the short brunette upset over something. "My mom always told me that you can do anything you set your mind to!" He turned to Giotto and pointed an accusing finger. "And shame on you for not pushing them more about their studies! Don't you remember how you use to always sit with me and help me with my lessons? Why can't you try that with the assault squad?"

"W-Wha? Tsuna that's completely different!"

"How so?"

"They have the attention span of an ANT! No, worse than an ant, they have no attention span at all!'' Giotto said exasperatedly. ''Theres no way I can get all the assault squad members to sit down together and STUDY!" But Tsuna merely scoffed and got up from the table, clear determination in his eyes.

"I assure you that the assault squad will be in tip top form come next Monday morning. You can count on it!"



Tsunayoshi returned to the lounge area feeling pumped up and ready to go. He's made it his absolute goal to make sure all the members of the assault squad was ready for the test this coming Monday and he refused to go back on his word. The brunette decided to comprise a list of how to separate the assault squads study dates, starting from most difficult to least, and Lambo was (obviously) first in line.

The brunette dropped his book bag off on the couch and quickly made his way over to the vending machines, knowing this is the exact spot you would usually find the young raven after school. Just as the brunette was about to round the corner he ran straight into the person he was looking for. The two clumsy boys fell over, a pile of sweets and cakes surrounding them. "Chibi-Vongola what on earth has you in such a hurry?" The raven asked as he rubbed his head. The brunette shot up and quickly grabbed Lambo's hand, dragging him over to one of the tables. The raven looked on confused as Tsuna grabbed his book bag from the couch and started emptying its contents on the table. "Lambo it says here from your last transcript that you didn't do so well on your global history final."

"Well yeah I was-"

"No excuses!" Lambo shivered in fear as an unknown fierceness flared up behind Tsuna's eyes. "If you have time to make up excuses you have time to study!"

"B-but Chibi-Vongola-!"

"No buts! We start now!"

An hour and a half into the lesson and Tsuna can say there has been no progress whatsoever. If Lambo wasn't staring into space he was commenting on how pretty the brunette is or complaining about his severe sugar withdrawal and quite frankly Tsuna was at his wits end with the raven. After a few more minutes of useless explanations Tsuna decided it was time for a break. Just as the brunette took out his book bag to grab his half-eaten bento, the young raven quickly pounced upon the smaller boys shoulders, his eyes impossibly wide. "D-Did Vongola-sempai make that?" Tsunayoshi looked at the raven, an eyebrow arched in confusion, and then looked back at the homemade bento. He raised it above his head and watched as Lambo's eyes followed the movement and then brought it under the table and nearly let out a giggle as the raven strained his neck to keep the tasty dish within his line of vision.

"C-Chibi-Vongola you don't understand how rare it is for Vongola-sempai to cook around here! I only tasted his cooking twice since my enrollment here two years ago, and then second time I had to steal it!" The brunette looked a little weary as Lambo practically clawed at his outstretched hands to try and reach for the lunch. Eventually Tsuna was able to calm Lambo down, although he was still fidgeting in his seat.

"C'mon Chibi-Primo its only fair for you to share. You made me spill all of my snacks and cakes and I always have a snack after classes! If I don't my ability to focus decreases by the hundreds!"

"Oh really?" the brunette looked interested as he eyed the bento and then the textbook lying forgotten on their table. Then an ingenious plan sprung up inside the brunettes head and he was pretty surprised at himself at not thinking about it earlier.

Bribery. The oldest trick in the book and judging by how his family operates he should have this plan in the bag.

"Say Lambo-kun are you really that hungry?" The brunette asked in a seemingly innocent tone, even batting his eyelashes for effect. The raven eagerly nodded his head, his eyes never leaving the enticing boxed lunch. "Well I'd be happy to give you some but I just can't seem to remember the exact date of when World War I started..."

"June 28, 1914. The shot heard around the world, which sparked the beginning of the war, was due to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand being assassinated in Europe." The brunette looked surprised and gladly plucked one of the fried shrimp from the box and fed it to Lambo, who happily consumed the morsel.

This cycle continued for another hour or so and once the bento was nearly done Tsuna managed to cover the entire timeline of World War I. To say Tsuna felt happy at the progress he's made today was an understatement, he was beyond ecstatic and proud of Lambo for proving that he could be just as knowledgeable as the other members...with just the right amount of snacks of course.

He just hoped the rest of the assault members were this easy to handle.


Tuesday-Ryohei and Knuckle

"Colonello-sensei!" The blond veteran turned around to the chipper voice to see Tsunayoshi running up to him with an abundance of maps and scales in his arms. The teen was out of breath once he reached the gym teacher but tried to talk regardless of his lungs craving air. "Sensei...I-I need...your h-help!"

"Uh sure..." the blond rubbed Tsuna's back to try and help him regain his breath. "Whatcha need help with Kora?"

"Ryohei and Knuckle!"

"Those two boxer idiots? What about them, don't tell me they're injured or something, there's a match in three weeks." The brunette frantically shook his head and dropped the many pieces of equipment in his hand and pointed to them. "How do I get them to study!" Colonello nearly laughed at the near impossible task Tsuna asked of him. Ryohei and Knuckle studying? Completely laughable and ridiculous. ''Sorry kora, but that's a little too much to ask fo-''

''So you want to help Ryohei and Knuckle?'' A smooth voice asked. Colonello and Tsuna turned around to see Reborn entering, a small smile on his face and his favorite chameleon, Leon, resting in his breast pocket. The brunette nodded his head hastily at Reborns question. ''Well there is one way to get them to focus but the real question is whether you're up for it or not.'' Tsuna's face brightened at this and Colonello just laughed at the brunette's naivety. Honestly to think the brunette would willingly accept help from Reborn of all people, without any kind of hesitation, was amusing. The blond even considered warning Tsuna about Reborn's vindictive ways, but decided against it.

The schools been way too quiet lately, it was time to shake things up a little to get the ball rolling.


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