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First Encounter

"Let me get that." Dane hastily reached for the backpack on the back seat of the car before Alex could protest.

"Oh, thanks." Alex mumbled, slipping out of the driver's seat with a camera casually hanging around his neck and flashing his boyfriend a grateful smile.

Dane internally melted, hiding the swoon behind a quirky smirk and slamming the back door shut.

After securing all locks on the car, Alex stole a moment to simply drink in the situation. Here he was, visiting his boyfriend who was looking exceptionally hot that morning, might he add. And there he was, grinning like an idiot. "..Hi." He spoke breathlessly.

Dane's smirk softened, eventually molding into a hopeless smile. "Hi." Not exactly the most eloquent of replies, but it sufficed. "Come on." Dane nodded at the direction of the Stuart doors, waiting till Alex fell into step beside him before walking up to the large double doors. They made their way up a spiraling set of stairs and a white, ominous hallway filled with curious eyes and hushed whispers, all of which Dane surprisingly were able to ignore, striding forward with the same air of confidence. Alex, on the other hand, couldn't help but blush at every lingering look thrown their way.

Eventually, they reached a skillfully crafted door which Dane pushed open, revealing a plush room filled with furniture Alex wouldn't have expected to see in a student's dorm. "Nice room.." He remarked, eyes still wandering the entirety of the four corners.

"Thanks. It was my dad's." Dane dropped Alex's bag on his bed. When he turned, a white, blinding light flashed at him and he couldn't help but wince instinctively.

Alex grinned at the picture on the screen of his camera. How this boy managed to always look attractive was beyond him. It drove him up the wall, truth be told.

Dane blinked numerous times, eyebrows high up his forehead. "Warn a guy next time, will you?"

"But the stolen ones are always the most fun." The amusement in his tone was evident.

"And the most embarrassing."

"My point exactly."

Dane snorted, peering up through long lashes to steal a glance at the cheeky Anderson. "You're lucky you're cute."

Alex blushed bright red, reminiscent of Reed Van Kamp's own features. "Shut up. Luck has nothing to do with it."

Dane almost laughed. "I see my humility is rubbing off on you."

"And I see your flirting skills hasn't gotten any better." Alex grinned, way too amused with the situation.

Dane's lips fell into an open smile, one delicate brow raised. "Is that a challenge?"

Alex paused for a moment, appraising his boyfriend with a glint in his eyes. "Is the sky blue?"

At that, Dane couldn't help the laugh that spilled out his lips. This boy was a quick one. Dane nodded in defeat. "Alright, you silver-tongued princess. Challenge accepted." With that, Dane's eyes narrowed imperceptibly, before a split-second decision ran through his unfiltered head. With one swift movement, callous fingers laced themselves with soft ones, Dane's eyes not leaving Alex's startled ones.

Alex could feel the apprehension emanating from the boy beside him. His gaze quickly darted to the doorknob to make sure it was locked. It was. But Alex still felt uneasy. "Are you sure you're okay with this? I mean, this is really nice, but if you're not comfortable-"


The way that rolled off his tongue sent delicious shivers up Alex's spine.

"Shut up. I want this. With you." Dane smiled, so genuinely that Alex felt his fingers tighten around Dane's hand on their own. Dane smirked, feeling the squeeze around his palm. "So how am I doing so far?"

Alex smiled coyly. "I'd say you're doing very well."