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An: A lot of cussing.

Dear Anonymous,

Yeah, you reviewed to say "U suck." You couldn't even use proper grammar. So guess what? This chapter is dedicated to you. I want you to read it and get your fat ass to the review button. I want you to say who you are. If I owe you an apology, then I will apologize. But if you decided to be a fucking bitch (Or son of a bitch) and ruin someone's day with your shit, I am going to flame you like nobody's business.

Get your fat ass to that blue button.


P.S. You suck.



Is she safe?

"Get Harry!"


Some friend

Ratted you out

(Like the rat

He is)


She's all that matters


((Of course))

Save Lily





(I didn't cuss d/e/a/r!)

"I love you!"

Your last words

Because Voldy

Well, he finally got ya'

AN: Short, I know.

Also, I'm bad at James. It's sad how most of this was my letter. Sorry, harrypotterobsessed33. I didn't want you to have to go through all of that for one short poem, but I couldn't PM the guy. (Well duh, the bitch is anonymous.

Whoa, I probably cussed more in that thing then in my entire thirteen years.

A note to my beta: THANK YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME! CHAPTER THREE IS ALL YOURS…when I actually type it.