Basic Info: Knuckles Echidna

Quote: 'I love grapes.'

-Sex: Male

-Interested in: Women

-Relationship Status: Single

Friends: 235

About Me: I am the guardian of the Master Emerald on Angel Island and the last of my kind.

People That Inspire Me: My ancestors

Family: Sonic (The Blue Blur) [Grandson] and Shadow [Great Grandson]

-Activities: Guarding the Master Emerald, punching things, gliding, defeating Eggman

-Likes Pages: Echidnas Rule, The Knuckles Clan, Strength is better than speed, Knuckles over Sonic, Dreads are awesome, Grapes taste awesome

-Music: Any of my theme songs, Brittany Spears, Beyonce, Eminem

-Books: Girls: For Dummies, How to Beat Sonic: For Dummies

-Movies: Vampires Suck, The Lion King, The Matrix, Elf

-Television: Animal Planet, iCarly, The Golden Girls, Seinfeld

-Games: Halo, God of War, Dragon Ball Z, Wii Sports

Basic Info: Shadow

Quote: 'Leave me alone.'

-Sex: Male

-Interested in: Guns

-Relationship Status: Single and not looking

Friends: 842

About Me: I don't care…

People That Inspire Me: Maria

Family: Sonic (The Blue Blur) [Father], Knuckles Echidna [Great Grandmother], Rouge (Jewel Lover) [Sister], Mega Omega [Brother]

-Activities: Fighting, Shooting things, Punching Sonic, Punching Eggman, Crying about Maria, Acting Gothic, Running things…LIKE A BOSS

-Likes Pages: Gun and Weapons, Maria Come Back, I'm so cool and hot that you freeze when I look at you and sneeze, The Ultimate Life Form, Sonic Sucks

-Music: Crush 40, Gothic Music, Lincoln Park, Miley Cyrus

-Books: The Art of Being Cool, Twilight, Harry Potter

-Movies: Sin City, Twilight – Breaking Dawn, Law Abiding Citizens

-Television: Law and Order, News 10

-Games: Games are a waste of time…

Basic Info: Amy Rose

Quote: 'I love you Sonic!'

-Sex: Female

-Interested in: Sonic

-Relationship Status: Married

Friends: 379

About Me: I love pink and Sonic! Mostly Sonic though! We're going to get married one day! So…BACK OFF HOOKERS!

People That Inspire Me: The love of my life-Sonic

Family: Sonic (The Blue Blur) [Future-Husband], Cream and Cheese [Sister]

-Activities: Chasing Sonic, breathing the same air as Sonic, smashing people, watching tear jerkers, eating ice cream, hanging out with friends

-Likes Pages: Sonic Fan Club, Piko Piko Hammer Time, Pink and More Pink, Hot buffalo chicken wings, Taking Charge When Needed

-Music: Adele and Taylor Swift

-Books: Stephen King's books

-Movies: The Proposal, Love and Basketball, High School Musical

-Television: Jersey Shore, Batman Animated Series, Parental Control

-Games: Dance Dance Revolution, Monopoly, Spin the bottle

Basic Info: Rouge (Jewel Lover)

Quote: 'Oh...shiny...'

-Sex: No thanks, too much isn't healthy ;)

-Interested in: Good Looking Men and Jewels

-Relationship Status: Single but not for too long

Friends: 3468

About Me: What to say? I'm a Jewel Huntress and I'm good at what I do. I own my own club and I do my own thing…

People That Inspire Me: Any thief that never got caught

Family: Shadow [Brother], Mega Omega [Brother]

-Activities: Flying, Stealing, Shopping, Looking nice, Bothering Knuckles, Stopping Eggman

-Likes Pages: Rouge Fan Club 1, Rouge Fan Club 2, Rouge Fan Club 3, Rouge Fan Club 7, Rouge Fan Club 13, Beautiful Jewels,

-Music: Whatever sounds good…

-Books: I don't read often…I've got more important things to do

-Movies: AntiTrust

-Television: Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, Law and Order SVU

-Games: No time for games…

Basic Info: Tails (Miles) Prower

Quote: 'I'll build it!'

-Sex: Male

-Interested in: Women

-Relationship Status: Single

Friends: 129

About Me: Hi, I'm Miles but everyone calls me Tails. I'm an inventor and I help my best friend, Sonic the Hedgehog defeat Eggman.

People That Inspire Me: Sonic and my friends

Family: Sonic (The Blue Blur) [Brother]

-Activities: Inventing, Flying, Helping, Studying, Making good grades, Reading

-Likes Pages: They say Nerd but we say Smart, Sidekicks, Trying new things, Meeting New People, Nerds Will Take Over the World

-Music: Soft music…Beethoven is good…

-Books: Several books, I love to read!

-Movies: The Bill Gates Story

-Television: The Kardashians, The Bachelors, Nickelodeon, The Simpsons

-Games: I don't like video games too much…

Basic Info: Silver (Simba)

Quote: 'I can't wait to be king.'

-Sex: Male

-Interested in: Nala

-Relationship Status: Betrothed

Friends: 337

About Me: I was tricked by my Uncle into forgetting who I am…but no more…I am Mufasa's son and I will take back the throne!

People That Inspire Me: Mufasa, Sarabi, The Great Kings, Rafiki, Nala

Family: Mufasa [Father], Scar [Uncle], Sarabi [Mother]

-Activities: Living life to the fullest, singing random but wonderful songs, playing around

-Likes Pages: The Lion King, Shaking my Mane, I have the roar of a lion, Moving things with my mind, I hate Iblis

-Music: Lion King Soundtrack, Michael Jackson

-Books: No time for reading…

-Movies: The Lion King 1 and 2, Fast and Furious, Wizard of Oz, Dumbo

-Television: Cheers, Rachel Ray, Fraiser, Lie to Me

-Games: God of War, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy

Basic Info: Blaze Fury

Quote: 'Have you ever felt fire melt your skin? Would you like to?'

-Sex: Female

-Interested in: Men

-Relationship Status: Single

Friends: 417

About Me: I'm a control fire so watch yourself…

People That Inspire Me: Nobody

Family: None

-Activities: Burning Things, Solving problems, Being Alone, Stopping Iblis

-Likes Pages: Fire, Hairballs are the Worst, Burn Baby Burn, Purple Rulez,

-Music: Anything will do…

-Books: A Child called It, How to get rid of Hairballs: For Dummies

-Movies: X-Men, The Silver Surfer,

-Television: Anything pretty much…

-Games: No time for games

Basic Info: Cream and Cheese

Quote: 'Let's make friends!'

-Sex: Girl

-Interested in: Chaos

-Relationship Status: Single

Friends: 73

About Me: I love Cheese! He's so much fun!

People That Inspire Me: My mom and Tails and Sonic and all my friends

Family: Amy Rose [Sister], Vanilla Rabbit [Mother]

-Activities: Playing with Cheese, having fun, hanging out with Amy, helping save the day

-Likes Pages: Chaos are awesome, I love everyone

-Music: Hannah Montana

-Books: Dr. Suess books, There's a Wocket in my Pocket

-Movies: Cat in the hat

-Television: Barney, Teletubies, Rugrats, Looney Tunes

-Games: Uno

Okay, so very short update...and this is kinda a filler chapter...I thought instead of making you wait for me to finish the update I'll just whip up something real quick. My apologies if it's not that funny, the next chapter will be though... :) Hope you all are having a good 2012 so far...