Chapter 1

The Journey Begins

As the trumpets of the tower sounded the fifth hour after noon I was sitting in my own tower room pondering the decisions that I had made today. By looking at me you wouldn't be able to tell that I was King Lebannon of the Archapelago. Today I finally faced that my kingdom was falling into another time of danger. This was nothing new to me, my kingdom was always being threatened by the Kargs, some dark or evil mage, and if the danger was really big dragons.

It seemed like so long ago that my friend Sparrowhawk had died and left me seek only my own counsel on matters that I knew my Great Counsel would be able to handle. Sparrowhawk true name was Ged. He was once Archmages of the Archapelago but had left it when all of his power was drained by helping me to get back to the land of the living after they had broken the spells of mage had threaten to join life and death so it would be a unending circle. This in turn had filled the prophecy that the next king would be the only mere mortal to cross the "dry" land. Then after being called back to life by the Master Summoner of Roke he died after we tore down the wall separating the living and the dead he died. Shortly after his wife Tenar died.

All of this had compelled him to look into some the strange reporting from the West Reach. It had been said that the forms of once living people were returning to their bodies and rising back to the living as an "immortal" form of that person not a day past their prime and not aging from then on. This was of some interest because of the recent deaths of my friends. So I had decided to go on a quest to look into these rumors but first I had a feeling I was going to need help so I decided take a little fate and decided to see if such a thing had happened with his friend Ged. Then I was off to ask a little help from a friend of Ged's in the far south. So far south in fact it was beyond this world to the "modern world" of Earth. Which was like the place where the other wind resided except it held a plane(magical plane like the Demonic and Elven planes) like our own.


When I woke the next morning I quickly got into my sailing clothes and wrapped myself in a big woolen cloak and slipped out of the castle down to the docks and into my boat the Dolphin. Then I started of into the big horizon with my mind set on the small island of Gont to the north.


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