Kurt, February, 2011

Kurt paced nervously back and forth in the foyer, waiting impatiently. His appointment was at 12:30pm and while his ride was normally quite punctual, he was 3 minutes late. Kurt was this close to whipping out his cell phone and dialing, when he heard the tell-tale honk of his ride's arrival. Kurt whipped open the front door and then locked it behind him. He stomped towards the car, trying to give the driver his most impressive bitch face. It was difficult, seeing as the driver was his very best friend and had the most adorable smile on his face, eager like a puppy.

Kurt opened the driver's side door and climbed into the jeep. "You're late."

Blaine's smile faltered for a millisecond as he checked the clock on the dashboard. Once he realized that the time was not what he would qualify him as late, his face broke out into a smirk.

"Three minutes hardly qualifies as late, Kurt. Stop giving me that look."

Kurt's bitch face turned into a small smile and he laughed. "It's late when this 12:30 appointment is going to be the best appointment of my young life, I'm sure." It was 6 weeks to the day that Kurt had broken his wrist. It was also 6 weeks to the day that Kurt had met Blaine. What Kurt had thought was going to be some of the most horrible weeks of his life, turned out to be his best. Kurt was getting his cast off today. He was going to get to wear his skinny jeans again without having an awkward encounter with his father. He was going to style his hair properly again, while even though he thought he perfected the one-handed styling, it just wasn't the same. He was also going to get to shower in completely privacy something he didn't appreciate as much as he did now.

"Thanks for bringing me today, Blaine. I really appreciate it."

Blaine took his eyes off the road quickly to give Kurt a reassuring look. "It's no problem, Kurt. It's not your fault that Burt's important conference and Carole's sister's wedding happened on the same weekend. You were okay this morning, though?"

"Yeah, I was fine. I showered last night and I made sure to get up extra early before everyone left so Carole could help me get dressed."

"Before you know it, you'll be able to do all those things on your own again!" said Blaine, excitedly, looking over at him.

"I know! It's so close I can almost taste it." Kurt sat back in his seat and picked up the non-fat mocha Blaine had picked up for him at The Lima Bean. "Thank you for the coffee, by the way."

"I figured you probably didn't get too much sleep last night."

"Well, you figured right. I was too excited to sleep! I should have gotten my dad to book an earlier appointment…"

"Well, you survived, it's just a matter of time now," said Blaine. He reached over and squeezed Kurt's leg quickly. Kurt looked out the window to try and hide the bright smile and slight blush on his cheeks.

Ever since Blaine had gone over to Kurt's house on New Year's Eve, the two had been inseparable. For the rest of the Christmas break, they were together most of the time. Blaine lived so close to Kurt, so it was easy for them to take trips to The Lima Bean, or the mall. They had marathon discussions from anything to fashion, to Broadway, to future plans. Kurt was inherently upset when Blaine had to go back to Westerville for school, but Blaine promised he would come home on the weekends as much as he could. Westerville wasn't that far away and Kurt swore once he could drive again he would drive to Westerville once in a while so Blaine wouldn't waste so much money on gas. (Even though Blaine had told him it wasn't a waste, Kurt, I want to spend time with you).

Unfortunately, Kurt still had a massive crush on Blaine. He absolutely tried his hardest to focus on their friendship, instead of his ever persistent romantic feelings towards him, but it was so difficult. He had even had a little mini breakdown when he had a girl's night with Mercedes and Rachel. They convinced him to wait it out, that if Blaine felt anything other than friendship towards him he would come to terms with it eventually. So Kurt tried to settle down and instead he revelled in his newfound friendship. His new best friend. Although he would never be sure if Blaine would ever want to be more, he was thankful for Blaine. These past 6 weeks would have been awful had it not been for him. He was always willing to talk, no matter what time of day or night. He even drove all the way to McKinley and skipped a class because Kurt was have a horrible day. Blaine spent the weekend and they laughed all day long and cooked and even cuddled on the couch a little. Blaine was forced to sleep on the couch, but once or twice Burt found them leaning against each other, asleep, with the light from the DVD menu flashing on their faces.

"So Blaine, what should we do to celebrate? Shopping? Lunch at Breadstix?"

"Actually, Kurt, if you don't mind, I had a little something planned to celebrate," said Blaine.

"Oh, really now? Plan on letting me in on your super secret plans, or no?"

"Hmmm…the latter," said Blaine, winking at him.

"Fine," said Kurt with a huff. "That means I'm in charge of the radio, if you're going to be like that."

"Kurt, if you're trying to prove a point, I don't think it's going to work. We like the same kind of music."

"Shut up, Blaine."

After several minutes of playful banter, finally, finally they had arrived at Lima Memorial. Kurt urged Blaine to park closest to the building, (I promise I'll give you some money okay, let's just go!) and they rushed into the building. Blaine nodded in greeting at the security guard sitting at the front desk and took Kurt's good hand and led him to the outpatient registration.

After filling out the required forms, Kurt and Blaine headed up to the Paediatric floor. Of course Caroline, everyone's favourite nurse, greeted them at the desk. As soon as she saw the two of them, she rushed around the desk and practically tackled the boys.

"I haven't seen you both since Kurt's mid-way check-up! Where have you been? How are you? How are things?" she exclaimed.

"Caroline, breathe," said Blaine, teasingly. "When I wasn't at school, I was hanging out with Kurt or performing with the Warblers. I'm sorry I haven't been by much. I've just been busy….ever since Sierra went home, I really haven't thought of coming much," said Blaine, sadly.

Kurt could tell Blaine felt guilty for not visiting as frequently as he used to. A few weeks after they had met, Sierra started feeling a lot better and had gone back home to Columbus and getting her chemotherapy done at the outpatient clinic. Seeing as one of Blaine's best friends wasn't at the hospital anymore, he didn't have much of a reason to spend his weekends off volunteering. He instead spent more time with Kurt.

"Don't worry Caroline," Kurt cut in, "I'll make sure when Blaine comes to visit me on the weekends that we'll stop by."

"Thanks, sweetie," said Caroline. "We miss him around here!" Blaine smiled softly and looked down at his shoes.

"I miss you guys too," said Blaine. "I've just been a little preoccupied, I guess." Blaine looked up at Kurt and winked. Kurt pretended to ignore the intense flush that creeped up on his cheeks and the flutter of his heartbeat when Blaine had said that, fully intending he had been preoccupied with spending time with Kurt.

"Yeah, of course," said Caroline. She looked at Blaine and Kurt knowingly with a little smirk on her face. Kurt blushed again. "Now, let's go. Dr. Robinson is waiting for you Kurt! Excited?"

"Caroline, the emotions I am feeling right now can't even be put into words," said Kurt.

Caroline led Kurt and Blaine down one of the halls on the floor into a room that looked more like it belonged in a clinic or Doctor's office than a hospital. Dr. Robinson was tending to something at one of the medical trays and facing away from them. Caroline knocked quickly on the opened door to notify them of their arrival and Dr. Robinson whirled around to face them.

"Ah! Mr. Hummel, ready to get this pesky cast off?" the doctor asked. "And I see you brought Blaine along for moral support I suppose?"

"Um…" Kurt laughed nervously. "My parents are out of town and Blaine offered to bring me."

The doctor smiled and nodded at them. "That's nice. Now, let's get started. I took a look at the X-rays you got done a couple of days ago and I am very pleased to say that the breaks have healed completely."

Kurt let out a sigh of relief. "Perfect."

"Now, I don't know if you remember me mentioning it to you before, but you will need to do some physical therapy to gain some strength back into your wrist. It'll be a little stiff when I take the cast off, but I'll show you a couple of stretches to help loosen your wrist a little bit before you see the physical therapist, alright?"

"Sure," said Kurt, nodding. "Is there anything I won't be able to do?"

"The one thing I'm going to advise against is any heavy lifting. No over extension of the wrist, not until your muscles get stronger, okay?"

"But I can wear my skinny jeans again? And perform my moisturizing routine? And shower alone?"

The doctor laughed, "Yes, sir. I assure you that that will all be fine."

"Good, I just wanted to make sure."

"Alright, well, let's get started. Just hop up on the table there and remove your jacket." Once Kurt had followed the doctor's instructions, he continued to speak. "Now, this is a fairly simple procedure Kurt. First, I'll ask you to put on these safety glasses to protect your eyes from any dust that might fly out. I'll also ask you to wear these earmuffs because the saw is quite loud. Now, this is the saw I'll be using to cut the cast. It oscillates from side to side, so there is hardly a risk for it to cut your skin, alright Kurt? Do you understand?"

As the doctor held up the cast saw, Kurt blanched. Just the fact that a saw was going to be this close to touching his skin terrified him.

"Kurt," the doctor said seriously, "it will not cut you, I promise, alright?" Kurt blinked and nodded.

"Okay, I trust you. But please know that I will sue you for everything you have if you do."

The doctor just laughed.

"Okay, now, once I cut the cast, I'll break it apart using this instrument here. Once I take off the cast, I'll cut the padding with these scissors. Once I take a look at the skin and see that everything is alright, I'll wash it with a light soap, because honestly? This part of your arm hasn't been washed in 6 weeks. It gets kind of gross under there after a while."

Kurt and Blaine both made a disgusted face at the mention of Kurt's arm not being washed for 6 weeks.

"Don't worry Dr. Robinson, I prepared for this. I brought some of my best soaps and moisturizers. Hopefully I can get my skin back to its normal perfection soon," said Kurt, determined.

"Alright. Well now, should we get started?" Kurt nodded. Dr. Robinson handed out a pair of safety glasses and ear muffs to both Kurt and Blaine and put some on himself as well. He gestured to Kurt, asking him to place his arm outstretched on the table in front of him. He picked up the saw and looked up at Kurt to make sure he was ready.

"Ready?" he mouthed.

Kurt nodded his head, although he blanched again at the thought of the saw. His good hand started to shake nervously and he was becoming increasingly pale. Blaine noticed immediately and gripped Kurt's good hand with his own.

"It'll be fine," he mouthed assuredly at Kurt. Kurt closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He flinched a little at the distant sound of the saw whirring and focussed on his hand in Blaine's.

Well this is terribly familiar, thought Kurt, scathingly.

Sooner than he thought, he felt the slight pressure and vibration of the saw cutting through the cast. He closed his eyes tighter and Blaine squeezed his hand harder. Suddenly, the sound and the vibrations were gone. Blaine tapped his shoulder and he opened his eyes to see Blaine smiling widely at him.

"All done," he mouthed. Kurt sighed in relief once again. Blaine leaned towards him and plucked the earmuffs off his head.

"Now, was that so bad, Kurt?" asked the doctor.

"No, I guess not," said Kurt with a huff. He was kind of embarrassed for acting like a baby about the whole situation.

"Don't worry Kurt," said Blaine, soothingly. "I would have been scared too."

Kurt looked over at his friend and smiled, "Thanks for making me feel like I'm not such a baby after all."

Blaine gasped in fake horror, "Nonsense!" Kurt chuckled.

"Two more steps left and you'll have your arm back to normal, Kurt!" said the doctor. Kurt wiggled his toes excitedly.

"Almost there Blaine! Oh my gosh I can't even believe it."

"I know, Kurt! I'm so excited for you," he said as he placed his arm around Kurt's shoulder and squeezed.

The doctor picked up the cast spreaders and inserted the instrument in the cut running through the cast. With a strong squeeze, the cast popped open and he grabbed it before it fell to the ground.

A rush of air hit Kurt's sensitive skin and he almost forgot to hold his arm up without all the extra weight holding it down. The doctor snipped through the gauze covering Kurt's arm and all of a sudden, he was free.

"Blaine, please pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming, alright?" said Kurt, a little breathlessly.

Blaine laughed and squeezed his shoulder a little tighter. "Kurt, I assure you, you aren't dreaming."

"Wow." Kurt's arm was finally exposed from the cast it had been wearing for the last 6 weeks. His skin was as pale as normal and yeah, it looked a little gross. Otherwise, it looked normal and the doctor deemed it perfectly fine.

"Try flexing your wrist a little for me," the doctor instructed. "Wiggle your fingers, move your hand around and tell me if it's more painful than a stiff muscle."

Kurt delicately wiggled his fingers and twisted his wrist slightly. He squinted a little at the tightness, but there was no pain. "It's fine, it doesn't hurt. It just feels like it was in a funny position while I was sleeping or something."

"Perfectly normal," said the doctor. "Keep moving your wrist around, but nothing too extreme. I just want you to loosen the muscles. Your wrist will feel weak for a while, but once you start physical therapy, everything should be back to normal. Now, I'll leave you here for a few minutes. Go ahead and wash your arm up. Just make sure the water isn't too hot. Your skin is probably more sensitive than normal. I'd also recommend using something with an SPF in it, just because the area hasn't had any sun exposure in a long time. I don't want you to burn."

"Noted," said Kurt, nodding excitedly. He was still moving his wrist around in wonder. After having it not functioning for almost 2 months, he was absolutely ecstatic.

"Come on Blaine," said Kurt, hopping off the table. "Let's go wash this filth off my arm."

Blaine laughed and followed him, picking up Kurt's bag on the floor as Kurt flounced to the bathroom.

"What stuff do you want to use?" asked Blaine as he opened Kurt's bag. Before Kurt had left the house, he had packed several of his most special body washes and moisturizers to take care of his newly exposed skin.

"Let me get it Blaine, I can do these kinds of things again!" Kurt gently grabbed his bag out of Blaine's hands, being careful of his weak wrist. He picked through the bottles, taking out two of them, along with a soft towel from his bathroom. He set his supplies on the ledge of the sink and turned the tap on with his left hand.

"Blaine, look! I just turned the tap on with my left hand! This is insane!"

"I know man, it's awesome," said Blaine, encouragingly.

Kurt worked quickly to wash and moisturize his left arm. Every time he opened a bottle or turned the tap off created a burst of happiness in his chest that was hard to describe. He was just so happy that this whole ordeal was finally over. He could start dressing as he normally would and styling his hair properly. He could finally drive again! And make his bed nicely. And shower! And do up his jeans on his own! And wear fitted shirts with buttons.

Life was good.

Kurt had stayed at the hospital for about another half an hour or so. He listened carefully to his doctor's instructions and met quickly with the physiotherapist. After he had filled out all of the required forms, Kurt was allowed the leave the hospital, cast free, but not before saying goodbye to Caroline and again promising to stop by with Blaine every once in a while to visit. Eventually, they made their way out to the car. Kurt was still buzzing a little with the excitement of buttoning his jacket with two hands (although he was quite practiced at doing it one-handed). Blaine laughed as Kurt practically dragged him to the car. Kurt had hid a bottle of hairspray and a boar bristle brush in his bag. I can finally style my hair properly again! He climbed into the passenger seat and flipped down the visor overhead and exposed the mirror.

"It's small, but it'll do," he said to Blaine, peering at his own reflection in the tiny mirror.

"Sorry Kurt, I'm afraid my Jeep doesn't come equipped with a vanity."

"Have you thought about putting one in the trunk? You have some space back there," he said, teasingly.

"Kurt, I'm not the one with a Navigator. You'd have ten times more space in your own car."

"While this may be true, I'd be driving. I wouldn't be able to check my hair while I was driving, Blaine. This arrangement works perfectly fine."

"Does this mean I'm your chauffeur from now on…? I don't think I like this arrangement much." Blaine looked over at Kurt, his eyes twinkling.

Kurt looked over at him sceptically, "You'll do for now. Although I do prefer my drivers a little taller. I do like for them to be able to reach the foot pedals properly."

"Oh, shut up Kurt! I'm not that much shorter than you!" exclaimed, punching Kurt lightly in the arm. "Can we leave now?"

"I suppose. Are you sure you don't want to tell me where we are going?"

"Absolutely not."

Kurt angled his body towards the window of the car, smiling softly at the snowmen littering the yards on the way to Blaine's secret destination. Not only was this a beautiful day in Kurt's mind, the weather has decided to go along with Kurt's good fortune. Not a cloud was in sight and it had snowed a couple of days ago, leaving everything covered in a light white powder of snow. The sun was shining bright, a rare occurrence during the drab Ohio winter. Kurt laughed a little at himself. It wasn't very often that Kurt Hummel appreciated the beauty of the world around him, especially since it liked to kick him when he was down most of the time. But maybe, just maybe the appearance of a certain Warbler had shown him that the world was a little brighter than Kurt thought it was, even in Lima, Ohio.

Kurt didn't think I was possible, but Blaine lifted his spirits. He reminded him of what was good in life. Kurt hadn't watched Disney in years until Blaine came along. They had silly sing-alongs when no one was home and watched marathons of Friends and America's Next Top Model, they brainstormed song ideas for their respective Glee clubs and made list and lists of prospective solos. Their conversations ranged from the most serious to the most silly. Blaine was there whenever Kurt was in an absolute rage over whatever hurtful thing was written over his locker that day or when Kurt was sobbing because his dad was this close to throwing away his mother's old dresser that still smelled like her, even though his dad couldn't smell anything.

Everything had changed for Kurt once he broke his wrist, and honestly he couldn't be more thankful of it.

While the drive wasn't entirely long, Kurt had zoned out a little, enjoying the peaceful quietness of the drive over. He spent the car ride just simply appreciating the fact that he was here, in this moment. That he had a friend so willing to make him happy and who Kurt could make happy in return. He hummed quietly along to the music playing lowly on the car radio, Blaine occasionally tapping his hands against the steering wheel, or singing along softly. He kept his lips shut for the whole drive. Kurt thought Blaine must have been so excited that by even opening his mouth to speak would spoil the surprise.

Blaine finally pulled over the car at a deserted playground. The playground looked fairly new; the play structures stood out in bright primary colours and were only covered with a small amount of snow. The swings swayed back and forth with the wind and each seat had a little pile of snow on it. The sandboxes were visible, but again, covered in snow.

"Why did you bring me to a playground, Blaine?" asked Kurt, climbing out of the car.

"Because…" said Blaine, getting out of the car. "You kind of lost your freedom, when you broke your wrist, right? You couldn't drive and it was just generally difficult for you to do some things, right?"


Blaine stood next to Kurt and looked over at the swing set. He dug around in his pocket and produce a pair of gloved and handed them to Kurt. Kurt look at him, puzzled.

"Kurt, what better way to be free than to fly?" Blaine replied as he pointed at the swings. "Come on. We're going on the swings."

Blaine tried to tug Kurt in the general direction of the swings, but Kurt planted his feet.

"Blaine, my hair."

"Kurt, let it go. Have some fun. Come on, didn't I teach you it was nice to have fun once in a while?" said Blaine, nudging Kurt playfully in the shoulder.

Kurt couldn't resist the grin on Blaine's face and gave in quickly. "Fine. But you have to push me."

"Well I thought we could swing together, but I guess I can be nice, just this once. I guess you kind of deserve it…" said Blaine, dragging out his words and rolling his eyes adorable. He grabbed Kurt's left hand, (We can hold hands on this side now!) and pulled him towards the swings. He brushed snow off of one of the swings and Kurt applied his borrowed gloves before he sat down.

"Ready?" asked Blaine, close to his ear. Kurt nodded, his stomach flitting with nerves. Suddenly Blaine's hands were spread wide against his back and he started to push Kurt on the swing. Blaine was strong for his smaller stature, but he still was having a little trouble getting Kurt up in the air.

"Kurt, pump your legs! You need to help me!" he said, gasping for air behind him. Kurt laughed good naturedly and started to swing himself, helping Blaine out. Once he got some good air, Blaine's hands returned to his back. The two of them had started a good rhythm; Blaine would push Kurt higher into the air and Kurt would pump his legs. Kurt felt almost euphoric! He was laughing and Blaine was laughing at him having such a good time.

As he got higher and higher, he felt more excited. "I really do feel like I'm flying!" he called out to Blaine.

"Now close your eyes and stop pumping your legs. Let the wind take you," said Blaine behind him. So he did.

Kurt closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He was still swinging back and forth, but he was just letting gravity do its job. The sound of the air whipping back and forth as he swung created this immeasurable calm, but all Kurt wanted to do was laugh. He was having such a good time, it was unbelievable.

Finally, the Kurt felt himself slowing down on the swing and he held out his heels to dig into the snow. When he stopped swinging and opening his eyes, Blaine was sitting in the swing next to him. Blaine looked…nervous? Maybe a little scared?

"Blaine, what's wrong?"

"Kurt, can I talk to you about something?" Oh, hello heart, I see you've met my stomach, thought Kurt as his heart started to pound nervously. He knew either something really bad was going to happy or something really good was going to happen. Blaine just looked so nervous…He's probably going to tell me he has a new boyfriend or something, or that he's moving away. This can't be good, it can't. Not with him looking like that. Kurt was in a slight panic and he was trying to do absolutely anything to abate the prickling feeling behind his eyes.

Blaine twisted towards him in the swing, the chains jingling. Kurt did the same so they were facing each other. Kurt looked nervously at Blaine, completely unsure of what he wanted to talk to him about. Blaine sat silently in the swing, looking towards the ground, his hands were in his lap and his fingers were twisting with each other.

"Kurt," he said with a wavering voice. He stopped and took a deep breath. "Kurt, ever since I met you I've contemplated many times how impossible it must be that I've been blessed enough somehow to meet someone like you." Blaine stopped and grabbed the hand Kurt had lying in his lap. "You've change my life in so many ways, it's unbelievable. And I keep telling myself that I have to be patient and I have to wait because I don't want to ruin this, Kurt. You are the best friend I have ever had in my life. You can read me like a book and you always know the right thing to say. The first day I ever met you, I was so enraptured with you. Your smile, your eyes, the way you looked at me that day? When I called you on the phone that night and we talked for hours? I could barely believe it. I fell in love with you that day, Kurt. And it's been killing me inside, waiting this long. I just wanted to make sure it was right."

Blaine paused and noticed the shine of tears in Kurt's eyes.

Am I even breathing right now? Is this real life? Is this actually happening? Did he say he loves me?"

All Kurt could do was look at Blaine and hope that all of the emotion he had been feeling for the past 6 weeks was being portrayed in his eyes, because Kurt was honestly speechless. He was slightly aware that his face kind of hurt from smiling so big.

"Blaine…I," he started. "I'm pretty sure I fell in love with you when you put your hand on my shoulder, that first time."

Blaine's eyes widened in realization and suddenly he was leaning in towards Kurt carefully. Kurt swore his heart stopped beating as he instinctually leaned in a little more towards Blaine and suddenly Blaine's lips were on his and it was the most amazing feeling in the whole entire world.

Blaine's lips were soft and warm in contrast to the crisp air. They moved slowly against Kurt's own and he melted. He felt warm from the tip of his nose to his toes in his boots. Blaine moved even close to him, tentatively placing his gloved hands on Kurt's face, cupping his jaw and deepening the kiss. The material tickled his cheeks, but he paid no attention except for the fact that Blaine's hands were so entirely warm on his cheeks. Slowly, Blaine pulled his lips away from Kurt's, but he stayed close, still cupping Kurt's jaw. His warm hazel eyes were absolutely shining, looking hopeful. Bashfully he took his hands away after staring into Kurt eyes for a second.

"Sorry," he said quietly, laughing a little.

"Don't be," said Kurt, a little breathlessly. "That was…"

"Fireworks," stated Blaine. "It was like fireworks."

"It really was. I think my lips are tingling, even," said Kurt. "I can't believe how long I've been waiting for that."

"Neither can I," said Blaine.


"I know."

The boys looked at each other, hardly believing what was going on.

"So are we…?" Kurt trailed off.

"If you want to, Kurt," said Blaine, grasping his hand again.

Kurt's heart soared. I'm going to have a boyfriend. Blaine, my Blaine is going to be my boyfriend this is absolutely insane.

"I'd love to," said Kurt, squeezing Blaine's hand and trying to smile even wider than he was at the moment. "But can I ask you one thing?"

"Sure," said Blaine, nodding.

"Are you sure I didn't fall off the swing and crack my head open or something? This is real, right?"

"I really hope so Kurt," said Blaine, laughing. "Now, come on, it's cold outside and we need to tell everyone. You know, I swore your dad and Finn had a bet going."

"Oh really now?" asked Kurt, "I wonder who'll win." Blaine tugged him up from the seat of the swing and pulled Kurt close to his chest and wrapped his arms around him.

"Either way I think we both won the best prize, no?" asked Blaine quietly into his ear. Kurt wrapped his arms tight around him and hummed in agreement.

How can this be real?

"I'm going to be completely honest here by saying that I most likely won't let you go back to Dalton tomorrow," said Kurt.

"Hmmm, I guess this was kind of bad timing then, wasn't it?"

"Absolutely not. This was the best day in my entire life." Blaine pulled away and brushed a hand over Kurt's cheek.

"Aren't you glad you broke your fall that day?" he said, teasingly.

Kurt laughed, "I guess so" and he pressed his lips to Blaine's once more.

Author's Note

Once again I have to note that everything medical mentioned here is most like inaccurate except for the cast removal because I researched that. Everything else was based on my general knowledge from school.

Oh my gosh, how is this over? I can't even believe it. This story is my baby! I finished it last night and I was almost crying! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who had read and reviewed it. I also want to say thanks to Kate, Heather, JM and all my tumblr friends who encouraged me and supported me while writing this story. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you liked the ending! It's no "Oh there you are, I've been looking for you forever," but hopefully it was okay. While this story may be over, it definitely doesn't mean that you won't see these boys again. I have a couple of ideas for some one shots set in this 'verse, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I encourage you to come visit me on tumblr (rnstudentandagleek) and give me a prompt or something. I could always use a little something to get me going again! Thank you so much for sticking with me! I love you all!