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Chapter 1

It is the summer before my fifth year, and we are all hanging out at my house. We, being: I, Rose Weasley, my two years younger brother Hugo, and our cousins Albus and Lily. Albus is the same age as me, and is my Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny's son, and Lily is his younger sister, who is the same age as Hugo. They also have an older brother, James, but he's probably at Fred or Louis's house, some of our other cousins. But I'm not complaining about his absence; Fred, Louis, and he mean trouble, and if they're not here, it's all the better for the rest of us.

Of course, my younger brother Hugo is still being annoying, as younger brother's always tend to be. He, even at thirteen, is always getting into stuff he shouldn't be. It drives my mum crazy. Today, however, he doesn't seem to be doing anything particularly wrong, which is always a warning sign. He, Lily, and Albus are playing Exploding Snap on the family room floor.

Though, Exploding Snap is a bit annoying, especially if you're trying to read Hogwarts, a History for the fifth time.

"Ugh!" I cry, exasperated, "will you guys SHUT UP!"

Albus grins at me, "Loosen up, Rose," he says, "Come and play too."

I sigh and agree; it's pointless to try and continue reading with all of their noise. After a few games though, Hugo and Lily get bored.

"What do you want to do now?" Hugo asks.

I shrug, "maybe get some peace and quiet, away from all of our billions of cousins at Hogwarts."

Lily grins, "I think it's fun having them all there at Hogwarts with us."

"There certainly is a lot of drama with them all around," Albus agrees.

"Yeah," says Hugo, "but it was nothing like when our parents were at school! They had all sorts of drama then! And in Mum and Dad's fourth year, there was the Triwizard Tournament, and Uncle Harry won it!"

"Yeah!" says Albus, "I wish I could've seen that!"

"But," I argue, "At the end of the tournament, Voldemort came back! It was horrible!"

"True," agrees Lily.

"But I'd still love to see Dad battle that dragon!" Albus exclaims.

"Yeah!" says Hugo, "and when he rescued Dad from the merpeople at the bottom of the lake!"

"And the Yule Ball was that year too!" Lily says, "I wonder if Mum and Dad went together."

"I don't think so," Albus responds, "they didn't start dating until Dad's sixth year."

"Do you think our Mum and Dad went together?" Hugo asks me.

I shrug, "We could ask them when they get home from work."

Hugo doesn't seem satisfied with my answer.

"I still wish we could see those events though," he says.

"Maybe we can," I say reasonably, "we can just ask for their memories and watch them in a pensieve."

"That's a great idea Rose!" Albus exclaims, "But where are we going to find a pensieve?"

"Do your parents have one?" Lily asks.

I shake my head no, but Hugo gets up and starts towards Mum and Dad's room.

"Mum's always bringing home odd objects like that to examine," he explains, "maybe she brought home one of those things."

I shake my head, if she brought home a pensieve, we would have known about it, it's not easy to hide; but Hugo goes into Mum and Dad's room to look anyway.

Albus shrugs to the rest of us, and I reluctantly follow behind. As I guessed, we don't find a pensieve in their room; however, Hugo is holding something rather peculiar.

"What is it?" Lily asks. Hugo shrugs, but I gasp.

"That's a time-turner!" I cry.

"You mean it lets us go back in time?" Albus asks. I nod, in awe of the little golden hourglass.

"Cool!" Hugo exclaims, "We can use this to go back to Mum and Dad's fourth year!"

"No!" I shout, "They're not to be messed with! And if Mum brought it home, there was obviously something wrong with it!"

But Hugo isn't listening, he starts shaking the time turner, which I know isn't even how you're supposed to work it. But it seems to be working somehow, and as Hugo starts disappearing, he grabs Lily's arm, who then grabs Albus's, who then grabs mine. And so, we all plummet into darkness, and I have no idea where we are going to end up

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