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Chapter 11.

Sam Point of View.

After I caught up with Tucker and kicked him in the shin a few times, I had to fend off Jazz, who decided she wanted to protect her newly acquired boyfriend. I went back to Danny's side and pulled him arm around my shoulder.

A bit harsh?

He'll be fine.

Way to send a message.

Message received.

He laughed and then kissed my cheek.

"Stop talking telepathically and then laughing!" Jazz shouted once Tucker was on his feet.

"Nah, we're good." Danny said to Jazz. "We good?" This time the question was directed to me.

"We good." I said back to him.

"Where are we going, anyway?" Tucker asked. Danny looked at me with question.


"SAM!" Danny screamed and his eyes went wide. I started laughing, mainly because it scared the living crap out of Tucker. I knew this because his eyes were also wide.

We were about to continue discussing the where about of our destination, when we heard an obnoxious sound.

"BEWARE! For I am the box ghost. Conductor and master of all thing cubical and square!"

Serious, my boy?

My boy?

My boy.

Danny twisted me around and grabbed a Fenton thermos out of my bag. He then sucked the box ghost right into the thermos.

"Hey… when did you put a Fenton thermos in my bag?" I asked Danny.

"Uh, maybe a few…months ago." He said while throwing it back in my bag and then placing his arm back around my shoulder.

"Months? How did I not notice?" I asked, mainly to myself. I heard Danny laugh a little.

"So, where we heading?" Jazz asked after we walked for a while longer.

"I say we go to Nasty Burger." Tucker said simply, before mimicking Danny by putting his arm around Jazz.

"We always go to Nasty Burger." I whined a little, but not overboard.

"You got a better idea?" Tucker challenged.

"What about that new café down the street? It just opened and I heard it's pretty good." I said after thinking for a few seconds.

"Oh, yeah! I heard from my college roommate it was nice there." Jazz said

"That's what I forgot to say! I got accepted into early admission in the same college as you!" Tucker said to Jazz.

"Whoa! So cool! Sam did you hear back from that college you liked?"

"I changed my mind, I don't like it as much. That may be because I got a scholorship to the school in Canada that wants me go into classes for anthropologist studies.." I said to Jazz.

"That sounds pretty cool." Jazz said.

"Anthropolohoola… what?" Tucker asked confused.

"An-thro-pol-o-gist. Anthropologist." I simplified.

"So Danny, do you know where the café is?" I asked and turned around. I had noticed his arm go away a while ago, but didn't think much of it. There was no sign of Danny anywhere. "Danny?"



Where are you?

Loook iefknekjbfjkwe,bjnsd,j under jfkdlsfnjskilfhbil wat.. jdklcdsjkfl

Oh shit. I ran back to the side of the pier where I last saw Danny and looked around. I then saw some bubbles and I got a small glimpse of Danny. I threw my phone on the concrete and covered it with my sweatshirt. I dove in and swam to the spot where I saw Danny.

When I got to him, I saw he was unconscious and there was some kind of creature with a hook inside Danny's leg. I took a cinder block from the bottom of the pier and dropped it above the creature. At the same second I took the small hook and unlatched it from Danny's leg.

The hook was plain and had a smooth point, so I knew I could take it out right now. Thank you nursing elective in high school.

I grabbed Danny and swam to the shore. When I got there, Tucker and Jazz looked worried and when they saw me, they ran over to help Danny out. After he was out, I got out and ran to Danny.

"Call an ambulance! Hurry!" I called. I started CPR and I could feel the tears running freely from my eyes.

Come on Danny! Get up, stupid!

I continued for a while and I got a tiny pulse. I kept going and then the ambulance got there. I started screaming out when Tucker tried pulling me away.

"NO! Danny! Don't go! Please!" I cried out loud.

I need you…

We watched them put Danny in the Ambulance and start to drive away.

"Come on, Sam. We can meet them there." Jazz said wearily. I could hear the pain in her voice.

I walked quietly to Jazz's car and we drove to the hospital. The only noises the whole time the occasional sniffle from all of us, from crying.

When we arrived at the hospital, I ran in so fast. I went to the desk and yelled at them loudly, "I'm here for Danny. Fenton. Danny Fenton. He probably got here a few minutes ago!"

They looked up from their work and saw the tears in my eyes.

"Uh… yeah. I think their still working on him. But he's in 308."

"Thanks." I said as soon as I started running to the room.

When I got to room 308, I stood still for a second, really comprehending what had just happened. Then I walked slowly to a chair and sat and waited. After about 5 minutes, Tucker and Jazz cam and sat next to me.

"Sam.." Tucker started.

"Stop. Just… stop." I said. I just stood still and stared at the wall. It was about 20 minutes later when a nurse came out.

My head…


Am I in a hospital?


Where are you?

"Only one can go in at a time?" She said. Jazz and Tucker looked at me and nodded. I got up and ran to the room. When I slowly opened the doors and saw him I started crying again. He was rubbing the back of his head. After a few seconds, he looked up.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"What's wrong? What's Wrong? You almost died!" I screamed. "You almost died…" I whispered as I walked slowly to him. When I got to him I threw my arms around him and cried harder.

"Sammy, it's okay. I'm okay." He whispered into my ear.

"I almost lost you." I said through my tears.

"Hey." I looked at him, "I love you." He said as he smiled and kissed my nose.

Jazz and Tucker had their turn and after 30 minutes Danny was released. Jazz drove Danny and I to the Fenton household before going with Tucker to his place. During the car ride we explained everything that happened

When we walked in the door of his house he looked at me. I know I looked bad. My hair was everywhere and still wet. I'm sure my makeup was running, from the water and the crying.

"Stop looking." I said and walked past him and to the living room.

"Why?" he said and followed.

"I'm a wreck." I said while closing my eyes.

"You're not a wreck."




I didn't even notice him come over to me, since my eyes were closed. When he got to me he put his hand behind my neck and pulled me in for a kiss.

It didn't take me long to get settled into the kiss. I started kissing back before I felt his tongue licking my lip. I gasped and I felt his tongue enter my mouth.



You okay?

You're right. I almost died. I could almost die everyday and so could you.

Everyone on the earth could die at any second. I'm still confused.

As I continued being confused, I felt him push me against the wall and start to kiss my neck. That's when I got it.


If you want to?

I can't believe you just asked that.

I heard him laugh and make my neck vibrate a little. It made me shiver. I brought my fingers to the hem of his shirt and tugged on it, hoping he would know what I meant. Almost instantly he turned us intangible and I pulled his shirt and my shirt off.

Can we go to your room?

Of course, while I was thinking that, we were already flying upwards to his bedroom.


I noticed we were on his bed and he laid my down and then flopped himself over, right next to me. He propped himself on his elbow and looked at me.

"It's okay to be nervous." He whispered. I turned to him and studied his face.

"Don't feel like we have to do this." He said after I said nothing.

"I know I want this. I know I want you… but I'm kind of…embarrassed." I said quietly.

"Embarrassed? Of what?" he asked.

"That I'll be a disappointment… That you won't love me the same afterwards. That you won't love me at all afterwards..." I said.

After a few seconds of complete silence, Danny broke out into a hysterical laughter. It startled me and when I looked up from the bed sheets and into his eye he was staring at me. Then he rolled over and started kissing me again.

No matter what happens next, I promise I will always love you more than anything. Trust me, Sammy. But if you need more time for me to prove that to you, say it.

I know you love me. If you want to prove that anymore than you already have, don't stop.

He started to kiss my neck again, before I decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally. I brought my hands to his chest and brought his face back to mine. I kissed him on the lips one more time before taking my hands to his jeans and unbuttoning them.

I used my feet to pull his jeans down and kick them to the floor. I heard him laugh, a rather tension filled laugh I might add, at my laziness. I knew he was almost as nervous as me. I also know that he isn't doing anything because he doesn't want to push me.



"Relax." I felt him loosen a bit.

"And do me a favor?"


"Turn me intangible." He looked at me for a second before doing what I asked. I pulled my pants off.


"Wow. This is awkward." Danny said as he laughed.

"Let's just… not take this as serious as we're making it." I said.


"Let's get naked, lover." I said laughing as I said it. I got on top of him and unclasped my bra. I started kissing him.

"Danny, please touch me." I said after I stopped kissing him and looked him in the eyes. He nodded before slowly placing his hand on my chest and rubbing his hands on my breasts.

He removed one of his hands and placed them on my back. Then he flipped us over and started placing small kisses on my chest. His head moved to my left breast and he started to suck on my nipple, while the palm of his hand rubbed the other.

I moaned out loud before taking his hair into my hand and gently massaging his head. I pulled him back up and flipped us over again. This time I traced my fingers down his chest, over his muscles and down to his boxers. I pulled at the hem before yanking them down and using my feet to kick them to the floor. I pulled my panties down slowly and tossed those to the side as well.

He wasn't big or small. He was perfect. And he was hard.

I leveled myself with him, but he spoke up.

"Sam, are you sure?"

"Definitely. No doubt in my mind."

"What about protection?"

"I've been on the pill for the past year and a half."

"Really? That long? Please, tell me more." He said, looking kind of scared.

"Quit stalling. I want this." I said.

"Okay, but is it okay if I do one thing first?" I looked at him confused, but nodded.

"Great." He flipped us over quickly and we slowly floated into the air.

"Last time. You sure?" he asked again.

"Yeah, but what are we doing?" I asked right before he entered me.

I felt complete with him inside me. It hurt, but he held me tight in the air in his arms and didn't move an inch. He was like stone, and I could tell it was hard for him by the look of pleasure on his face. After a few seconds I started to move my hips around, feeling pure pleasure.

Danny lowered us back to the bed, before grinning at me.

Top or bottom.

"Bottom." I smiled after thinking about it. I wanted to see what Danny had. He spun us over so he was on top and looked at me, like he was waiting for me to say it was okay to move.

I grabbed his waist and started to move him.

"Oh god…" I whispered. "Danny? Go faster, please."

He kissed me on the forehead before moving in and out of me. It felt amazing. He was perfect inside of me. Like a glove.

"Sam, I love you so much." He said after a few thrusts. I started to buck my hips and I spread my legs and wrapped them around his waist so he could go deeper inside me.

"I bet I love you more." I said as I flipped us over quickly and started to move myself over him. I could feel myself getting close after a while and I knew he was too.

"God, Sam…" he yelled out.

"Danny, I'm close."

After a few more thrusts we both climaxed together and moaned each other's names out loud. He pulled me down to his side and pulled the blanket over us. He then wrapped his arm around me and putting his mouth by my ear.

"Not bad, not bad." I laughed at my own words.

"You're amazing." He whispered. "I'm glad you're mine."

I giggled.

"You can be like my permanent booty call." I said sarcastically.

One more question.


By now, you know that this relationship isn't based off sex, correct?

You obviously have been using me for sex.

I can even tell when you're being sarcastic in your thoughts.

You must really love me.

I love the sex that I've been getting for pretending to love you.

I love you, Danny.

No you don't.

Right, since I, too has been using you for sex.

It's obvious.



Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Really.

Hugging a beautiful girl who is at least 20 years younger than me.

He was being serious. I felt my eyes getting glassy.

"What happened to always and fucking ever?" I yelled and got out of his grasp. He started laughing.

"Can I describe this beautiful girl?" he said simply. I looked at him angrily, but nodded.

"Well, she has black hair. And she has beautiful eyes, like bluish with purple. Her mom is as beautiful as her. She takes after her mom. You see, her mother refused to buy her anything pink or peppy." He said laughing to himself.

"Her mother is amazing but also can be as clueless as the girl's father. Because the mother actually thought that her husband was telling her he was going to date a much younger woman in ten years on the day they first made love. Funny story, really." He then gave me a look and then he waited.

"Oh... my god." I said smiling

"I'm not an asshole, Sam." He said and pulled me back under his arm.

"Well…" I looked at his face.

"You're fucking hilarious." He said and kissed my cheek.

"If I got pregnant right now, would you leave me?" I asked while grinning.

"Definitely." He said then we both laughed.

"If I asked you to marry me right now, would you say yes or no?" He asked me.

"Try it out."

"My dearest Sam, will you mar…" He started.

"No." I interrupted.

"Good to know." He nodded.

We both laughed.

"Hey, I love you." I said.

"Hey, I love you." He whispered into my ear and then we both dozed off.