CHAPTER 1: The Arrivals

Percy and Thalia were walking hand in hand through Camp Half-Blood. It had been two years since the war, and Camp Half-Blood was finally finished rebuilding. They stopped to watch their Apollo friends playing volleyball against the satyrs with a smile on their faces. They were so happy that everyone was finally able to get back to their favourite and normal activities now that everything was finished.

Together, Percy and Thalia walked up Half-Blood Hill and sat under Annabeth's tree next to Peleus, who guarded the Golden Fleece, which had cured the poisoned pine tree, in which Annabeth's spirit had been stuck in for 6 years, and Annabeth had been reborn. Percy was absentmindedly stroking Peleus while Thalia led against his chest, when suddenly there was a blinding flash and they disappeared...

Connor and Travis Stoll were up to mischief again. They snuck into the Aphrodite Cabin and were replacing all their hair moose with shaving cream. They love pranking. They were chuckling mischievously when they heard people approaching. Frantically, they searched for a place to hide, when there was a blinding flash and they disappeared...

Nico had just heard the exciting news. Annabeth and the Hunters were visiting! Nico was absolutely ecstatic about seeing Annabeth again. He hadn't seen her for six months. He was running towards the Big House when they saw each other. Nico ran up to her and they hugged each other. They were so excited to see each other again. Together, they walked off to sit on the beach and catch up with each other when there was a blinding flash and they disappeared...

Bianca was looking down. She was in the Junkyard of the Gods on a Quest to save Artemis. She had just seen an action figure, like the ones her brother, Nico, collects. He hasn't got this one, she thought. No one will notice if I take it for him... She was just about to pick up the action figure when there was a blinding flash and she disappeared...

The Gods were sitting in the throne room on Olympus having a meeting on the Summer Solstice, when there was a blinding flash and six teenagers appeared out of thin air. The Gods were shocked at the arrival, some even falling off their thrones, although Apollo more in pretence then in shock.

Murmurs were heard from the new arrivals: "Where are we?" "Huh... Why are we here?" "What's going on?"...

Then, they noticed all the Olympians and Hades.

"Lord Zeus" they all said in unison, bowing respectfully. Then they bowed to their parents; Percy to Athena, Thalia to Poseidon, Bianca and Nico to Hades, Connor and Travis to Hermes, and Annabeth to Zeus. Then Annabeth and Bianca bowed to Artemis.

All the teenagers now saw each other, and hellos, hugs and greetings were exchanged.

"Bianca!" all the demigods shouted, Nico especially. They had all missed her and ran up and hugged her.

"The reparations are finished! Ohmygods this looks amazing! Percy, you did a fantastic job!" said Annabeth.

"Thanks, Annabeth," replied an awed Percy. He had not seen Annabeth for a very long time, having been away when the Hunters visited camp last.

Meanwhile, the Gods sat there, watching in confusion and surprise, all wondering the same thing: What is going on here?

"What is going on here? We haven't called you here..." asked Athena.

"I would like to know that, too," said Annabeth.

"But what are you doing here?" asked an annoyed Dionysus asked. He had had enough Half-Bloods. The meetings on Olympus were the only time he could escape from the brats, but now it seems he cannot even evade them here.

There was another two blinding flashes and Hades and a pile of books appeared.

Thalia walked over to the books, picked up the note and read it out loud.

Dear Olympians, Hades and Demigods,

You are all probably wondering why you have been brought here to Olympus. I thought it would be a good idea, now that everything is sorted and back to normal, that you read about how events would have taken place if positions had been swapped between the Demigods. Therefore, I have enclosed a five part series in which the places of Percy, Annabeth and Thalia have been switched. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them. Yours sincerely,

The Oracle of Delphi.

"Alrighty then... What are these books called?" asked Apollo.

Thalia, being the closest to the books answered, "'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief', 'Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters', 'Percy Jackson on the Titan's Curse', Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth' and 'Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian'."

"Ok, let's start reading then," said Percy.

"And seeing as they are about you, you can read first," said Hera, handing Percy the first book, while Zeus materialised some chairs for them all to sit on.

"Ok. Everyone settled?" asked Percy, receiving nods all around in answer. "Good, then let's begin," he said, opening to the first chapter. "The first chapter is called..."