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"No, they're tricky… damned Allelujah running in and stealing Ald's computer we had to do this all on his desktop…" Duo glared.

Duo my desktop's over there… that's my old computer…

"Huh…" Duo blinked and looked over seeing Wufei handing Ald some money "Wufei!"

I'll be sure to let you get the first crack at them Wufei… have fun… *Smirk*

"Oh I will…" Wufei smirked as he stared down the hall wearing his HRL uniform.

Enjoy guys… *THWACK!*

"Taking bribes under the table isn't fair Ald…" Heero glared at him "Come on Maxwell… we're taking our turn. Enjoy the chapter." The two pilots left wearing their Union uniforms.


00 Frozen Teardrops

Ch. 1

Heero was the last to enter the shuttle transport as the pilots took their seats Kira was busy typing on a laptop pulling up information on the Union "The year is 2307 of the Anno Domini calendar… with depletion of fossil fuels, humanity turned to a new source of energy… solar power…" he read as Athrun looked up data on the Union's mobile suits layout and their performance capabilities.

"A plan was developed to build a solar power generation system, based around three orbital elevators… each over fifty thousand kilometers high…" Kira blinked as the other pilots looked up he kept reading "After almost half a century it's just been completed… these mega structures provide an almost inexhaustible energy supply… and to facilitate their construction the nations of the world have gathered into three blocks…"

"The Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations… grouped around the United States is simply known as the Union. The Human Reform League, with China, Russia, and India at its core states… and finally the Advanced European Union known as the AEU…" Kira looked up at the other pilots in the Union's infiltration group, Heero, Athrun, Duo, and Naina who nodded.

"Despite the precariousness of the situation, to further their own prestige they're playing a grand zero sum game…" Athrun typed "none of them trust each other… all of them have guns pointed at each other…"

Naina blinked "Zero sum game?"

Heero nodded "When two or more world powers posses the power to wipe each other off the face of the map in the blink of an eye… the second someone fires."

Duo leaned back in his seat "Basically what Heero's trying to say is we're walking into a room full of gunpowder with a lit match already tossed inside… Celestial Being is the match… we've got to put it out."

"So… what's the plan Heero?" Athrun looked at him "or should I say commander?"

"Lieutenant… they use army ranks…" Kira said as he looked up "And what Athrun said."

"There were two people from the Union at the Enact's test from the footage, after a bit of research we've found them to be with M.S.W.A.D. or Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development. And from the looks of things with the tighter security they're the easiest to infiltrate so that's who were infiltrating, we're joining the two from the exercise on a transport back to their base… the paperwork is already taken care of." Heero looked at the others "The two are First Lieutenant Graham Aker, he's MSWAD's top ace pilot… the other is a technical advisor by the name of Billy Katagiri."


"So… Captain, how did you pull off getting that rank I heard Heero was only able to get access up to Lieutenant?" Trowa looked at Yzak as he adjusted the AEU barrette so that it was sitting properly.

"The AEU is corrupt as the Atlantic Federation was… I could have gone to Colonel… but it would look strange for someone my age, suddenly appearing with such a high rank…" Yzak looked at his unit consisting of Trowa, Milou, Katherine, and Shiho.

"It would explain the loudmouth piloting the Enact during the demonstration… calling himself an ace pilot with no combat experience…" Shiho narrowed her gaze as the footage of the Enact getting carved apart played again.


"So we're taking the linear train then…" Shinn asked as he looked at Wufei.

Wufei nodded "It should be interesting, all of our nations use mass drivers, I'm interested in seeing how it works… I'm even more interested in the data that Master O gave me…" he smirked.

"We will be the first unit to engage Celestial Being then…" Mayu smiled.

Wufei nodded looking at the HRL unit consisting of Mayu, Shinn, Rey, and Stella "According to statistics there's a conflict not too far from Heavens pillar… we used this to place ourselves according to the Z.E.R.O. system's analysis of what Celestial Being has stated to place ourselves directly in their path. We will be joining the HRL forces as a unit of Tieren pilots."

Stella looked at Wufei "What did the data say about the performance of the Tieren?" she asked.

Wufei looked at Rey who was looking over the data on the machine "Standard model of the HRL for quite some time, it's not as advanced as the Union's or the HRL's models however it makes up for it… it's a rugged machine that can take some hits and keep going… According to the data it could go toe to toe with a Leo IV and hold its own…"

Wufei smirked "That's what I like to hear… a strong machine for a strong nation."

"So how are we getting into the pillar without sending every alarm sky high?" Shinn asked as he looked out of the HRL bound shuttle.

Wufei smirked "We don't need to… we're marked as a transport shuttle coming in from the HRL's colony at L4, Quanqui… apparently they have some high level research going on… even Maxwell couldn't get into their systems."

"What about Kira?" Rey asked as the shuttle approached the pillar.

Wufei laughed catching them off guard "Kira got no closer than Duo… whatever they have at L4 it's something they want to hide… there will be no questions asked."

"Makes you wonder though…"Mayu looked at the others "What do they have going on at L4?"


"Playing it again…" Louise Halevy looked up at a monitor as the Celestial Being announcement played again "How many times is that?"

Saji Crossroad stopped running and doubled over holding onto his knees breathing catching his breath next to his girlfriend "Louise, do you think Celestial Being actually exists?" he asked looking at the screen.

Louise looked at him "What?" she asked.

"Do you think there are people out there, who will take action even if there's nothing in it for them?" Saji asked his attention focused on the screen.

Louise laughed a little and smiled at him "They probably love volunteering…"

Saji sighed closed his eyes and started walking again seeing Louise wasn't taking his question seriously… Louise blinked "Hey, wait up!" she started after Saji "Saji!"


The Premier of the HRL sat at his desk watching Celestial Being's speech once again before shutting it off "Are they the ones who thwarted the terrorist attack on Heavens Pillar?" he asked looking at an aid.

The aid nodded "We believe that is highly possible sir. In the statement Celestial Being claims to possess these Gundam mobile weapons…" he walked forward to the desk brining up an image "Observe sir… this is an image of the unidentified mobile suit recorded by our space forces…" he zoomed in the picture of the Virtue four times till it was looking at the chest cavity where the word Gundam was printed on the black armor.

The Premier glared at the word "Gundam…"


The Representatives of the nations of the AEU sat around a table and watched the footage again as the Exia carved apart the Enact "Our latest model… and it was defeated so easily…" one representative spoke a little afraid.

Another leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed "Should we assume we'll have to curtail the development of any new weapons?" he asked.

The female representative looked at him and sighed "There's more to it than that… this has gone public. Everyone knows we have more forces in the elevator than the treaty allows! They all want to know, they're asking us to disclose everything!"

The representative in a white suit sitting next to her rubbed his forehead "We have reports that it may be a plot by the Human Reform League or the Union… after all developing a state of the art mobile suit in secret would require the technology and financing of a pretty advanced nation…" he leaned his head on his fist as he spoke looking at the others.

The man across from him nodded "That's for sure, an armed organization would require the support of a powerful ally…"

Another representative nodded "Yes… but none of the intelligence agencies have been able to gather credible information on this group…"

The last representative on the end looked up "There's only one thing we know for certain. This group calling itself Celestial Being… has in its possession a powerful mobile suit that is far superior to our Enact…" he looked up at the monitor "Mobile suit Gundam." He glared as he said the last word.


The President of the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations stood looking out the window of his office over the darkened capital city his arms folded behind his back "The elimination of war through armed force… well David it sounds like somebody is offering to do our job for us…" he spoke calmly as he looked out at capital.

"Mr. President do you think they're actually serious?" David asked.

The President turned and looked at him as he continued "They seek no personal gain…"

The President smiled and closed his eyes "Well, we intervene in the wars of other nations… to ensure the safety and prosperity of our citizens… we aren't exactly running a charity…"

David smiled at him "I'm sure their true nature will be revealed in due time… and when that time comes it will be our duty to judge them."

The President nodded "Yes indeed…" he smiled as he turned and looked back out the window "Ten years since the elevators came online… the economy has finally stabilized and now this happens…" he closed his eyes and sighed.


"Looks like we're the top news story in every single country…" Lockon Stratos smiled as he walked over to Setsuna who was sitting on a rock "A mysterious group declares to the entire world that it intends to eliminate war…" he smiled and laughed a little "Of course… most of them don't actually believe we can pull it off."

The splashing of water caught their attention as a girl's voice came over to them "Then we shall have to make them believe…" the two Meister's looked over and saw the teenaged Asian girl wearing khaki outdoors cloths being carried in the arms of her servant "After all Celestial Being's ideals can only be demonstrated through actions."

Setsuna looked at her out of the corner of his eye "Wang Liu-Mei…"

Lockon smiled at her "You sure got here quickly…"

Wang Liu-Mei looked at him "Time for your second mission…" she smiled.


Billy sat at a computer typing in the back of the van as Graham sat relaxing in the front "Don't you have to get back to the military? They're probably panicking right about now…"

Graham smirked "I want to find out what that gundam can do… that machine is something else… its combat performance is one thing… when it showed up radar, communications, and electronic devices were all disrupted… and it was caused by that light. Katagiri what's the story there?" he leaned around the seat and looked at Billy.

Billy smiled "So far, all I know is that it's some kind of special particle…" he took a drink of his coffee before sitting it down next to the half eaten doughnut "That light is probably caused by some type of photonic decay phenomenon…" the van was lit up by the lights of a staff car that had stopped in front of it.

"A special particle…" Graham turned back towards the front before getting out shortly followed by Billy as a Union warrant officer ran over.

"It's not just the particles… I think that machine has other secrets as well…" Billy said as he closed the door to the van.

Graham smirked "I guess I like them…"

Billy blinked "Huh…"

"I mean I have more than just a casual interest…" Graham smiled as the Warrant officer stopped.

"Lieutenant Graham Aker, Technical advisor Katagiri, orders from MSWAD to return to base!" the officer saluted them.

Graham saluted him in return "Message received and understood."

The Warrant officer nodded and ran back to his car as Billy and Graham returned to the van the drive was short to the Union's base when they pulled up they saw the transport carrier being loaded with two Flags and a group of people waiting to board they made their way over "So how long until launch take off?" Billy asked nonchalantly.

"About half an hour… give or take…" one with a long braid looked at them "Hey Heero, they're here…"

"So, you were at the demonstration where that gundam showed up…" The Lieutenant walked over "What was your impression of the machine?"

Graham smiled at Heero "Its performance was impressive, the overall capabilities of the machine were above the AEU's Enact… what has me interested most was that light it emitted…"

Heero looked at him "A light?" he asked.

Billy nodded "Some sort of special particle most likely the light was caused by some sort of photonic decay..."

"I agree… it would make logical sense…" another officer walked over.

Billy nodded "So you all were called back as well?" he asked.

A female officer with long blond hair nodded "Yes, we were reassigned to MSWAD apparently…"

Graham smiled "Well nice to meet you Flag fighters… I'm Lieutenant Graham Aker." He held out his hand to Heero.

"Lieutenant Heero Yuy, it's a pleasure…" Heero took the handshake.

"Lieutenant Kira Yamato..." Kira smiled as he shook hands with Billy.

"Chief Warrant Officer Duo Maxwell." Duo smiled at them and saluted.

"Warrant Officer Naina Merquise." Naina smiled as she picked up the duffle bag.

The last officer smiled at them "Lieutenant Athrun Zala, and it looks like our ride's waiting for us…" he picked up his bag.


The Ptolemaios flew in low earth orbit as it readied for Celestial Being's second mission "Second mission will commence at thirty three hundred, I repeat, second mission will commence at thirty three hundred." Christina's voice came through the ship as Allelujah and Tieria grasped the guide way bars pulling them along the hallway.

"Field testing a unit in combat…" Allelujah groaned "I really hate that…"

"We need to know everything about the gundam's to prepare us for future battles…" Tieria spoke coldly looking forward at Allelujah.

Allelujah looked back over his shoulder "Yeah I know… but this is so…"

"I'm sorry I'm pushing you all so hard…" Sumeragi's voice caught their attention as they passed her on the opposite side of the hall.

Allelujah nodded "Miss. Sumeragi."

"It isn't a problem we knew what we were getting ourselves into…" Tieria said as he passed her.

Sumeragi stopped and turned to look at them as they reached the entry way to the hangar she smiled "You're tough…"

Tieria looked back at her over his shoulder as the two Meister's held on "I never wished to be weak…" he pulled up floating through the zero gravity into the hangars.

"That's our cue…" Allelujah said as he kicked off.

Sumeragi sighed "They're so young…" she started off again for the bridge.


"Halting Ptolemaios containers at fixed positions…" Christina spoke while she typed as Feldt readied the launch sequence.

"Kyrios to catapult deck with C gear." Feldt spoke calmly as the ship shuddered slightly as the Kyrios was lowered into position for launch.

"Preparing to switch the Ptolemy over to catapult mode!" Christina typed as she activated the linear catapult.


Setsuna and Lockon ran over to their gundam's as they readied to launch "On schedule as planned!" Haro announced as they jumped into their suits and closed the hatches.

Setsuna watched as the system started grasping the controls the monitor reading 'Individual Information Attestation System Startup' a red optical laser passed over his eyes as he spoke "Disengaging GN system repose… priority pass to Setsuna F. Seiei."

Lockon smiled as he heard Setsuna and picked up the orange Haro and dropped him into his docking station "All set, let's go partner…" he smiled at the Haro.


"Kyrios stabilized with linear field…" Christina looked at Allelujah on the screen.

"Launch preparations complete." Feldt looked at Allelujah "Transferring timing control to Kyrios."

Allelujah flipped several switches in the cockpit readying for launch "I have control, Kyrios, Allelujah Haptisim, commencing intervention." He pushed the thrusters to their full before launching the linear catapult sending the orange and white fighter jet like gundam with the C gear bombardment container attached to it towards the atmosphere.


The containers opened as Haro's voice came over the outer speakers "Hatch open, hatch open!" he announced.

Wang Liu-Mei stood with her hand on her hip watching as the Dynames and the Exia were raised from the containers floor to a standing position as Haro exclaimed "Exia, Dynames ready for deployment! Ready for deployment!"

The Dynames retrieved its GN sniper rifle and locked it into place on its shoulder as the Exia started out.


The Virtue lowered into the catapult and touched down into the locks as Christina spoke "Virtue has entered the catapult deck!"

"Stabilized by linear fields, launch preparations complete!" Feldt spoke as she looked at Tieria on the screen.

Christina smiled "Transferring timing control to Virtue…"

Tieria nodded "Roger… Virtue, Tieria Erde, launching." He spoke in a calm cold tone as the massive Virtue launched from the ship joining the Kyrios heading towards the atmosphere as it flew the two pods on its shoulders rolled so they were facing downwards to protect the cannons housed in them.


"Commence GN particle dispersal, commence dispersal!" Haro chirped through Lockon's and Setsuna's channels.

Setsuna grasped the controls "Exia, Setsuna F. Seiei, executing second mission…" he spoke with a cold tone.

Lockon smiled "Dynames, Lockon Stratos… I'm taking off!" the two gundam's floated directly vertically as if gravity had been shut off for the two suits as they flew off at high speed.

Wang Liu-Mei and her servant Hong Long stood watching "Gundam…" Hong Long looked up at the two machines.

Wang Liu-Mei smiled her hands propped on her hips "Yes, those are the machines that will demonstrate the ideals of Celestial Being." She watched as the two suits headed out over the ocean.


Wufei smiled as he looked up at the tan suit "So this is the Tieren high mobility type…"

Shinn blinked as he looked at the suit "What a brick…"

Stella smiled "A heavily armed brick… It fires a 25MM sabot round out of that gun… its built like a tank so it's appropriate."

"Enough chatter, let's get suited up… we mustn't keep Celestial Being waiting now can we?" Wufei smirked at the pilots as they nodded heading into the hangar.


The Virtue and Kyrios approached Earth's atmosphere as they readied to descend to Earth "Maximum GN particle dispersal, deploying ahead of machine." Tieria said calmly as he activated the units on the shoulders and legs of the Virtue as they split open spreading GN particles the Kyrios followed suit.

"We've done this so many times in simulation but…" Allelujah started.

"We're at the descent point, commencing atmospheric entry." Tieria's voice came over the comm. as Allelujah blinked as the Virtue plummet into the atmosphere at high speed the GN particles acting as a barrier.

Allelujah smirked "Tieria… he's a real daredevil that's for sure…" he increased the angle and followed the Virtue into the atmosphere plunging straight down towards the surface.


Alarms sounded inside Heavens Pillar's command center as the men scrambled "Captain, detecting something on the E sensor." a controller yelled "We have objects entering the atmosphere!"

"What!" The captain yelled looking at him "No one notified me about this!" he yelled.

"I have an image at maximum magnification!" The controller yelled as the captain looked up onto the screen as the image appeared.

The captain blinked shocked "Th… Those are…"

"Gundam's…" A man stopped a short distance away from him causing him to look.

"Colonel!" the captain saluted.

Sergei Smirnov looked at the Kyrios and the Virtue "So those machines are even able to enter the atmosphere all by themselves… what's their course destination?" he asked looking at the controllers.

"One moment sir!" a man yelled as he started typing "On their current course they're estimated descent point is… Southern India, the island of Ceylon!"

The captain looked at Sergei "That islands our territory Colonel!"

Sergei glared "Incredible, is this one of their armed interventions?" he looked at the descending machines…


"Virtue, switching from maximum GN particle emission to normal mode." Tieria spoke calmly as the vents closed and they came into the lower part of the atmosphere.

Allelujah smiled "Good job Kyrios…" he looked to his left "It's alright, I know, now the mission really begins…"


Lockon smiled "They're here Setsuna. Allelujah and Tieria." He looked at Setsuna on the monitor.

Setsuna looked at the other display "I confirm that, after the rendezvous we'll precede to first phase." He turned the Exia so its course would intersect the two descending gundam's as the Dynames followed.


The President of the Union looked at David "Celestial Being's making its move?" he asked "Do we have a location?"

David nodded "Looks like southern India in the former Sri Lanka…"


"In Ceylon…" an AEU representative asked as he spoke into the phone hooked into the car's systems "The Human Reform League has forces there…" he glared.


The Premier of the HRL smiled "Respond according to our plan…"

The aid bowed "yes sir…" he made his way out as the Premier looked towards a map on the screen.

"This could work to our advantage… especially if we get our hands on those machines…" he looked at the island off of the coast of India.


"I've got news!" Erica walked into the building as the others set up "Celestial Being's been sighted and is heading towards the Island of Ceylon!"

Ryuta smiled "That's in Wufei's region…"

Quatre nodded "Well then…" he looked up at the Sandrock standing in the hangar.

"The only question now is, who will come out on top…" Nicol looked at the mass produced models Howard was bringing in on the transport trucks.

"So… what's the cover that we're using for this place?" Trowa Phobos asked as he walked over.

"Officially we're a member of the PMC Trust of the Republic of Moralia… but that's just a cover, if anyone recognizes the name it will be Ian…" Howard smiled as he walked over "He was one of the original members after all… of the Sweeper Group."

Auel leaned back on a chair "So we're using those things then… seeing as our machines would draw attention…" he looked up at the machines opposite the Preventers Gundams.

Howard nodded "Might as well make use of them…" he looked up at the now black and greenish gray painted Serpents and Leo IV's.


Wufei's team piloted their suits toward the edge of the battlefield "These things even handle like a brick…" Shinn complained.

"Suck it up." Stella growled over their channel as the roar of the artillery on the ridgeline opened fire.

"Enough you two…" Wufei ordered "And now, we wait for their arrival…" he touched down with his Tieren high mobility type.


Setsuna sat in the cockpit thinking back as he remembered the mission briefing "Currently Ceylon is in state of anarchy… this is because of ethnic warfare between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority… the fighting has continued almost uninterrupted since the twentieth century. Celestial being will use force to intervene in this ethnic conflict" Sumeragi's words echoed in his mind.

"An ethnic conflict…" Setsuna spoke coldly as the island loomed on the horizon.


"The Former Shi Lanka eh… If I recall the Human Reform League has been giving aid to the Tamil minority for about ten years now…" Billy looked at Graham as he stood looking down into the hangar bay of the carrier plane the other pilots relaxing in the room.

"Yeah… under the pretext of ending the conflict, but it's a lie. It's about solar energy… the Human Reform League needs to keep the power flowing on the sea floor off the coast of eastern Ceylon, and the Tamil's are the strongest force in that region." Graham spoke as he turned and looked at Billy "But their interference only intensified the fighting, it even led to the fall of the countries government…" he closed his eyes for a moment before turning back to the glass screen.

Kira blinked as he watched Graham pull his hand out of his pocket and press the glass with one finger and a line opened with the bridge "Holy… okay, I thought we had some major technological advantages… we might not be as advanced as we think…" he looked at Duo who was blinking and looking at the screen as well.

"How can I help you sir?" The warrant officer asked Graham.

"You can tell the captain to change course please…" Graham looked at him "Also get me a fully equipped Flag." He asked.

"Sir!" the warrant officer replied as Billy gaped at him.

"Are you serious?"Billy asked looking at him "This is risky…"

"Make that two…" Duo looked at the monitor "If I get what you're planning sir, I'd like to join you…"

Graham looked at Duo then to Heero and Kira "If the other Lieutenants don't want to…"

"Duo's one of our top pilots… specializes in stealth operations but he's one of our top pilots, he's probably the best candidate to observe that light first hand…" Heero spoke calmly.

Kira nodded "Yeah, if those particles do all that you say they do it's a good chance to gather some data on them…"

Graham nodded "Ready both Flags then."

"Sir!" the line shut as Billy looked at the pilots.

"So what are your specialties in if you were transferred to MSWAD…" Billy asked.

Kira looked over at him "All of us are trained combat pilots… but we differ in our specialties, Athrun close quarters… Duo in stealth operations, Heero and myself in long range, As for Naina…"

"Close range sir…" Naina looked over at him "The same as my father."


"We've destroyed thirty percent of their forces, keep pushing until we wipe them all out!" The captain ordered over the frequency that Wufei's unit was listening to.

"Are they really willing to go this far…" Rey asked looking down at the battle from the ridge as another suit was struck by a long range shell.

"It's an ethnic conflict… no different than the first bloody valentine war… though in this case…" Wufei watched as several Tieren's opened fire on the older Anf's.

"Captain, emergency message from HQ!" a pilot relayed over the line.

"What do they want!" The captain asked as the pilots listened.

"Celestial Being is on its way!" The pilot relayed.

The Captain sighed "Is that so… they're coming here… notify all units!" he relayed as the three Tieren's he was leading charged a hill where an Anf fought desperately as it was the last standing on it before getting hit by a long range shot knocking it out.

"That's our cue…" Mayu smiled.

"No… wait until they arrive… then we engage them…" Wufei ordered "They'll go after the main force first…"


"Everyone take action according to Sumeragi's combat forecast! I'm expecting to see a decent performance from you guys…" Lockon relayed to the three other Meister's.

Allelujah smirked "Decent's ok…"

"I think I would prefer to be thorough." Tieria replied coldly.

Lockon smiled "Suit yourself… Hey! You listing Setsuna? Answer me, Setsuna! Setsuna!"

Setsuna sat silently as images of the battle ahead of them played on his screen remembering back to when he was a guerrilla soldier the mobile suits firing on him in the destroyed streets of Krugis and the Gundam that saved him.

"Setsuna… Answer me Setsuna!" Lockon's voice came over the line.

"A gundam…" Setsuna spoke calmly.

"What?" Lockon asked blinking "What was that?"

Setsuna looked up at the screen "I am a gundam…"

"What are you talkin about?" Lockon asked blinking.

Setsuna pushed the throttle of the Exia to its full speed and charged ahead towards the island.

"HEY! Setsuna!" Lockon watched as Setsuna broke away.

"You go and babysit the kid…" Allelujah rolled out to the left heading towards the HRL base.

"WHAT!" Lockon gaped.

"Now executing mission!" Tieria rolled out to the right.

"Why does it always have to be me! You guys!" Lockon glared at the Kyrios then the Virtue as they broke away.

"Sucks to be you! Sucks to be you!" Haro chirped at Lockon.

Lockon sighed "Ain't that the truth… I'll take care of long range fire, evasive maneuvers are up to you Haro!" he activated the sniping scope as Haro flew the Dynames towards the battlefield.


Wufei watched as a Tieren went to finish off an Anf with its carbon blade only to have its arm shot off "They're here…"

"Here they come… Celestial Being…" Mayu smiled as the Exia landed about a half mile from the ridge near the main troops.


"Exia, confirming conflict will eliminate." Setsuna said coldly as he charged an approaching Tieren swinging behind it then as it slowly tried to turn cut through the cockpit in one fluid motion before flying into the air and landing on a Tieren knocking it to the ground and destroying its legs crippling it before charging a second suit.


"He's got some moves… but he's fighting…" Shinn started as the Exia circled around a Tieren cutting its arm with the cannon off before the Tieren tried to throw a punch at the Exia which it ducked did a three sixty under it and brought its GN blade through the middle of the suit like a hot knife through butter sending it up in a hellish explosion before coming to a stop.

"Kid does have some moves… but you can tell he's inexperienced by the way he moves…" Wufei smiled as he flipped channels "Long range unit, target that Gundam and bombard from a distance, keep him off balance while we close."

"Roger that sir!" The HRL pilot replied as the Tieren Long Range types opened up on him.

A shell burst on the Exia as it blocked it "Did I get him!" the pilot asked.

Stella rolled her eyes at the comment "No wonder Celestial Being is doing so well against them… they're inexperienced…"

The smoke cleared from the Exia to see it standing there without a scratch "NOT A SCRATCH! WHAT KINDA ARMOR IS THAT!"

Rey glared "Are they armored in Gundanium? This might be harder than we thought... Wufei?" he asked.

"No, it's not… there's minor damage, that's not Gundanium…" Wufei smiled before an explosion caught his attention as the long range suits were all destroyed by beams coming down from above "There's the sniper…" he looked up and saw the Dynames.

"Orders?" Stella asked as she watched the gundam's battling the HRL forces.


"Dynames, targeted and ready to fire!" Lockon spoke as he lined up another shot on the ones on the ridge as he came under fire he rolled and dodged the 25MM slugs from the Tieren's as he fired the shots ripping through them in an instant.

"Wiped out… Wiped out!" Haro spoke in a calm tone as Lockon looked around for the Exia before seeing some gunfire he saw the Exia charging through them with some recklessness in its movements.

Lockon sighed "You're getting too worked up Setsuna…" he launched towards another part of the battlefield.


"Mayu, Shinn, with me… Stella, Rey stay back and observe, we need to gather as much data on them as we can for the others…" Wufei ordered as he activated the flight pack and launched down the ridge towards the Exia.

"Roger!" the pilots replied as the Preventers started their maneuvers.

They closed on the Exia as it turned to face them Mayu opened fire the shots hitting it as Shinn circled around to the right doing the same.

Wufei charged towards it drawing the carbon blade "Now let's see what you're made of kid…" he thrust a punch at the Exia and watched as it rolled down in the same maneuver he had observed.

"Too slow…" Wufei punched the thrusters and rocketed to the left as the move went past him that was aimed at his cockpit he came in on it and rammed the Exia in the shoulder.

Setsuna glared "What the!"

"Well the little snot's even on our frequency…" Shinn smirked "Let's see what you've got gundam pilot of Celestial Being!" he and Mayu circled keeping Setsuna off balance as Wufei attacked.

"Shinn, toss me your blade!" Wufei ordered as he ejected the rifle.

Shinn threw the carbon blade to Wufei as he maintained fire.

"Who the hell are you guys!" Setsuna glared as he attacked Wufei who blocked the GN blade with the two carbon blades.

"Your communications frequency is the same as ours… because we are also Gundam pilots…" Wufei smirked as he kicked the Exia back.

Setsuna blinked "Gundam…"

Wufei smirked "That blade… it's made of Gundanium…" he looked at the carbon blades each of them with a large chip out of it.

"Gundanium?" Setsuna blinked before Wufei charged and seized the arm of the Exia.

"You're inexperienced… too bad, a little spit and polish would have made you an excellent pilot!" Wufei roared as he threw the weight of the Tieren around throwing the Exia away.

"Setsuna!" Lockon yelled as the three Preventers came under fire blocking some of the shots with the shields of their Tieren's.

"Shinn, Mayu, it's time to go…" Wufei ordered "Oh and gundam pilot… nice sniping…" he threw the Carbon blades at the Dynames before leaving.

Lockon blinked as he heard the complement before the blades slammed into the GN sniper rifle damaging the barrel.

Lockon glared "Damn it… Setsuna are you alright!" he locked the sniper rifle into its shoulder mount.

"Yeah…but what's Gundanium?" Setsuna asked watching as the three Tieren high mobility types flew away being joined shortly by two more.

"Sounds like a question for Ian…" Lockon watched the suits "Just how the hell were they on our frequency… anyway, continue with the mission…" he turned and glared as the rifle was now inoperable.


Alarms sounded at the HRL base as the Kyrios approached "Kyrios moving on to bombard targets!" Allelujah said calmly as he activated the C gear's missile containers launching its ten missiles guided missiles into the bases interior right before it streaked past the heavily damaged base.

"And now, I've become a mass murderer… So be it!" Allelujah ejected the spent container that was slowing the Kyrios down before dropping low to pull up he transformed the suit rising over the base.

"DID THAT THING JUST TRANSFORM!" an HRL soldier yelled as he held a wounded comrade under his arm before the Tieren ground type behind him was struck by the Kyrios's GN sub machine gun.

Wufei smirked as they closed "And there's the orange fighter… so it's like the Wing… a transforming suit…"

Allelujah blinked as he heard the voice "Who the hell!" the Kyrios shuddered as it came under fire from the high mobility types of Rey and Stella.

Stella smirked "Don't tell me they're all inexperienced… we might as well just go get our gundam's off of Howard and take them out…"

Allelujah blinked as he heard the word "Did they say their gundam's and who's this Howard guy anyway!"

A standard Tieren ground type opened fire on him and he rolled dodging the shots from it before destroying it with the GN sub machine gun.

"Just who the hell are you guys!" Allelujah glared as Rey opened fire on him dodging the shots from the Kyrios.

"Then tell me first, what kind of justice do you intend on accomplishing!" Rey glared as he fired at the Kyrios that dodged and rolled from the shots just narrowly avoiding them.

"This guy's fast… too fast… is he an ace!" Allelujah thought.

"Then why not let me take over, I'll crush them all!" Hallelujah asked.

"No… we must remain focused on the mission..." Allelujah rolled "Just watch the news… it was explained in the statement."

Wufei's laugh caught him off guard "Very well then… you may call us the Preventers Taskforce… and Professor G sends his regards."

Allelujah took aim but stopped as he saw the pilots eject their weapons and Wufei climb out of the cockpit of the Tieren "Just who the hell…" he shook his head before rolling and leaving.


The Virtue stood on the coastline where a pair of Tieren long range types fired a bombardment upon it from a ship Tieria looked at them "Virtue, target located proceeding to eliminate." He spoke calmly as he lowered the GN bazooka into place taking aim.

The massive cannon charged its energy supply from the GN drive of the virtue and unleashed is massive beam streaking along the surface of the water bringing it to a instantaneous flash of steam as it struck the ship the two Tieren's were standing on at mid-ship vaporizing the upper deck and splitting the ship as it sunk rapidly into the Indian ocean.


The Exia stood from the destroyed remains of the last suit it took down the fires of the destroyed machines billowing behind it on the ridgeline as it turned to face two more Tieren's.

"Fall back! FALL BACK!" the captain ordered as the remaining suits started to retreat he stood his ground.

Lockon watched as the Tieren's started to retreat "That's it… I think that's it Setsuna…"

The Exia stood over the destroyed wreckage of a Tieren ground type as it burnt as Lockon sighed watching a voice came over an open channel "Thanks for the help!"

Lockon blinked as he looked at an image of behind him "Huh…"

"The Enemy's running scared! Now's our chance to pay 'em back!" The Anf's commander yelled as the older suits charged.

Lockon glared "You idiots!" he went for the beam pistols of the Dynames housed in the knees the Anf's ran directly to either side of the Exia and as if in slow motion Lockon watched gritting his teeth.

Setsuna looked at the suits just as they got to either side of him and spun in a three sixty cutting the two suits in half instantly the suits fell to the GN blade of the Exia both of them blowing up as they hit the ground in a hellish blast.

Lockon smiled "Setsuna…"

"This is… what a Gundam Meister does…" Setsuna spoke in a cold tone.


"Well did you find anything?" Kinue asked as she looked at the screen.

An assistant nodded "OH Yeah! Bingo Miss. Kinue!"

"I thought so… Aeolia Schenberg." Kinue looked at the screen.

"Really… but this guy's been dead for over two hundred years…" The assistant looked at her.

"Celestial Being was there!" A voice caught their attention as they both looked over at another reporter "An armed intervention in the Sri Lankan war?" he asked "And they attacked both sides!" he gaped as he typed the other reporters dropping what they were doing and listening to him.

"Attacked both sides…" The assistant looked over.

Kinue looked at him "But if they keep doing that… they're just gonna end up pissing everyone off…" she thought for a moment "Celestial Being… What in the world are they thinking?" she asked.

"Probably some ulterior motive…" A voice caught Kinue off guard as she turned to look seeing a group of three walking towards her.

"Ah you must be the new reporters they hired because of all the recent activity…" Kinue looked at them "I'm Kinue Crossroad…"

"Miriallia Haw…" Miriallia smiled at her.

"Kathy Po." Kathy held out her hand to Kinue.

"Dearka Elsman…" Dearka flashed a smile causing Kinue to blink and blush a little before Dearka winced from being elbowed in the gut by Miriallia.

"Dearka…" Miriallia shot him a glare.

"Sorry dear…" Dearka smirked "old habits…" he looked at the screen "So who's the chrome dome?" he asked.

"Aeolia Schenberg…" Kinue looked at them "He's the one that was in their speech… the one that proclaimed Celestial Being's intentions…"

Miriallia looked at the information "But according to this, he should have died long ago…" she looked at Kinue.

Kinue nodded "That's what's bothering me… but he's a direct match…"

Dearka nodded "Descendant?" he asked looking at her.

Kathy shrugged "We'll have to do some research…" "They could have cloned him… for all we know it could be perfected… some of this their technology is a little more advanced than ours from the looks of it... I doubt they have the technology for carbon human production but I could be wrong…"


"Madness, a single intervention, and they think that's gonna end a conflict that's been raging for over three hundred years!" Sergei listened to the officer from the command post as he floated down the hall.

"Yes sir... but apparently besides the damage to our base one unit held their own against the Gundam's…" The comm. officer replied.

"One of our units?" Sergei asked.

"Yes sir, under the command of a Lieutenant Chang Wufei. They're a unit of Tieren high mobility type pilots…" The officer spoke.

Sergei smiled "Have them meet me when I get to earth, I want to personally meet with them and then see the battlefield for myself."

"Yes, sir!" the comm. officer replied.


Wang Liu-Mei sat her cup of tea down on the saucer as she heard Hong Long's comment "Not a single time, as many times as necessary…"


Alejandro opened his eyes "Until the war is over… and they begin to turn their hatred against us…"

Ribbons smiled as Alejandro walked back into the room.


"That is Celestial Being… we are the pain that always accompanies a great change…" Sumeragi spoke as an empty beer can rolled through the zero gravity of her room the small alcoholic droplets spilling out.


Allelujah leveled off as he linked up with Lockon and Tieria "What happened to Exia, he wasn't shot down was he?" Allelujah asked.

"He went back ahead of us…" Lockon spoke calmly "This was his first intervention. He might just need to calm down…"

Tieria looked at them on the screen "I don't understand… then why is he a Gundam Meister?"

Allelujah blinked as he saw the Dynames's rifle "Lockon did you have a tough time out there, looks like you got pretty roughed up…"

"I met an interesting unit of Tieren high mobility types… they actually ganged up on Setsuna…" Lockon spoke calmly as he recalled the fight "Their leader was on our channel... apparently they said his GN blade was made of some sort of metal called Gundanium… whatever that is…"

Allelujah blinked "Tieren high mobility types… did they say any names because I think I encountered the same group at the base…"

Tieria spoke calmly "Submit it to Veda if you're concerned about it…"

"It's not just that… they said they had their own gundam's…" Allelujah spoke as the other two blinked "They called themselves the 'Preventers' and said two names, a guy named Howard and some person called Professor G. said that this G. guy sends his regards…"

"Now that's something… I'm gonna talk with Ian when he delivers the final equipment for the Dynames and the Exia…" Lockon looked at them.

"How can they have their own gundam's?" Tieria asked looking at the other two pilots.

"Maybe it has something to do with that Gundanium whatever…" Allelujah suggested.

Lockon blinked "Gundanium… cut out part of the word…"

Tieria narrowed his gaze "And you get gundam…"


Setsuna flew over the ocean towards the island when an alert came up "Huh… a Union transport… in this airspace?" he closed the visor on his helmet as he readied the suit he watched as two suits launched another alert came up "Those are Flag's…." he glared as the suits closed he activated the blade and charged.

The first transformed and drew its plasma sword diving on the Exia clashing with it causing Setsuna to blink "Pleased to make your acquaintance gundam!" a voice echoed in his headset.

Setsuna glared "Yeah, and who are you!"

Graham smirked "Graham Aker! The man who is obsessed with everything you are!"

Setsuna glared as the other flag closed "And I am… The God of Death!" he drew his plasma sword and readied to strike the Exia.


Mwhahahahahahaha and so it begins! Man I enjoy pitting the gundam pilots against each other in competition…

"What's with sticking me in that brick!" Shinn glared.

Come on Shinn you know you like the Tieren, after all you actually had three Gundam Meister's met toe to toe in a mass produced machine.

"War mongering maniac…" Shinn mumbled.


"I called you a War mongering maniac!" Shinn yelled as loud as he could.

"THIS IS AN INTERVENTION!" The screen on ald's computer shouted before the Celestial Being logo appeared.

Dr. J get in here! Those insane gundam piloting terrorists hacked my computer!

"QUIET!" *THWACK* Dr. J grinned as he cracked Ald over the head with his cane.

"Now then… let's see here…" Dr. J took the seat and started back hacking "Come back later, this is going to take a while… also see you next chapter…" *Grin*