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Sum: AU. After Gabriel was murdered by Lucifer, he woke up on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. No powers, but memories intact. Thinking he's a danger to himself and possibly others, he is placed in a mental health hospital. Bennington.



"But I know where your heart truly lies," Lucifer said. Gabriel silently crept up behind him, raising his blade. Suddenly Lucifer turned around, grabbing his wrist and forcing him to slam the blade into his gut.

"Akh!" Gabriel made a pained and surprised noise. The blade had not made contact with his heart, but one more push, and Gabriel would be no more. The pain was almost blinding, and he frantically grabbed hold of his brother's hand in silent fear. He choked on his own breath, and several gasps of pain escaped his mouth.

"Here," Lucifer somewhat finished his statement from before. He looked behind to see Gabriel's double vanishing in a cloud of bluish smoke. He looked back at Gabriel who looked in his eyes. Gabriel's knees were loosing strength and Lucifer put a hand on the side of his brother's face. He felt Gabriel put a hand on his shoulder as he spoke, "Amateur hocus pocus. Don't forget, you learned all your tricks from me, little brother."

With one last look at his brother, Lucifer forced the sword deeper with a sickening sound. Gabriel threw his head back and screamed. His Grace poured out of his vessel and Lucifer dropped him to the ground as he turned silent. The sword still lodged in his brother's chest, made Lucifer step back quickly and take in several calming breaths. He turned away and walked. He didn't want to see the result of his work. He had just killed his brother.

Gabriel gasped as the breath was returned to him. He rolled from his back to his side and continued coughing. He opened his eyes and looked around. He wasn't in the hotel anymore. Instead he was in some sort of alley, with car horns blaring from the end of it. He sat up and looked down at himself. He wore the same clothing as when Lucifer had murdered him, but no wound was in sight. Only the blood as left, and it stained his shirt crimson. He stood up on wobbly legs as if he hadn't used them in years. He wandered towards the light, the end of the tunnel, erm, alley. All around him were skyscrapers, pollution and angry drivers. A man bumped into him, but he barely noticed it. He recognized the place; Las Vegas. In broad daylight. Well, evening light. The sun was slowly setting.

But what was he doing here? Gabriel looked at the sky, silently trying to ask Father for guidance. No answer was given and he scoffed; typical. He felt different though. Drained and so strangely… human. No, it couldn't be! He snapped his fingers in front of his face, trying to conjure up his favorite-flavored lollipop; nothing. He tried to fly away; nothing. What was going on?

"Excuse me sir, are you alright?" a male voice asked at his left.

He didn't answer, just kept staring at his hands in desperation. But when a hand touched his shoulder, all hell broke loose.

"Don't touch me!" Gabriel yelled alarmed. He couldn't trust anyone. If this was some sick joke of Lucifer's, he couldn't risk anything. "You're just a trick. A bloody hallucination!"

"Calm down, man." The man who'd grabbed him said and let go. The voice turned softer, "What happened to you? You've got a lot of blood on your shirt."

"Go away," Gabriel commanded in his most grave voice, but at his slightly weakened state, it wasn't much of a threat. "Just leave me alone." He looked at the ground and his eyes continued to travel to the hotel buildings and casinos that surrounded him. If this was Lucifer's doing… he did a damn good job. It looked so… real.

"I just want to help you, sir. What's your name?"

"Gabriel, now go away," he figured, if he just complied the guy would go away. The man said something he couldn't and probably wasn't supposed to hear. But he caught the words "hospital" and "police".

"Sir." A deeper male voice reached his ears and he turned around to see the speaker.

The man was taller than his vessel, and had dark eyes, almost black. Not demon black, but dark as night, where you couldn't see where the pupil and the iris met. Jet black hair that matched his eyes and a permanent frown on his face, reminded Gabriel of Castiel. Castiel. A pang of worry passed through his stomach and made it's way to his heart, which fortunately was still in place.

He then looked behind the man and caught the eyes of the man who'd spoken to him first. He was colored, like Uriel's vessel had been, and tall as the other man. He had brown eyes and a set jaw as he returned to Gabriel and the dark eyed man.

"So, Gabriel," the brown eyed man began. "Where are you from?"

"None o' your damn business." Gabriel didn't like being rude to them, but he just wanted to get away to a quiet location where he could think. He turned away from them and eyed the street name. Then he began walking. The two men followed.

"Gabriel, I think you need help." The man called as Gabriel walked fast on his light legs.

"Leave me alone." Gabriel didn't bother looking back.

"Gabriel we can help you." The other man insisted.

Gabriel whirled around in the men's faces. "Oh yeah? What makes you think that you can help me? You don't know a flying fuck about me. Now leave me the hell alone." He spoke both to the men and to Lucifer if he was listening. That sick bastard. He turned to continue down the street, but the dark eyed man grabbed his arm. "Get your hand off."

"We're FBI agents, I think we can help you." The dark eyed man said.

Gabriel let out a short laugh. "Yeah, because FBI agents have the power of God to smite all evil. Well, news flash; you can't help." He yanked his arm out of the dark eyed agent's grip and looked briefly at the other agent. "Just… stop."

"Wait, what did you say your name was?" the brown eyed agent asked.

"Gabriel," he answered then thought for a second. "Wait, who are you?"

"I'm Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner." Hotchner spoke. "This is SSA Derek Morgan."

"We're with the BAU." Morgan said.

Gabriel's brain worked fast, "But why aren't you in Quantico? Isn't that where the HQ is?" The fuel to the fire. His suspicion of Lucifer's work was growing.

"We're here on a case." Hotchner said shortly. Gabriel rolled his eyes. Of course.

"Who's dead?" he asked, not really expecting an answer. He wasn't given one. "You haven't finished it yet?"

"The Unsub is good." Morgan defended his pride. Gabriel almost scoffed, and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"I thought the BAU specialized in sick wackos. If you haven't found him yet, it's gotta be for the lack of evidence." He added the subtle compliment to soften up the agents. He caught agent Hotchner's sudden concerned look. "Don't worry; I'm not a sick wacko. But I've met some in my lifetime." He couldn't help but to think of Lucifer, Alistair and Azazel. Meg and Ruby had been pretty mean bitches too, but not as deranged as the other three.

"I could help…" Gabriel trailed off as the thought of Lucifer occurred to him again. "But you're not real." He backed away from the 'agents'. "None of this is. It's just another trick."

"What makes you think that?" Morgan asked with a strange look on his face.

Gabriel didn't answer. He was too busy thinking. Why would Lucifer do this? Granted, they didn't have the most perfect family chemistry, but still. It didn't make sense. But if this was real, why hadn't the sword killed him? Why was he still breathing? That didn't make sense either.

Suddenly, sirens were heard. Gabriel whirled around to look at the faint flash of lights further down the road. Danm. He looked back at the two 'agents', and saw the guilty-look on Morgan's face. His heart beat faster. He couldn't be taken away.

"You…" Gabriel couldn't think of a fitting insult in human tongue. Instead he started ranting in Enochian. He saw the confused look on both the agents, but didn't care. Bring it on! He could run in circles with anything they'd throw at him. He wasn't called Loki or the Trickster for nothing.

Finally the ambulance stopped beside them. Gabriel backed away and looked around in a final attempt to spot an escape route. Nothing.

"Please, -" Morgan began.

"No!" Gabriel said firmly. "I have my rights. Either arrest me or let me go."

"Gabriel, we think you need help." Hotchner said softly. "We think you should go with them."

"As long as I'm not endangering anyone including myself, you have nothing." Gabriel said, hoping he was right. "Now, can you point me to a library?" If he was gonna find out what was going on, he'd need a few books.

"A library?" Morgan asked confused.

"Is there an echo here?" Gabriel's patience was running out. Not that he had much to begin with. "You can even follow me if you want to, but I'm going whether you like it or not."

The 'agents' looked at each other before Hotchner went over to the ambulance crew. Morgan walked towards Gabriel. Gabriel backed away another step as Morgan entered his personal space bubble.

"okay, we'll walk with you. We're gonna bring another agent in on this, okay?" Morgan said.

Gabriel nodded, "Yeah, that's fine. Just no more than one."

Morgan nodded and speed dialed this other 'agent'. "Hey, Rossi. Can you meet me and Hotch at the library? We've found someone, and we can't just let him go. No, no, he's not our Unsub. At least we don't think so." A pause. "We're pretty convinced. Okay, see ya."

Hotchner returned to the two. "Let's go."

A/N: Okay so the beginning was from the episode where Gabriel dies. I needed to set the scene and all and not just start by saying; BAM Gabriel's alive! Of course, as a Gabriel-fangirl, that is what I really want, but I'm not sure the writes of Supernatural will agree. Also, I made Luci turn away, but that's just a little twist of mine.

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