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England... 1476...

Roger Kettlepot dashed quickly through the woods as he tried to out run the wolves. Beside him his wife Erie was running as well. Both had been running for hours and they felt they bodies slowly giving out.

They burst through a few bushes and quickly came to a stop as they were perched atop a cliff. He stared down into the stormy waters of a river far below.

Erie turned to look at him "Husband, they must not be allowed to take possession of the ring." She stated.

Roger knew she was right. He stared down at his hand as the dark black band that surrounded his finger seemed to glow an eerie light. The ring was powerful that much was true. It had been passed down through his family for generations. No one knew where it came from. Only that it possessed a great power that rivaled any wizards alive. That brought about the other problem, it seemed to draw those allied with the dark towards it. He believed the ring wasn't truly evil, but he knew that those dark beings would like non other than to possess the power it radiated.

"Husband, be quick. They're almost upon us." She said quickly. Both could hear the sounds of the approaching werewolves.

He quickly grabbed Erie and kissed her hard on the lips before he stepped back. He quickly recalled the incantation that his father had drilled into him. It was a last resort spell. One that was older than the magical world it seemed.

He muttered the phrase than watched as the ring slid off his finger and floated into the air. It began to spin quickly as a pulsating green light shown from it. Suddenly there was a loud crack and both shielded their eyes as a blinding flash occurred.

They opened their eyes to see that the ring was gone. He turned to his wife and gripped her hand. "It's been a good life my love, I shall see you in the afterlife." He said. She nodded and both jumped just as the werewolves burst through the bushes. They watched helplessly as the two wizards fell into the waters below.

Hogwarts.. 1996...

Albus Dumbledore sighed as he truly felt like an old man. He was overwhelmed with grief at the loss of Harry. The boy had foolishly went rushing off to help Sirius escape from Tom A.K.A. Voldemort. In the process he not only got himself killed but the death of several of his friends as well.

Albus picked up a letter that was sent from the Ministry. In the letter was the names of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Neville Longbottom. Albus felt great pain at the loss of such bright individuals. He glanced at the list once more and a new pain ached in his heart. The other students the three girls that had went with him seemed to have disappeared. He could only hope that they were safe.

Just then there was a powerful magical surge that went through Hogwarts. Albus immediately headed for the exit of his office. He had a thought as to where it was coming from.

He passed several students who were looking frightened. He paused as he reached the large doors that led to the grounds. He cast a glance over his shoulder to see several of the professors entering the room and he quickly pushed through the doors and stepped out onto the grounds.

At the far end of the grounds were at least a hundred death eaters, among them were several creatures of the dark. Albus shook his head as he made his way forward and stopped as he felt Tom's presence and sure enough the man appeared in front of him, only slightly surprising Albus.

"I see that your surprised that could get through your wards old man." Tom sneered. Albus simply nodded.

"Always so high and mighty aren't we Albus." Tom sneered as he started circling Albus.

Albus watched him as he pulled his wand out and prepared to duel Tom. What happened next took him by surprise. Tom stopped and smirked at Albus.

"The battle between us is still fresh in my memory, so I've taken a few precautions." He smiled.

Suddenly a dozen death eaters all appeared around Albus and as one they yelled "Avada Kedavra."

As the green lights traveled towards him Albus closed his eyes knowing he had failed.

When Albus dropped to the ground Tom walked over to the old man and placed a foot on his chest. He smiled down at him before he was overcome with laughter and stared up at the sky.

One of his death eaters stepped forward "My lord, what now?" He asked.

Tom came down from his euphoria of having killed his two greatest enemies. He glanced towards the castle where he could see several teachers and students staring out at them.

"We have some fun." He said.

Voldemort went about killing several professors that opposed him. His main target were the muggle children. After killing six of them he had a sudden thought as he saw an elf grab a pureblood and disappear.

"Lucius" He called. Soon enough his number one appeared and dropped to a knee.

"Yes my lord" Lucius said.

"I just suddenly had a brilliant idea." He said.

"What is it my lord?" Lucius asked.

"I've decided to extend a punishment that I've already installed in my home. Round up all the remaining muggleborns. They are now our slaves, if they resist kill them." He said. He turned and vanished.

Lucius stared at the spot where he had vanished and nodded.


6 weeks later...

"And so it came to pass several days later when the Ministry announced the Muggle Registration Act. All muggleborn witches and wizards had to register. They were told it was to keep them safe but that of course was a lie. As soon as one registered they were taken and had a magical collar placed around their neck. They were then shipped to an auction house to be sold to a pure blood family as a servant for the remainder of their years."

Hermoine put down the copy of the Quibbler and glanced around quickly. She grabbed the tray that held the glasses of tea and quickly pushed through the door and into the dining room.

At the table were Voldemort and several of his loyal followers. But to her horror Ginny was once again at the table. Only this time she was held in the lap of one of the death eaters. The look on Ginny's face made her want to cry.

Since they had been taken prisoner all three girls had been tortured and beaten. Voldemort had claimed the two pure blood girls and herself as his spoils of war.

She glanced at Ginny who by now had found a way to distance herself as she stared off into space without speaking.

Hermione felt revulsion as the death eater holding her pawned over her as if she was a prize.

Hermione was well aware of the things that they had done to the two girls. She only hoped and prayed that her being a muggleborn would keep them at bay.

She placed the tea to the men around the table before bowing deeply to Voldemort.

"Very good slave, now return to your quarters and do not disturb our fun for the rest of the day." He sneered.

She nodded and turned quickly heading towards the door. She glanced over her shoulder at Ginny and couldn't help but shudder. The eyes of Ginny that once held innocence and happiness were gone. Replaced by eyes that held nothing but pain and sadness.

She made her way downstairs and into the dungeon. She passed several cells that held prisoners before she came to a wooden door at the end. She opened it and stepped in.

The room was fairly large. It held two straw mats with a bucket for use in the corner.

"Did you see Ginny?" Luna asked from her place in the corner.

Hermione stared at the girl. Like her both had been tortured and humiliated. She stared at Luna who was covered with dirt, her blond hair almost black from the dirt and mud on the floor. She knew that she herself looked similar in appearance.

"Do you think they will let us take a bath?" Luna asked breaking her train of thoughts.

She sighed and shook her head "I don't think they will." She said. Luna nodded and turned back to the corner where she was making a picture out of the mud with her fingers.

Hermione made her way over to the other straw mat and sat down. "They've got Ginny again." She said in a pained voice.

Luna stopped and glanced back at her. "Let us hope.. that she remembers nothing of it in the morning." She said.

Hermione looked up to see a few tears running down Luna's face. She nodded and laid down on the mat and stared at the ceiling.

"Someone.. somewhere.. help us please." She begged inwardly. She had lost so many friends. She began to cry and soon cried herself to sleep.

Luna glanced at her friend before turning back to the picture. For the first time in weeks she smiled. The picture depicted a man holding a sword and shield. But the thing that caused her to smile even more was that in the picture, the man had a strange ring on his finger.

A/N: So this was the prologue. The next chapter will take place four years later. So as I said its a very AU universe. I'll warn you now that some characters may make it in the story and some may not. Till next time. :D