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Supernatural POV

The cold wind scorched Gabriel's skin as they ran outside. Not used to feeling the cold, Gabriel shivered and hugged himself in a futile attempt at getting warmer. They stopped outside the hotel and Hotch took the initiative.

"Gabriel, where're we going?" he asked.

"Smell the air," Gabriel instructed. "A demon stinks of sulfur, and there's a good chance that there're trails around here." He then started to sniff the air like a dog for a track.

The team hesitated to act like bloodhounds, but when Rossi joined Gabriel's sniffing, the ice was broken. They spread themselves out in a circle going wide, and just when Gabriel thought they weren't gonna find anything, Reid called out.

"Over here. I got something!" The others gathered around him. He stood at the beginning of a deep looking alley. They couldn't see the end of it, but the foul stench of sulfur was clear in the air. Gabriel was very surprised but didn't show. The whole sulfur-smelling had been a very long, long shot. How had Reid even… Gabriel decided the truth could wait until he was a full blown Archangel again.

"Good job, now we follow the trail," Gabriel said with a smirk, but silently worrying about them. They'd never hunted before, and Gabriel was weak, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. They wouldn't put up a very good fight. Unless Gabriel taught them a few things. "Wait! Before we go, we need to gather ammo."

"Ammo?" JJ asked. "We've got guns."

"You don't poke a bear with a BB gun," Gabriel said wisely. "We need proper ammo. Where's the nearest gas station? They almost always have all you'd need in a hunt."

The group walked down the street towards Reid's appointed gas station. They could see it from the hotel, thankfully not far away. Gabriel still felt watched and now out in the open, he felt very self conscious. Right until he saw a pair of group of Halloween attendees walked in the opposite direction on the other side of the road. A guy even called out 'nice costume' to him, causing Rossi to chuckle.

"Lucky for you, Vegas starts the Halloween celebrations early," Prentiss said with a smile.

"Gabriel," Hotch began. "Are you okay?"

"I'm freaking fantastic! I've managed to convince real FBI agents that I'm an angel! Best prank ever!" Gabriel said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Gabriel," Hotch warned with a sigh.

"Seriously I'm fine, don't worry," he lied smoothly. He wasn't mistaken for a Trickster for nothing. If this No-Grace thing wasn't ended soon, he'd die. "I'm just a little cold," he offered with wide, innocent eyes. Hotch couldn't help but roll his eyes.

They entered the store and the girl behind the register smiled sweetly, "Evenin'." She then noticed Gabriel's wings and her eyes widened, "Oh My God, what a cool costume! Where did ya buy those?"

"Made 'em myself," Gabriel said with a charming smile.

"No way!" the girl awed. "Well, I guess nothing's impossible huh?"

"Dribble a football," Gabriel said.


"Nothing's impossible? Try an' dribble a football," Gabriel smirked.

The girl giggled, "Pessimist much?"

"Nah, but here's a piece of advice: Borrow money from a pessimist - they don't expect it back," Gabriel retorted, and then turned to finally gather the items they came searching for. He grabbed two bottles of water for each, seven packs of salt and a black marker. Then he looked at Hotch expectantly. A moment passed before Hotch realized the meaning of the look and sighed, pulling out his soon-to-be empty wallet.

The girl was still smiling when they exited the shop, hands full of 'weapons'. "Bye!"

They went back to the alley and put the items on the ground. Gabriel knelt and divided the items.

"Come on," Gabriel said, handing out two water bottles and a salt package for each. He pocketed the two remaining salt packs and pulled out the marker. "Roll up your sleeves."

"Wha- Why?" JJ asked, eyeing the marker in Gabriel's hand.

"I'm gonna slit your wrist, with this deadly marker and use your blood for satanic rituals!" Gabriel sarcasm returned. "I need to draw and Anti-Possession mark on you so the demon won't jump bodies."

"They can do that?" Reid asked surprised.

"Sure. They'll wear your pretty skin to the prom but ditch it for a different one if threatened by the school jocks," Gabriel answered and pulled Prentiss closer as she rolled up her sleeve. Tongue sticking out and all, Gabriel artistically drew an Anti-Possession mark on the inside of her wrist with the thick end of the pen.

"Winchesters' got these too?" Rossi asked when JJ walked up for her mark.

"Yep, tattooed on their chests," Gabriel said as he finished JJ's. "Although a little late. But hey, better safe than sorry. Now get over here so I can paint you black."

When the team was demon proof, Gabriel pocketed the marker, in case he needed to do more art.

"What about you?" Reid asked, gesturing to the pen.

"Oh, I don't need a tat. Since I technically already inhabit this body, the demon can't jump my bones," Gabriel said. "By the way, I don't suppose any of you know an exorcism?"

The teams' blank looks cleared it up. No.

"Damn," Gabriel sighed. "And we don't know how many they are… Or if they even have Morgan."

"What do you mean? Of course they have him-"Gabriel interrupted JJ.

"I mean alive… Morgan doesn't have any wards, and no training in how to handle them."

"But you gave a brief lecture, when you told us your story. That's got to count for something," Prentiss said.

"Yeah, better than nothing," Gabriel mumbled. "If you spot a demon, try to avoid it as long as you can. I'm the only one who knows the exorcism. But if you panic, throw salt at it or throw holy water on it."

"But this water isn't holy," Rossi said. Gabriel snatched the bottle from his hand.

"Not yet," he smirked.

As soon as everyone's water bottles had been blessed, they traveled down the alley. The sounds of Vegas dimmed and the sound of silence became louder. Gabriel lit the alley with his white clothing and his wings surely fit the divine being he was. Gabriel paused in his thoughts. Was he even an angel anymore? His Grace was gone, so he was technically human? But his wings were still there, so that ment it wasn't completely 100 % gone. His feathers were falling off, but that only ment he was dying soon. The ritual had less chance of succeeding the longer they waited.

"Gabriel?" Reid's voice pulled him from his thoughts.

"What?" Gabriel asked, and turned his head to look at the (much) younger man.

"You're not really okay are you?"

"What do ya' mean by that? I'm fresh as a Samsquatch on a Monday morning," Gabriel grinned.

"I don't understand that reference," Reid began and Gabriel barely contained his laughter. The line reminded him of Cas. Adorable, puppy eyed, socially awkward little angel. Come to think of it, Reid and Cas was pretty similar. Both knew too much, both could be immensely cute even if it wasn't intentional and both of them were like a cactus in a balloon store when in public. "But you're leaving a feather trail." Reid ended his sentence and pointed behind Gabriel. Gabriel followed the suddenly long line of feathers and blood and sighed.

"There's no fooling you, is there?" he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He noticed that all of them were staring at him now. Great! "It's just a warning my body's giving me."

"Warning you about what?" Hotch asked.

Lie! Lie! Lie!

"That I have about 3 weeks left to do the ritual in," Gabriel lied smoothly. No need to worry them anymore than they already were for their lost friends. "or I'll die."

"Die?" JJ said surprised.

"Yeah, you know, going past my expiration date," Gabriel attempted to lighten the mood. It didn't work. "But I'll have plenty of time once we get your friends back. So, let's hurry that along so I don't have to kick the bucket."

"Gabriel," Hotchner's voice stopped him.

"What?" Gabriel snapped, just borderline being rude.

"You should have told us," he said.

Gabriel rolled his eyes, and started walking again. "So you could do what exactly?"

"Help you," Rossi said.

Gabriel's eyes once again rolled towards the sky. The sound of footsteps behind him, confirmed they were following him. "If you think you can help me, then you're way loopier than any human should be."

The group suddenly stood in front of a large warehouse-ish building. Probably abandoned some months ago, it looked ready to fall apart at any moment. Typical demon hideout.

"That's it?" Prentiss questioned. "It seems a little cliché"

Gabriel shrugged, "I don't think they care. As long as there's enough place to tortu-" he cut himself off before he said something REALLY nasty. The damage was partially done as he noticed JJ and Reid make faces of disgust, though JJ's was stronger. "Anyway, we need a plan. We can't just walk in there, guns blazing with no real plan."

"Why not?" Rossi suddenly said.

"Why not what?" Gabriel asked.

"Why not just walk in guns blazing. We can't know for sure what we're up against until we're inside," Rossi continued.

"I didn't expect such a reckless idea from you," Hotch said rather frustrated.

"But it's the only plan we have so far," Reid said, taking Rossi's side of the argument.

"Are you saying my plan is reckless?" Rossi asked Hotch.

Gabriel couldn't hold the laughter inside, but he quickly covered his mouth in case the demons heard. This was too much. He'd already copied two of Dean's lines from a few years ago, and compared Reid to Cas. This was just too much. He was tempted to answer.

"What's so funny?" Hotch asked angrily, clearly annoyed that Gabriel could find anything amusing at this point.

"It's not you, I swear. It's just, when Dean was sent to the future," Gabriel paused at their disbelieving gazes. "It's not impossible. Anyway, when he was sent to the future, his future self had a plan of going in, guns blazing and kill the Devil right in the middle of a hot zone, crawling with demons and people infected with the croatoan virus. The future Cas doubted his plan, and future Dean said, and I quote, 'Are you saying my plan is reckless?'."

"And what did Cas, I mean, future Cas reply?" Hotch asked, still slightly annoyed, but softened somewhat.

"He said 'If you don't like reckless, I could use insouciant maybe'," Gabriel finally stopped giggling, although he was still smiling like a mad man. "I'm sorry, but it just cracked me up." He collected himself, "Anyway, I agree with Rossi, we don't know what we're up against. Only that it's probably more than one demon holding Morgan. Or maybe not, some demons like working alone. Let's hope this one is that stupid."

Reid opened his mouth to say something, but apparently something else caught his attention. "Did you see that?"

The others, including Gabriel, turned towards where Reid was looking, "See what?"

"Something over there was moving," Reid insisted, now pointing towards an overturned dumpster on the right side of the warehouse. "I swear, I saw something."

"A person?" Hotchner asked, pulling his gun out and aimed at the dumpster. Rossi followed his example and walked up beside him. Reid and Prentiss followed cautiously, leaving JJ and Gabriel in the back of the group.

"I don't know but- "


Gabriel barely had time to react before JJ hit the ground beside him, knocked unconscious. He only saw a blur of pink and a sharp pain in the back of his head, before he too fell into darkness.

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