For Beth, of course.

You told me you loved me.

Kyle read the text from Lindy and sighed. Why did girl always have to make things so complicated? None of them ever seemed to be happy with what they had. They always wanted more from him. Couldn't they see how lucky they were?

His phone had gone off a couple of minutes earlier. He'd thought about ignoring it. Since he was him again, he'd been getting lots of texts. Mainly from girls who wanted to be with him. His popularity hadn't disappeared when his looks had. He guessed – although he didn't like it – that he probably had his father to thank for that. He hated owing his father, but he did. He also hated to say that, actually, his father was right. Looks were everything. Not to everyone; Lindy had proved that. But to the rest of the world... If you didn't look good, you were nothing. Being ugly had proved that to him.

Lindy... He needed to do something about her. She was a nice chick, and for a while, yes, he had had feelings for her. But it was just attraction, he had told himself. He knew all about that emotion, and about how it never lasted. His parents had taught him that.

And now he was beautiful again, what real difference did it make? If he was perfectly honest with himself, he didn't think he would've stayed with Lindy for long anyway. She was nice enough, but she wasn't really his kind of chick.

You told me you loved me.

He read the text again. How was he supposed to reply to that? He could just break it off with her... But the part of him that was still Hunter hated him for even thinking that. But... it was wrong, wasn't it, to keep her hanging on like that? This way was surely better. She could get over him then, move on. And then he wouldn't have to pretend so much anymore. Yes. He didn't want to have to push down what he felt anymore. He looked good, and he knew it. And if he looked good, he could be so much else. So much bigger than he was now, so much better. He wouldn't compromise himself for her, that was wrong. And so he replied.

I lied.

The ugly part of him was screaming at him, begging him not to press send. But the pretty part won. And Kyle knew, hitting the button that would break Lindy's heart, that the pretty part would always win. Because this world had no place for ugly people; and why should it?

He was beautiful again. That's what mattered. That's what had always mattered.

Hope you liked it!