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Chapter 1.

Danny's point of view.

Ugh. Stupid Paulina. She honest to god thinks I like her? What the hell gives her the right to kiss me? OH! And of course Sam had to be walking by the park at that exact second! She probably hates my guts. Actually she probably doesn't give a shit because like an amazing, beautiful, smart girl like her would even consider liking me. But if I did have a chance, Paulina ruined it with her stupid bitchy ways.

Flashback. (in the park) {Danny's pov.}

Nothing like a nice walk in the park after a long morning of ghost fighting. If only Sam was walking with me. Holding my hand and telling me she loves.. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Watch it Fenton. She is your best friend. Nothing more.

Nothing more.. and that is all she will ever be.

Suddenly, something knocked me from my train of thought. Which I don't mind considering what I was thinking about. Oh. Wait. It's Paulina.

Great. You know now I am really reconsidering just going back to thinking.

"Hello Danny," She said "how nice of you to come to me and chat!"

"Paulina. You came to me. Remember? "

"You know my name!" She screamed.

Oh shit. "Uh. Yes because you told me.. that one time." I stuttered.

"Whatever. How would you like to come to my place for something to eat?" What is that in her eyes? Lust? "I mean it is the least I can do for the town hero."

"What are you having?" I asked. I was not going to go but I was just curious.

"YOU. & You can have me. My treat." Gross..

"Yeah thanks Paulina but I have plans."

"I think I can persuade you to change your mind." And with that she smashed her lips against mine.

Nearby.. {Sam's pov.}

Danny Fenton. How come I can't get him out of my head? Because he is irresistible. Who was that? Your conscience? Well leave. That is impossible. GAH! Just go away for now then! ….. thank you.

Sam Fenton?That has a ring to it. Too bad he doesn't love me back. Wait! Did I just say that? Yes. LEAVE! I know he doesn't love me. Well who knows maybe I am just being paranoid and I am totally wro..

Oh. My. God.

Danny. Kissing. That. Bitch. Paulina?

No. I can not believe I was right! FOR ONCE I WISH I WAS WRONG. Ugh.

Wait? Is he struggling? No. that can not be. He Loves her I know. Am I crying? I am! Time to run away? Time to run away!

{back to Danny}

ew. ew. ew. ew. eeww. Get off me you dumb bitch.

Is that Sam? Oh man. I need to hurry.

"STOP!" I pushed her off me.

"Is something wrong, sweetheart?"

"Do NOT call me that. EVER!" I spat. "If you ever touch me again I will be forced to hurt you! Now good bye."

"But we are soul mates!" she called after me.

"In your dreams!" I yelled. Only Sam.

"Yes! I know!" She. Is. Pathetic.

Flashback over.

Now I have to find where Sam went.

Home? No.

Park. Yeah right.

Woods. Checked.

My house? Psh.

Tuckers? No.

School? No

Mr. Lancers? Did I seriously say that.

Ghost zone? Hope not.

Far frozen? Ill check later.

Our spot on the hill. I don't think so but ill check.

I went behind a nearby dumpster and transformed.

'Please Sam. Be okay'.

Right as I started flying it started raining. Sam loves the rain. She says it reminds her that's its not so bad, with her parents and school and she mumbled something else but I didn't hear her.

It was getting dark out. Then I saw our spot. Nobody knew to go around back through some bushes through a cave and up the corner. Well, except for Sam and me. Not even Tucker knows.

It looked like someone was there, Even though I was still far I could tell Sam from anywhere. I went invisible and flew up quietly. Was she crying? Over me? Maybe she did love me back. Not now mind! Okay. I'm here. Here goes nothing.

"Um hi." I said nervously.

She whipped her head.

"What do you want Danny? Haven't you done enough today?"

"Sam. Paulina pushed herself on me! You didn't stay long enough to see me push her off. Did you not notice any struggling?"

'Hmm. I guess I did' she thought. "How do I know that is true? You have liked that witch for as long as I can remember!" she said.

"I only did that to take my mind off the girl I really love!" I said. I can do this.

"Let me guess. Valerie?" she muttered.

"No." She looked surprised. Ha.

"Then who is it? Are you going to make me sit here and try to guess?"



"No. Sam"

"What are you talking about?"

"Sam! I-I love you! You. Always you. I didn't tell you because our friendship meant more than just seeing if you felt the same way! I never thought you liked me back so I never told you how I felt! I didn't want to ruin what we have right now! But I can't take it anymore! So hate me if you want." I turned around to leave.

"You- You love.. Me?"

"SAM! Who couldn't! Your beautiful, smart, kind, caring! You are perfect in my eyes."

"Do you really mean that?" she said while looking down.

I walked up close to her and cupped her cheek so she would look at me,

"Every single word." I started to lean in. Finally. This is the moment I have been waiting for! Nothing can ruin this! Not even. BOOM.. Thunder.. Ugh. I turned Sam and myself intangible and picked her up bridal style and flew us out of there before the tree that got stuck by lightening fell on us.

{Sam's pov.}

He is leaning in to kiss me. Oh. My. God. I am lost. I hear a boom then a crack but who cares! Danny is about to kiss me. When did it get so windy? Maybe I should open my eyes. NO! Cause what if I open my eyes and is a bout to kiss me. That would be so awkward. What is taking so long? Maybe I should open them for one second. Just to see.

Where are we? Why did he fly me up?

"Danny?" I ask.

"Hmm?" He mumbles.

"Uh. What are we doing?"

"Well I figured you didn't want to get smashed by a tree branch." I gave a confused look. "You mean you didn't notice the branch?" he asked.

Well how could I when you are about to KISS me? "Hmm. I guess I didn't. I was too focused on..uh." he had a smug grin on.

"What were you too focused on, Sammy?" Usually I hated him when he said that name. But this seemed different. I liked it?

"Um, nothing! It was nothing at all." My face was 13 different shades of red.

"Sam. You don't need to be embarrassed in front of me." He said whilst stroking my hair. Oh it felt so good. I want to kiss him so bad.

"What do you want me to say Danny? That I was so hypnotized by you that I couldn't even realize that a tree was about to crush me? I mean come on Danny! Who wouldn't be embarrassed by tha…" I trailed off when he pressed his soft lips against mine.

His lips were moving so swiftly, like he was a professional kisser. It was so calming and filled with love and passion. As much as I wanted to stay like that forever he broke the kiss. Son of a gun.

"Sam, I love you, more than anything in this world and others. As cheesy as that sounds. And I don't care if you have to say something uncomfortable or whatever, You can tell me anything. As you best friend.. or maybe something more.." The last part he whispered.

I was smiling and then I caught the last part. "Sorry?"

"Uhm. I said as your best friend."

"After that."

"Maybe something more?" he said unsurely.

"You mean like me be your.. girlfriend?"

"If you wanted to be.."

"YES! YES! Of course I would love to be your girlfriend!" I said a little too happy.

Then he kissed me.

{Stay tuned for the next chapter.}