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The sun was slowly rising, and the rays of its sunshine, landed onto Alice's face. She blinked her eyes open, but couldn't clearly see. She had totally forgotten about last night, until she tried to stretch. Her legs were entangled with someones legs, and a strong arm wrapped around her tiny waist. She tensed, but looked at the nightstand beside her, and then to the door.

"Tarrant's room.." She thought to herself, and smiled delicately. She blushed when the memories of last night, flooded her mind. She tried to turn to look into Tarrant's face, but a burn surged through her lower self. She groaned, clutching her fingers around the sex. She saw dried blood, and felt a little queezy. She shook it off, and pressed through the aching muscles, and finally sunk back into the pillows.

She reached her hand up and fondled Tarrant's hair. It stuck out every which way, making her stifle a giggle. She sighed quietly, and started to ponder about her London life back home. Did her mother and sister realize she was gone yet? Surely they would have found out by now. She relaxed when she felt Tarrant shuffle closer to her, and her worries seemed to fade away. Maybe she'd visit her mother tomorrow. And bring her wonderful Hatter. She had to see how it all played out she supposed.

She randomly realized, that they were both, very naked. She flushed when he moaned in his sleep, her name slipping from his mouth. He was dreaming about her! Maybe she'd toy with him a bit. She ran her hand below his left nipple, and he tensed and clenched his hands. She smiled, and ran her hand down his belly, her fingers tickling his thin hairline leading to his treasure.

"Oh Alice.." He murmured. He involuntarily stroked her breast, and her nipples hardened to his gentle touches. She shivered, and ran her hands over his rock hard member. He tensed tightly, and woke with a start. She smiled at him warmly, and Tarrant realized where his hand was on her chest.

"Have you been being naughty, whilst I was sleeping Alice?" He whispered. She flushed a scarlet red, and shrugged.

"Well you seemed to be having a marvelous dream about me.." She said, leaning in close to his face. It was Tarrant's turn to be embarrassed now.

"Ahh.. yes I was hav'in a wonderful dream, thah I was.." He growled in his Scottish voice in her little ear. She decided to get bold, and straddled his waist, her naked body grinding into him, causing them both to arch their backs.

"What was it about then?" She asked curiously. His eyes glowed a deep green. He flashed her a toothy grin and ran his hand down her flat tummy.

"You and I were righ' here... an' you were on topp'a meh." He smirked. "Kinda' lik' righ' now.." She launched her mouth onto his and swallowed his tongue as far as she could. They lay there kissing passionately, a pulse growing in each of the lower bodies. Tarrant groaned, and Alice trailed her hair down his chest, down to his thick member.

Her hand grasped it, not really knowing what to do. She just went with her body, and slowly pumped him up and down, Tarrant's neck craning back in pleasure.

Feeling eager, Tarrant reached underneath his Lass, and toyed with her wanting sex. She was more than ready for him. Without permission, he grasped her hips, and slammed her down onto him. Alice yelled out in surprise, and clawed at his chest.

There was something about the moment, when his body connected with hers in such a intimate way, that made her want to cry. And cry she did. Tarrant widened his eyes and touched his hand to her cheek. He rasped in between pants,

"I'm sorry love... Have.. Have I upset.. youu-ghhh.." He said. He truly meant his concern, but he was almost to his climax that he couldn't speak properly. She only smiled, and blink her wet eyes. Tears fell lazily onto Tarrant's chest, and she leaned down to lick them away.

"No Hatter. You haven't. If anything, you've made me happier than life itself." She smiled. She shyly ran her tongue onto his nipples, and he was undone. He yelled out, and took her over the edge with him. He slammed upwards a few more times, releasing his heated seed into her depths.

Alice layed sprawled out on the Hatter's chest, and she sighed. She breathed in the scent of sex and his earthy smells. Tarrant looked down the beauty laying before him, and clasped his hands on the small of her back. He leaned in and smelled her hair, minty scents engulfing him.

"Tarrant?" She whispered. He shuffled to her side, so they could face each other.

"Yes love?" He said in his lispy tone. He was back to being the sweet, innocent Alice. She liked it.

"I've been thinking. Let's get married today." She said in one big breath. She looked away, fearful of his answer.

"I would love that Alice, but wouldn't you want a glorious wedding to be planned?" He asked her sincerely. He wanted the best for her, you know.

"Well in a way... But no. Not really. I just want to be married in a simple manner, by the White Queen. Surely she would agree." She said, playing with his bicep muscles.

"She most definitely would Alice. But I still don't understand your reasoning of not wanting a big wedding." He smiled sheepishly, pressing locks off hair out of her face.

"Well.. In a way it just reminds me of London too much. There was always so many big weddings. It was unheard of to marry quickly, and have a short ceremony." She smirked, "You know I love to break the rules."

"Naughty." He giggled, poking the tip of her nose. "Alright, lets get ready then."

Alice climbed off of Tarrant, and hopped off the bed. She grabbed her now dry robe. Her eyes shyly looked up at the Hatter and asked,

"Tarrant? What am I going to wear to the palace?" She looked down emphasizing that the robe simply would not do. He goofily raised his fist to rest underneath his chin, eyeing her from top to bottom. She flushed under his gaze, but stayed strong embracing his gesture.

After what seemed ages, he finally snapped his finger, and his eyes lit up. She smiled at him, urging to him to tell his idea.

"I'll be right back, go ahead and get your bath." He smiled warmly, and bolted out the door. She watched him with curiosity, and shrugged her shoulders. She turned around, and when she knew he had run downstairs, she let the robe slide off her body. She entered his bathroom, and grabbed a towel off of his shelf.

She bent over, turning the water spout on, hot water filling the clawfoot tub. She leaned against the wall waiting for it to fill, and suddenly, reality came crashing down on her. She was getting married. Married. Was she even ready? What would her mother and sister think? Would her father have been proud of her choice? After all she was seventeen. It was time she found a proper husband. But back in London, Tarrant was far from.. proper. She thought her was perfect, and she had a tiny feeling in her heart that her father would have felt the same way. She just hoped that was true.

She glanced over, and decided the tub had enough water, and sank into the heat that engulfed her tired and stressed body. Out of no where, she got the urge to just cry. To just break down and cry. She didn't even know why. Maybe she was crying for her mother. Maybe even her sister. But she had a feeling that it was more for her father. She washed her body slowly, crying hysterically. She could barely find her towel through her foggy, tear stained eyes.

She continued to let the tears fall down, drying her body off. She sat on the floor in front of the tub, wrapped in her towel. She sat and sat, and felt a hurricane of emotions rushing through her mind. Excitement, happiness, anxiousness, fear, sadness, and regret. She had no idea what she could ever regret. Maybe that her father wasn't here to meet Tarrant? She just didn't even know anymore. She was tired. If she stayed here, she would worry what her mother was thinking. If she went home, her heart would break to be without Tarrant. She was just.. so.. tired.

She heard a knock on the door, and that only made her wail even louder. The happy knocking ceased, and she heard the doorknob turn.

"Alice? Are you decent?" He didn't even wait for her to finish, and let himself in. He'd already seen her naked, what was the point? He looked at her and his eyes turned a light blue in sadness. He didn't like to see his Alice in pain. Had she fallen and hurt herself? What was saddening her?

He walked over, and reached to pick her up, but Alice pulled him down beside her instead. When he was nestled next to her wet hair, he smelled her beautiful minty scent, and let her cradle her shaking body into his.

"Tarraaaant...you have to f-f-forgive m-me.." She hiccupped uncontrollably. He just didn't understand. She wasn't going to back out? She wasn't going to leave him again?

"Alice? You aren't going back are you? You're leaving me again aren't you?" He asked, a sudden orange tint clouding his eyes. He was hurt at just the thought of that.

"N-n-nooo..." She wailed. She was crying so hard she was almost dry heaving. Tarrant was just so confused.

"Alice please breath. Tell me what's going on Lass." He reasoned with her, wrapping his strong arms around her quaking body. She took a few deep breaths, but only to hiccup a few more times. Finally after a few minutes she breathed,

"I have so many emotions blazing through my mind right now. On one hand, I'm worried what my mother would say to all of this. On the other I don't really care, and only worry what my Father would think. Tarrant he meant the world to me. He was the only one that ever understood me in my childhood. He believed my stories of Underland, and he believed you existed. Maybe not honestly, but he said he did for me. He loved me Tarrant. He would do anything for me. And I just wanted him to be here." She said in a few hiccups in between.

"Alice, I love you. Nothing will ever change that. No matter what your mind is telling you to think about, listen to your heart. Whatever your heart is telling you, and hopefully it's telling you to marry me within a few hours," He smirked, poking her wet nose, "And I know who your father was Alice. He came here long ago. He did believe you Alice. And I have a feeling he would approve of this marriage. Please do not stress my dear Alice." He said trying to calm her down.

Her eyes widened in amazement, "He came here before?.." She whispered. Why hadn't he told her?

He nodded, "Yes. It was before you were even born. It was when he had met your mother. He stumbled down the hole, and visited the white Queen often actually."

"I just don't understand why he never told me this... Maybe it was fate that I found you. Maybe I truly should stay here! Oh Tarrant, I just don't know anymore! I'm so tired of thinking. I just want to figure it all out right this second, but it's so hard." She sighed.

Tarrant nodded in understanding, and rubbed her thin back. She still felt like she'd lost a few pounds... He saw a memory of her body arching back ontop of him, her ribs protruding through her skin...

He hadn't noticed Alice looking up at him, poking his chest. He shook his head and murmured, "I'm fine." She nodded, and continued to look at him.

His heart ached at the sight of her beautiful pained face. Her eyes were bloodshot, her eyelids puffy from her tears. Her lips were chapped from her ragged breathing, and her wet hair flowing down her side. Her tiny body wrapped in his arms, slowly ceasing to shake.

"I can't have my bride looking so distressed can I?" He whispered with his delicate lisp. She smiled, blinking away the last of her tears. She leaned in, lightly pressing her swollen lips to his, his tongue tasting her salty tears. He kissed, kissed harder than he ever had. He tried to take away her pain, and to relieve her sadness.

She lightly groaned into the passion, wanting to fade away into his arms. She wanted to stay in his grasp for the rest of her life, because she knew he would keep her safe from any pain or suffering.

He pressed her down onto the bathroom tile, and unwrapped her towel, revealing her beautiful pale skin. He ran his scarred hands over her body, trailing the drops of water that escaped her still wet hair. She moaned loudly, her back lifting from the floor. He took this as a chance to remove to the towel so she could feel the cold tile. When he back met the ground again, her body reacted to the cold feeling. Her nipples hardened, and he lightly blew down onto them, causing her to shriek in pleasure. He wanted to please her this time. Only her. He wanted her to realize just how important she was, and that she was the maker of her own decisions.

"Tarrant.. ohh love..." She whimpered into his neck, as he leaned down to suckle her beating pulse. He ran his palms down her gentle curves, soaking up the delicate moment. It was all so innocent, and pure. Her soft whispers of her endearment to him, running her silken hands through his mangy orange hair.

He ran his thimbled fingers down her sex, and felt her moist lips. Her back arched in a blissful bridge, and felt all of her meaningless thoughts melt away. Tarrant knew just how to take her mind away from bad things in her life. He helped her move on. He helped her live the life she always wanted to. Adventure. Exciting things. Love. He was the perfect thing for her, and her mind was made up.

"I choose you.." She gasped, his fingers sliding into her chambers. He stopped, and looked into her lustful gaze.

"What Alice?" He wanted to hear her say it again.

"I choose you. I choose your love. I choose Underland. I choose all of this place. I love you Tarrant.." She moaned out in a pleasure filled sentence.

His eyes clouded over in love for this shy little girl underneath his grasp. He melted with affection, and kissed her fiercely. She let out a throaty laugh, and he leaned back in confusion. She started to laugh again.

"What's the joke Alice? Have I missed something fun?" He whispered into her ear. She only giggled more.

"No Tarrant. But look at us. I'm a teary eyed mess on your bathroom floor, and your lying on top of me in a scandalous way. It just makes me laugh I suppose." She giggled, and before she finished her sentence, Tarrant realized the joke and he too began to laugh a hearty laugh. She only became more turned on with the sound, and arched her hips again. His laughing turned into low growls against her neck. She moaned, and he pushed his fingers in and out of her soaking sex.

He continued to please her until she fell over into a abyss of pleasure, her cries echoing in the bathroom. She climaxed all over his hand, and luckily onto the towel below her. She blushed, but Tarrant was less than embarrassed. If anything he was incredibly turned on. He licked his fingers hungrily, and pulled her onto her knees.

"Come on Alice, you must see the dress I made you!"

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